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Nom. an bean, the woman Nom. på mna
Gen. na mna

Gen. na mban Dat. don ṁnaoi

Dat. donå mnaib
Acc. an bean

Acc. na mna
Abl. leis an mnaoi Abl. leis na mnaib

In this manner decline,
an pian, the pain an breug, the lie
an cos, the foot

an geug; the branch an časog, the coat an feall, the treachery

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Third. Nouns beginning with s, followed by a

vowel, or by I, n, or r. Masculines prefix ť to the genitive and dative singular; feminines to the nominative and dative.


Nom. an sagart, the priest Nom. na sagairt
Gen. an tsagairt

Gen. na sagart Dat. don tsagart

Dat. dona sagartaib Acc. an sagart

Acc. na sagart Abl. leis an tsagart

| Abl. leis na sagartaib

In this manner decline, an slab, the mountain an sionnač, the for an sac, the sack

an searrać, the foal


Nom. an tslat, toe rot Nom. Tla slait
Gen. na slaite

Gen. na slat Dat. don tslait

Dat. dona slataib
Acc. an tslat

Acc. na slait
Abl. leis an tslait Abl. leis na slataib

In this manner decline, an tsbil, the eye an tseactņain, the week an tsròn, the note an tseilg, the hunt an tsigeog, the fairy an seafać, the heifer (21)


GENERAL RULE. The nominative and accusative are always alike; as are also the dative and ablative.

First Declension,

Most adjectives ending in consonants, having broad vowels in the termination, have a small inflexion in the genitive masculine; a small increase in the genitive feminine'; and a broad increase in the nominative plural.

ard, high.

Mas. Fem.

Mas. Fem.
Nom. & Acc. ard, ard Nom. & Acc. arda
Gen. aird, airde Gen. ard
Dat. & Abl. ard, aird Dat. & Abl. arda
aird, ard


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dab, black gorm, blue bog, soft

In this manner decline,

bán, chite
mór, great
lán, full




caol, narrow.

Mas. Fem.

Mas. Tom.
Nom. Ac. caol, caol Nom. Ac, caola
Gen. caoil, caoile Gen. caol
Dat. Abl. caol, caoil Dat. Abl. caola
caoil, caol

Voc. caola

In this manner decline Maol, bald

ruad, red daor, dear

trean, strong saor, cheap

geur, sharp claon, leaning

fíor, gen. mas. fír, fem. fuar, cold

fíre, truc nuad, new

crion, gen. masc. crín, luat, quick

fem, críne, withered
fallan, sound.

Mas. Fem.

Mas. Fem.
N. Ac. fallan, fallan N. Ac. fallana
Gen. fallain, fallaine Gen. fallan
D. Ab, fallan, fallain D. Ab. fallana
Voc. fallain, fallan Voc. fallana

In this manner decline cotrom, even

neartmur, powerful ağmur, lucky

ceanann, speckled atlam, quick

dileas, gen. masc. diles, anbfunn, feeble

fem. dilise, proper bacać, lame

cartanac, friendly docrac, difficult martanac, perpetual so rač, easy

briotac, stammering eadmur, jealous »

Second Declension. Adjectives ending in consonants, having a small wwel in the termination, increase small in the geristive feminine and nominative plural. (22)


arsaig, ancient.

Mas. Fem.

Mas. Fem.
N. Ac. V. arsaig, arsaig N. Ac. V. arsaise
arsaig, arsaige Gen.

arsaig Dat. Abl. arsais, arsaig Dat. Abl. arsaig

In this manner decline tapuid, smart

cruaid, hard leanbuid, childish mín, mild tais, tender

sain, pleasant Some adjectives of this declension are contracted in the genitive singular; as, aoibinn, delightful, gen. aoibne, for aoibine aluinn, beautiful, gen. aille or aillne, for aluinne.

Third declension.


Adjectives' ending in amuil, have a broad increase in the genitive singular and nom. plural.

geanariuil, lovely,

Mas. Fem.

Mas. Tem. N. Ac. V. geanamuil

N. Ac. V. geanamla Gen.


geanamuil Dat. Abl. geanamuil Dat. Abl. geanamuil

In this manner decline, eagsamuil, various

beanariuil, womanly fearamuil, manly barramuil, stately

Some monosyllabic adjectives, having a broad vowel in the termination, increase broad in the genitive feminine, and nominative plural.

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cas, curled

corr, uneven.

Mas. Fem.

Mas. Fem. N. Acc. V. corr, corr

N. Acc. V. corra Gen. corr, corra Gén.

corr Dat. Abl. Abt. corr, corr Dat. Abl. corr

In this manner decline, prab, quick grod, sudden

fras, fluent breag, fine

ceart, just

Fourth declension. Adjectives ending in vowels are alike in all cases, genders, and numbers.

aosda, aged.

Mas. Fem.

Mas. Fem. N. Ac. V. aosda

N. Ac. V. aosda Gen. aosda

Gen. aosda Dat. Abl. aosda

Dat. Abl. aosda


Adjectives beginning with mutable consonants (except d or t following a noun ending in n,) are aspirated in the nominative and accusative, sing. feminine; genitive, masculine; dative, vocative and ablative, both genders; and in the vocative, plural. (23)

an fear geal, the fair man. Singular

Plural Nom. an fear geal Nom. na fir geala Gen. an fir ģil Gen. na bfear geal Dat. don fear geal Dat. dona fearaib geala Acc. an fear geal

Acc. na fir geala Voc. a fir gil

Voc. á feara geala Abl. leis an fear geal Abl. leis na fearaib geala

an bean

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