Imatges de pàgina


Ag breit, bringing, &c.


Pret. Aff. Beirim, I bring, or give.
Neg. Ni beirim, I do not bring.
Int. An beirim? do I bring?

Pret. Aff. tugas,

tug me,

I gave.

Neg. Niar tugas, &c. I did not give.
Int. a dtugas? &c. did I give?

Fut. Aff. Bearfaid, I will give..

Beara me, S

Neg. Ni bearaid,

Ni beara me, S

Int. A dtiobraid?

I will not give.

A dtiobra me? shall I give?


Pres. & Fut. Ma beirim, if I give.

Aff. Ma tugam,

Neg. Muna beirim,

if I do not give.

Pret. Aff. Da mbearuinn, - Da dtuguinn,

if I gave.

if, &c.

Neg. Muna be go mbearuinn,
Muna be go dtuguinn,
Muna be go dtiobruinn,


Pres. & Fut. Go mbearam,



Go dtugam, may I give.

Neg. Nar bearam,

Nar tugain, may I not give."


[blocks in formation]

Do, or a beit beirta, to be given, or brought.


Bearta, given, or brought. (80)


Pres. Aff. Beartar me, I am given, &c.
Neg. Niel me ga mo breit,

Niel me ga mo tabairt, S

Int. Bhfuil me ga mo breit??
Bhfuil me ga mo'tabairt? S

I am not given.

am I not given?

Pret. Aff. Do tugad, I was given.
Neg. Niar tugad, I was not given.
Int. Nar tugad, was I given?

Fut. Aff. Beartar, I shall be given.

Neg. Ni beartar, I shall not be given.

Ni tugar, S

Int. An mbeartar?

A dtugar?

shall I be given?


Pres. & Fut. Aff. Ma tugar, if I be given.

Ma beartar,

[blocks in formation]

Pres. & Fut. Neg. Muna dtugar,

Muna dtiobrar, if I be not, &c.
Muna beartar,

Pret. Aff. Da dtugfaoid,

Da dtiobarfaoid, if I were given.

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Pret. Bfearr liom go dtugfaoid,

Bfearr liom go dtiobarfaoid, I wish, &c.
Bfearr liom go mbearfaoid,

4. Tarr, Come. (81)


Tarr, come.


Do, or a teacht, to come.


Ag teacht, coming.


Pres. Aff. Tigim, I come.

Neg. Ni tigim, I do not come.
Int. A dtigim? do I come?


Pret. Aff. taingeas, tainic me,

I came.

Neg. Niar taingeas, &c. I did not, &c.
Imt. A dtaingeas? &c. did I come?

Fut. Aff. Tiocfad,

Tiocfa me, I will come.

Neg. Ni tigim, I will not come.
Int. A dtiocfad?

A dtiocfa me? shall I come?

[merged small][ocr errors]

Pres. & Fut. Aff. Ma tigim, if I come.
-Neg. Muna dtigim, if I do not come.

Pret. Aff. Da dtiocfuinn, if I had come.

} if

Neg. Muna be go dtiocfuinn, if I had not
Muna be go dtainic, come. (82)


Pres. & Fut. Aff. Go dtiocfam, may I come,
Neg. Nar tigim, may I not come.

Pret. Bfearr liom go dtiocfuinn, I wish I had, &c.

5. Te, go. (83)


Te, go.


Do, or a dul, to go.


Ag dul, going.


Pres. Aff. Teadam, I go.


Pres. Neg. Ni teadam, I do not go.
Int. Bhfuil me ag dul? do I go?

[blocks in formation]

Pres. & Fut. Ma teadam, if I go.

Aff, Ma raċam,

Neg. Muna dtcadam, if I do not go.

Muna račam,

Pret. Aff. Da racfuinn, if I had gone.
Neg. Muna be ndeacas,

Muna be go racfum, if I had not gone.



Pres. & Fut. Go dteadam,

Aff. Go racam,

may I go.

Neg. Nar teadam, may I not go.

Pret. Bfearr liom go ndeaċuinn, I wish I had

Bfearr liom go racfuinn,


6. Fagh,

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