Imatges de pàgina
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Suid sios le mo taob, Sit down by my side.
Leaġ-dean deifir, Read-make haste.
Tar asteac sa tseamra,

Come into the room.
Gab amać as a tiġ, Go out of the house.
Lean iad go dlut,

Follow them closely. Abair leite teact asteac,

Tell her to come in. Eiriġ suas—seasami tart, Rise up-stand by. Fan an sin-bi do 'tost, Stay therebe silent. Cuir ort-luais ort,

Put on you-haste you. Labair amac-dean aris è Speak outdo it again. Tabair aire-fan tamull, Take care-stay a while. Teigeam cum na fairge, Let us go to the sea. Faicim do lar,

Let me see your hand, Gab anall anaice liom, Come over near me. Beir air an leabar sin, Lay hold on that book. Glac go ceart è,

Handle it rightly. Crom do ceann,

Stoop your head. Suid go socair,

Sit quietly. · Artaiġ do gut,

Vary your voice. Breatnaid na mion puinc, Observe the small points. Isliğ do gloir-ardais Lower your voice-raise.

anois é, Cuir tort do leabar, Lay by your book. Druid an doras,

Shut the door. Fosgaoil an fuinneog, Open the window. Imtiġ amać uaim, Go out from me.

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it now.

your hands.

PHRASES. Cior do ceann-niġ do Comb your head-wash

lana, Leig dam-bi do čom- Let me alone--be quiet.

naiġ, Buail mo lam,

Strike my hand. Fag an bealac,

Leave the way. Innse sgeul dań, Tell me a story. Teadam ’na baile, Let us go home. Iar ar a dul,

Ask him to go. Tabair dam do lam, Give me your hand.

Tabair pog don leabair, : Kiss the book. ; Bail o Dhia ort,

Success from God on you. Las an coinneal,

Light the candle. Cuir as an coinneal, Put out the candle. Sguab an- tinnlean, Sweep the hearth. Cuir gual sa grata;

Put coals in the grate. Seid a tinead,

Blów the fire. Cuir an coire air a tinead, Put the kettle on the

fire. Fuiriġ go foill,

Wait a white. Feuc orm--amare oruinn Behold melook at men - dearc uirrte,

look at her: Dearc fa do hata-cuar- Look for your hattaiġ fa do hata,

search for your hat, Subaigion go gasta, Let us walk smartly. Siublangmid ios cliste, Let us walk more quickly. Siu-laigid go tapuid, Walk ye briskly. Siublailis, no siublais Let them walk quickly.

siadsan go cliste, Deanam staideir air ar Let us study our lesson.

leigean, Meobraismid air ar lei- Let us ponder over our ģean,

lesson. Breatnaigiom go grinn Let us observe it sharply,

air, Tugamoid, no tugam Let us give heed to it.

aire do, Tugaid sisi aire da lea- Let her give heed to her bair,


- Tugaid siadsan aire doib Let them give heed to fèin,

Beir, no tabair leat è, Bring it with you.
Te agcuinne uisge, Go for water.
Fan liom-fan agam,

Stay for me--stay with

Cuir glas air an doras, Lock the door.
Bain ap glas don doras, Unlock the door.
Tarr liomsa

Come along with me.
Te suas an inuic, Go up the hill.
Bain an cloca diom, Take the cloak from of

me. Cuir sgian cugam,

Send me a knife. Tabair aran ćugam,

Bring me bread. Fan a bos aguinne, Stay on this side with us. Eisd an ni a deirim leat, Hear what I say to you. Feuc air do leabair, Look at your book. Fag mo hata,

Find my hat. Tugtar, beirtear Let it be brought to me.

čugam è, Abair sin go ceart, Say that correctly. Deantar an obair,

Let the work be done. - Leig tort me,

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Let me pass.


Go de mur ta tu? How do you do?
Ca hainm ata ort? What is your name?
Cia hè sin ag teact? IVho is that coming ?
Gode mur goirean tu so? What do you call this?
Bhfuil tu go mait? Are you well?
Ca mbiann tu do com- Where do


live? nuig? Car leis an tiġ sin? IV hose house is that? Labrann tu Gaoideilg?

Do you speak Irish STuigeann tu Bearla? Do you understand

English? Ca fada racas tu? How far will you go?

Ca Ca as a dtainic tu?

Bhfuil fuact ort?
Cia hi an cailin sin?
Ca bfuil tu dol?
Go de sin agad?
Bhfuil sgian agad?
Cia bias leat?
Go de bias leat?

From whence did you

Are you cold?
Who is that girl?
Where are you going?
What is that you have?
Have you a knife?
Who will be with you?
IVhat will

you have with


Go de a člog e?

What o'clock is it? Go de an uair?

IV hat is the hour? A gcluin tu me? Do you hear me? Bhfuil ocras, no tart ort? Are you hungry,' or

thirsty? Nar eiriġ sisi?

Did she get up? Go d'as a nguilean tu? Why do you cry? Go de mur ta sib uile How are you all here?

ann so?

you want?

Nar diol se an capall? Did he sell the horse? Go d'as nar ġlac se è? Why did he not take it? Car leis a batta?

Whose is the stuff? Go de fèin?

What is it? Go de ta uait?

What do Go de iarras tu air so? ĮVhat do you ask for this? Go de an meud a glacas How much will


take? tu? Ca nieud a bearas tu? How many will you give? Go de is eigin dam a

dam a What must I give you? tabairt duit? Car leis an bata so? IV hose hat is this? A bfaca tu an gearrfiad, Did you see the hare? Cia an bealac a deacaid Which way did she go?

si: A raib na gadair a bfogus. IVere the hounds near di?

her? Nar rit si


luat? Did she run quickly? Ca dtèid an botarsa ? Ithere does this way lead ?

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