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we can make to- God, for all his Goodnefs; and yet, if it proceeds from a truly thankful Heart, and is followed with a fincere Obedience, it is what he will most undoubtedly accept.

O let us then be perfuaded frequently and seriously to think upon the great Things God has done for us! Let us endeavour to poffefs our Minds with a true Senfe of his wonderful Love to Mankind, manifested in all his Works of Creation and Providence; but chiefly in that stupendous Work of our Redemption; let us think upon the Breadth and Length, the Depth and Heighth of that Love of Chrift, which passeth all Knowledge; that our Hearts being inflamed with the Divine Love, we may praife the Lord for his Goodness *, and declare the Wonders that He doth for the Children of Men; that we may offer unto Him the Sacrifice of Thankf giving, and tell out his Works with Gladnefs; and may not only refolve with the holy Pfalmift, That his Praifes fhall ever be in our mouths: "But that we will "fhew forth thofe Praifes in our Lives, "alfo by giving up ourselves to his Ser"vice, and by walking before him in HoPfal. cvii. 21, 22.

linefs and Righteousness all the Days of "our Lives."

This is what our Praises fhould always lead to, or else they will be but vain Oblations: For God is a Regarder of the Heart; and unless there is a Principle of Love and Obedience rooted there, the most exalted Praises will never reach his Ears.


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A Morning Prayer for a FAMILY on the Lord's Day.

WE praife and worship thee, O Lord,

the Creator of Heaven and Earth; for thou fpakeft the Word, and all Things were made; thou commandedst, and they. were created!

We admire and adore thy infinite Wifdom and Power in the Things thou haft made, and we acknowledge our abfolute Dependence upon thee, and thy great Goodness and Bounty to us and to all the World.

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Bleffed be thou, who didft fo love the World, that thou gaveft thine only begotten Son to redeem it, who was delivered for our Offences, and raised again (as on this Day) to justify and fave all fuch as fear and obey thee.

We give Thanks to thee, O Lord, for all thy Mercies to our Souls and Bodies, for appointing one Day in feven for thy more peculiar Worship and Service. All poffible Praise and Thanks be given to God, who created us; to Jefus Chrift, who redeemed us; and to the Holy Ghost, who fanctifieth


Grant, O Lord, that by a wife and religious Ufe of the Means of Grace, we may grow up to a State of Holiness and Righteoufnefs, and that our Souls may be prepared for thofe glorious and delightful Praises, which in Heaven will be Part of the Happiness and Employment of thy Saints to all Eternity.

O Lord, we confefs that we have offended thee, by the negligent Performance of our holy Duties, by our Abuse of thy Grace, and mif-fpending this thy holy Day, and by many Sins committed in the Courfe of our Lives. But let not this provoke thee to withdraw the Affiftance of thy


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