Imatges de pÓgina

of thy Grace fubdue in me all those rebel"lious and corrupt Affections that exalt themselves against thee; that being a faithful Subject of thy Kingdom of Grace here, I may not fail to attain thy Kingdom of Glory hereafter.

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Enable me, O Lord, by thy Grace, chearfully to fubmit to thy Will in all thy Dispensations, and readily to perform all thy Commands. Give me that heavenly Zeal to thy Service, wherewith the bleffed Angels of thy Prefence are infpired, that I may never be weary of well-doing nor flacken my Endeavours after the Attainment of everlasting Life; but obeying thee with the like Fervour and Alacrity that they do, I may be joined with them to fing eternal Praises to God, and to the Lamb for ever.

O Lord, vouchfafe me that continual Supply of thy Grace and Holy Spirit, which may fuftain and nourish my Soul unto Life eternal; and be thou pleafed also to provide for my Body, whatever in thy great Wisdom feest to be fitting for me.

O Lord! I confefs I have, by my Sins, rendered myself unworthy of the daily Bread thou feedeft me withal; but, O let thy tender Mercies abound towards me, in the Forgiveness of all my Sins; and since I G 5


have much to be forgiven myself, make me always ready to forgive others likewife, and to endeavour, as much as is poffible, to be merciful, even as thou my Father in Heaven art merciful.

But because the Frailty of Man without thee cannot but fall, O do thou ftrengthen me against the many Temptations which daily affault me; leave me not under the Power and Dominion of Sin, but fave me, and deliver me for thy Mercy's Sake in Jefus Christ our Lord; to whom with thee, O Father, and the Holy Ghost, be all Glory, Honour, Power and Dominion, throughout all Ages. Amen.

A Prayer for Friday Evening.

OST Great, moft Holy, and moft Glorious Lord God! thou haft created the Heavens and the Earth, and all Things that are therein; thou upholdest them all by the Power of thy Word, and the Hoft of Heaven praiseth thee: What am I, that I should prefume to speak unto thee, or to lift up my Eyes to that Place of Purity where thou dwelleft?

O Lord! thou hateft Iniquity with a perfect Hatred, yet I am affured, that thou lightest in the Ways of Mercy; that thou


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art a tender Lover of Souls; and not only permitteft, but inviteft us, miferable Creatures, to come unto thee.

With humble Confidence, then, O Lord, I lift up my Soul unto thee, befeeching thee, in much Mercy to look upon me, and to eafe me of the Burden of my corrupt and finful Inclinations: O caft me not away from thy Prefence; but for the Sake of my dear Redeemer, receive me gracioufly to thy Mercy; and let the Merit of his bitter Death and Paffion atone for all the Follies and Mifcarriages of my Life past. Forgive, I meekly befeech thee, whatever I have done amifs this Day, and all my Life past, either against thee, my Neighbour, or myfelf; O cleanfe me from all my fecret and unknown Tranfgreffions: And, O merciful Father, grant that I may feriously confider and reflect upon the Foulness and Deformity of Sin; and what dreadful Threatenings thou haft denounced against it; that I may become a true and fincere Mourner for my paft Sins, and, as far as is poffible, redeem my mif-fpent Time, by employing the Remainder of my Days in thy Service, and to thy Glory. make me wife unto Salvation, and give me that Hatred and Abhorrence of Sin and IniG 6 quity,

quity, that I may abstain from

and Sort of Evil..

every Kind

Give me, O Lord, a new Heart, new. Affections, and new Defires; that I may love thee with more fincerity, and ferve thee with greater Faithfulness than I have ever yet done.

Convince me of the Vanity and Uncertainty of all Things here below, and grant. that I may make thee my only Joy and my Delight, my Stay and my Truft, my Guide and my Counsellor; and be fo delighted with the Ways of thy Command*.ments, that one Day in thy Service may be dearer to me, than a thousand spent in Vanity and Folly.

Teach me, O Lord, fo to number my Days, that I may apply my Heart unto true Wifdom; and grant that in the Days of Health and Profperity, I may confider my latter End, and remember and provide for that great Account which I must one Day give before the Judgment-feat of Chrift; that when the Hour of my Departure shall come, I may meet Death without Fear and Amazement; and with a well grounded Hope of thy Mercy and Goodnefs, may chearfully refign up my Soul into thy Hands, and may be willing, and even defirous to leave this world, when thou my

God, in thy great Wifdom, fhalt fee it fitting.

O Lord! let me never be separated from thee; but grant that I may be of the Number of thy faithful and obedient Servants, who are united to thee by Grace and good Works in this Life, and will hereafter live with thee in endless Bliss and Happiness; through the Merits, and for the Sake of thy beloved Son Jefus Chrift, our Lord and only Saviour.

O Lord, to thy merciful Providence I commend the Wants and Neceffities of all Mankind; cause the Light of thy glorious Gospel to fhine in all the dark Corners of the Earth. In a more especial Manner, I pray for the Good and Welfare of this Church and Nation to which I belong, befeeching thee to pardon all our Sins, to turn away thy Displeasure from us, and to make us a peculiar People zealous of good Works.

Protect and defend our Sovereign Lord the King, and grant that under him we may lead quiet and peaceable Lives, in all Godlinefs and Honesty.

Blefs the Work of Faith, and Labour of Love, of all those who zealously endeavour to ftop the Torrent of Vice, and to pro


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