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8. Grant, O God, that like as I have received of thy holy Prophets, of Jefus Chrift and his Apoftles, how I ought to walk to please thee, fo I may abound more and more.

9. Make me to underftand the Way of thy Commandments, and fo fhall I talk of thy wondrous Works.

10. O that my Ways were made so direct, that I may keep thy Statutes.

11. O let my Mouth be filled with thy Praife, that I may fing of thy Glory and Honour all the Day long.

12. O let me have understanding in the Way of Godlinefs.

13. Try me, O God,. and feek the Ground of my Heart; prove me, and examine my Thoughts; look if there be any Way of Wickedness in me, and lead me in the Way everlasting..

14. Grant, O God, according to the Riches of thy Glory, that I may be ftrengthened by the Might of thy Spirit in the inner Man, that Chrift may dwell in my Heart by Faith.

15. Grant, that I being rooted and grounded in Love, may be able to comprehend with all Saints, what is the Length, Breadth, and Depth. of the Love of


Chrift, which paffeth all human Knowledge; and that I may be filled with all the Fulness of God,

16. Give me Understanding, and I shall keep thy Law.

17. O that my Soul could love thee without Limits, as thou art in thyself infinitely amiable.

18. Lead me forth in thy Truth, and learn me; for thou art the God of my Sal


19. O deal with thy Servant according to thy loving Mercy, and teach me thy Statutes.

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20. O God of Peace fanctify me wholly, that my whole Spirit, Soul and Body, may be preferved blameless unto the Coming of our Lord Jefus Christ.

21. Create in me a clean Heart, O God, and renew a right Spirit within me.

Ejaculations in Time of Temptation and Affliction.

HELP me, O Lord my God, O fave me according to thy Mercy. 2. Be not thou far from me, O Lord, thou art my Succour, hafte thee to help me.

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3. O keep my Soul and deliver me, let me not be ashamed, for I put my Trust in thee. Let Integrity and Uprightness preferve me, for I wait on thee.

4. Grant that I may have Power and Strength to have Victory, and to triumph against the Devil, the World, and the Flesh. 5. Let my Complaint come before thee, O Lord, give me Understanding according to thy Word.

6. O hide not thou thy Face from me, nor caft thy Servant away in Displeasure.

7. Comfort the Soul of thy Servant, for unto thee, O Lord, do I lift up my Soul. 8. Hide not thy Face from me, in the Time of my Trouble; incline thine Ear unto me when I call, O hear me, and that right foon.

9. O deliver me from the wrongful Dealings of Men; and fo fhall I keep thy Commandments.

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General Interceffions for all Mankind.

Merciful God, cause all them that fleep in Sin to awake, caufe them to arife from the Dead, that Chrift may ive them Life.


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2. Let the People praise thee, O God, yea, let all the People praife thee, that thy Name be may great among the Gentiles, from the rifing of the Sun unto the going down of the fame.

3. O let the Wickedness of the Wicked come to an End, but eftablish thou the Juft.

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4. O continue thy Loving-kindness to them that know thee, and thy Righteoufnefs to the upright in Heart.

5. Grant that all Estates of Men in thy holy Church, and every Member of the fame, in his Vocation and Miniftry, may truly and godlily ferve thee.

6. Let thy Priests be cloathed with Righteousness, and their Lips preferve Knowledge.

7. Let all thofe that put their Truft in thee rejoice, let them ever fhout for Joy, because thou defendeft them: Let them that love thy Name be joyful in thee.

4 Grace before Meat.

BLESS to us, O Lord, these thy good

Creatures which we are now about to receive. Give them Strength to nourish

us, and us Grace to ferve thee, through Jefus Chrift our Lord.


A Grace after Meat.

WE acknowledge, O God, our Dependence upon thee, and give thee Thanks for feeding us at this Time, and for all thy other Benefits [Preferve thy univerfal Church, the King, the Royal Family, and thefe Realms, and grant us Grace, and Peace, and Life everlasting] through Jesus Chrift our Lord. Amen.

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An Alphabetical TABLE of the Weekly Collects in the Book of Common-Prayer, reduced under proper Heads.


PRAYERS for Deliverance from, and Support under Afflictions. Collects for the 3d Sunday after Epiphany, 8th after Trinity, and 5th Sunday in Lent.


A Prayer for the Guardianship of Angels. Collect for St. Michael.


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