Imatges de pàgina

A Prayer, confifting of Confession of Sins, and imploring Pardon and Grace, which may be used in our Preparation to the Sacrament, or at any other Times of extraordinary Devotion.

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I. ALmighty Lord God, just and holy. I

defire to humble myself before thee, in a deep Sense of my own Vileness and Unworthiness, by Reason of the many and great Sins I have at any Time committed against thee, my Sovereign Lord and Judge.

I have offended thee by evil Thoughts of many Kinds; by vain, rafh, false, or wicked Words, and by many unjust and ungodly Deeds, which I have committed against the Dictates of Reason, the Checks of my own Confcience, and the known. Precepts of my Duty.

II. I have too often neglected the Duties of Religion, which is the great and important Concern of my Life. And when I have performed them, it hath been often carelefly and out of Custom, or without due Affection and Attention of Mind.

I have not ferved thee with that Purity of Intention, with that Sincerity of Heart, with that Fervency of Spirit, with that


Zeal for thy Glory, with that Watchfulnefs, Care, Diligence, and Conftancy, that I ought.

If I have been at any Time sensible of my Sins and Infirmities, I have not preferved fuch a Senfe of them, as ought to have made me more circumfpect, and watchful against them, or lefs liable to cenfure or condemn other Men; but have too rafhly condemned my Neighbour, or impaired his Credit, or given Countenance to others who have done fo, or not difcouraged them in fo doing, as I might and ought.

III. The Pleafures and Business of this Life, or the Defires of growing Rich, or being Great, have caufed me too often to forget that I am but a Stranger upon Earth, and that my Days are as a Shadow, that will foon pass away.

Nor have I fo far difengaged my Heart, as by thy Grace I might, from all Things here below, as to have my Hopes and Affections principally fet on Things above, and on that Happiness which will last for


But I have been too anxious and folicitous for the Things of this Life, not confidering that precious Promife, that if I first


feek the Kingdom of God, and his Righteoufnefs, all Things neceffary fhall be added

unto me.

Nor have I been fo contented with my Condition in this World, nor fo refigned to thy Providence, as I ought.

How little have I mortified my Members, which are upon the Earth, inordinate Affection, evil. Concupifcence, and Covetoufnefs! And yet I know, that if any one love the World, the Love of the Father is not in him; and that the Poor in Spirit are bleffed.

IV. I have not been fufficiently thankful for the continued Effects of thy Bounty towards me. Neither have I received the afflicting Difpenfations of thy Providence with fuch Patience and Submiffion as is due to thy Wisdom, nor made fuch Improvements and Advantages of them, as thy Goodness did thereby intend me.

V. I know that Religion has nothing in it that is worthy of Blame or Reproach, but is of all Things the moft comely, and worthy of a Man; and yet out of a foolish Regard to the Opinions and Cenfures of Men, I have too often been ashamed to practise divers important Duties, and to difcountenance the evil Practices or Vices of

of others, or to own the Cause of Virtue and Piety; not confidering, that whosoever is afhamed of Christ and his Words, in this adulterous and finful Generation, of him fhall the Son of Man be ashamed, when he cometh in the Glory of his Father with the Holy Angels.

VI. I believe that all Scripture is given by Infpiration of God, and is profitable for Doctrine, for Reproof, for Correction, for Instruction in Righteousness, that such as defire, and fincerely endeavour to serve thee truly, may be perfect, thoroughly furnifhed unto all good Works. And yet, O God, how feldom, how little, have I read and pondered thy holy Word! how much have I omitted fearching the Scriptures! and how foolish in reading other Books more than them! not confidering they best set before us the Way of Life, and the Way of Death, and teach us what we muft do to be faved from the Wrath to come, and to inherit eternal Life.

And when I have read thy holy Word; it hath not been with fuch good Difpofitions, with fuch an attentive and teachable Mind, with fuch an humble Heart, and fincere Intentions to do whatsoever I should. perceive to be thy Will, as I ought.



VII. I have not had that juft, that low, and mean Opinion of myself, that I ought; but have been too much defirous of the Praises of Men.

I have not been fo meek and gentle, fo patient and confiderate under Reproaches, or ill Treatment, as I ought; but have been too often carried out into fuch Degrees of Anger or Refentment, as have difcompofed myself, or injured my Neighbour; nor have I been fo ready to put the fairest and most charitable Conftructions upon his Words or Actions, as I ought.

VIII. In my Tranfactions with Men, I have not had Regard to fuch fincere and candid Dealing, or Equity, as I ought; but have been too deceitful in my Words or Actions; and often too fevere and rigorous in demanding my Dues, or too backward in paying others, when, or in fuch reasonable Measure, as I could and ought.

I have been too infenfible of the Wants and Miseries of my Neighbour; nor have I had that Tenderness and Compaffion towards him, as to embrace all fuch Opportunities of relieving him, as I had Opportunity and Ability to do.

On all Accounts I have too little confidered the Bleffing thou haft promised to


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