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of thy amazing Goodness to me, that I never again wander into thofe Ways that lead to Death and Destruction. Take from me, O God, this hardened and corrupt Heart, and give me a new Heart, new Affections, and new Defires, that I may become entirely a new Creature, dedicated to thy Service, and devoted to thy Fear and Love.

Give me, O Lord, fuch an unfeigned Repentance of all my paft Sins, fuch Hatred and Abhorrence of my former evil Ways, that I may from this Moment take a final Leave of all my beloved Lufts and finful Pleasures. Give me that humble and contrite Spirit, whofe Groans thou doft never refuse; that Faith which overcometh the World, and which will enable me to conquer my most inveterate Habits ; and that Love which will make me afraid to offend thee; and which will inspire me with Resolutions active and vigorous, honeft and fincere; fuch as by the Affistance of thy Grace and Holy Spirit, may carry me through all Difficulties, and be Proof against all the Temptations of the World, the Flesh, and the Devil.

O Lord, hear me, O Lord, help me, and have Mercy upon me: O Lord, pity and

fave my Soul for thy Truth and Mercy's Sake in Jefus Chrift. Amen. Bleffed Lord. Amen.

Our Father, &c.

Prayers containing a Profeffion of Godly Sorrow for Sins, and of Refolutions of new Obedience.

Call my Ways to Remembrance, O Lord, with a troubled Heart; my Evil-Doings are before my Eyes, and are vile and loathfome in my own Sight, because they have made me fo in thine; they are a Burthen upon my Spirit, a fore Burthen, too heavy for me to bear.



But now, O my God, with a Heart forrowful and penitent, I turn from my evil Ways, refolving by thy Grace to become a new Creature; from this Day forward I am fully purpofed to betake myself to a religious Course of Life; O! let not Iniquity be my Ruin.

II. And from my Sins, O Holy Father, which are the Shame and Burthen of my Life, I turn unto thee, who art the Glory and Comfort, and fhalt for ever be the Guide and Governor thereof. I turn unto thee

thee with a broken and contrite Heart, O receive and comfort me, and despise not, I beseech thee, the Work of thy own Hands. I turn unto thee with my whole Heart, and make no Referves, nor will retain any Allowance of my former Sins; no, not of thofe, which have been most delightful to me, and are hardest to be parted with; for if I regard Iniquity in my Heart, I know thou wilt not hear me; and therefore I will make hafte, and not delay to keep thy Commandments.

O Lord, I beg no greater Mercy than to be found steadfast in thy Ways; nor shall account any Thing fo great a Happinefs, as that which ferves to keep me faithful unto thee. I am content that my Ways fhould be hedged up with Thorns, with Troubles and Afflictions, or any Thing that is grievous to Flesh and Blood, rather than I fhould ever forfake the Paths of Righteousness, to wander again after my former Vanities; for 'tis the unfeigned Defire of my Heart, and shall be the great Endeavour of my Life, above all Things to ferve and please thee, and to hold me fast by thee, who art the faithful Guide and Keeper of my Soul; and my earnest Prayer to thee is, that thou wouldeft preferve me from falling


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falling away from thy Fear, and forfeiting that Mercy which thou haft promised to the returning Sinner.

III. And having now, by thy Grace, O merciful Father, these holy Thoughts and Defires in my Heart, I earnestly beg of thee, who art the bleffed Author and Giver of all Grace, that I may never lofe or forget them. I give my Heart entirely to thee, and humbly pray that it may be always in thy Hands, fince it is fo inconftant in what is Good, and fo prone to what is Evil, when it is in my own Keeping. O Father, keep it steadfast and unmoveable in thy Ways; let it not be inclined to any evil Thing, nor lean towards my former Vanities; keep my Eyes from beholding Wickedness, and my Ears from liftening to the deceitful Tempter; let not my Lips utter any Thing that is evil, nor my Feet move a Step in the Paths of Death; but let every Member of my Body, every Faculty of my Soul, be employed in thy Service, till thou bringeft me to the Enjoyment of thy bleffed Self, in that Place of Blifs and Happiness, where thou dwelleft for evermore. Grant this, O moft merciful God, for the Sake, and through the Interceffion of my dearest Saviour Jefus Chrift. Amen.

IV. O Lord, I am not worthy to lift up my Eyes unto thee; but whither should a Wretch in Guilt and Mifery look, but unto thee, the Fountain of all Mercy? Whither, but to a God, whofe Mercy is greater than our Wickednefs? To a God, whofe Property it is to be kind to his Enemies; and whofe Patience to bear our Sins, is as great as his Power to punish them; and who had much rather be reconciled to us, than take Vengeance on us? Whither, indeed, but to thee, O God of all Grace and Comfort, who fheweft Mercy to the Unworthy, and inviteft us with all the Tenderness and Bowels of a compassionate Father, to turn from our evil Ways, that our Souls may live, and be for ever happy in thy eternal Kingdom.

V. Encouraged therefore by thy Goodnefs, O Lord, I address myself unto thee, who am ready to fink under the heavy Load of Guilt and Mifery: But I make no Plea, but for thy Mercy; nor have any Pretence to claim it (for alas! I must with Shame acknowledge, I have very much abused it) but through thy inexpreffible Love, I know I have a most merciful Saviour, who died to purchase Salvation for us; and who now powerfully intercedes M 2 with

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