Imatges de pàgina

confirm and ftrengthen them; those that are in Adverfity, comfort and fupport them; and those that are in Profperity, fuffer them not to forget thee.

Forgive all my Enemies; make them eafy and ready to be reconciled; and give them Repentance and better Minds.

Be gracious to all that are in Affliction and Distress; that labour under the Streights of Poverty; that fuffer Perfecution for the Teftimony of a good Confcience; that mourn under Captivity, or Banifhment, or any unjuft Oppreffion; that are exercised with bodily Pains and Diseases; that are folicited with ftrong Temptations, or are dejected with Terrors and Troubles of Mind.

Pity and relieve their feveral Neceffities; give them Patience under all their Sufferings; and, in thy due Time, deliver them according to thy great Mercy.

Affift thofe that are at the Point of Death; and when their Strength fails, let not their Faith fail; even in Death enable them to truft in thee. Grant this, O merciful God, for the Merits of thy Son Jefus Christ. Amén.

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When this Interceffion is used on Sacrament Days, what follows may be added:

Shed thy particular Grace and Benediction upon all those who are Partakers of the holy Communion, this Day, in any Part of thy Church.

That they may perfevere in their holy Purposes and Refolutions, and may conform themselves to the Model of their crucified Saviour.

And may the Pattern of his Piety and Devotion, of his Humility and Charity, of his Meekness and patient Suffering, be fo lively imprinted upon all our Minds, that we may transcribe his Example in our Lives and Converfations.

That thus commemorating his all-fufficient Sacrament upon Earth, we may receive the everlasting Benefit of it in thy heavenly Kingdom, and blefs and praise thee for it to all Eternity. Amen.

A General Thanksgiving.

Moft glorious and eternal Lord God, thou art the great Creator of Heaven and Earth, and the Source and Fountain of


all Good, look graciously upon thy Servant who am come into thy Prefence, to offer up the humble Tribute of my unfeigned Praifes to thy Divine Majefty, from a Heart truly moved with a Sense of thy infinite and unfpeakable Goodness.

I bless thee, O Lord, for creating me at first out of Nothing, for causing me to be born of Christian Parents, and for admitting me by holy Baptifm into the Communion of thy Church; for all the Helps and Affiftances of thy Grace, which I have fince had, to enable me in any Measure to perform the Engagements that were then made on my Behalf; for implanting in my Mind an early Fear of offending thee, and a great Defire of pleafing thee; for whatever Sin I have at any Time efcaped, and whatever Good I have done through the whole Course of my Life.

I bless thee, O Lord, for all thy Patience and Forbearance towards me; for fparing me fo long, and giving me fo large a Space for Repentance; for all the Motions of thy good Spirit, and the Checks and Restraints of my own Confcience; for the many Opportunities thou haft given me of ferving thee, and calling upon thy Name, particularly, O Lord, for thofe of this Day, and


for all other the Means of Grace, and for the Hopes of Glory; but above all, I magnify, I blefs, I adore thy great and glorious Name, for fending thy Son into the World, to die for the Redemption of me and all Mankind.

I bless thee, likewife, O Lord, for all the temporal Mercies which I have received from thy moft bountiful Hand; for that Measure of Health I have enjoyed; for the many Friends and Relations thou haft given me; for delivering me from the great Calamities I have juftly deserved, and with which many of thy beft and dearest Servants have been vifited. It is to thy Goodness I afcribe it, that I have the Ufe of my Senfes, and of my Reafon; that I am not languifhing upon a Bed of Sickness, nor groaning under the fharpest Pains; that I am not pining with Want, nor forced to beg my daily Bread, but am competently provided for, and fee ried, according to my dear Wife and Children, every Perfon's Con- and many other Comforts round about me. It is by thee alone, O Lord, my Affairs do in any Measure profper, or any the leaft of my Undertakings fucceed; it is thy Wisdom that directs me, thy Truth that inftructs

This is to be va



me, and thy Power that at all Times pre

ferves me.

More particularly, O Lord, I defire to blefs and praise thy holy Name, for [here may be mentioned any other Particulars, Mercies or Deliverances.]

And now, O Lord, what Returns fhall I, that am a poor Sinner, make for all thefe marvellous Inftances of thy Mercy and Loving Kindnefs? O let my Tongue be daily founding forth thy Praises; and grant that I may manifeft the Sincerity of those Praises, by a holy Life and Converfation; by walking before thee in all Godlinefs and Honefty; by ferving thee faithfully, and making a right ufe of all thofe Bleffings thou beftoweft on me; by studying to please thee in all Things, and doing every Thing that becomes the Servant of fo kind and bountiful a Mafter.

O let me never behave myself in fo ungrateful a Manner, as to provoke thee to withdraw thy Mercies from me; but give me fuch a lively Sense of thy loving Kindnefs as may excite my Thankfulnefs, and engage me to pay a willing and chearful Obedience to thy Commandments; that devoting myself entirely to thy Service, I may daily grow in Grace, and be continu


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