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ally advancing to new Degrees of thy Favour; that fo thefe Bleffings here, may be an Earneft of thy future Mercies; which I beseech thee to grant me, for the Sake of thy beloved Son, Jefus Christ our Lord; to whom with thee, O Father, and the Holy Ghost, be afcribed, as is most due, all Honour, Glory, Power, Thankf giving, and Praise, both now and for evermore. Amen.

A Concluding Prayer.

BLESSED be thy Name, O Lord, for the Opportunity thou haft this Day vouchfafed me of humbling myself before thee. Pardon, I most humbly befeech thee, all my Failings and Defects at this Time, the Wanderings of my Prayers, the Coldness of my Affections, and the Difproportion of my Repentance to the Heinoufnefs of those Sins which I have committed. O let thy Mercy and Goodness fupply what is wanting in me, and be thou gracioufly pleased to pity my Weakneffes, and forgive my Infirmities, through the Merits, and for the Sake of thy beloved Son, and my alone Saviour, Jefus Chrift the Righteous; to 'whom with thee, and the Holy Ghoft, be all Honour and Glory afcribed, now and for evermore. Amen.


An Office for the SICK.

A Prayer at the Beginning of any Sickness, which may be alfo ufed during its Conti



Almighty God and merciful Father, whofe never-failing Providence or-dereth all Things both in Heaven and Earth; I defire, with the profoundest Reverence, to humble myself before thee, acknowledging that thou, even in thy fevereft Difpenfations, haft kind Intentions, and gracious Defigns towards us; behold me thy poor Servant upon whom thou haft been pleased to lay thine afflicting Hand; ̧ fanctify, I beseech thee, this thy Fatherly Correction to me, and grant that I may receive it with all the Patience and Submiffion of a dutiful Child. Suffer me not, O Lord, to murmur or repine under any Dif penfations of thy Providence; but let all that is afflictive to me, be a Means to wean me from the World, to bring me nearer to thyfelf, and to purge away all that Drofs and Defilement which my Soul has conN tracted

Part II. tracted in this finful Life. I know, O Lord, that thy Judgments are right, and that thou of thy Goodnefs haft caused me to be troubled: O give me fuch a Measure of Grace and Patience, as may enable me chearfully and willingly to fubmit my Will to thine.

I acknowledge, O Lord, that I have justly deserved to be feverely dealt with by thee; for notwithstanding all the gentle Methods which thou haft ufed towards me, I have not loved thee as I ought to do; but in the Days of Health and Profperity have forgotten thee, my God, and turned afide after Vanity and Folly; but, O merciful Father, let not my Sins provoke thee to turn away thy Face from me thy Servant, now feeking unto thee in this Time of my Trouble; fhut not up the Bowels of thy tender Compaffions from me; but for the Merits and Interceffion of thy beloved Son, pardon all my Sins, the proper Caufes of all my Sorrows, and vouchsafe, I beseech thee, for his Sake, to be reconciled unto me. O fuffer me not to fink under the heavy Load and Burden of my Tranfgreffions, but ftretch forth thy helping Hand to fave and deliver me; and fay unto my Soul, I am thy Salvation. O Lord,

O Lord, fupport me under all my Pains, Weakneffes and Infirmities; ftrengthen my Faith, enlarge my Hopes, increase my Charity, and perfect my Repentance. Make thou my Bed in my Sickness, and lay not more upon me than thou wilt enable me to bear; give a Bleffing to the Means that shall be used for my Recovery; and if it be thy good Pleasure, restore me to my former Health, that I may lead the Refidue of my Life in thy Fear, and to thy Glory: But if thou haft determined that this Sickness fhall be unto Death; grant, O merciful Father, that the more the outward Man decayeth, fo much the more I may find the inner Man ftrengthened and renewed with thy Grace and Holy Spirit. O give me Grace fo to take thy Vifitation, that after this painful Life is ended, I may dwell with thee in Life everlafting, through the Merits and Mediation of Jefus Chrift my dear and only Saviour:


Our Father, &c.

N 2

A fhort

A fhort Prayer to be used by a Sick Perfon, every Time he takes any Phyfic.

Lord, without whom all our Endeavours are but vain, give thy Bleffing to the Means now used for my Recovery, and (if it be thy blessed Will) make them fo effectual for that End, that I may live and be an Inftrument of thy Glory, and better prepared for the Coming of my dear Lord. Amen.

A Prayer for Repentance in Sickness.

1. R IGHTEOUS art thou, O God, in all thofe Pains and Sorrows which thou haft brought upon me; I receive my Sicknefs as the Chaftifement of a Sinner; and am willing to bear Chastisement for my Sins, that I may thereby be reclaimed from them.

But, O Lord, correct me not in thine Anger, left thou bring me to nothing; judge me not according as my Sins have deferved, but as my Weakneffes can bear, and as thy Compaffions are wont to mitigate thy Judgments. And Oh! let my Sickness work in me a true Repentance,

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