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and prove a happy Means to reclaim me perfectly from all the Sins which I have formerly committed, not to occafion my committing more; and to confer that Rest and Peace upon my Soul, which is now denied to my Body. All which I humbly beg for our dear Lord and Saviour Jefus Chrift's Sake. Amen.


II. Thou fmiteft me, O gracious Lord, that thou mayeft cure me, and punishest me, that thou mayeft amend and reclaim My Sins justly deferved thefe Sorrows; and I know affuredly, thou wilt bring infinitely worfe upon me, unless I prevent the fame by a timely and true Repentance.

Help me, therefore, O my God, to fearch out my Sins, and to discover every accursed Thing; and when I fee them, let me entirely renounce them all. Let thy Love cause me to hate every evil Way, and make my Refolutions against Sin honeft and fincere, and my Care to fulfil the fame vigilant and patient. If thou shalt be pleased to continue me any longer in this World, grant that all the Remainder of my Days may be one continued Courfe of reforming my paft Errors, and of devoting my felf entirely to thy Service.

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Lord, cure my Folly by this my Mifery, and teach me, by the Lofs of my bodily Eafe, to purchase the Bleffing of true Repentance, and the comfortable Hopes of thy merciful Acceptance thereof, through the Merits of our dear Lord and Saviour Jefus Chrift. Amen. Our Father, &c.

"To make his Confeffions and other "Acts of Repentance with great Surenes "and Satisfaction to himself, the fick "Perfon muft firft difcover his Sins, by examining himself, and trying his Ways by God's Commandments, and enquir ing into the State of his Soul, to fee "whether he is already fafe within the "Terms of Pardon, or what he wants to "make him fo. This is a Work for all "Men at all Times, who would live with



Safety or die with Peace; but especially "for Sick and dying Perfons, who not only ought, but alfo more commonly 86 are wont to make it their earnest Defire "and Care; and in their Performance of "this important Duty of Self-Examina"tion, they will find Affiftance in the Office for Humiliation."




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A Prayer

A Prayer for Truft in God in Sickness.

Almighty God, our only Help in Time of Trouble, look with Pity and Compaffion upon me, now under thy afflicting Hand. Be thou my Stay and Confidence under all my Sorrows and Afflictions, and fuffer me not to fink under the Weight of them, through my Dejections, or Faintnefs of Spirit.

Give me fuch an entire Truft and Confidence in thy Mercy, through the Merits of my dear Redeemer, that I may cast all my Care upon thee, and with Chearfulness commit myself into thy Hands, affuredly believing that all Things fhall work together for Good to them that love thee: And, O Lord, grant that I may be found fuch an one, as through thy great Mercy, may be entitled to the Benefit of thy gracious Promises. Make me willing and ready to yield to thy Wisdom, and to prefer thy Will before my own; to be contented to bear what thou pleasest, and to be eased of my Burden in thy Time, which is always best. But, O Lord, however thou art pleased to deal with my Body, yet spare my Soul, I befeech thee, and N 4


deliver it from the bitter Pains of eternal Death. O take me not out of this World, till thou art reconciled unto me, and haft fitted me in fome Meafure for thy heavenly Kingdom. Grant, O Lord, that whether I live, I may live unto thee; or whether I die, I may die unto thee; fo that living and dying I may be thine, through Jefus Chrift my ever bleffed Saviour and Redeemer. Amen.

Prayers for fick or dying Perfons for trufting God with their Wives and Children.

Lord, if thou feeft fit to call me to thyfelf by this Sicknefs, let my dear Wife and Children, and all who, under thee, depend on me, betake themselves to thee. I humbly beg leave to commend them to thy Mercy; for I know thou art the Helper of the Friendlefs, the Father of the Fatherlefs, and the Hufband of the Widow; and therefore my Heart is at Eafe, when I confider that I leave them in thy Hands, where they are infinitely fafer, and will be infinitely happier, than ever they could be in mine, or in any other but in thine. And I beg that they may ever have thy good Providence for their Support and Stay in


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this World, and thy Peace and Love in that which is to come. Amen.

II. When I am gone, O my dear God, let not those I leave behind me be deftitute. of thy Care; but as thou art their Father, be thou graciously pleased to provide for all their Wants, and protect them from all Wrongs. Supply them, by thy kind Providence, with whatever they fhall want of outward Helps.

Enable them, O Lord, evermore to place their Love and Delight in thee, to fix their Truft and Confidence in thy Mercy, and to fubmit to all thy Difpenfations concerning them; for then I know, that though they fhould have none to counsel them, where they are unskilled; nor to right them, where they may be wronged; yet thy Spirit will be their Guide, and thy Bleffing will make up all. Oh! that thy Will and Honour may always be their Care, that fo their Needs and Welfare may be always thine: Keep them from doing any Thing that may forfeit thy fatherly Care and good Providence, and train them up, good Lord, ftedfaftly in thy Fear; that being preferved from all the Evils and Temptations of this. World, they may at last be brought in Safety to the unN S


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