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fpeakable Joys of that which is far better, even the Fruition of thy bleffed Self, for the Sake of thy dear Son Jefus Christ our Lord. Amen.

A Prayer under the Continuance of Sickness.


Merciful and Righteous God, the Sovereign Lord of Life and Death, our only Help in Time of Trouble; I, thy poor Creature, upon whom thou haft laid thine afflicting Hand, fly unto thee for Succour, I defire, O Lord, humbly to accept of this thy Visitation, and moft earnestly befeech thee to enable me to bear it with fuch Patience and Submiffion, as becomes a Creature and a Sinner: And, O merciful Father, who defigneft not the Ruin, but the Amendment of those whom thou fcourgeft, I beseech thee to fanctify all my Afflic tions to me; and grant that this Sickness of my Body may be a Means of Health to my Soul, and infpiring me with Resolutions nover more to depart from thee.

To that End, O Lord, make me dilìgent in fearching my Heart, and, O do thou enable me to difcover every Thing hateful in thy Sight; and on my true and fincere Repentance, I befeech thee, remove

thine Anger from me. Heal my Soul, O Lord, which has greatly finned against thee; and then (if it be thy blessed Will) heal my Body alfo. Reftore thy Voice of Joy and Health unto my Dwelling, that I may live to praife thee, and be an Inftrument of thy Glory, by doing Good in my Generation. But if, in thy great Wisdom thou haft otherwife determined, and feeft it beft to take me out of this World; O fit and prepare me for that Hour, and deliver me not, I beseech thee, into the bitter Pains of eternal Death. Thou knowest the Secrets of my Heart, O fhut not up thy merciful Ears to my Prayers; but hear me, O Lord most holy; O God moft mighty; O holy and merciful Saviour, thou moft worthy Judge Eternal, fuffer me not at my laft Hour, for any Pains of Death to fall from thee. And O thou tender and compaffionate Lover of Souls, I moft earnestly befeech thee, that when the Time appointed for my great Change fhall come, thou wilt have Mercy on me, and deliver me, and strengthen me in my Conflict; that thou wilt fupport me in my dying Agonies, and defend me from the Enemy, and from his Terrors, and thew me one Glimpfe of the Light of thy Countenance,

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Countenance, that I may know, and be affured, that thou art perfectly at Peace with me; and that thou wilt receive me into the bleffed Company of Saints and Angels in thy heavenly Habitation, through Jefus Chrift. Amen.

A Prayer for a Perfon under any grievous Pains.

O God, our Refuge and Strength, who art a prefent Help in Time of Trouble: O look gracioufly upon me, I most earnestly befeech thee; and (if it be thy bleffed Will) fend me Eafe and Comfort in this Time of my Diftrefs. I acknowledge, O Lord, the Juftice of thy Dealing towards me. I confefs, that I have deferved much greater Pains than I now feel: O let me then never murmur or repine under any Affliction thou feeft fit to lay upon me. Give me a meek and quiet Submiffion to thy Will, that I may wait with Patience till thou feeft fit to deliver me. Suffer not the Extremity of my Pains to tranfport me into any rafh or unbecoming Expreffions, or cause me to entertain a hard Thought of thy Providence; but whatever Evils or Sorows I may feel, let me ftill love thee, and


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believe thee to be a kind and merciful Father, even whilft thou art fmiting and correcting me.

And, O bleffed Lord, that I may be enabled fo to do, be pleased, in thy great Mercy, to ftrengthen and fupport me with the Confolations of thy holy Spirit, and lay not more upon me than thou wilt enable me to bear. I know thou art able to deliver me, and therefore in thee do I put my Truft. Sanctify this Affliction to me, that it may produce in me the Fruits of a true and fincere Repentance.

O Lord, hear me; O Lord, help me, for thy Mercy's Sake in Jefus Christ our Lord. Amen. Amen.

A Prayer to be used by a fick Perfon, when he finds any Abatement of his Diftemper.

Father of Mercies and God of all
Comfort, who haft vouchfafed to
grant me fome Eafe, and to abate the
Fury of my prefent Diftemper; accept,
I humbly pray thee, of my unfeigned
Thanks for this, and all other thy Mercies
bestowed upon me.


Bleffed be thy Goodnefs, O Lord, that I have Strength to praife Thee; that my Senfes and Understanding are preserved entire; and though I am brought very low, I am not without Hopes that thou wilt yet raife me up. Oh! perfect (if it be thy bleffed Will) what thou haft begun in me; and forfake not, I befeech thee, the Works of thy own Hands. Repair all the Decays of my outward Man, and let my Mind alfo be endued with greater Strength and Abilities to do thee Service, and with stronger Defires and Refolutions of loving and obeying thee.

Vifit me, O Lord, with thy heavenly Confolations; fill me with comfortable Thoughts of thy Love, and of that tender compaffionate Care, which our Lord Jefus takes of all his afflicted Servants. Give me ftill a more perfect Submiffion to thy Will, that without any murmuring or repining I may wait upon thee, till thou feeft fit to finish my Recovery: And as my Strength increases, fo let my Refolutions grow ftronger, of ferving thee faithfully all the Remainder of my Life; for which End, I implore the Affiftance of thy holy Spirit, through Jefus Chrift; to whom with thee, O Father, and the ever-blessed Spirit,

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