Imatges de pàgina

Revenge, but ftudy to be quiet, and never foment and purfue our Quarrels ; but following thy Example, we may with one Mind, and with one Mouth, glorify thee. Amen.

A Prayer to be used by one who is going a Journey, which may be added to the ufual


GOD, who art alike present in all Places, and preferveft Man and Beast, bleffed be thy Name for the Knowledge thou haft given me of thy wife and merciful Providence, who makest thy Angels Minif tering Spirits, for them that fhall be Heirs of Salvation.

I commit my Soul and Body to thy Pro tection, who art the Defender of all them that put their Truft in thee. To thee, O Lord, do I commit myself, and all that belongs to me; I entirely depend on thy Goodness to be with me, and profper me in the Way that I am going. Give thy holy Angels Charge of me, and defend me from all Thieves and Robbers, and from all Cafualties, and evil Accidents, if it be thy bleffed Will; and I befeech thee more especially, to accompany me with the Pre



fence of thy Holy Spirit, to preserve my Soul in Safety, from all evil Thoughts, Defires, or Paffions, that may any Way betray me, in Word or Deed, to offend thy Divine Majefty. Deliver me from the Danger of any evil Company, into which I may fall, that I may not frame myself to the Manners of profane Perfons, but by a pious and difcreet Behaviour rather reprove them; and give me Grace thankfully to embrace the Company of those who are good, if I be bleffed with it; that I may rejoice in their Society, and improve it to my Increase of Wisdom, and pious Affection towards thee. Blefs and defend this Habitation which I am now leaving, and all remaining in it; that whatever Distance we may be from one another, we may all live and walk in the fame Spirit of Faith, and Love, and Holiness. Grant me a happy Meeting again with my Friends and Relations, if it be thy good Will and Pleafure but howfoever thou Thalt think fit to difpofe of us in this World, bring us, in the End of our Pilgrimage, into that bleffed Reft which thou haft prepared for thy faithful Servants, through Jefus Chrift. Amen.


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A Thanksgiving after a return from a

BLESSE LESSED be thy Name, O God, who haft protected and preferved me from many Perils and Dangers in the Journey I have lately taken. Thou haft been a Covering to me Night and Day, in every Place where I have been, from I know not how many Dangers; and haft at laft brought me Home in Peace and Safety to my Relations and Friends, whom thou haft protected, and their Dwellings, from all evil Accidents.

To thy good Providence I wholly owe it; and I defire to be duly thankful for thefe and all other thy great Mercies and Deliverances who haft dealt fo bountifully with me.


Endue me, O God of all Grace, with a more ferious Spirit, often reflecting and meditating upon thee, and upon thy Benefits both to my Soul and Body; for this Life, and that which is to come; that I may not be taught the Value and Number of thy Bleffings, by being deprived of them; but in their conftant Ufe and Enjoyment, may praise thy infinite Goodnefs and Mercy, with AJALAT A


with fenfible Love to thee, and Delight in doing thy Will.


Bless all others, I befeech thee, that defire the fame Mercy, of which thou haft made me a Partaker. Receive them into thy Protection; conduct them in Safety to the End of their Journey; make them ever mindful of thy Loving-kindness, and carefully to remember that every new Benefit is a new Obligation to better Obedience; for thy Mercies Sake in Chrift Jefus. Amen.



A Prayer for a Person upon a Relapse into Sin

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Lord, the great and dreadful Gòd, to me belongeth Confufion of Face; because I have finned against thee, and have been guilty of fo late Iniquity in thy Sight. I have acknowledged the Juftice and Goodnefs of thy Laws, and have chofen thy Ser vice, as the most perfect Freedom; I know that without Holiness none shall see thee, O Lord; and that Tribulation and Anguifh, Indignation, and Wrath, is the Portion of all that do Evil: And yet, O Lord, foolish and miferable Sinner that I am, I have PLEA Q 6


Part III. yielded again to Temptation, and departed from thy Ways, and Holiness of Life, for the Sake of a prefent Satisfaction, a small and momentary Pleasure or Gain. (Here name the particular Sin.] And hereby I have incurred thy Difpleasure, abused thy Grace and Goodness to me, and have ha zarded the Lofs of thy eternal Favour, which is better than Life itself.

But, O Lord God, to whom belangeth Mercy and Forgiveness, I moft earnestly befeech thee to have Mercy upon me; O Lord, hear; O Lord, forgive, and hearken unto my Prayers; my Confcience reproaches me, and my Heart is troubled within me ; · I feel myfelf deprived of that Hope and Confidence in thee through Jefus Chrift which I had attained by my former Repentance and Amend ment, and now confider and find myself liable to thy Wrath, and obnoxious to thy Judgments both Temporal and"

Correct me, O Lord, but with Mercy, left thou bring me to Nothing: I know that the Wages of Sin is Death; but I humbly beseech thee, O merciful God, who art flow to Anger, and of great Pity, and wouldeft have none to perish, but all to come to Repentance, fpare me, and grant me farther Time for Repentance, that I



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