Imatges de pÓgina

may finish the Work thou haft given me, and which I now purpose and refolve to make the great Bufinefs of my future Life.

Be pleased, O Lord, for thy Son's Sake, and for thy Goodnefs Sake, to pardon and forgive what is past; and give me Grace to bring forth the Fruits of Repentance in Newnefs and Holiness of Life.

Bleffed be thy Goodness, that there is Hope and Affurance for returning Sinners in and through Chrift, who was pleased to fhed his Blood, as a meritorious Sacrifice, Expiation and Atonement for the Sins of the World.

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O let that Blood of Chrift, who, through the Eternal Spirit, offered himself without Spot to God, purge my Confcience from dead Works to ferve thee the living God, and purify my Soul from all Sin and Uncleanness, that I may find the Power of his Death in my dying to Sin, and rifing unto Righteoufnefs; in having the old Man crucified within him, that the Body of Sin may be destroyed, that henceforth I may not ferve Sih, but that I may live as becomes the Gofpel; as it becomes one who profeffeth Godliness, and a moft holy Religion, and who hath, by folemn Vows, undertaken to live according to the Precepts


of it, and to deny all Ungodliness and worldly Lufts: Oh! make me truly fenfible, and always to keep in Mind, that on the Performance of the Duty of a Chriftian, depend all my Hopes of Pardon and Happiness, and all the Benefits that Chrift hath purchased for me..

To this End let me ferioufly confider, that the Chriftian Life is a continual Warfare; that we are befet with many and great Dangers; and that the Devil goeth about like a roaring Lion, seeking whom he may devour; that fo I may give the more Heed to make my Calling and Election fure; Grant that I may watch and pray, left I enter into Temptations, or they get the Advantage over me; and grant that I may avoid all Occafions of Falling, and never fet myself in the Way of Tempta tions, but keep at the greatest Distance

from them.

Let me likewife confider, that if after I have escaped the Pollutions of the World, I fhould again be entangled therein, and overcome, that the latter End will be worfe than the Beginning: and that it had been better for me not to have known the Way of Righteousness, than after I have known it

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it to turn afide from thy holy Command


over me.

O God, who didft fend thy Son into the World to free us from Sin, and to redeem us from all Iniquity; Grant that on my fincere Endeavour I may be kept from all prefumptuous Sins, left they get the Dominion And that I may conquer and overcome all my corrupt Affections and finful Difpofitions, and may attain all thofe Graces which are neceffary for my Salvation. [Particularly]-That in the Exercife thereof, and of all other Chriftian Virtues and Graces for the Time to come, I may grow ftrong in the Lord, and never let go my holy Profeffion, but may proceed from Strength to Strength, that fo an Entrance may be miniftred to me abundantly into thy everlasting Kingdom, through Jefus Christ our Lord. Amen.

A Prayer for the Societies.

O LORD Almighty, faithful and true,

who by thy holy Prophet haft told us that from the rifing of the Sun unto the going down of the fame, thy Name shall



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be great among the Gentiles, and Mal. i. 11. in every Place Incense shall be offered unto thy Name, and a pure Offering; for thy Name fhall be great among the Heathen: Blefs and profper, I beseech thee, the Endeavours of the Society eftablished among us, for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts: Take thou from them, to whom the glad Tidings of Salvation fhall be preached, all Ignorance, Hardness of Heart, and Contempt of thy Word; fo that thy Word being fown in good and honeft Hearts, it may bring forth Fruit abundantly to thy Honour, and the Salvation of their Souls: And grant, that all who have heard and received it, may live according to its Doctrine and Precepts, and by Holiness of Life, and Zeal for thy Glory, may become eminent Examples to all about them.

Blefs all the Religious and other Societies amongst us, for Chriftian Conference, and Works of Charity; for the promoting of Chriftian Knowledge and Practice amongst the Poor and Ignorant; and for putting the Laws in Execution against the Vicious and Profane.

O Lord, increafe the Number of thefe Societies, and grant them all to chuse the


best and most inoffenfive Means for accomplishing their feveral Ends, and to profecute them diligently, and with a Zeal directed by Wisdom and Prudence. And grant that all of them being free from all worldly Interefts, may fteadfastly pursue the Advancement of thy Glory, and the Good of Mankind.

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And grant, O God, that no Good thou fhalt vouchsafe to bring about by their poor Endeavours, may tempt them to think highly of themselves, but modeftly and humbly:


Remove all unreasonable Prejudices against their Defigns; fhed forth thy Love abroad in their Hearts, and make them zealous of all good Works, that they may chearfully embrace all Opportunities of doing Good to the Souls and Bodies of Men, and not be difcouraged at any Difficulties or Oppofitions they may meet with.

O God, hear their Prayers for themselves and others: Defend them from the Rage of Satan, and from the Malice of evil Men; perfect Holinefs more and more in their Hearts; and unite them more to one another in thy Truth, and in the Bond of Love; and make them zealous of all good Works, according to the Command and


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