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Holy Spirit from us, and to leave us to the Vanity and Folly of our own Minds. We humbly befeech thee, O moft merciful Father, to forgive us all our past Offences. Do thou mercifully hear our Prayers, and let our Cry come unto thee..

Let our whole Behaviour on this Day be fuch, that there may be nothing thought, faid, or done by us, but what may best ferve to promote the End for which thou haft instituted it; and, good God, make every one of us diligent, not only to fave our own Souls, but, as much as in us lies, the Souls of others too.

Bless thy univerfal Church: Be thou graciously prefent in all Christian Assemblies throughout the World, and hear the Prayers they fhall this Day put up, and make thy Word effectual to the pulling down the Kingdom of Satan, and to the edifying the Church of Chrift in found Faith and real Godlinefs. May thy Word come with Power into every Confcience, and have a due and faving Effect upon the Minds of all that hear it.

Bestow a plentiful Portion of thy good Spirit upon all that by Sickness, Imprifonment, orany other lawful Impediment, are kept from partaking of the Means of Grace,

C 3


that we enjoy; and be pleafed mercifully to relieve and fuccour them in all their Straits and Difficulties. Thofe that are troubled in Mind, do thou direct to proper Means to obtain Comfort and Satisfaction. Give all that have no Senfe of thy Majefty, and live as it were without God in the World, awakening Convictions ofthe Dangers they are in, and the Miferies they are exposed to, that they may escape them. ⚫ Pardon our Sins and Imperfections, and relieve all our Wants, for the Sake of Jefus Chrift; in whofe Words we farther pray, Our Father, &c.

A concluding Prayer.

THE Grace of our Lord Jefus Chrift, and the Love of God, and the Communion of the Holy Ghoft, be with us all. Amen.

An Evening Prayer for a FAMILY on the Lord's Day. ET TERNALLY bleffed, and infinitely glorious Lord God, who keepeft Mercy for thousands, and forgiveft the Iniquities of all truly penitent and returning Sinners; we prefent ourselves this Evening before Thee, acknowledging our manifold Sins,


whereby we have expofed ourselves to thy juft Displeasure.

We have been unmindful both of our Duty and Intereft; have broken thy holy Laws, dishonoured our holy Religion, and miferably neglected the great Salvation thy bleffed Son purchafed and procured for


We have come without due Preparation to thy folemn Worship, and been heedlets and inattentive in hearing thy Word. O how cold and flat have we been in thy Praises! how earthly, dull, and distracted in our Prayers!

How feldom have we been seriously exercifed in holy Meditation? How feldom have we recollected thy multiplied Mercies to us, fo as to become fenfible of the many Obligations we are under to thee for them; or fo thought on our Ways, as to turn our Feet to thy Teftimonies!

But, O Lord, we humbly pray thee, for Jefus Chrift's Sake, to forgive us all our paft Offences. Direct and guide us in the Ways of Truth and Holinefs: And that we may always fear thee our God, help us to fet thee always before us; and fo to obferve and confider thy All-feeing Eye, that we may dread to offend thee.

C. 4


Reform whatever thou feeft amifs in the Temper and Difpofition of our Minds; and be thou gracioufly pleafed to conduct us fafe through all the Temptations and Troubles of this World. To this End, enable us ftrictly to follow the Example of Jefus Chrift, and manfully to fight under his Banner, against the World, the Flesh, and the Devil, vigorously oppofing, and valiantly conquering all the Enemies of our Souls. Help us, in Conformity to his Death, to die daily unto Sin, and in Conformity to his Refurrection, to rife to a Life of Holiness and Obedience, that fo we may receive the Prize of a glorious and incorruptible Inheritance.

O Lord, we render unto thee our most humble and thankful Acknowledgments, for thy many and undeferved Mercies. It was thy Hand that formed us. It was thou that gaveft us Life, and Breath, and Being. Our Food and Raiment, our Health and Strength, our Eafe and Liberty, the Ufe of our Limbs, and the Exercife of our Reason and Understanding, are all derived from thee. We therefore render unto thee, O thou bountiful Giver of all Good, our Praises and Thanksgivings for thy temporal Mercies to us, which we are utterly unworthy of.


But above all, O Lord, we praise thee for thy fpiritual Mercies; for bleffing us in heavenly Things in Chrift Jefus, which tend to the renewing us after thy Likeness in this Life, and to the fanctifying and preparing us for that which is to come.

For ever bleffed be thy Name that our compaffionate Redeemer took upon him our human Flefh. We praise thee for his holy Doctrine and exemplary Life; that he gave himself to Death, to purchase our Redemption; that he completed that great Work by his glorious Refurrection. We bless thee that he hath begotten us again to the lively Hope of an Inheritance incorruptible and undefiled, that fadeth not away, which is reserved in Heaven for all, who, by patient Continuance in well doing, feek for Glory, and Honour, and Immortality.. We praife thee for his glorious Afcenfion into Heaven, there to intercede in thy Prefence for us; for fending the Holy Ghost to comfort and affift us; for appointing a Succeffion of Men to preach and propagate the Knowledge and Practice of his heavenly. Doctrine, and to administer the holy Sacraments, the Seals of thy Covenant.

We thank Thee, O heavenly Father, for all the precious Promifes in the Gospel of C 5


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