Imatges de pÓgina

in us the Fruits of a holy and religious Life, that we may not be Hearers of thy Word only, but Doers alfo, left we deceive our own Souls.

Be with me, O Lord, this Day, in all Places, and upon all Occafions: Direct and guide me, fanctify and preserve me. Keep me both outwardly in my Body and inwardly in my Soul. Defend me from the Power and Malice of the Devil, from the Corruptions of my own finful Nature, and from thofe Sins efpecially that do most eafily befet and enfnare me. Free my Mind from the Disturbances of Paffion and Anger, and all perplexing Thoughts and Cares; and fo strengthen it by thy Grace and Holy Spirit, that nothing may hinder or difcompofe me in my Duty, or render me unfit for thy Service. Let me no Ways profane this thy holy Day, either in Thought, Word, or Deed; but give me Grace to spend it in fuch a holy and religious Manner, that every Day of my Life may be the better for it; and when I come to the Conclufion of this Day, I may look back with Joy and Comfort, in an humble Hope of thy Divine Acceptance, through the Merits and Mediation of my dear Re


deemer, Jesus Christ the Righteous. Amen. Our Father, &c.

A Mafter or Mistress of a Family may very properly add this fhort Prayer.


AKE me duly mindful, O Lord, of all those who are under my Care; and grant that none of my Family may, thro' any Neglect of mine, be ever wanting in their Duty towards thee. Let the Care of my own Soul be extended likewife to a Concern for theirs; and give me fuch a Zeal for thy Glory, fuch a true Regard for the Salvation of others, that I may endea vour (as much as in me lies) to promote Religion and Piety in all about me. Convince me truly, O Lord, how much it is my Duty, as well as Intereft, that I and my House fhould ferve thee; that we should daily offer up our united Prayers and Praises at the Throne of Grace, and especially upon this Day fet apart more particularly for thy Service. Be in the Midft of us, O Lord, when we affemble ourselves together; fend thy Bleffing upon all our religious Duties; and grant that not only the Form, but the Power of true Religion, may be vifible


among us, to our great Comfort in this World, and our eternal Happiness in that which is to come. Grant this, O merciful Farher, for Jefus Chrift's Sake, our only Mediator and Advocate. Amen..

A Prayer for Sunday Noon, or any intermediate Time of the Day.


GOD! who art rich in Mercy to all that call upon thee; and haft bid us pray without ceafing, and rejoice evermore: In Obedience to that Command, and encouraged by thy gracious Promifes, I again approach thy Prefence; To renew my Re quefts unto thee; To blefs thy holy Name; To make Profeffion of my Love to thee; and of my Readinefs in all, Things to obey thee. Quicken my Affections, O Lord, that I may be excited to a more free and joyful Attendance upon thee in all holy and religious Duties; that no Dulness nor Wearinefs may feize upon my Spirits; but fuch a perfect Love to thee may poffefs my Heart, as may render all the Employments of Religion pleasant and delightful to me, and the doing thy Will my greatest Joy and Satisfaction.


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Pardon, O Lord, I moft humbly befeech thee, all my Indifpofitions; accept my imperfect Services; and grant that my Attendance upon the publick Service of the Church, may dispose me to be more circumfpect and watchful in the whole Course of my Life; more diligent and industrious in thy Service, and more forward and zealous in the Performance of every Part of my Duty that being led by thy Counfel, governed by thy Spirit, and preferved by thy gracious Providence, I may at last be admitted into the Company of the bleffed; there to perfect my Praises and Acknowledgments, and to receive the Reward of patient Continuance in well-doing, thro' Jefus Christ our Lord. Amen.


THAT your whole Life may be more conformable to the Gospel of Jesus Chrift, by which we must be judged; ' and that you may have lefs to do, when you fet a Time apart for more folemn Examination, it has been advised by wife and good Men, that we fhould every • Evening



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Short Heads of Examination for every Evening.

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⚫ Evening put fome fuch Questions as these ⚫ to ourselves, which are chiefly transcribed "out of that excellent Book, entitled, "A "Companion for the Feftivals and Fafts of "the Church."

How have I spent the Day paft? What Sin have I committed?

Have I performed my Morning Devotions? and how?

Have I refigned myself to the All-wife Government and Difpofal of God, to be ordered and ruled by him, and to do or suffer his Will?

Have I converfed with Candour, Affability, and Sincerity?

Have I kept at a Distance from Detraction, Slander, and Evil-speaking?

Have I had fufficient Care in my Commendation of others, fo as to give no Encouragement to any evil Practice?

How have I employed or improved my Time?

With what Honefty and Fidelity have I discharged the Affairs in which I have been engaged?

If I have diverted myself, have I done it innocently, and in fuch a Manner and Mea


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