Imatges de pÓgina

Let the Salvation of my precious Soul be my conftant Care and Concern; grant that I may never forget the one Thing needful; but give all Diligence to make my Calling and Election fure; that endeavouring in all Things to approve myself thy faithful Servant, I may from ferving Thee here upon Earth, be admitted, in thy good appointed Time, to the praifing Thee eternally in thy everlasting Kingdom, through the Merits of my compaffionate Saviour and Redeemer, Jefus Chrift. Amen.

The Interceffion.

O God, who art loving unto every Man, and whofe Mercy is over all thy Works, I befeech Thee to extend thy Pity and Compaffion to the whole Race of Mankind: Let the bright Beams of thy Gospel fhine into all the Corners of the Earth: that those who fit in Darkness may come to the Knowledge and Practice of thy Laws, and their Souls be faved in the great Day of the Lord Jefus.

More particularly, O Lord, be merciful to thefe Nations to which I belong; pardon


our great and crying Sins, and avert from us the Evils which we have most justly deferved: Put a Stop to all Profaneness, Irreligion, and Impiety; to all our unhappy Strifes and Animofities; and let Truth and Righteousness, brotherly Love and Charity, flourish and increase among us.

Be gracious to thy holy Catholic Church; and efpecially to that Part of it, which thou haft planted in thefe Kingdoms; Heal the Breaches and Divifions of it; and grant that it may flourish and abound in true Piety and Virtue, Peace and Charity.

Bless especially our Sovereign Lord the King, protect his Perfon, direct his Councils, profper his Government, and make him an Inftrument, in thy Hands, of great Good to these Kingdoms.

Infpire the Pastors and Governors of thy Church, with a Spirit of true Religion and Goodness; and make them zealous and diligent to promote it, in all those who are under their Charge.

Bless the Magiftrates, the Nobility, Gentry, and Commons of thefe Realms. Grant that they may all ftudy to serve Thee, and to discharge the Duties of their feveral Stations, always remembering the great Account which they muft one Day give.

Be merciful, O God, to all that are in any Affliction or Diftrefs; that labour under Poverty or Perfecution; under bodily Pains or Difeafes, or under Temptation or Trouble of Mind; be pleased, O Lord, to fupport and comfort them, and in thy good Time to deliver them, according to thy great Mercy,

Send down the Graces of thy Holy Spirit upon all my Friends and Relations; [Particularly my Father and Mother, my Brothers and Sif ters; my dear Wife, and Children] pardon all our Sins; unite our Hearts in a mutual Love of each other; and vouchfafe to every one of us, (and all others that either pray for me or defird my Prayers) whatever thy infinite Wifdom knows to be moft needful and expedient both for our Souls and Bodies. Reward all those who have been any Ways inftrumental to my Good; and forgive those that have done, or wished me Evil, and grant them Repentance and better Minds.

Let this be varied as every one ftands related.

And now, O merciful Father, I offer up The Thanksto thy Divine Majesty my unfeigned Praises in return for all thofe numberlefs Mercies and Benefits


which thou haft vouchfafed me; more particularly I blefs thy holy Name for the Mercies of the Day paft; for whatever Sin I have escaped, and whatever Good I have done; for preferving me in health and Safety; for providing fo plentifully for me; for continuing to me the Enjoyment of fo many Comforts: and for delivering me from the Evils which I have most justly deserved, and to which I am continually exposed. But above all, I blefs and magnify thy holy Name, for the Foundation of thefe and all thy other Mercies, through thy Son Jefus Christ our Lord.

A Prayer for God's Protec

tion the enfuing

O Lord, give me Grace to make a right Ufe and Improvement of all thy Mercies. Vouchfafe me the Conti- Night. nuance of thy Favour and Protection: Takc me this Night under the Care of thy good Providence; preferve me from all Evil, but especially from that of Sin; keep me from Fire and Thieves, and from every Adverfity of Soul and Body; and after the comfortable Refreshments of Reft and Sleep, raise me up, I humbly pray Thee, in Health and Safety, with a Heart full of Love to Thee, and Zeal to thy Service, through Jefus Chrift our bleffed Saviour E 3


and Redeemer ; in whose prevailing Name, and in the fulleft Senfe of whofe Words, I pray to be heard,

Our Father, &c.

A Prayer for Monday Morning.


FATHER of Mercies, and God of all Comfort! Thou art the sweet Refreshment of our Souls, and the conftant Preferver and Support of our Bodies: By Thee have I been holden up ever fince I was born; and by thy Goodness it is, that I have been preferved the Night past from all Perils and Dangers, and that my frail Body has been refreshed with quiet and comfortable Reft. Great and numberlefs have been thy Mercies to me, O God; for which I defire, with an humble and thankful Heart, to bless and praise thy holy Name.

Ó that a Senfe of thy Goodnefs may be always prefent to my Mind; that fo the Remembrance of thy paft Favours may beget in me fuch an humble Reliance on thy fatherly Care and good Providence, that I may perfectly refign myself to thy Difpofal in all Things, and entirely fubmit to


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