Imatges de pÓgina

all, I praife and magnify thy holy Name, for the Redemption of the World, by the Death and Paffion of thy dear Son. O give me Grace, to make a right Ufe and Improvement of thefe and all thy other Mercies.

-..Be thou pleased, O Lord, ftill to continue to me thy Favour and Protection: Preserve me this Night from all Evil, but efpecially from that of Sin; give thy holy Angels Charge over me, that no evil Accident may come near to hurt me; and raise me up again in Health and Safety, with a Heart full of Love to Thee, and Zeal to thy Service, through Jefus Chrift our Lord. who has taught us thus to pray,

Our Father, &c.

A Prayer for Tuesday Morning.

HOLY, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty, which was, and which is, and which is to come; Thou art worthy to receive all Glory, Honour, and Power; for Thou haft created all Things, and for thy Pleasure they are and were created.

I adore thee, my God, and make an entire Refignation of myself, of all that I am,


and have, into thy Hands, defiring now, and to all Eternity, to depend on Thee, my God, my Creator, and continual Benefactor, my Portion, my Inheritance, and my All

for ever and ever.

O God, most gracious Father, in Chrift Jefus our Lord, I thank Thee for the comfortable Refreshment of the Night past, for thy Preservation of me and my Family, and all belonging to me, from Fire, Robbery, and Tempeft, and other evil Accidents. Without thy Goodness and Providence, I am not able to fubfift the leaft Moment. To Thee I owe all thofe Comforts of Life, Health, Peace, and Plenty, I enjoy, and a Freedom from all thofe Pains, and Miseries, and Evils, I am fubject to, and have deferved at thy Hands.

I defire above all Things, to give most humble and hearty Thanks to thee, O God the Father, for the Redemption of the World by thy Son Jefus Chrift our Lord, manifefted in the Flesh to destroy the Works of the Devil. I glorify Thee for his miraculous Birth, Life, Death, Refurrection, and Afcenfion, for his Interceffion for us at thy right Hand, for the fending the Holy Ghost the Comforter and Sancti

fier, and for the Means of Grace, and Hopes of Glory.

O Lord, I befeech Thee, in and through our Lord Jefus Chrift, who was pleafed to fuffer Death upon the Crofs for our Re demption, to pardon all the Sins I have at any Time committed; and grant I may find the Power of his Death, in my dying to Sin, and rifing unto righteousness, in having the old Man, all worldly Affections and carnal Lufts, crucified with him; that the Body of Sin in me may be deftroyed, that henceforth I may not ferve Sin; but being freed from Sin, all Things belonging to the Spirit may live and grow in me.

But forafmuch as without Thee I am not able to please Thee, give me, I beseech Thee, this Day, and all my Life, the Supplies of thy Grace and Holy Spirit, enabling me to resist and overcome the Temptations of the World, the Flesh, and the Devil, to fubdue and mortify my Lufts and Paffions, to purify my Soul from all Sin and Uncleanness, and to bring forth the Fruits of the Spirit in a holy and useful Life.

Grant I may order all my Words and Actions, and all my Conversation, with fuch Care and Prudence, as to give no Offence or Occafion of falling to any:


but that I may be a good Example to others, and adorn the Doctrine of God our Saviour in all Things. O let thy Holy Spirit always direct and rule my Heart, and of thy great Goodness bring me to Life eternal.

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Direct me, O God, in all my Affairs; blefs my Labours and Studies, and give me Grace to do my Duty in that State of Life whereunto Thou haft been pleased to call me, and make me therewith content.

And thou, O God and heavenly Father, who haft promised to them that seek thy Kingdom, and the Righteoufness thereof, all Things neceffary to their bodily Suftenance, continue to me, I befeech Thee, the Bleffings I enjoy, fupply me with those I want, and turn from me all thofe Evils which I moft righteously have deserved; or which either the Malice of the Devil, or the Wickedness or Misfortunes of the World, might bring upon me.

Let all Things that befal me in this World, work together for my Good in the other; and grant me always thofe Things, whether profperous or adverfe, that may beft conduce and be moft profitable to my eternal Salvation,

I refign, O Lord, and give myself to thy vidence; I fubmit myself to all the

Events which it fhall please Thee to bring upon me: Do with me what Thou feeft good, and let thy holy Will be done in me, and by me, for the Sake of Jefus Chrift our Lord. NI

O bleffed Lord, whofe Mercies are over all thy Works, fpread the Knowledge of the Gospel all over the World; and grant that all Chriftians may live according to it, and teftify they are Difciples of their Lord, by doing Good, and loving one another.

Blefs our most gracious Sovereign Lord King GEORGE, and profper his Government; and grant that all employed under him may discharge their feveral Offices faithfully to thy Glory, and the Public Good.

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Preferve and fanctify more and more thy Church Univerfal; fupport and affift the Paftors and Ministers of thy Word and Sacraments; particularly him, under whom thy Providence has placed me.


Relieve and comfort all in Affliction, deliver them out of all their Troubles, and grant they may seriously confider thy Hand, and duly improve their Adversity.

Grant to all hardened Sinners Opportunity and Means of Repentance, and Grace to make a due Use thereof.


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