Imatges de pÓgina

great foever, may be able to shake


In the Ufe of honeft and lawful Means, give me Grace to depend upon thy Providence, and to reft contented under all the Difpenfations of thy infinite Wifdom and Goodness. And though Thou shouldst fee fit to deprive me of any, or even all the Comforts of this Life; yet, O gracious Father, leave me not deftitute of thofe Things that accompany Salvation; nor deny me thy Favour, which is better than Life itself: Whatever Thou art pleafed to deprive me of, yet take not from me, I befeech Thee, the Comforts of thy Holy Spirit; but in all the Troubles and Difappointments of this World, in all the Calamities and Trials I fhall meet with here, be Thou my only Refuge and my Support, my Stay and my Truft, my Saviour and mighty Deliverer. Stand by me in all Trials, fuccour me in every Temptation, fupport me in Discouragements, and advife me in all difficult Cafes: But efpecially, O Lord, I most importunately befeech Thee, that when the Time of my Diffolution draws nigh, and all Things here begin to fail me, Thou wouldst then vouchfafe to ftrengthen and fupport me, and at last receive me into thy bleffed Kingdom,



Kingdom, through the Merits, and for the Sake of my eternal Advocate and Mediator, Jefus Chrift our Lord..

Be Thou pleased of thy great Goodness, O Lord, to continue to me thy Favour and Protection. Direct and guide me, fanctify and preferve me. Let thy watchful Providence be my Guard and Defence. Keep me in thy Fear all the Day long, and grant that I may take nothing in Hand but what is agreeable to thy bleffed Will. Into thy Hands I commend my Soul and Body, and all that are related to me, humbly befeeching Thee to keep us from all Evil; to lead us into all Good; and to carry us fafely through the Dangers and Temptations of this wicked World, to that Place of everlafting Reft and Peace, which Thou haft prepared for thy faithful Servants, through the Merits of thy beloved Son Jesus Christ our Lord; in whofe Words I recommend the Wants of all Mankind, together with

my own.

Our Father, &c.

F 5

A Prayer

A Prayer for Wednesday Noon, or any intermediate Time of the Day.

O MOST gracious God and merciful Father! I befeech Thee, for the Sake of thy dear Son Jefus Chrift, to pardon and forgive all the Sins and Tranfgreffions, which I have at any Time committed against thy divine Majesty.

In Confidence of thy great Mercy and Goodness to all that are truly defirous to love and ferve Thee, I humbly implore the Grace and Affiftance of thy Holy Spirit, to enable me to become every Day better, and to reform whatever has been amifs in the Temper and Difpofition of my Mind, or in any of the Actions of my Life: Grant me the Wifdom and Understanding to know my Duty, and the Heart and Will to do it.

Vouchfafe me the continual Presence and Direction, the Affiftance and Comforts of thy Holy Spirit, whereby I may be difpofed and enabled to do thy Will with Delight and Chearfulness, and with Patience and Contentedness to submit to it in all Things.

Endue me, O Lord, with a true Fear and ove of Thee, and with a prudent Zeal for thy

thy Glory. Increase in me more and more the Graces of Charity and Meekness, of Juftice and Fidelity. Give me Humility and Patience, and a Firmness of Spirit, to bear every Condition with Conftancy and Equality of Mind.

Enable me, O Lord, to fubdue and conquer every inordinate Luft and Paffion, and to govern all my Appetites by Temperance, and Purity, and Meekness of Wisdom; fetting thee always before me, that I may not fin against thee.

Create in me a clean Heart, O God, and renew a right Spirit within me. Purify my Soul from all evil Thoughts and Inclinations, from all bad Intentions and Designs. Deliver me, O Lord, from Pride and Vanity, and from immoderate Self-love, and obstinate Self-will; and from all Malice, Envy, and Ill-will towards my Neighbour.

O make me to love thee as I ought, above all Things; and let the Interest of thy Honour and Glory, be ever dearer to me, than my own Will or Reputation, or any temporal Advantage whatfoever.

Subdue in me the evil Spirit of Wrath and Revenge; and difpofe my Heart pati- . ently to bear Reproaches and Wrongs, and

to be ready not only to forgive, but to return Good for Evil.

Affift me, O Lord, more efpecially, in the faithful and confcientious Discharge of the Duties of that Station in which thou haft placed me: [-make me a kind and affectionate Hufband, a careful and loving Father, a prudent and difcreet Mafter.] And grant that I may employ all the Abilities and Opportunities which thou fhalt give me, for thy Glory, and the Good of thofe committed to my Care.

This is to be va

ried or omitted, as it fuits every one's


Confirm me, O God, in all my holy Defires and Resolutions; and O do thou keep it for ever in the Purpose and Refolution of my Heart, to love, and ferve, and obey thee, through Jefus Chrift our bleffed Lord, and only Saviour; in whofe Words I commend the Wants and Neceffities of all Mankind, together with my own.

Our Father, &c.

A Prayer for Wednesday Evening.

MOST Glorious and Everlasting God, who inhabiteft Eternity, and dwelleft in that Light which no mortal Eye can ap



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