Imatges de pÓgina

proach unto; I thy unworthy Servant beg leave to prefent my Prayers before thy divine Majefty.

O Lord! I confefs, that notwithstanding all thy gracious Dealings and Difpenfations towards me, I have neither loved thee, served thee, nor obeyed thee as I ought to have done.

The Cares and Concerns of this Life are too apt to busy and employ my Thoughts, and make me cold and remifs in the great and important Work of my Salvation.

O my God! I lament and bewail the Corruption of my Nature, and my manifold Sins and Tranfgreffions. Where fhall I fly for Succour but unto thee, who art a God of infinite Love and Pity? O pity my Weakneffes, and forgive and wafh away all my Sins, in the Blood of that immaculate Lamb Chrift Jefus, that neither those which I have this Day committed, nor any other the Follies of my Life paft, may be ever had in Remembrance before thee.

O reserve not my Sins to be punished in the Day of thy fierce Wrath and Difpleafure! but bury them all in the Depth of thy everlasting Mercy, that they may never rife up to my Confufion here, nor my Condemnation hereafter. Look upon me, O Lord,


as a reconciled Father in Christ Jesus; speak Peace unto my Confcience, and fay unto my Soul, I am the God of thy Salvation.

But, O Lord, I beg not only the Pardon of my Tranfgreffions, but moft earnestly entreat thee (who haft promised to give thy Holy Spirit to them that afk it) that thou wouldft enable me to forfake every evil Way, and to walk before thee in Newness of Life. Let not Sin reign in my mortal Body, nor any finful Defires take Poffeffion of my Heart; but by the powerful Efficacy of thy Grace, deftroy in me all evil Habits and irregular Difpofitions, and whatsoever opposes itself to thy most holy Will and Commandments.

Give me, O Lord, a lively Senfe and Conviction of the Shortnefs and Uncertainty of all Things here below; that my Heart being weaned from the Love of this World, it may daily more and more afpire after thofe Joys which are at thy Right-Hand for evermore.

Make me, O gracious God, a faithful and a wife Steward of all thofe Talents thou hast committed to my Truft. Let me never apply thy Bleffings to any finful or unworthy Purposes, nor abuse thy Mercies by any ungodly Ufe of the leaft of thy good Creatures; but give me Grace to improve them to thy


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Glory, the Good of my own Soul, and in the Comfort and Relief of my diftreffed Brethren; that being rich in good Works, and having laid up a rich Treasure in Heaven, I may (when this earthly Tabernacle fhall be diffolved) have a Building of God, a House not made with Hands eternal in the Hea. vens, thro' our Lord and Saviour Jefus Chrift.

Extend thy Mercy, O God to all Mankind; have Pity upon all Jews, Turks, Infidels, and Hereticks, and bring them to the Light and Knowledge, and Practice of thy Laws.

Blefs thy Holy Catholic Church, and especially that Part of it which thou haft planted in these Kingdoms; remove out of it all Errors and Corruptions, all Divifions and Diffenfions; and let Love and Charity and Good-will be vifible in the Lives of all its Members.

Reform all Things amifs in these Kingdoms. Root out from among us all Profaneness and Impiety; all Uncharitableness and Animofities; that we turning from all our evil Ways unto thee, the Lord our God, thou mayeft turn from thy Displeasure against us, and delight over us to do us Good; to build us up, and not to destroy Blefs and protect our Sovereign Lord the


the King, and make him an Inftrument in thy Hands of great Good to this Church and Nation.

Look down with Pity and Compaffion upon all thofe, who are in Trouble, Sorrow, Need, Sicknefs, or any other Adverfity. Comfort and fupport them under their Afflictions, and give them in thy due Time a happy Deliverance.

Send down thy Bleffings, fpiritual and temporal, upon all my Friends and Relations, more particularly upon-Give us what thou seeft moft profitable for us. And as thou beft knoweft all our Wants, fo be thou pleased to fuit thy Graces and Bleffings to the feveral Neceffities of our Souls and Bodies.

To these my Prayers and Interceffions, I defire likewife, O moft merciful God, to add my unfeigned Thanks and Praife to thy incomprehenfible Majefty, for all the Mercies and Benefits which thou haft fo freely and undefervedly conferred upon me.

I bless thee for my Creation and Prefervation; for my Health, Strength, Peace, and Safety; for thy continual Care and watchful Providence over me ever fince I was born; and for all the Comforts and Conveniences I have hitherto received; and in

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particular, for the Mercies and Refreshments of the Day past.

I confefs, O Lord, my Unworthiness of thy Mercies, but in Confidence of thy infi nite Goodness, I beg Leave to commend my Soul and Body to thy Fatherly Care and good Providence, humbly befeeching thee to take me, and all that belong to me, this Night, under thy Almighty Protection.

Refresh our Bodies with quiet Rest and Sleep, and our Souls with the Confolations of thy Holy Spirit; and when thou shalt think fit to take us out of this World, give us everlasting Reft and Peace in thy eternal Kingdom, through the Merits, and for the Sake of our Bleffed Saviour and Redeemer Jefus Chrift; who hath taught us when we pray, to fay,

Our Father, &c.

A Prayer for Thursday Morning.


LORD, the Creator and Governor of the World! Thou art a God of infinite Power, Wisdom, and Goodness, and thy tender Mercies are over all thy Works; I thy unworthy Servant fall low on my Knees before thy Throne of Grace, to renew the Tribute of my humblest Praise


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