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but he snorted and plunged at a strange at him; and listen to him, while he rate, and at last he fell down, and I was speaks of, and for himself. thrown out of the saddle among the “Since I have been in the ministry I have rocks, but was enabled to scramble on preached much, and written and puba broken piece of a rock, and to catch lished twenty-three different works on hold of the bridle, and somehow or theology, and many of them contain another to get again on my horse's back, from three to four and nearly five hun. and so made shift to make landing on dred pages of a duodecimo size. I also the opposite shore ; but that I escaped have reprinted several works written by being dashed to pieces on the rocks in other authors. I have seen huge rocks, a fali so violent, was too marvellous for and massy mountains, and frightful me to decipher; only I knew then, and cavities, and extensive lakes, that you I know now, that the eternal God hath have no proper conception of. I also determined the times before appointed, have been where the inhabitants raise and the bounds of men's habitation.” cotton, tobacco, rice, indigo, figs, and

It has been a matter of inquiry among sugar in abundance; and also in places the christian folks in England, as to where there are wolves, bears, wild cats, what it was led Mr. Osbourn to visit racoons, and opossums. But the worst again his native land ? Towards the and most odious place that I have yet close of the present edition he says

seen in all my travels is my own heart; After having travelled far, and

al and the worst living creature I have passed through many changes in my

met with either by day or night in the

northern region or in southern clime, feelings, and seen many strange places,

or at the extreme east or far west, in and people, and things, and another

the summer season or in dead of winter, gospel,' and many baneful effects of the

is James Osbourn. same, I returned home to my family

He is complex and friends, and found all well. And

in his make; one part of him is morose when at home my mind would some

and haughty, and selfish and corrupt,

and ill-disposed and very refractory. times be exercised about visiting England, for I was persuaded that the Lord

On the other hand, he is mild and hum. intended I should be his floating lamp.

ble, and as clean every whit as a new But still I was afraid of coming without

pin, and opposed to all that is wrong. some assurance from the Lord of its

Such then is James~quite complex, and being my duty there to go, and hence

as the poet says, my mind was in a pause concerning "To good and evil equal bent, this thing. Soon after this I receive He's both a devil and a saint.'” ed a short letter from a brother of

| Again, to his brother, he saysmine in the flesh, residing at Colchester, in the county of Essex, and

“ I suppose you thought me dead and gone concerning whom I had heard nothing years back, but it is not so; I am yet alive for forty years, wanting a few months.”

and have entered into the 64th year of my In answering his brother's letter, Mr.

age, and am quite well and hearty, and the

weight of my carcase is two hundred and six O. expressed a desire, “ to spend a sum

pounds : but the full weight of my sins is a mer in England, and to preach from city

good deal more than that. I left the famous to city, Christ and him crucified.” From city of London for America thirty-nine years the postcript of this letter, we must | ago next June, about a year after I was with make one short extract—which doth in you last, and I arrived in New York the most striking sentences throw out to August following, and left there for Baltiview the real “complex" character of more in the fall of 1815, and this city has the man. Many thousands in England been my home from then till now, and here are crying out with desire to see and it is likely I shall end my mortal days.” hear Mr. Osbourn. We have been After a rough passage, on the 6th of written to, and requested again and November, he writes from Liverpool again, to invite him to preach in various as follows: parts: in fact, there has been no man “ Through the good hand of God upon us raised up, or brought into this country, we have escaped the dangers of the sea. We for many years past, whom the lovers of arrived safe in dock last night about ten gospel truth have been so concerned to o'clock, and this morning I came on shore, see and hear. Well; here he is look and I am now snugly housed in a magni.

ficent hotel, and intend going to Manchester, which he exercises now, and always has exto-morrow morning by the cars, and there ercised over his dear people, is as superior to make myself known. And there in all to that sympathy with which he went over probability I shall hoist the 'broad pendant,'| Jerusalem, as infinite Divinity is superior to and also give two or three salutes from the perfect humanity. If the sympathy of Christ

strong tower ;' and from there go through was the sympathy of a man, it would not the whole length and breadth of the land, reach us. The dear Redeemer having walked blowing the great trumpet.' I wonder what the path of tribulation before his people, is the people will think of the stranger from able to succour them; and though he was

over the hills and far away. The follow-tempted in all points, as his people are, yet ing is to be my motto go wherever I may : they are not tempted in all points that he

I am determined not to know anything was. If Christ has borne my transgressions, among you, save Jesus Christ and him cru and my sorrows, he must have borne innucified. Will this do, think you ?

merable sorrows, and innumerable transgres· We will only add—this new edition sions, as far as all human calculation goes ; of the · Lawful Captive,' being published

and if he was wounded for my transgressions by Messrs. Groombridge; as also a very the wound must be deep indeed. We have handsome portrait of Mr. Osbourn, can

an High Priest, bless his dear name, he is be had of any bookseller. We are also

high, sitting at the right hand of God; and

his mediatorial work has swept the whole authorised by Mr. Osbourn to supply

surface of the globe, and not left one point copies of either the work or the por

either east, west, north or south, untouched, trait from our own office.

but extended it to all his redeemed, even to (To be Continued.)

as many as the Lord, our God shall call.

| There are three senses in which Christ had Our Great High Priest.

no sin :-He had no sin naturally-it was EXTRACT FROM A SERMON BY MR. JAMES

| an impossibility according to what he was. WELLS, DELIVERED AT THE SURREY TA- | In the beginning was the Word, and the BERNACLE, BOROUGH ROAD, APRIL 26,

26, word was with God, and the word was God.' 1846.

It is impossible for God to lie: all sin'comes “For we have not an High Priest which cannot be

touched with the feelings of our infirmities,” &c. / under the character of a lie : therefore as Heb. iv. 15, 16.

Hart saysThe people of God have many infirmities, | “Let God be true, and every man a liar.” and among others, they have the infirmity) "Unto us a child is born, unto us a Son of being more pleased with the things of is given, and his name shall be called, Wonthe flesh, than with the things of God. They I derful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the everhave also the infirmity of blindness-spiritual lasting Father, the Prince of peace. Christ blindness. They have also the infirmity of har

mity of had no sin practically. What a number of deafness-spiritual deafness. Spiritual deaf- snares were laid for him, and yet he overness is a dreadful infirinity. Blessed are

came them all. And his sinless life is imthe people who hear the joyful sound. They | puted to his people. Christ had no sin have, again, the infirmity of lameness-spi- objectively ; by this I mean that all his ritual lameness; they are brought sometimes

purposes and all his objects were holy. He

urna that they are compelled to halt, not being | had no object in view, but what was holy, just, able to take one step in the ways of the

good, and honorable. His object was gloLord. And though these things fetter their

rious—so glorious that devils would be proud souls; and bow them down, yet such is their

to own him. Therefore having such an nature, that they are continually going after High Priest, let us come boldly to a throne vanity. The Lord's people, therefore, are of grace. Publicans and harlots enter the the subjects of manifold infirmities.

If all kingdom
If all kin

of heaven, while pharisees are these hindrances were moved out of the way, ashamed to own that mercy and grace by if the temptations, the flattery, and the vanity I which they are saved. Boldness is necessary of the world were removed, then, indeed, it in the ministers of the gospel, to declare would be easy to talk about acting and work- these things. Boldness is also necessary ing. No person can enter heaven with any to the hearer : therefore, 'Let us go boldly infirmity : to enter heaven we must be free

ee to a throne of grace, that we may obtain from blindness, from deafness, from lanie

mercy, and find grace to help in every time ness, from leprosy, and from every other

of need.' infirmity. It is infinite condescension in the Lord to call these things infirmities. “The reason why most men are not trouWhat a mercy it is, that let there be what- bled about their sins to any purpose, is from ever there may, wrong, as soon as the dear a persuasion that God is merciful, and will Redeemer comes in and speaks a word to the pardon; when, indeed, none can really, on soul, every thing is immediately put right. a gospel account, have that persuasion, but The sympathy of Christ's human nature was those who have been troubled for sin, and not a natural sympathy; and the sympathy I that to purpose."--Owen,

The Freeness of Christ's Love : | his love, there is a graven image made pre

sently, even a changed god, and a foe-god, FAITH TO BE EXERCISED UNDER A SENSE

who was once, (“when you washed your steps OF GOD'S WRATH - GRACE SUFFICIENT

NT with butter, and the rock poured you out FOR ENDURING OF THE GREATEST TROU

| rivers of oil,' Job xxix. 6,) a Friend-God. BLES - THE UNCHANGEABLENESS OF Tither now or never let God work. vau had

Either now or never let God work: you had CHRIST-OUR AFFLICTIONS CHOSEN BY

never, since you were a man, such a fair HIM, AND ALL DESIGNED FOR OUR PU

field for faith; for a painted hell, and an apRIFICATION.

prehension of wrath in your Father, is faith's Much HONOURED AND DEAR FRIENDS : opportunity to try what strength is in it. Grace, mercy, and peace be to you. The Now, give God as large a measure of love, necessary impediments of my calling have as you have of sorrow : now, see faith to be hitherto kept me from making a return to faith indeed ; if you can, make your grave your letter, the heads of which, I shall briefly betwixt Christ's feet, and say, “Though he answer.

should slay me, I will trust in him ;' his beI approve your going to the fountain lieved love shall be my winding-sheet, and when your own cistern is dry: a difference all my grave clothes. I shall roll, and sew there must be betwixt Christ's well and your in my soul, my slain soul in that web, his borrowed water ; and why? Because you sweet and free love. And let him write upon have need of emptiness and drying up, as my grave -'Here lieth a believing, dead well as you have need of the well. Want, man, breathing out, and making a hole in and a hole there must be in our vessel to death's broad side, and the breath of faith leave room for Christ's art; his well hath cometh forth through the hole. See now its own need of thirsty drinkers, to com- if you can overcome and prevail with God, mend infinite love, which from eternity, did and wrestle God's tempting to death quite brew such a cellar of living waters for us, I out of breath, as that renowned wrestler did, You commend his free love; and it is well • And by his strength he had power with done. Oh, if I could help you, and if I God,' Hosea xii. 3. Yea, he had power could be master-convener, to gather an over the angel, and prevailed, (ver. 4.) He earth full, and a heaven full of tongues, dip- is a strong man indeed, who overmatcheth ped and steeped in my Lord's well of love, heaven's strength, and the Holy One of or his wine of love, even tongues drunken Israel, the strong Lord, which is done by a with his love, to raise a song of praises to secret supply of divine strength within, him, betwixt the east and west end, and wherewith the weakest, being strengthened, furthest points of the broad heavens! If I overcome and conquer. It shall be a great were in your case, as, alas ! my dry and dead victory, to blow out the flame of that furheart is not now in that garden, I would nace you are now in, with the breath of faith. borrow leave to come, and stand upon the And when hell, men, malice, cruelty, falsebanks and coasts of that sea of love, and be | bood, devils, the seeming glooms of a sweet a feasted soul, to see love's fair tide, free Lord, meet you in the teeth; if you then, love's high and lofty waves, each of them as a captive of hope, as one fettered in hope's higher than ten earths, flowing in upon | prison, run to your strong hold, even from pieces of clay. O welcome, welcome, great God glooming to God glooming; and besea! Oh, if I had as much love for wideness | lieve the salvation of the Lord in the dark, and breadth, as twenty outmost shells and which is your only victory; your enemies spheres of the heaven of heavens, that I might are but pieces of malicious clay; they shall receive in a little flood of his free love; die as men, and be confounded. Come, dear friend, and be pained, that the But that your troubles are many at once, king's wine-cellar of free love, and his ban- and arrows come in from all points, from quetting-house, so wide, so stately, so God- country, friends, wife, children, foes, estaté, like, so glory-like! should be so abundant, and right down from God, who is the hope so overflowing, and your shallow vessel so and stay of your soul, I confess is more, little, to take in some part of that love. But and very heavy to be borne: yet all these since it cannot come in you, for want of | are not more than grace; all these bits of room, enter yourself in this sea of love, and coals, cast in your sea of mercy, cannot dry breathe under these waters, and die of love ; it up. Your troubles are many and great, and live as one dead, and crowned of this love. yet not an ounce weight beyond the measure

But why do you complain of waters go- of grace he has to bestow ; for, our Lord ing over your soul, and that the smoke of never yet broke the back of his child, nor the terrors of a wrathful Lord doth almost spoiled his own work. Nature's plastering, suffocate you, and bring you to death's and counterfeiting work he doth often break brink? I know the fault is in your eyes, in shreds, and putteth out a candle not not in him : it is not the rock that fleeth lighted at the Sun of Righteousness; but and moveth, but the young sailor: if your he must cherish his own reeds, and handleth sense and apprehension be made judge of them softly ; never a reed getteth a thrust


with the Mediator's hand, to lay together sin ont, if it were possible, the unchange the two ends of the reed. Oh, what bonds ableness of a God-head out of Christ, and and ligaments hath our surgeon of broken to sin away a lovely and unchangeable God. spirits, to bind up all his lame and bruised Put more honest honest apprehensions upon ones with : cast your disjointed spirit into Christ; put on his own mask on his face, and his lap, and lay your burden upon one who not your vail made of unbelief, which speak. is so willing to take your cares and your eth as if he borrowed love to you, from you fears off you, and to exchange your crosses, and your demerits and sinful deservings. O, and to give you new for old, and gold for no! Christ is man, but be is not like man; iron, even to give you garments of praise he hath man's love in heaven, but it is lusfor the spirit of heaviness.

tred with God's love, and it is very God's It is true in great part what you write of love you have to do with. When your wheels this Kirk, that the letter of religion only, is go about, he standeth still. Let God be reformed, and scarcely that ; I do not be- God, and be you man, and have you the delieve that our Lord will build his Zion in serving of man, and the sin of one who hath this land, upon this skin of reformation. So suffered your well-beloved to slip away, nay, long as our scum remaineth, and our heart hath refused him entrance, when he was idols are kept, this work must be at a stand; knocking, till his head and locks were frozen. and therefore, our Lord must yet sift this Yet what is that to him ? His book keepeth land and search us with candles; and I your name, and is not printed and reprinted know he will give, and not sell us his king- and changed and corrected. And why, but dom. His grace and our remaining guilti- | he should go to his place and hide himself? ness must be compared, and the one must | Howbeit, his departure be his own good be seen in the glory of it, and the other in work, yet the belief of it in that manner, is the sinfulness of it. But I desire to be your sin, but wait on till he return with lieve, and would gladly hope to see, that the salvation, and cause you to rejoice in the glancing and shining lustre of glory, coming latter end. from the diamonds and stones set in the It is not much to complain ; but rather crown of our Lord Jesus, shall cast rays and believe than complain, and sit in the dust, beams of many thousand miles about. I and close your mouth, till he make your hope Christ is upon a great marriage ; and sown light grow again; for your afflictions that his wooing and suiting of his excellent are not eternal ; time will end them; and so bride, doth take its beginning from us, the shall you at length see the Lord's salvation; ends of the earth.

his love sleepeth not, but is still in working 0, what joy and what glory would I judge for you ; his salvation will not tarry nor it, if my heayen should be suspended till I linger; and suffering for him is the noblest might have leave to run on foot, to be across out of heaven : your Lord hath the witness of that marriage-glory, and see Christ choice of ten thousand other crosses, beside put on the glory of his last married bride, this to exercise you withall; but his wisdom and his last marriage love on earth, when he and his love chose out this for you, beside shall enlarge his church, and set it on the them all, and take it as a choice one, and top of the mountains, and take in the elder make use of it, so that you look to this world sister, the Jews, and the fulness of the Gen- as your step-mother in your borrowed prison, tiles. It were heaven's honor and glory, For it is a love-look to heaven, and the other upon"earth, to be his lackey, to run at his side of the water, that God seeketh ; and horse-foot, and hold up the train of his this is the fruit, the flower, growing out of marriage-robe-royal, in the day of his high your cross, that you be a dead man to time, and royal espousals. But oh, what glory to to clay, to gold, to country, to friends, wife, have a seat in Jesu's chariot, that is bot- children, and all pieces of created nothings ; tomed with gold, and paved, and lined over, for in them there is not a seat nor bottom and floored within, with love," for the for the soul's love. O, what room is there daughters of Jerusalem.” (Cant. iii. 30.) | for your love, if it were as broad as the sea, To lie upon such a king's love were next to up in heaven and in God, and what would the flower of heaven's glory.

not Christ give for your love? God gave I am sorry to hear you speak, in your so much for your soul ; and blessed are you letter, of a God angry with you, and of the if you have a love for him, and can call in sense of his indignation, which only ariseth your soul's love from all idols, and can make from suffering for Jesus all that is now come a God of God, a God of Christ, and draw a upon you. Indeed apprehended wrath flameth line betwixt your heart and him. out of such ashes as apprehended sin, but If your deliverance come not, Christ's not from suffering for Christ. But suppose presence and his believed love must stand you were in hell for past sins, and for old as surety for your deliverance, till your debt. I hope you owe Christ a great sum of Lord send it in his blessed time; for Christ love, to believe the sweetness of his love. I hath many salvations, if we could see them ; know what it is to sin in that kind; it is to and I would think it better borne comfort and joy that cometh from the faith of deliver- within us - the Lord dealeth hardly with ance, and the faith of his love, than that us; and death is stamped upon all that we which cometh from deliverance itself. It is are pursuing ;' and here I have felt bound not much matter if you find ease to your af- up in hardness, and blindness, and deadness, flicted soul, what be the means, either of without any real feeling to cry unto God; your own wishing or God's choosing; the for I have proved again and again, unless latter I am sure is best, and the comfort the dear Lord is (pleased to bring the soul strongest and sweetest: let the Lord abso- and make him acquainted with his own conlutely have the ordering of your evils and dition; and to grant him a little softening, troubles, and put them off you by recom- and a feeling of his soul, we have no right mending your cross and your furnace to him conception of our true state, and here we who hath skill to melt his own metal, and truly need the quickening influences of the knoweth well what to do with his furnace: Holy Ghost put forth in the soul, and faith let your heart be willing that God's fire have which is the gift of God, to enable a poor your tin, brass, and dross.

worm to come; and from his inmost soul To consent to want corruption, is a greater to sue for mercy, for pardon, and forgiveness :' mercy than many professors do well know; and here we have to sigh and cry till the set and to refer the manner of God's physic to time is come, for I have proved that the Lord his own wisdom, whether it be by drawing hath a set time to favour his people, to grant blood, or giving sugаred drinks : that he them their souls' request, and that request cureth sick folks without pain is a great is, that pardoning love and blood be realised point of faith ; and to believe Christ's to the cleansing of their guilty souls, to ascross to be a friend, as he himself is a friend, sure their hearts that they are one with him ; is also a special act of faith; but when you nothing short of this will satisfy their guilty, are over the water this case shall be as yes-sin-bitten consciences, to enable them to terday, past a hundred years ere you were stand upright; and this a poor worm has born; and the cup of glory shall wash the been brought in some small measure to; to a memory of all this away, and make it as rejoicing of the soul; but I still find I am nothing. Only now take Christ in with you in the wilderness, and I have a bad old man under your yoke, and let patience have her to grapple with, and a mighty foe (that is perfect work; for this haste is your infir- unbelief,) and this foe shakes the poor soul mity. The Lord is rising up to do you to its centre, and causeth the soul to call in good in the latter end. Put on the faith of question every step of the way; it turns his salvation, and see him posting and hast-things up side down, and oh, the sighs and ing towards you.

RUTHERFORD. cries and searchings of heart for an evidence

clear; and, oh, the accusations that are [If spared, perhaps we may give in a future brought against a soul, and he cannot re

number, some of the last words of Mr: I turn one answer, and here he has to prove Rutherford ; hoping that the Lord may that nothing short of coming in mercies, bless them to the comforting of some can enable him to return an answer, and this poor soul who might be in bondage,

is how a vile, sinful, base, ungrateful, hard, through the fear of death. Heb ii. 15.]

blind and sinful wretch, hobbles on in the

wilderness. A COMFORTING

Dear brother, may the God of hope, and

the God of all comfort strengthen, establish, Word from Brother Ephraim. confirm, and build you up in the truth, prays

A Poor, Sinful Worm, E. Nunn. DEAR BROTHER, AND COMPANION IN TRI- Walpole, March 25, 1847. BULATION:-You may think it strange that I have not fulfilled my promise before, but God, who worketh all things after the coun

A BRIEF OUTLINE OF sel of his own will, has been pleased to make Mr. James Osbourn's Sermon, himself known unto a vile, base, and sinful wretch, as a kind and gracious, merciful, Preached in the Independent Chapel, Horsham, covenant-keeping God, in preserving, up- On Wednesday-evening, Feb. 24, 1847. holding, and appearing as a God of providence, to a base wretch, to the astonishment As soon as this venerable weather-beaten, of his poor rebel, notwithstanding all our faithful champion of truth, arose and shewed wanderings, baseness, and proneness to himself in the pulpit, his singular gravity choose our own way; for we are, sometimes, and solemnity of appearance, put me in mind permitted to choose our own way, and as we of the old prophet Elijah. In prayer, he are suffered to choose out paths for ourselves, evidently was favored with sweet and close the Lord is pleased to hedge up our path with communion, and fellowship with the Lord, pricking thorns, and here we fret, murmur, I as a man with his friend. His text was and complain : there is something saying Exodus xxv. 22. And there I will meet

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