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with thee, and I will commune with thee, though modern pharisees hate it with the from above the mercy seat.”

saine malice, as those recorded in Luke, After describing the ark, which he said xxviii. 19. Then it was truly sweet, the was a kind of portable chest or box; which great encouragement given to those poor the children of Israel carried about with distressed souls, relative to the precious them from place to place; and the solemn promise— There,' There,' mind, will I antiquities the ark contained ; and its exact meet with thee, and commune with thee;' dimensions; and the breadth and length of a solemn stress he put on the word ‘There,' the mercy seat above it, being exactly the in contradistinction to any where else. Not same; and then he spoke of the solemn em- in your prayers; not in your duties; but blem of all this to the Lord Jesus Christ, there,' mind, ' will I meet with thee, at the the spiritual ark, and the length and breadth foot of the mercy seat.' Thence flows everof the great atonement, reaching to all those lasting love to the poor sinner, thence flows chosen in Christ, betore all time; so the sin-atoning blood, thence flows mercy, full mercy seat was as long and as broad as the forgiveness for all sin; there is displayed ark; but no longer, nor no broader; and the brother's love, not a brother in law; the glorious gospel of Christ was a dispen- but own brother; own flesh and bones ; a sation and revelation recorded and made brother by consanguity. Oh, the blessed known to every beloved, elect vessel of God's vital union! one with Jesus! I am in my sovereign mercy, in due time by the Eternal | Father; ye in me, and I in you.' Here he Spirit, the great Revealer and Sealer of all arose into the communion ; 'There will I covenant mercy and covenant blessings. commune with thee;' and here the dear

Then he solemnly described the awful aged man sweetly described the blessedness state of all men by nature, and with a dead and glory of this communion until language profession of religion ; like the boasting was lost. Truly, it was soul-absorbing; pharisee of old, in the temple ; proving from and I could have sat under such truths, many Scripture testimonies how far from until morning light. If such the sweetness God, and the only place of mercy and spi of the streams, what must the fountain be ? ritual communion, such characters all stood ; Horsham.

J. RAYNSFORD. blind to their own lost condition, having never felt the condemnation of the law; and how bitter was the enmity of such men, 1 An Instrument of Ten Strings. against the real truth of God, and against

- Psalm, xcii. 3. his humble followers, and seekers for his David was, no doubt, a skilful musician both mercy, at the only place to obtain it. There, literally and spiritually; he charmed himthere will I meet with thee. This, he said, self, and many others, on the harp, in a was the state of the great majority of pro- literal sense ; he also charmed himself and fessors, in his adopted country; and it many others, (and does to the present day,) would be well he said, if it was not the same on the gospel harp, spiritually. The goshere.

pel harp is a full toned instrument, and conThen he went on to describe the solemn sequently possesses a perfect number of work of God in spiritual conviction ; mak- strings, viz. ten; it is to be played upon ing such truly feel guilty before God; strip-two ways, Doctrinally and Experimentally : ped them of all their beauty and plumage ; each string being separately touched, will, how he brought down all their pride; broke in the issue, produce a joyful sound; and down all creature carved work, and all human blessed are the people that know it. merit; shook them out of all confidence, The Doctrinal notes touched on each in duties, dead works, and fleshly prayers ; string, are, 1, God the Father ; 2, God the put a cry into their soul where there was no Son ; 3, God the Holy Ghost; 4, Eternal strength shut up nor left ; like as he did the Election ; 5, Eternal Love ; 6, Eternal poor publican and others. Then the dear, Predestination; 7, Eternal Redemption ; and faithful man put the question close to 8, Eternal Sanctification; 9, Eternal Justihis hearers by saying, 'Have you felt these fication ; 10, Eternal Glorification. The things ?'If not,' he said, 'I would say to experimental notes are, 1, Feeling : 2, Knowyou, as Pilate's wife said to hin— Have no- ledge ; 3, Fear ; 4, Hope ; 5, Faith ; 6, Love; thing to do with this just man.' Then he 7, Peace; 8, Desire ; 9, Joy; 10, Assurance. gave us a solemn, but brief account, of what Now, in order to avoid prolixity, I must he had felt and experienced of the solemn only touch each string, the whole terminatwork of God in humbling and emptying his ing in one sweet accord and a certain sound. own poor soul: and his scriptural, and 1, God the Father in his covenant enactsolemn manner of address, and personal tes- ments, settlements, and designs relative to timony, was with such undeniable certainty his elect people, all immovably fixed. 2, God and asurance, all confirmed with a • Thus the Son in his covenant responsibility, unsaith the Lord,' that it bid defiance to men dertakings and engagements perfectly aror devils to attempt to contradict him; ranged. 3, God the Holy Ghost in his

Covenant agreement, purpose and promise | constrained to put up earnestly, the publiunalterably planned, the three incommuni-can's prayer; this is a bass note on the bass cable persons in the one co-equal, co-es-string, yet music is not worth a rush withsential, co-eternal Jehovah ; the I am which out good bass. 2, Knowledge ; they know was and is, and is to come, incomprehensible that in them (that is in their flesh,) dwelleth Deity. 4, The eternal election of the church no good thing; they know that the law is out of every kindred, nation, tongue, and spiritual and they are carnal, they know that people, in the person of Christ by Jehovah God is just in all his ways, words, and works, the Father, revealed and discovered to the they know that they are not redeemed with saints by Jehovah the Spirit. 5, The ever-corruptible things; in a word, they shall lasting love of God set upon them; loved know the Lord and his truth, and that shall, by the Father, in the Son, by the Son in the and does make them free; O, blessed knowFather, by the Spirit in the Father and the ledge: 3, Fear; a slavish fear they are no Son, and by the Father and the Son, in the strangers to; for such fear hatlı torment; Spirit. God is love, in which the church thus they often fear they have not come in was from, and shall be to, all eternity, swal-right, that their religion is of the flesh; that lowed up; and who shall separate her from they shall never hold on; that at last they the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus, shall be cast aways. O, what searchings of our Lord. 6. Eternally predestinated to heart these things produce! God puts his everlasting life, though spiritually dead in fear (or love,) in their hearts, and this is the the first Adam, her spiritual and eternal life beginning of wisdom for time and cternity. was, and is with Christ in God, the second 4, Hope; a good hope through grace,' rises Adam ; being then predestinated she shall | up in the soul with a who can tell?' hope persevere through millions of foes and moun- in the gospel, hope in the promise, hope in táins of opposition, and finally reach her the power, hope in the person, and hope in destined port, for so he bringeth them to the performance of the Lord Jesus, so that their desired haven. 7, Eternal redemp. we hope for that we see not, and so with tion through the blood of the Lamb, from patience wait for it; which hope we have as all thraldom, all slavery, all sin, all death, an anchor for the soul; let Israel, therefore, all curse, all condemnation, and all hell. O, hope in the Lord. 5, Faith; as “the eviglorious truth! the Lord hath redeemed his dence of things not seen, the substance of servant Jacob; the work is finished, the things hoped for;' thus we are constituted victory won, and the church is safe. 8, Eternal believers, possessing the faith of God's elect, Sanctification, separated and set apart by like precious faith with all your forefathers, God himself, from everlasting, for God him- faith in Christ of the operation of the Holy self, to everlasting : the people shall dwell Ghost, faith which works by love, faith alonė, sanctified and made holy by the Spirit's which purifies the heart, faith, the gift of work within them, as the glorious result God, faith which shall prove victorious over of their eternal union to, and oneness with sin, death, and hell. Whosoever thus beChrist. 9, Eternal justification ; sin and lieveth in Christ, shall never perish. 6, Love; guilt for ever taken away; holiness and the love of God is shed abroad in our righteousness imputed to, and implanted hearts ;' 'we love him because he first loved within the saints of the most high; justi- us;' so that we love the Lord, his word, his fied from all things, made free from all sin, works, his truth, his people, his ordinances, acquitted from all curse, and delivered from and his salvation. Oh, for more of this love! all condemnation ; eternally pardoned and and that in soul realisation. 7, Peace; cleansed from all evil and iniquity, in and The peace of God which passeth all underthrough the blood of the Lamb. 10, Eternal standing ;' he, Christ, is our peace, for us, Glorification; 'for whom he justified, them, to us, and in us; we have peace in the conhe glorified ;' and what glorification is, we science, with God, through our Lord Jesus must die to know; yet blessed be God, we Christ; a rich legacy bequeathed to us, and

shall be like him, for we shall see him as enjoyed by us ; peace shall be upon Israel ! he is,' and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Hallelujah! 8, Desire; the desire of our · Having just touched the ten strings in soul is toward thee ; he is all our salvation, point of doctrine, and find them sweet and and all our desire ; 'there is none upon harmonious, I now touch them in point of earth we desire beside thee;' and he will experience, and 1, Feeling; when the Holy fulfil the desire of them that fear him; even Ghost communicates supernatural life and of those that desire to fear him ; all our delight to the soul, there follows a deep feel- sire is before him, and the desire of the ing sense of what we are as lost, ruined, righteous shall be granted; and we somewretched, hell-deserving sinners : some are times have a desire to depart and be with more solemnly acquainted with this, their Jesus. 9, Joy; your present sorrow shall fallen condition, than others; God is a be turned into future joy ; joy in God sovereign in these important matters, yet through our Lord Jesus Christ; everlastall shall know their own sore, so as to be ing joy shall be upon their heads; this joy is one of the properties of the kingdom | had no more desire to live but did most within the saints,' righteousness, peace, and earnestly long, and beg, and pray, for my joy in the Holy Ghost, it is a spiritual, holy, soul could sweetly sing— 0, death where and heavenly joy, the certain harbinger of is thy sting? 0, grave, where is thy victory? that celestial state where all will be a per- The sting of death is sin, and the strength fection of joy. 10, Assurance; this is a of sin is the law: but Christ is the end of high note, touched on the tenth string ; so the law for righteousness to every one that shall all God's elect, more or less, sooner believeth,' therefore, Thanks!' Eternal or later, touch it to the joy and rejoicing of thanks! be to God, who giveth us the vic. their hearts, and to the honour and glory of tory, through his Son, Christ Jesus, our God; the full assurance of faith is the be- Lord.' 0, what sweet peace, and tranquility liever's highest standing in the present world, of mind I felt! Truly, this peace of God it amounts to 'my Lord, and my God,' 'my passes all understanding ; none can combeloved,' my portion," my refuge, my prehend it but those that have felt it; this is lot,' my inheritance, my salvation,' and that sweet secret of the Lord,' that is 'my all, experimentally known, confessed, with them that fear him,' which is hid from and claimed, beyond the power of doubt or all others.' 0, that I had a free tongue to fear; thus, this ten stringed instrument speak the praise of my dear Redeemer, who produces a rich variety of sounds, and none loved me and gave himself for me! Oh! of them is without signification, all con- how my soul sometimes sinks astonished centrating in the praise and glory of Zion's that the great and Infinite Being of heaven God, Father, Son and Spirit for ever and and earth, before whom the nations are ever. Amen.

T, STRINGER. counted but as a drop of a bucket, should

ever take notice of such a poor worm of the

earth as I am, and that he should set his Desiring to depart and to be with Christ.

everlasting love upon me, and watch over me

for good, even when I set at nought all his MY DEAR SISTER :- As I am now better in counsels, and would none of his reproof, health, but not able to work, I have taken this opportunity to write you a few lines to

“Determin'd to save, tell you a little of the loving-kindness of the

He watch'd o'er my path ; Lord which he has so bountifully bestowed

When satan's blind slave, upon me. Oh! that he may enable me so

I sported with death." to speak of his goodness that your soul may “Presery'd in Jesus, be refreshed, that you may exalt the Lord

When my feet made haste to hell; with me, for truly, he alone, is worthy to And there should I have been, be praised ; his name alone is excellent, for

But thou dost all things well." he has delivered my soul from death, mine

“Thy love was great, thy mercy free, eyes from tears, and I hope and trust be

Which from the pit delivered me.” will keep my feet from falling. 'He hath brought me up out of an horrible pit and out Oh, I am satisfied that a sense of this love of the miry clay, he hath set my feet upon a will melt the hardest heart! Oh, what rock and established my goings ; he hath strong consolation it gives under trouble! put a new song into my mouth, even praise When he giveth quietness, who then, can to our God. Who is a God like unto thee, make trouble?' In the midst of all our that pardoneth iniquity, and passeth by the trouble in our business, my heart has not transgression of the remnant of his heri- been the least moved, it has been nothing tage ? he retaineth not his anger for ever, to me, and I can now say with the apostle because he delighteth in mercy. You know Paul, “None of these things move me, neither it hath pleased him to afflict me, which I count I my life dear unto myself that I may know he has done in faithfulness, in tender finish my course with joy;' Christ is all my mercy, and compassion to my poor soul; salvation and all my desire.• All my desires for he has most sweetly brought me to fall are now content to be comprised in one;' under it at his feet, and to kiss his rod, and I desire nothing but to enjoy daily a hearthim that appointed it. I never, in all my felt union and communion with my dear life spent, such a comfortable week as I did Redeemer; this I sweetly enjoyed more or last week. The dear Lord did most sweetly less every day last week. Oh, how sweetly break in upon my soul, on Monday after-would my cheerful soul look up to God, as noon, with his pardoning love and mercy, my reconciled God and Father in Christ and sealed it home upon my heart with such Jesus; how very precious his word has been power, sweetness, and assurance as I never to my soul!: I have not read much since felt before. I was then very weak and poorly but the Bible, and I find that that yields me in body, and did not much expect that I all that I can desire, when the dear Lord is should get better, but, oh, I found the pleased to shine upon and apply it to my Saviour's blood a balm for every wound ; I heart as he has done many times. Oh, how

strong, how solid is that consolation which belief shall not hinder it a single day. It the word of God affords when applied by shall assuredly come to pass in its apthe Spirit of all grace to the heart as he has pointed season. This time is reckoned up done many times, 'thy word was found,' says in Scripture, by days, by months, by years, the prophet, and I did eat it, and it was the not that we should know the time of it, joy and rejoicing of my heart, 'Christ says, but the certainty of it; for if it hath but • The words that I speak unto you they are so many days, so many months, then it must spirit and they are life. Oh, the unspeak- have a certain period. The fixing and comable goodness, mercy, and love of God! I puting of the time of the man of sin, of have filled all this paper with words and have Antichrist, by days and months, and years, said nothing about it as I wanted to do. I is to secure our faith in the punctual deterwill leave off attempting to speak of it with mination of the season, but not to satisfy the words of dear RutherfordOh that the our curiosity when that season should be. heavens and the heaven of heavens were But the consideration of this, that there is paper, and the sea ink, and the multitude of such a determinate season, is a great foundamountains pens of brass, and I were able to tion of faith and patience. When we know write that paper within and without, full of it will come, that there is such a determinate the praises of my dearest, my sweetest, my time, that it will surely come, is a great loveliest, my matchless, my most sinless,

ground of patience to wait for it. This is and most marvellously well-beloved.' Now

a great consideration with me, and I leave may the God of peace, that brought again

| it with you.' Here I can exercise faith withfrom the dead, our Lord Jesus Christ be

out fancy in the counsel of God, that he will with you, amen.

. From your

pour out all his judgements and plagues on affectionate brother. SAMUEL DAW.

the antichristian world until antichristianism [This Samuel Daw was the author of a very be destroyed and rooted out.

precious little volume of Experimental "The judgments of God shall come upon Poems, advertised on the wrapper of this the antichristian world when they look not work. He is now in glory.]

for them ; when the kings of the earth do not look for them; yea, when believers them

selves do not look for them; they shall come THE CERTAIN, SUDDEN, AND PROBABLY

so suddenly. The Holy Ghost saith so exSpeedy Downfall of Antichrist. pressly, Rev. xviii. 18, Her plagues shall

come in one day-death and mourning, and JOHN OWEN says in his sermon on the famine-and she shall be utterly burnt with Use of Faith, if Popery should return upon fire. The reason is, ‘For strong is the Lord us, “The second difficuly that we have or

that judgeth her.' Almighty strength shall may have to conflict with, is the return of be put forth for the accomplishing of it. Popery into this land: I verily believe that And if this be not enough, the seventeenth those who have the conduct of the Papal verse tells you that it shall come in one hour. antichristian affairs, throughout the world, And I do verily believe, that the destruction are endeavouring to bring it upon us. I of this cursed antichristian state (of the head remember what holy Latimer said when he of it) will be brought about by none of those came to die : Once I believed Popery means we see or know of: but that the would never return into England ; but,' strong Lord shall break in upon her and said he, 'I find it was not faith, but fancy.'| destroy her by ways unknown to us. It may I wish it may not prove so, with many of be to-morrow; and it may not be these us. Now that which I am to speak unto hundred years. She herself, when it is done you is this, how we should live by faith, shall look for no such thing, verse 7th. both in the prospect of the danger of it, When she is boasting herself, destruction and if it should come upon us. I shall shall come. The kings of the earth shall name a few things, which I exercise my- have no expectation of it, for they shall cry self with. If you have more supporting (verse 16th,) · Alas! alas! that great city thoughts and a better guidance of light, I Babylon, that mighty city; for in one hour pray God confirm it unto you.

so great riches is come to nought.' Believers • The first thing I would exercise my themselves will be like the children of Israel thoughts upon, and that my faith rests in in Egypt; they could not believe Moses in this case, is this, that there is a fixed, because of the cruel bondage they were determinate time, in the counsels of God, under. So will God's judgments come upon when Antichrist, and Babylon, and idolatry, antichrist, the old enemies of Jesus Christ.” and superstition, together with that profaneness of life which they brought in, “If the waters of the sanctuary have flowed shall be destroyed. It is so fixed that it into your soul, the death of the minister will shall not be altered. All the wisdom of not drown your religion. Oh no; that it men, all the sins of men, and all our un- won't."-C. W. B.

Another Persecuting Saul BRO UG IT TO THE FEET OF JES U S.

Thus I have been most sorely toss'd,
But cannot give all up for lost;
I often think I'll look again,
Perhaps the Lord will make it plain.
Sometimes I think my soul will stand,
Supported by his mighty hand,
At others think I m sunk so low,
His vengence will me overflow,
But midst it all, there's something says

Poor soul! thou shalt hold on thy way,
My grace sufficient thou shalt prove,
Thou art the object of my love.'
I now must say, farewell, my friend,
May truth and peace thy path attend;
And may he keep in whom thou trust,
Prays a poor


A Crying Child.

Dear Lord ! if I favor have found in thine eyes, My request is that thou wilt now list to my cries, To deliver my soul from this treacherous foe, This base wicked Haman, who fills me with woe.

For if thou prevent not, he'll surely devour,
For when thou art absent, he comes with such power,
That makes me stand fearing, not knowing that thou
To a poor trembling Esther thine ear will soon bow.
For I trust that like her, through distress I've been

To stand by the place where the King doth resort.
But ah, what I want is to see while I stand
The sceptre of mercy held out in thy hand.

And hear thee say, 'Trembler ! what is it you need ?
However great thy petition I grant it with speed,'
But, Lord, thou art mighty, and I am so weak,
That I scarcely have got any power to speak. .

I'm oft'times tempted to believe
That I, God's people do deceive;.
And think I surely shall at last,
Be manifest a vile out-cast,
But, O my friend, when I review
The path the Lord hath brought me through,
I stand astonished, and confess
I am a monument of grace!
I once was led a blinded slave,
Denied the power of Christ to save;
I thought that years to come would do,
For me to be religious too.
But Oh, the Lord, I must repeat
He brought me prostrate to his feet ;
I cried, have mercy, Lord, forgive,
And let a guilty rebel live!
He kindly heard and answer'd too,
And made me feel, and made me know,
The riches of redeeming grace,
And thus I found a hiding place.
But Oh, the time, and where he met ;
The circumstance I can't forget ;
I thought, annoy the saints I would :
But Oh, this time of love and good !
Compell’d, I went to see baptiz'd
The saints or God, who highly prized
And love to'bey, his gracious will;
And all his precepts to fulfil.
I went with oaths upon my mind,
By satan led, a captive blind :
And could I had my heart's desire,
I should have set the place on fire.
I thought I'd go, and go to sleep ;
And thus annoy his blood-bought sheep;
But, no ! the time was come, when he
Would make me bend my stubborn knee:
He proved to me to be all wise,
And sleep removed from my eyes.
1 stood to see his saints descend,
While they obey their Lord's command,
His power I felt, I straitway cri'd,
“ Grant, Lord, that I may be baptiz'd;"
I left the place ; and, strange to say,
My heart it was compell’d to pray,
1 felt myself so vile and base,
I knew not where to hide my face ;
I wept, and cried, and beg'd the Lord
That he in mercy would afford
Some rays of hope, that I might find
Some ease, and comfort to my mind.
Well; soon the Lord he did appear;
He'd planted in my heart his fear ;
He gently led me by the hand,
And I obey'd my Lord's command,
I then was favour'd for a time
To tell the Lord that he was mine;
I humbly sat at his dear feet,
And knew in him I was complete,
But soon how alter'd was the scene,
My love got cold, my heart grew lean ;
Temptations then did me beset,
The fowler drew me in his net;
Oh, how this made me sigh and groan,
And often thus myself bemoan,
I pitied my sad state, and thought
The Lord he had me quite forgot ;
I thought that one redeem'd by grace,
Would never be so vile and base.
Thus I concluded in my mind,
I still was ignorant and blind;
I only did profess his name,
But never really lor'd the same,

Thou knowest my wants, and where I now stand,
And though wicked Haman destruction may plan,
Thou canst overturn it, and cause me to sing,
It was not in vain that I cried to the King.



"Oh, the matchless wonders of God's grace, 'Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift,' and adored be his name for the methods he takes in revealing it to the conscience of poor sin-sick, hell-deserving sinners. Honours crown his brow, he has been, is now, and ever will be, the help and glory of his people; and when a glorious Christ and a detestable, vile sinner, are brought together by the invincible power and glory of God the Holy Ghost, and the glory of God shines upon and in the sinner, what a God-glorifying sight it is! Here reason is confounded, and free-will and unbelief are obliged to skulk out of the way, while vital faith and love have solemn and free intercourse with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost; and the soul solemnly sings a measure of the glory of the love and blood of the God-manthis is one branch of the solemnities of Zion.”-From Christian Converse."

S then and in his nera groan,

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