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The New Curate :

pointed remarks he shewed them that all

men, by nature, are in a state of darkness OR, EFFECTS RESULTING FROM THE INTRO- and error by reason of sin ; and then exDUCTION OF THE GOSPEL INTO A

patiated on the love of God in sending his COUNTRY VILLAGE.

dear Son into the world, 'a light to lighten A LITTLE tract, shewing 'how clergy- Israel."

the Gentiles, and the glory of his people

He divided his text by saying, I men make dissenters,' has recently been will first notice to you, my fellow-sinners, written and sent into the world by what is truth. Secondly, why the Lord has Charles Robinson, Minister of Borough appointed his truth to be preached. And Green, Kent, with an introductory pre- thirdly, The way in which every minister is face by George Wyard, Minister of Soho bound to preach it, that is, in love.

It was Chapel, London.

very evident to the good man, from the cirWe have read the tract not only with cumstances of his hearers, that all this pleasure; but with some soul profit: in sounded strange to them, having been acfact we had a real soul-melting and customed to the dry harangue of the late Mr. weeping time, in going through some Larkish. But he was not at all daunted by parts of it, and we feel persuaded no their looks, for it would appear that he had christian can read it without feelings of no sooner entered upon his subject than his gratitude to God for his boundless inercy own soul was filled with the comfort of those

truths which he was desirous the Lord might to poor sinners. l'he tract is written in an allegorical while his heart was inditing a good matter,

impress on the minds of his auditory; and style; the person called Mr. Fear-God his tongue became as the pen of a ready is the new curate ; he is, by the provi- writer. Dwelling on that part of his subdence of God, brought to preach in aject, in which he set forth our Lord Jesus country church where parson and people Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life; have hitherto been sunk in heathen he became so animated in his manner, that darkness. The following brief extracts some of the congregation, especially those declare the opposition he met with, as who had descended from Simon the Pharisee, well as the use which the Lord was thought that much learning had made him pleased to make of him.

mad. He then went on to observe, in the “The bells in the parish steeple an-most melting strains, that Christ, by his nounced to the inhabitants the return of the precious blood, had sealed, and made all the Sabbath, and the enquiry went from one to promises of the gospel eternally sure to all another to know whom Wr. Weaver had who have fled for refuge, to lay hold on the hope engaged as the Curate. Some said, Mr. set before them in the gospel. Next, he set

of the village of Darkness, was forth the design of God in having his truth the man, as they knew him to be a great preached. It is, said he, that the apostate favorite with the rector: while others as

sons of Adam might have life; and that he positively affirmed that Mr. Jovial, of the might gather together in Christ a remnant town of Rattledown, had received the ap- of all nations, kindreds, tongues, and people ; pointment; but none of these knew that and that the poor, the blind, the destitute, Mr. Fear-God was in the town; however, which is in Christ Jesus, with exceeding joy.

and the miserable, may obtain the salvation in order to satisfy their curiosity, they all These good tidings, continued he, we preach began to prepare themselves, with their Sunday suit, to repair to the Church ; and, to you in love: in love to him who has died it is supposed, that it had not been so well to deliver our own souls from the power of

the filled for many a year.

and in love to the Father who has

grave; At the proper time, Mr. Fear-God, in a solemn manner, com- that whosoever believeth in him, might not

sent his only-begotten Son into the world, menced the service by reading the prayers perish, but have everlasting life.

He comand lessons appointed for the day, which be mitted the people into the hands of his God, went through, I believe, to the satisfaction by a few words in prayer, entreating the Lord of all present. But, during the time of to bless the seed now sown.'

The congres singing, there was a good deal of whisper-gation dispersed. But before Mrs. Heal'em ing in order to know his name, and where he left her pew, she addressed her husband by came from, which very few were acquainted saying, Things are now come to a pretty pass with. Mr. Fear-God having now ascended I think, as we are all to be put upon a level the pulpit, offered up a short extempore with Turks and Jews: but it's just what I prayer, in which he besought the Lord for expected, from what I heard last night. his presence and his blessing: and then, while Miss Prim drew up the train of her taking a small bible from his pocket, gave dress, and said, If this is your new Curate, out his text from Eph. iv. 15, .But speak- he may preach to the pews for me, for he ing the truth in love. In a few short and I shall not have my ears again, I can promise


Owl's eyes,

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One said, he is a beautiful | told her that some time ago he had a reader. Another declared, I'll venture my strange dream about seeing the Son of life that he is some Methodist. Farmer God, and the day of judgment, and the Tattle then came up, and addressing the last wicked turned into hell, with several speaker, said, you are pretty near the nark, things more of that sort ; and they have for though, as I am told, he was brought up so affected him that he is worn almost to the clergy, yet he has turned round since, at least, if his name is Fear-God, he is the

to a skeleton.' same man that Jim Skinner, the butcher, was

The curate and the surgeon having talking about at Broadway-fair last week;

arrived at the house of young Anxiety, for he told us that Rector Hatelight had just the following scene occurs: Mr. Heal’em turned away his Curate for preaching some said to the mother of the young man, new doctrine, and driving the people all wild; “ Mr. Fear-God has taken a walk with and they tell me that somehow or other he me this morning, and he would like to has got a way of getting over you by sleight have a little conversation with your son: of hand work; and you can't stand before Upon which, the old lady dropped a low him, but you are sure to be caught in his net. curtsey to Mr. F., and said, "My poor You know Tom Driver, the coachman, he dear boy, sir, has been one of the best was as good a fellow as ever used a whip; of lads from his childhood, even before but as he was employed one day to drive some old lady to church, and was there wait- his dear father died; so that as he used ing, he thought he would just step into the to say, he is too good for this world. But porch, to see if they were not coming out; you must know, sir, that just before well, just at that moment Mr. Fear-God said harvest, he had a dream, and a very something that quite turned poor Tom round, strange dream it certainly was, which has and stuck to him like bird-lime, and he has so affected him that he has never been never been himself since: and there he is well since. He does nothing but cry singing and praying all the day long; and as and say, What will become of my poor to getting him to a bull-bait, you might just soul ? And although we have had all as well try to jump over the moon."

his young friends to see him, and tried The

person called Mr. Heal’em, was to comfort his mind with cheerful comthe surgeon of the parish; and was pany, and such like, yet it is all to no ultimately called to a knowledge of the purpose, as he tells us that it is not what truth, and died in the faith. Î'his Mr. he wants. Mr. Fear-God then observed Heal’em had a patient named Anxiety ; 'I should judge, from what you have and the account given of Mr. Fear-God's related of your son's case, that it must visit to him is exceedingly interesting. be something very different from what We here give a portion of it. Mr. you have prescribed that can give him Healem (the surgeon,) calls on Mr. comfort. But, if you will allow me, I Fear-God, the curate,) 'When he called should like to have a little conversation on Mr. Fear-God, he found him reading with him.' Mrs. Anxiety immediately his Bible, and thus familiarly addressed rose, and led them up stairs into her him, "What, at it so early in the week, son's room. He was sitting, with his my good sir a little relaxation would elbow leaning on the table, and his head be beneficial to your health.

' Mr. F. resting on his hand. Well, Mr. James. replied, “Through infinite mercy, I am said Mr. Heal’em, how do you find quite well in body, and refreshed in mind yourself to day? Not any better, sir, by what I have been reading. * * but worse and worse,' was the reply; and Mr. H. said, after some conversation, 'I the tears began to flow down his cheeks. have to request a favour of you, if it will come, come,' said Mr. H.,_don't desnot be taking you from your devotions. pair; I have brought Mr. Fear-God to Will you accompany me to Mount Plea- see you, and perhaps, a little talk with sant Farm to see young Mr. Anxiety, him will relieve your mind; for, as I have who has been ill for several weeks ? His always said, if you can get comfort there, complaint I have been unable to dis- you will soon be as well as ever.' James cover, only that it is on his mind; and answered, “But how can I hope for comnothing which I have sent him, seems to fort, who have been such a great sinner reach his case. Yesterday, when I was before God ?' At this sentence Mr. there, his mother informed me that she Fear-God asked him, 'How long is it, had used all her influence with him to

young friend, that


have felt ascertain if it was a love affair, which he concerned about your state as a sinner?' assured her was not the case; but he James replied, Only just before harvest, sir. Up to that time I was living in the James still objected, exclaiming, 'I feel pursuit of the pleasures of this evil world my load of sin to be so great that I am and spent my days and nights in sinning afraid to pray to him: and when I have against God?

What was the circum- groaned out, Lord, pardon a wretch constance,' inquired Mr. F.' which led you demned to die! it seemed to me as if it to think upon the evil of your ways? would make that Holy Being more James then said, 'On the night after I angry; so that my punishment would be was at Rattledown races I had a dream, greater at last.' This,' said Mr. F., sis which I have already related to my the work of the enemy of souls, to keep mother, and so deep was the impression you from the throne of grace, for there made upon my mind that I could never is nothing the devil hates more than to get rid of it; and I have no doubt it see sinners crying for mercy. But if was sent to inform me that in a very you are willing, let us all kneel before little time, perhaps in a few short hours the most High God, and supplicate his I must be cast into that place which forgiving favour.' Mrs. Anxiety here burneth with fire and brimstome.' Then, asked, • Shall my daughter fetch you the wringing his hands, he exclaimed, “Who prayer book, sir?. Mr. F. replied, " It is can dwell with everlasting burnings ?' not on all occasions needful to use a book, Mr. F. again inquired, 'Do you remem- for the Spirit will make intercession for ber ever reading any thing like a descrip- us.' Then Mr. F. in the most solemn tion of your dream in the Bible ?' To and affectionate manner, besought the which James answered, · Alas! sir, the Lord for mercy upon his young friend ; contents of that holy book I am a and blessed God that he had opened stranger to.' Mr. F. then took a Bible his eyes to see his danger and ruin ; from his pocket and turning to the twen-expressing his hope and confidence that tieth chapter of Revelations, read from as he had thus wounded him, he would the eleventh verse to the end, which set also heal him; and prayed for his anxiforth the whole of the dream. At the ous parent and sister, that they also hearing of the same, James appeared might be brought to know him, whom to like one upon whom the judge was pass- know is life eternal. Now when Mr. F. ing the sentence of death and cried rose from his knees, he perceived that out, · Yes, that's it, that is just as I saw the feelings of all present were much in my dream ! But,' said Mr. F., do wrought upon : Mrs. Anxiety, and Miss you not perceive that there is a revela- Patty wept aloud : while Mr. Heal'em tion of mercy, as well as justice in the walked across the room and wiped away account? For while the wicked are justly the tears which started from his eyes. condemned to everlasting punishment, James exclaimed, 'I feel at this moment yet mention is made of a book of life, more comfortable than I have been for and those whose names

are written many weeks: and who can tell but I therein, shall surely inherit everlasting may yet be saved ?' * There is no doubt glory 'Do tell me, then, sir,' replied of it, my dear friend,' said Mr. F..for James, “how I may know that my worth when God could swear by no. greater, less name stands there recorded. Mr.F. he swore by himself, that we might have said, “we can only know this as we are strong consolation who have fled for made partakers of the Spirit of life, by refuge to lay hold of the hope set bewhom we are raised from a death in sin, fore us in the gospel.' But I will now to life and union in Christ, and led to leave you, and if agreeable, visit you cry to God in the language of the publi- again on Wednesday.'. 'Pray do sir,' can, "God be merciful to me a sinner!' exclaimed James, pressing the hand of This, sir,' said James, has been my Mr. Fear-God, who bade him for the cry for many days and nights; but I fear present, farewell.” there is no hope for me, as I have been so awfully wicked.' 'Notwithstanding

“ On the following Wednesday morning, all this,' said Mr. F., you may venture his visit to Mount Pleasant Farm, and being

Mr. F., according to his promise, repeated to approach, for the Lord will cast out introduced into the parlour, was informed by none who come unto him; though your Mrs. Anxiety, that he would find a wondersins be as scarlet, yet he will make them ful change in her son, at which,' said she 'I whiter than snow; and the apostle John can but feel glad; still, I have my fears that tells us the blood of Jesus Christ, God's it will prove too much for his head.' Mr. F. Son, cleanseth from all sin.' But said, ' You will allow me to go up stairs and

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MR. J. J.

see him.' 'Certainly sir,' replied Mrs. A., , praise, took an affectionate leave of this calling Miss Patty to conduct Mr. F. to her young convert. brother's room, which he had no entered, than James rose from his seat, and We are told--but cannot vouch for the taking him by the hand, exclaimed, O my truth-that the good curate, here called Mr. dear sir, I have found all that you said the Fear-God, was no other than the late Mr. other day to be true ; there is indeed for- Gunn, who for many years laboured as a giveness with our God that he may be feared: faithful servant of Christ in the metropolis. and I have found from experience, that he The pamphlet from whence these extracts saves to the uttermost all who come to God are taken is published by J. Nichols, 9, by Jesus Christ.' Mr. F. then said to him, Chandos Street, Strand. 'I felt persuaded that it would be so, for Jesus is a merciful and faithful High Priest, and knoweth how to have compassion on the

True Gospel Repentance, ignorant, and those who are out of the way. SKETCH OF A SERMON DELIVERED AT THE But how was the change brought about ?'

TABERNACLE, NORWICH, BY James replied, after you left me on Monday,

KEMPSTER, SEPT. 13, 1846. I was musing on what you had told me, and I felt thereby encouraged to pour out my For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvasoul before God. There was one word you tion, not to be repented of, but the sorrow of the mentioned, which helped me greatly, and I world worketh death.” 2 Cor. vii, 10. pleaded before the Lord, I should think, Sin is the cause, not only of suffering, but a hundred times over; it was this,'the of shame; but it is a grief when sin enters blood of Jesus Christ, God's Son, cleanseth into the christian society, and it must be us from all sin ;' so I kept on till just after reproved. Sin entered the church of Corinth, three o'clock, the next morning, when it and the apostle Paul wrote to that church was as if an angel spoke to me these words, with considerable sharpness; and if you

I have blotted out as a thick cloud, thy would know the language the apostle wrote, transgressions, and as a cloud, thy sins : re- I would refer you to the fifth chapter. And turn unto me, for I have redeemed thee. this letter was seen by various characters, (Isa. xlv. 21); and then in an instant, all and there was one feeling that was predomimy sins, and guilt, and misery, vanished nant, and he wrote— God who comforted from me, and it was as though I could see those that are cast down, comforted us by the precious Jesus hanging upon the cross, the coming of Titus; without were fightand dying for my sake; whilst all grace, ings, and within were fears ; and then there and mercy, and truth, and even heaven itself was good tidings conveyed to the apostle was in him for me : so that I am as sure of Paul; and I can truly remember in the life now, and that my name stands recorded course of my short ministry, the times when in his book, as I was before of my ruined within were fears, and just at this time the and undone condition! And as to my poor Lord was pleased to set some poor sinner at body, it is already so much better, that I liberty. Now it was Titus brought them, have no doubt, with God's blessing, but I and that gave them the comfort, and not his shall be able to go to Church next Sunday, person; and now the apostle said, 'I reand hear you tell us something more about joice that ye sorrwoed with a godly sorrow these holy things, for my sister Patty tells unto repentance. In the first place, evanme that you gave them a wonderful sermon gelical repentance. ‘Godly sorrow worketh to begin with, such a one as she never heard repentance not to be repented of.' First, I before in all her life,' Mr. F. observed 'I am to speak to the church. This is set beam pot in the least surprised that you feel fore us by the apostle, and denominated your bodily strength increase, now your \' godly sorrow,' or, as it reads in the margin, soul is comforted, for as the royal Psalmist the sorrow of God;' and this in God's declares, God is the health of our counte- people, is a heart-felt sorrow that enters the nance.' And as to your being with us in the vitals, and enters the very soul. When God sanctuary next Sabbath, I shall be most works he works effectual, and this is called happy to see you there, and pray God that 'godly sorrow;' it is not a repentance that you may find there the sincere milk of the is produced by the effect of the preacher ; word, that you may grow thereby. Mr. F. but God is its author; and there is no rethen went on to speak of the distinguishing pentance worth a rush but what God works grace of God in gathering sinners to him in the soul by the invincible operation of the self, and the joy which is felt in the presence Holy Spirit. It is not preaching the terof the angels of God over one sinner that rors of the law, When Peter went to Correpenteth. ' And I trust (said the good nelius the people said then unto the Gentiles, man,) a very similar feeling, at this moment hath God granted repentance to them also ? glows within my own breast. Then, after Then you will observe that godly sorrow is spending a few minutes in prayer, or rather an heart-felt sorrow for sin ; it is for sin felt within ; as one of old, said—I will be sorry, / 'I will confess my transgressions unto the for my sin with my heart. Some of the first Lord.' And this godly sorrow is manifested objects discovered by a quickened soul is a in his humility 'Oh, my God, I am ashamed feeling sense of sin, and that they truly are and blush to lift up my face to thee, O, my sinners, and over sin they mourn. And then God, for our iniquities are increased over observe that this godly sorrow is not con


our heads.' fined to mourning for individual sin; for Here you see godly sorrow worketh rehe looks abroad into the world, and then pentance in humiliation, 'I said I will take into the church, and he observes incon- heed to my ways, I will keep my tongue sistency in that member and in others; and with a bridle, lest I sin with my mouth :' he cannot behold these things which are this is the cry of the poor penitent. And contrary to the Word of God, with his eye, again, godly sorrow worketh salvation ; now and his heart not be affected. Observe what this is contrary to the sinner's thoughts ; for was said by the man who went through the the sinner thinks God is angry with him, city of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon as Manoah did. them who sighed for the abominations Now just look how this godly sorrow thereof. O, my brethren, if you could see worked in the case of David ; there was the the convinced sinner, when he is alone, and confession made ; and the Prophet said, is impressed that no human being can see The Lord hath put away thy sin. And him, and he is telling God what he feels, look at Peter how godly sorrow worked repouring out his whole heart before God, and pentance in him, ' And he went out and wept God is present with him in his closet ; you bitterly ;' and his was a repentance to salvawould then see that the sinner is possessed tion. Is there a poor sinner here? Are of such a repentance as you never thought of these the feelings you are the subject of ? O, my brethren, look at Job! and see how If they are, they are produced by the Spirit he was mourning for a faith's view.

of God ; and here is salvation from the Secondly, we notice its tendency : 'Godly punishment dreaded by the poor sinner. sorrow worketh repentance.' Observe! it The very feeling of godly sorrow is to work produces repentance; and there is no true out manifestively your salvation. Here you repentance, which is not produced by that are led to the consideration of him whose

which is called 'godly sorrow.' name is Jesus, · Because he shall save his Godly sorrow does this, by leading a sinner people from their sins. Now there must be to the law, and how few there are who know a deliverance from sin, or the penitent will anything about a law-work, whereby they can never be satisfied : well might Paul say. It is only become acquainted with their own a repentance not to be repented of :' and character, and there they are brought to see they will never have to say, their repentance that their acts have been acts of disobedi- has been too much; through eternal ages they ence against God; and the sinner then sees will have to be thankful to God that ever he himself hath no good in him ; and the they were made sorry after a godly sort. Lord the Spirit brings him there, and keeps Oh, never was a saint heard to say that he him there for awhile, and this is to shew him was sorry he had been sorry to repentance. that he is under the curse of the law. 'I am Godly sorrow will preserve a man from that. now speaking to the sinner who is the sub- But worldly sorrow will sink a man into ject of godly sorrow, and this repentance is despair. • The sorrow of the world worketh working most sharply, and he trembles, and death.' Now this is a very solemn conis filled with horror. Let but the Spirit sideration, 'A cheerful heart maketh it work this godly sorrow, and then he will glad, but the sorrowful heart maketh it bring him to Calvary; and there it is that heavy,' and leads to self-destruction. I read the sinner finds peace; this tends to deepen of a man who did the crime he ought not to the work of repentance in the soul ; here it have done, which was Judas; who said he is that repentance is worked, “I will,' said repented in that he had sold innocent blood, God, 'pour upon the house of David, and the but not one trace of soul-sorrow for his inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace deed, which indeed was the blackest of all and supplication. How overwhelming is sin ! deeds, and might well in the vilest heart it is Christ who must suffer for his sin; and draw forth natural remorse, which indeed we how deeply is the effect by the grace find often displayed by the very profligate ; that is therein displayed ! And again, godly but in his heart was found no place sorrow keeps penitential feelings in exercise for godly sorrow; it was natural, only in within the quickened sinner's heart; and the head, and on the tongue, which vast godly sorrow works godly repentance : every numbers have, or else they, and this awful day we want more of this work of repentance. man Judas, would not do the acts they I would just notice how it manifests itself-do against God: and take his sovereign The man will be found confessing his sins prerogative into their own hands, or arraign before God; this was the case with the as they do at their bar. Psalmist—'I acknowledge my sins,' he said This subject speaks a solemn admonition

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