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to the singer ; beware, lest that which was faith. Christ is the beloved of his spoken by the prophets and ministers of Father. He laid in the Father's bosom God, be disregarded by you, and in the end from all eternity ; and of this wondrous have not godly sorrow, and die in your sins. Word, John says, ' We beheld his glory,

The Lord in his infinite mercy grant unto the glory as of the only begotten of the you repentance, which the Son of God is Father, full of grace and truth.' Christ exalted to give unto Israel, viz, the election is the Beloved of his Father, not only for of grace afore ordained unto life. (Acts that he was and is his only begotten yi. 31.) Amen.

Son, but, because of the voluntary sur

render he made of himself for the The Sinner's Friend,

accomplishment of his Father's will; his magnifying his law; and the faithful

performance of his covenant— Therefore How it is a sinner is brought to see, and doth my Father love me, because I lay,

to say, that Christ is his, and that he down my life, that I might take it again.' is Christ's.

Christ is the Beloved One of his church.

The Holy Ghost delights to honour MY BELOVED BROTHER IMESON — The Christ-and this he does, by revealing words which you spoke to me at the foot the glories of his Person, the love of his of the pulpit stairs dropped into my soul, heart, the freeness of his grace, and the and have there worked so powerful, that richness of his mercy in poor sinner's I feel obliged to attempt to gather up a hearts—so, that, like Peter, they somefew scraps and send them to you; and I times muster up courage enough to speak do it through this medium in the hope out boldly and say— Lord, thou knowest that other poor sinners who are saved by all things, thou knowest that I love thee.' grace, may pick up a crumb of living

Now this glorious object of faith has bread.

been set before the eye of my soul, in two To write out and print those two ser- places in the Old Testament. mons, would be impossible. But I have

I believe Gideon was a type of Christo endeavoured to send my memory back to Read the sixth chapter of Judges. see if she could find a few of the things Gideon made two altars. The first he then uttered


and just what she has called JEHOVAH-SHALOM—that is The brought me, I send to you. May the Lord will perfect it,' and · The Lord will Lord bless it. Amen.

send peace. This altar was a type of You remember the text ; the words the Person of Christ; for when he, the were very gently, but firmly fastened on Father, brought him forth, he said, ' By my soul on the Lord's-day morning; "My him I will perfect salvation'— ana By Beloved is mine; and I am his; he feedeth him I will send peace.'

Faith fastens among the lilies. Until the day dawn, upon this, and says, “By that one offering and the shadows flee away, turn, my he hath perfected for ever them that are beloved ; and be thou like a roe, or a sanctified :' and when the virtue of that young hart, upon the mountains of one offering is broughtinto the conscience, Bether."

then the sinner is made nigh by the Very much depends upon consulting blood of Christ, and finds peace. and properly viewing the context with

The other altar that Gideon built, was the text. It is thus my mind has been upon the top of the rock, in the ordered led to what I believe to be the mind of place;' and this is the setting up of Christ the Holy Ghost in this scripture. I will in the Gospel church, and in the hearts of notice

elect sinners. The church of Christ is the I. The object of faith—My Beloved.' ORDERED PLACE, the ordained sanctuary.”

II. The confidence of faith • My Here, God in the Trinity of his Persons, Beloved is mine, and I am his.'

dwells; and upon this rock the church is

built. III. The evidences and benefits of a

Christ thereby becomes the object

of faith, and the beloved one of the reliving faith – 'He feedeth among the

deemed soul. lilies. And

Again-look at the object of faith, in the Lastly. The quietness of soul, and

person and work of Solomon. Read the desires for communion with the Lord, first six chapters of the second book of which a living faith will produce-Until Chronicles, with an eye to Christ, and there the day break,' &c.

you will see 1, The exaltation of Christ First-A word or two on the object of|(2 Chron. i. 1.) 2. The fulness of grace

given to Christ, and his being made Head This is the first work of Christ in drawover all things to the church, (2 Chron. ing the soul to him. She gets very blessed i. 12, 13.) 3. Christ covenanting to build views of him; she comes and sits down the church is beautifully prefigured in the under his precious word; she sits down in second chapter, and verses 1-5: and so you the company of his saints; she sits down in may follow out this glorious object of faith secret meditation and prayer; and his fruit in the person of Solomon, till you come to is sweet unto her taste. Oh, how sweet were his making the brazen scaffold. This was a those days to me. After Jesus was revealed type of Christ's intercession on the ground in my soul, (as he was,) early one Lord'sof his finished work. This brazen altar he day-morning, when he awoke me out of my has set in the midst of the court. A full and sleep; and then again in the Countess of finished salvation by the Lord Jesus Christ, Huntington's chapel, at Canterbury, I had is the glorious theme of the gospel still. such happy and solemn, such holy and saUpon this brazen scaffold Christ stands in cred communion with him, that I dreaded to heaven : upon this, he stands in the church : go to my work ; and seemed not to be fit for upon this, he stands

the faith of true be- the world ; truly, he brought me to his banlievers ; and so he becomes our best beloved. quetting house; and his banner over me was

Secondly-The church says— My BE- love. And how clean did he then keep my LOVED IS MINE; AND I AM HIS." This conscience; how close did he keep my heart; is double confidence. He is mine! I AM and how firm were my affections set upon His. How is it the soul comes to this most him. In those days, the Word of God used blessed assurance ?

to be opened up so richly in my soul that at By the help of the Lord, I will tell you. times I have been filled with heavenly joy ; The first thing that leads to it, is a mani- and in those days, I could spend hours in festation of Jesus in the soul. Paul calls meditation upon sacred portions of Scripture, him the mystery which from the beginning which became my meat and my drink; and of the world hath been hid in God. And, frequently in those times, have I been comtruly, Christ is a hidden mystery: But, pelled to leave my employ, and find a secret though he be hidden from them that are corner where to pour out my soul in prayer lost, yet, there is a time, when Christ is re- and praise. In these things, truly, my soul vealed in the heart of an elect sinner, as he was brought into his banquetting house, and was in Magdalene's; in Zaccheus's; in his banner over me was love. Peter's ; in Paul's; and in thousands be- But, with all this, I was not brought to sides. And what does he say? How does say, 'My beloved is mine : and I am his.' he open and make known himself ? He There is, then, a second stage of Christian says, "I am the Rose of Sharon.' He is the experience very fully implied here : and it is beauty, the life, the savour, the sweetness of that wintry dispensation, in which the soul his church. This beautiful and heavenly is brought to mourn over its barrenness. All view of Christ fills the soul with glory, and heavenly fruit in the soul seems to be wifires the sinner with longing desires to em- thered; the voice of the Spirit seems to be brace him. But the Saviour points the poor silenced; temptations set in ; corruptions soul to its present condition; he seems to arise, and this once happy soul begins to call her attention to the situation she is yet fear all its past mercies and enjoyments were in—so to prepare her for much after expe- delusions ; sparks of its own kindling ; and rience— As the lilly among thorns, so is that ultimately it will lay down in darkness my love among the daughters.' What thorns and eternal death. The eyes of the soul are are these? Oh, they are the corruptions of taken off from Christ; the mind is nearly the human heart; they are the fiery darts of swallowed up in worldly things; prayer is the devil; they are the wicked allurements formal; reading God's word is dry; hearing of the world. And is the living soul among the gospel is without power : and all things these thorns ? Yes, it is; and therefore, seem against the soul's having hope in God. Christ tells the poor sinner this; and bitterly

Still there are seasons in this stage of exdo these thorns prick the poor soul in its perience when the soul waits, watches, and struggles and desires to be near and to be earnestly cries for a return of those happy like unto its beloved one.

moments it once enjoyed. Oh, how many In this chapter, then, there are three dis- times in this state of soul, have I secretly tinct degrees of Christian experience traced cried out—' REMEMBER ME, 0, LORD, with out. And it is after the soul has passed the favour that thou bearest unto thy people ; through these, that she comes to say-My O, VISIT ME WITH THY SALVATION. That beloved is mine, and I am his.' The first I may see the good of thy chosen ; that I is descriptive of the gentle drawings of may REJOICE in the gladness of thy nation; Christ. The sinner made alive, and favored that I may glory with thine inheritance, with some sweet views of him, says, “ As the And I will say, that never could I cease from apple-tree among the trees of the wood, hearing his precious Word, and watching for so is my beloved among the sons. I sat his return; though, sometimes it was in down under his shadow,' &c.

much hardness, and darkness of soul.

Presently Jesus speaks. He says 'Rise bleed, and sigh. He creeps into some of the up, my love, my fair one, and come away : clefts of the rock, under some of the secret for, lo ! the winter is past, the rain is over places of the stairs. Here,' he says, 'I and gone. The soul knows his voice; and will hide myself; for I am undone for ever. says—The voice of my Beloved ! Behold! Oh, how ashamed is this poor soul! How he cometh. But this coming is more gra- guilty and condemned he feels ! And hides dual; the soul's views of him are less ani- his head in sorrow, shame, and woe. mating, and not so distinct as before. She Christ's love to him is the same ! says—He standeth behind our wall; he

“ His heart is made of tenderness, looketh forth at the windows. For six or

His bowels melt with love." seven years I walked in this state. I had no guilt on my conscience: no particular Down after this poor soul, the Good Sheptemptation in my soul; no heavy darkness herd comes. There is something deep and in my spirit. From time to time, I heard solemn in his voice-He says, 'O, my dove! his voice, saw his face, enjoyed his presence, O, my dove! that art in the clefts of the and sweetly felt the drawings of his love, rock; in the secret places of the stairs.' moving my soul, as the prophet says, with Ah! it is true, what David says, 'He remy soul have I desired thee in the night; storeth my soul.' Christ by his Spirit, and yea, with my spirit within me, will I seek by the ministry of the Word, keeps calling thee early.' And it was under such a state to this poor fallen soul. Oh, how the word of soul, that I as thrust forth into the sometimes rings through him. 'O, my dove, ministry; and though I was well received, hidden in the clefts ; and secret places ! and much blessed in the work : and although | And then the words of Jonah are true in this at that time, my whole soul was set upon the poor sinner's case-Out of the belly of hell best things; and I prayed much, I read have I cried unto thee.' But what does the much, I thought much, I desired much; Saviour say ? Does he say—Go down to yet, was I frequently kept in what appeared the gates of death, ye dreadful sinner?' No! to me a low prison-house state of soul; if I bless his holy name, He says—'Let me got a little lifting up, and flew sweetly upon see thy countenance; let me hear thy voice; the wings of faith and love, as I would when- for sweet is thy voice, and thy countenance ever I could, then down came a heavy cloud comely.' again, and made prayer and preaching a From this, the soul is led to look up. So labour to my soul. These things kept me I found it. One minister after another spoke in much inward fear, in much inward jealousy with almighty power into my soul. Many about my eternal state; so that I could not solemn meltings of soul did I have in Zoar say~ My beloved is MINE, and I am his.' Chapel, and in Gower Street, under Mr.

But I must come at once, and hastily, to Gadsby, Mr. Smart, Mr. Kershaw, and the third branch of Christian experience, others : sometimes under Mr. Abrahams in which leads up to the happy conclusion. Regent Street Chapel, I used to be so cut

The figures employed to set forth this down, I hardly knew how to walk home. branch of experience, are borrowed from the Once, in particular, under Mr. Wells, the position of the Temple. The Temple was Lord searched out and described every sorbuilt on Mount Moriah. Now Nehemiah rowful feeling of my soul. But at length, tells us there were stairs that went up, and the time of deliverance came. Mr. Abrahams that went down from the city of David, and being sent especially from God to my soul ; from the temple: that is, there were clefts in he came in the power of the Holy Ghost; the sides of the rock or mountain on which and with a glorious revelation of Christ in the temple was built ; and there were steps the words, 'Thou art more excellent and cut in the rock, which led up and down, to glorious than all the mountains of prey." and from the temple.

This raised my soul into the highest state of Well; this is the case. A poor Israelite, bliss and peace. Pardoning love and blood who had been in the temple, is tempted to flowed in: and then, I knew what it was to go outside : then comes the adversary with say - 'MY BELOVED IS MINE, AND I AM some poisonous breath, with some alluring his. bait; the poor Israelite goes down one or Months and years have rolled away since two of the steps : and then says satan unto that: But, thanks be to God, my soul is him, 'You had no right in the temple at all: led increasingly to feel the work was his ; you are a damned soul; you are an apostate grace reigns; my soul rejoices in hope ; and spirit; at best you was never more than a only desires to love and serve him more. I formalist, or an hypocrite; therefore come must conclude for the present. The Lord along down the steps, and take your fill of bless you, prays, sin.' Headlong, the poor soul is cast: into Your's to love, and serve in the Gospel, some wicked thing he falls. And but for a preserving hand, into hell itself he would

CHARLES WATERS BANKS. sink. But something makes him 'cry, and | 6, Pagoda Terrace, Bermondsey New Road,



Twenty-four years Minister of the Gospel, at Hadlow, in Kent.

Our dear departed brother for twenty- Lord! How unspeakably and eternally four years was pastor of the Baptist good is he in himself

, though the indechurch, at Hadlow, Kent; during that pendent and self-existent Jehovah! His time he faithfully preached Christ Jesus goodness is great, as the God of proviin his blood and righteousness, as the dence; but above all, as my covenant great antidote against the fall, against God. Look at me! and you see the sin, the curse of a broken law, the de- effects of his goodness; he has loved me pravity of our poor fallen nature, unbelief, with an everlasting love ; saved me from and all the powers and craft of hell ; and death, and hell, and called me by his as every way suited to the poor and grace. My affliction is the effect of his needy, the hungry and thirsty soul. He goodness ; this is what my Father has was favoured with a rich experience of done! But all in love; he has sent me the most glorious truths of the gospel, this affliction as a kind of a vehicle to and preached those things he had take me home : it is pulling down my handled, tasted, and felt. He not only tabernacle : I long to see it fall; that I preached, but lived the gospel ; and in may take my willing flight to him who is his life, walk, and conversation, practi- my all. I shall soon be there ; and cally testified to all around, that Christ dwell for ever in the world of wonders. was in his heart, and for him to live was 0, what a wonderful place heaven is ! Christ, and to die eternal gain.

Wonderful angels! Wonderful sinners For many years he was the subject of made saints ! Wonderful mansions for heavy afflictions of body; his features the saints: yes; and there is my wonderful were much disfigured by the disease, so Brother, Head, Lord, and Saviour Jesus much so, that he was an object of the Christ! deepest sympathy. No one could look " There I shall see his face, upon him without peculiar feelings of And never, never, sin, gratitude to the God of our mercies for

There from the rivers of his grace preserving perfect the precious members

Drink endless pleasures in.” of our body. On the other hand, no one A friend wrote to him, saying, I am could visit him without wishing to be sorry to find you are so grievously like him, while listening to the blessed afflicted : this preyed much on his mind testimonies he continually bore to the for some time: he said to his dear wife, faithfulness of his covenant God.

Did ever I say I was grievously afHe was perfectly resigned to all the flicted ? My precious Lord Jesus was dispensations of God; he would say, 'it grievously afflicted; but what are my is all for the best ; it is for my good; my afflictions compared to his ? Light, dear Lord knows what he is doing; and light afflictions, which are but for a works all things after the counsel of his moment, working for me a far more ex, own will; and when he has tried me, and ceeding and eternal weight of glory: 1 perfected all that concerneth me, then he will not mourn my miseries and affliction ; will take me home for ever to be with for, at most, I do but taste the cup, him. And often when I have been with Jesus alone has drank it up.' him, and felt pained to look at him, he When I saw him again, he asked me would rejoice, and say, Shall not the what text I had been preaching from ? Judge of all the earth do right? O yes, I told him, Now our Lord Jesus Christ he cannot do wrong : I am quite satisfied, himself, and God our Father, who hath and will bless his dear name for he hath loved us, and hath given us everlasting done all things well.'

consolation, and a good hope through One Lord's-day, after morning service, grace ;' he directly run over some of the I went to see him, and asked him how precious things in this sweet text; saying,

He replied, 'Well, you see I . Yes; he is my Lord Jesus ; and I am have a few inconveniences, (referring to his! He laid down his life for me ; shed his affliction) but, O, the goodness of the his blood for me ; rose from the dead for VOL III, Part XXIX.-June.


he was.



in it;

me; and now lives in heaven at the right course with the dear Lord ; and the holy hand of the throne of the most 'high, triumphs of faith in the person, work, making intercession for me; he is my blood and righteousness of a precious Husband, my Brother, my Shepherd, my Lord Jesus ; it was wonderful to behold! Refuge, my Rock, and Christ is all and Never, never, can I forget it, he appeared in all; and I kuow he is my Father; I to me to have been where Paul was when hold communion and intercourse with he was taken up into the third heavens ; him every day; and I have the Spirit of he had seen the glories of the heavenly Christ; and am led by his Spirit ; so I world ; and his ransomed soul was overknow I am a child. I know he has chosen joyed with the thoughts of soon being me in Christ ; for he has said, Blessed is there; he was contemplating the happy the man whom I have chosen : whom I change, the delightful employ, the holy cause to approach unto me.' He has company, the joy, the satisfaction, and caused to approach unto him the possession of all the blessings of the as my Father with all my troubles ; and covenant of mercy; and a beholding of he helps me, comforts me, and delivers the unveiled glories, matchless beauties, me.” He said to one of the deacons, 'I and perfections of his most blessed Lord have been a guilty sinner, but I have and King. When I approached his bed, no guilt now: my precious Christ has I asked him how he felt ? • Well, (said taken it all away by his precious blood; he) I am going home, I cannot eat nor and I am free! While in this happy drink any thing here ; when I get home, state of mind, he repeated the following o how I will eat then, and how I will

drink to the full! I will plunge into the "O I shall soon be dying,

river ; I will swim in it; I will go over Time swiftly flies away;

head and ears into the river; I will live But on my Lord relying, I hail the happy day.

“ There will I bathe my weary soul
The day that I must enter

In seas of heavenly rest;
Upon a world unknown,

And not a wave of trouble roll,
My helpless soul I venture

Across my peaceful breast.”'
On Jesus Christ alone."

The whole of this day he continued in This last verse he did not very well like ; this happy, state, continually, talking for said he,

about the river to every one who came “ The day that I must enter"

to see him; saying, he could not find Why it seems as if there was a reluct. words to express the feelings of his soul : ance; well, there I must enter; I will and this state of mind lasted till he was alter it,

taken home; the last words he said was

• My God! My God! And then the “The day that I shall enter."

great time-piece of the throne struck And ihe second line,

twelve; the morning now began; the “Upon a world unknown :" door was opened wide, he entered in for

ever and for ever, to live, and reign, and No, that will not do ; what, heaven a dwell with Christ his glorious head in place unknown ?

What, unknown to spotless white, a Saviour's righteousness; me? What am I going where I do not in uncreated light, in holiness, apart know? This cannot be; for I know from sin, from sorrow, pain, and woe. something of heaven. I know the

Farewell, dear brother, for a short blessed inhabitants; they are my brothers time; we hope soon to be with and sisters;


you; and

my Lord Jesus is there, the whole church of God, in saying and I know him.

• Amen. Salvation to our God, which “My helpless soul I venture :" sitteth upon the throne, and unto the No; but

Lamb : and glory, and wisdom, and

thanksgiving, and honour, and power, 'My helpless soul I'll render."

and might, be unto our God ; Father, The last time I saw him, he was in a Son, and Holy Ghost, for ever and ever, very low, weak state of body ; but as Amen.' happy as he could be out of heaven; He was buried in the ground belongstrong in faith; blest with a solid peace; ing to the chapel, by Mr. Pope ; and a uninterrupted communion and inter- funeral sermon was preached by Mr.

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