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have devoted two or three hours in trying to lister, because of my peculiarities; or, if learn the Greek language, in order to be able they did receive me, they would not support. to read the New Testament in its original me long; therefore I was determined to be language ; after which, I intended to learn independent of every body of people: such the Hebrew also: and indeed I began it: were my thoughts. the Latin, also, I was obliged to attend to, Many propositions had been made to me as most of my books had the original words about the propriety of my being engaged explained in that language. But never hav- wholly in the ministry, but all in vain ; for ing received an education in my youth, and I said I will use no carnal means to promote now having no tutor, and a business to at- such a thing. I said, if the Lord intends it, tend to, I found my progress was very slow he knows of a place, and can open the door ; in the knowledge of the dead languages. but I will have no band in it. "I never soli-. Indeed, it required more time than I could cited a pulpit; nor ever wrote to another spare for the object mentioned. It required, minister to recommend me to a place; nor I conceived, more than a common capacity ever advertised for a situation in my life: I to learn so many things together, and under looked upon such things as belonging to the such circumstances as I was in. It was not flesh, as human policy, as carnal craft, and from an idea that I should ever excel as a not likely to end well; and I am still of the scholar; nor, did I suppose that there was same opinion. My desire was to watch the any defect essentially, in our translation; cloud, and follow the leadings of his provi-' nor did I act from a principle of pride, in dence. I had sometimes a full persuasion. order to shine before men; nor did I think that the Lord would employ me wholly in the mind of the Holy Spirit could not be his vineyard; but this seldom lasted long, known without the knowledge of the original but was all upset by the deep sense I had of Janguages, that induced me to try to learn my very great deficiency for such a work ; them. But it struck me, that our faithful and then it appeared to me nothing less than translators were fallible men, and that our presumption for such an ignorant mortal to language had been very much improved since harbour a thought of the kind. our last translation ; that by comparing the About this time, I was chiefly employed in different parts of our translation with the preaching in Devonport and Ivybridge; one originals, some light might be cast upon the Lord's-day at Ivybridge, every fortnight, in word. Nor do I once regret the attempt la commodious room ; and only occasionally made, for I found the benefit of it in several at Devonport, when the stated minister was ways: it brought me more into the habit of ill, or on a journey ; and I think my testiclose thinking; it made me more familiar mony was best understood, and more cordi. with the Scriptures; and many times I have ally received in this place, than in any other had some sweet enjoyment, while comparing place I preached in in that quarter, at the our version with the Greek. That language time alluded to. At Ivybridge I continued I liked best; the very sound of the alphabet preaching about two years, but I saw very was to my ear like a fine tune skilfully played little good done ; and I think, out of about on that noble instrument the organ.

sixty or eighty hearers, I could not in a I differ from many good and well-mean- judgment of christian charity, reckon up ing men, I know, on this subject; but I more than six or seven persons who were wish not to offend them, for every man has brought out of their natural state of darkhis proper gift from God. As for those ness. The tree is known by its fruit. Acgood men who know the originals, but care-cording to my feelings, I would lessly lay them aside, I do not think they preach to twenty of the called in Christ display much wisdom either human or divine. Jesus, than to one hundred persons in na-If I were familiar with the originals, I would ture's darkness : but a preacher's feelings read them in common with our version. Nor must not be his guide, but the Word of God. do I suppose that any servant of God would He must preach and sow the seed of the lose one grain of his spirituality by so doing. kingdom beside all waters. "He that obThis was the practice of Dr. Goodwin, Owen, serveth the wind shall not sow; and he that Toplady, Romaine, Gill, and others, to whom regardeth the clouds shall not reap.". I we, in this our forlorn age! are no more to considered it my duty to preach the word of be compared than the rushlight taper to the truth to this people, and leave the event with blazing torch.

the Lord. Perhaps my testimony was reMy path became every year more trying, ceived with power by two or three only; but both within and without ; and I was deter- I know not. Some seed lies a long time in mined not to leave my business if possible. the ground before it springs up; and I beAll that I wished the Lord to grant me, was lieve the Lord wisely conceals from the man a sufficiency of business, and to preach the whose ministry has been blessed to sinners gospel free of all charge. Neither could I the knowledge of it, lest the proud heart persuade myself that there was any body of should be uplifted. people that would ever receive me as a min- From some circumstances I used to hor.


that my Inbour was not in vain; for I had without purse, and scrip, and shoes, lacked often much freedoin in prayer for those ye anything ? and they said, nothing.' I people ; and felt as if I could endure any- blushed at my carnal reasoning and anihing is the Lord would use me as an instru- belief, and kept on repeating as I went, ment to open their pour blind eyes : I really 'Lord, I have wanted for nothing, I have Jonged for their salvation ; and with great wanted for nothing, since I have laboured boldness and pleasure did I preach Christ, in thy service.' A word spoken in due and his full, free, and finished salvation to season how good it is.' them. Having to labour the whole week

(To be Continued.) previous to my preaching, and sometimes very hard, up to a late hour on the Saturday night, I was often so worn out in body that The State of Things in Zion. I was more fit to go to bed than go eleven miles to preach on the Lord's-day morning. One day, after a hard week, I set off early MY DEAR BROTHER BANKS: I am happy in the morning on foot, to preach three times to find in your Vessel for this month a little that day. When I had walked about half the of the treasure of prophecy; for of all things distance, I felt much fatigued and dispirited: the church of Christ seems most ignorant of some fits of unbelief and clouds of darkness those truths which immediately concern her; came over me, so that I thought I would go nor is this much to be wondered

when we no farther, but return. I sat on a bank for consider it a part of satan's policy to labor rest and reflection; and said to myself, . To to maintain that ignorance which is specially what purpose do I thus toil, and wear out calculated to ensnare the Lord's dove, and body and mind ? neither temporal nor spiri- decoy her into that dead fall he is by his tụal good comes of it; I am neglecting my confederacies now so busily preparing for her. family, and that is to do them great injury. And, to bring prophecy into disrepute, he Thus I reasoned and murmured. I think I will, on the one hand, hurry men on into the had on this occasion something like the feel- wildest vagaries, and most stupid enthuings of Elijah under the juniper tree, when siasm; and then on the other, tempt even he said, ' Lord, it is enough ; take away my good men to run to the other extreme, and, life from me, for I am no better than my disregard it altogether! This is that spirifathers.' How long I sat on the bank lost tual tee-totalism that has spread itself among in thought I cannot now recollect, but at the the preachers of the word; because some time I well remember those words arrested have abused the solemn statements of truth, my attention: 'Death worketh in us, but others will neither taste them themselves, life in you.' I considered the words as com- nor place them on the table that they may ing to me from God to give me instruction, eat who can. Nor is this evil confined to and to stir me, half dead as I seemed to be, prophecy, but to all the other departments to pursue my journey, and preach the gospel, of truth ; so that we have one man taking that life might thereby be manifested to poor his stand upon a certain fundamental point, sinners. With this impression, new strength and there he abides, and condemns his fellow seemed to be given me, both in body and who has also taken his stand perhaps on an mind ; and I arose and pursued my journey opposite point; and these, all, instead of courageously. When I arrived at our meet- throwing stones at the common enemy, are ing-house the hymn was sung, and one of throwing them at each other. Yea, they the friends had engaged in prayer, through throw about fire brands, arrows and death, my delay ; I therefore gave out for my text and say, "Am I not in sport!' Alas, alas! these words : It is good for me to draw how long ere the valiant men of Israel shall nigh unto God :' and I enjoyed, while see eye to eye ! preaching, light, life, liberty, and peace : In your leading piece I found several the dose of bitters I received on the road points to which my soul said Amen, as I made the sweet all the sweeter. At another read them. The first is the darkening of the time as I was going to this village to preach, sun; and truly the shadows of the evening I was so assaulted by distrust and unbe- are stretched out, if indeed the sun is not lief, and perhaps, by satan too, that I said already set : but as it is an evening with if I go on this way wearing myself out, clouds and mists hovering in the horizon, we my family will come to beggary, and who can hardly say what the precise moment of will thank me for all my labour ? will not the evening is ; but surely we see enough to people say I had no business to run about tell us that we are passing into a night much preaching to the injury of my health, and to be remembered, even that night of which to the ruin of my family? Just as these those of Egypt and Gethsemane were but things crossed my mind, those words of shadows; and therefore it is ours to see if Christ were, I thought, spoken as power- we have the right Lamb for a passover, one fully to my heart as they were in the hear- without spot or blemish; not an Arian or ing of the disciples : When I sent you Socinian lamb--not an Antinomian or Ar.


minian lamb, but the Lamb of God mania hand of his Father and our Father, and our fested to the eyes of our understanding, at hearts flowing with such love as many waters the solemn moment that we felt our Isaac-cannot quench, nor the floods drown. our own life was going for

own sin.

Then, you see, brother, though there will This Lamb thus seen is God's Lamb, the one be no sun shining openly or publicly, yet of his own providing. Then the next point Zion will have light in her chamber, Israel is to ask ourselves, Have I seen it slain ? shall have light in his Goshen; as it is written seen it dying and taking away my sins ? If I of that hour when darkness shall cover the have, then I have the blood thereof sprinkled earth, (Isa. lx. 1, 2.) "The Lord shall upon my door-posts, and I have nothing to rise upon thee: and his glory shall be seen do but to stand and eat, and say, 'Bless the upon thee. And of this, I think, we have Lord, O, my soul,' &c.; and see that I have an earnest, from the fact that though, as you the staff in my hand, (i. e. the covenant,) my say, 'thousands of believers are walking in shoes on my feet, my loins girded, and my darkness, and mourning an absent Lord, yet soul ready to start at the first voice of provi- there are some who are so established, and dence that shall bid me,' Arise and depart.' rooted, and grounded in the love of God,

Then, I thought your illustration of Jacob that none of these things move them. They at Bethel was beautiful - a word in due know the time of the day, the judgments season ; for, with you I agree that Jacob was that await the world, and the fearful crisis a type of the church, or rather of Christ, as commencing, yet, these enjoy peace and being one with his people-Christ mystic; safety, and the light of heaven shines upon he being identified with her, both in her sin, their soul. and her afflictions—in her own name Jacob, Then, as you say, again, 'The moon shall and in her new name Israel. This theme is not give her light.' What matters that? very sweet; to feel that Jehovah Jesus is one You know we are coming to a change of the with us, and we one with him. But to feel moon; and you know that at that moment that he with us is entering into the dark no clouds of this lower world pass between night, our Noah, our Rest—is going with us her and the sun: and that though hidden into the ark, and into the furnace; into the from us, her broad disk is set in full front of day of Jacob's trouble, when each must put the king of day! And, you also, know, that his hands upon his loins because of the dark- if ever the sun is eclipsed it is at the moment ness that covers the earth, and the gross when the moon hides him from our view; darkness the people. Ah, to feel that we and then if it be a day of clouds and thick are coming to Bethel, the house of God in darkness, black night even at noon day must the dark, the chamber of hiding, till the in- cover the earth. So that we are not only dignation be gone by, and that he who is the going to have a change, but an eclipse, and resurrection and the life shall be in our that too in a day of clouds, of gloominess, midst, saying, FEAR NOT, and giving us and thick darkness, (Zeph. i. 15.) So that if honey-comb from the carcase of the lion to one looketh upon the earth, behold trouble, eat !

And shall we be afraid, with such a and darkness, and dimness of anguish, and prop as bears the world and all things up? they shall be driven to darkness. But, obNo;, though the hills be removed, and the serve : the point I wish to exhibit, is the fact mountains be cast into the sea, though the that at the moment the moon shines not on heavens shake, and the earth be removed, the world through public ordinances, she and all the great nations tremble to their will personally enjoy the full splendour of centre, yet will we not fear, for • The Lord the solar ray. of Hosts is with us, the God of Jacob is our That the stars shall not give their light, refuge !' Then, again, to take the stones of has long been my decided opinion; the that place for our pillow - those precious seven stars of which I once heard you so stones of immutable doctrines, and on them sweetly speak, shall be laid by at the time to rest as on Jesus' own bosom-on the very when the seven candlesticks shall not be stones of the breast-plate, and sleep that needed. The sevenfold ministry will then sweet sleep, in which the heart waketh and be hidden a short space, like men in ambush, beholds the wondrous way of God, (the Son or a lion in his thicket, to leap forth when the of Man,) on which angels, as ministering set time of treading down the enemies like spirits, for us ascend and descend! Oh, what ashes under the feet is come. At the present, a dream when the world shall be in a com- this mighty man, like Gideon, is busily emmotion! When men's hearts shall be fail-ployed in the floor to thrash wheat, and hide ing them for fear, when the seas of peoples it from the Midianites, in the hearts of the and nations shall rage, and their billows Lord's elect; but presently he will forbear foam with fury and despair! Blessed be the to thrash, and be busy in the dark night in Most High for the knowledge of such an doing such things, unseen and unknown by hiding place, by which we foresee, that, like men, as will issue in the destruction of the Stephen, we shall behold the heavens opened, hornet-like enemy, and the deliverance of and the Son of Man standing on the right Israel from that fear, contempt, and re



proach to which he is now exposed. And heart into godly contrition at the feet of how solemn is the prayer of the Holy Ghost, him who hath saved to the uttermost. in Ps. Ixxxiii. “Do unto them as unto the Oh, blessed be the dear Lord, he hath Midianites,' &c., read the whole Psalm ; done great things for me, whereof I am and also this statement-Thou hast broken glad. Oh, whať a blessed day of release the yoke of his burden, the staff of his op

was that to my soul ! Mr. Raynsford pressor, as in the day of Midian.' Isa. ix. 4.

When we reflect thus, how solemn is the preached from the words recorded in the position we occupy !

How grand are the Afty-eighth of Isaiah, fifth, sixth, and things which we have to do! May the Lord seventh verses; my soul sweetly fed on the Spirit be with you, and abundantly bless the bread of life; I fed upon love and your work, and labor of love, prays

blood the whole of the day. My fetters Your's in the bonds of the gospel, fell of, my bands broke assunder, my soul Brenchley.

W.C.P. was clothed with the best robe, so that

I could say feelingly, My Beloved is

mine, and I am his.' And I felt like The power of God unto Salvation. Jeremiah, when he said, the word was

found and I did eat it; and it was the DEAR FRIEND-1 feel constrained to tell joy and rejoicing of my heart; it was you a little of the goodness of God to more precious than gold, sweeter than my soul, under the blessed gospel of our honey or the honey-comb; the whole of Lord Jesus Christ, preached by Mr. J. that day's preaching seemed on purpose Raynsford.

for me; my little cup was full, and run I was once an enemy to the Lord, his over with the goodness, love, and mercy truth, his people, and his ways : but, of a covenant God : it was indeed a soulbless the Lord, he met with me when humbling, Christ-exalting, God-gloryfyhearing Mr. Raynsford the first time he ing season to my soul. I sat under his preached in Horsham. I was completely shadow with great delight and his fruit broken down, and I felt like a condemned was sweet to my taste ;' it made me say criminal at the bar of justice, and I cried with David, Bless the Lord, oh soul, out, 'Woe is me: I am lost for ever.' I and all that is within me, bless his holy thought hell must be my portion for name.' Oh, how it humbled my poor ever; for there could be no hope for one soul down in the dust at his feet, and whose heart was full of blasphemy and sometimes, like Paul, I did not know rebellion against his truth ; but, blessed whether I was in the body or out, I was be the Lord, he stopped me in my mad lost to all things here below completely ; career of sin, and showed me my lost I felt my sins all drowned in the sea of state and condition in the Adam fall; God's everlasting love; and these words and I could feel nothing but condemna- were very sweet to me for several days, tion; my conscience condemned me; the : Ye are washed; ye are sanctified, ye are law condemned me; and I thought God justified, in the name of our Lord Jesus had condemned me to everlasting punish- Christ, and by the Spirit of our God :" ment, which I felt would be just and and many blessed passages that I cannot right; for I felt that I deserved a double now mention: but I have had times of hell : but I was obliged to beg for mercy, great distress and darkness since then, and often cry out in bitterness of soul, and many blessed deliverances under the

God be merciful to me a sinner.' • Lord, preached word by dear Raynsford, and save, or I must perish. I could get no may the Lord stand by him, for he is further ; and so I was kept grovelling a poor, tried, persecuted man, but his about upon the dark mountains, mourn- preaching has been made a great blessing ing over my sad state, and often greatly to many poor souls, and to mine, who am tempted by the enemy to destroy myself; the least of all, the worst of all, and the my soul was in great distress for three unworthiest of all ; but he must be perseyears ; and I had made a solemn vow the cuted, as his Master whom he serves was night before my deliverance, that I would persecuted, and he says himself, you are not go to chapel but once more ; but in not to marvel that the world hate you, it the morning, before went to chapel, hated me before it hated


and again these words were applied to my soul with he says, ye must be hated of all men for divine power, Today shalt thou be with my name sake, but great is to be their me in paradise.' Oh, how sweet and reward.

C. B. precious it was to me; it broke my hard Horsham, Sussex,


[blocks in formation]

comfort you

under your

MY DEAR BROTHER :-It is in accord- / read Exodus xxviii. 21, where concernance with your kind request that I now ing the two onyx stones which were in attempt to give you the substance of the High Priest's breast-plate, it is said, what ) said respecting the typical cha- ' And the stones shall be with the names racter of the twelve sons of Jacob. May of the children of Israel, twelve ; accordthe good Spirit commend these few ing to their names, like the engravings broken fragments to your conscience; of a signet, every one with his name shall

manifold afflic- they be, according to the twelve tribes.' tions, and give you most blessedly to see This again declares these twelve sons of that the God of Jacob is leading you Jacob to be typical of the true church of forth by a right way, in order that you God; and that none other are in the may go to a cily of habitation.

heart of Christ, or interested in his inI was walking in some fields near the tercession. Then, read, secondly, the chapel where I was going to preach, with 48th of Ezekiel and the 31st versemy eyes and heart lifted up to God in • And the gates of the city shall be after secret prayer for a sure and certain the names of the tribes of Israel :' one opening up and application of his most gate, you see, for every tribe : hereby precious word, when this scripture fell declaring that as none of the elect of into my soul. The secret of the Lord God are either in the loving heart, or is with them that fear him; and he will prevalent intercession of Christ, so, none shew them his covenant;' (in the mar- but these children can enter by the gates gin it reads, ' and his covenant to make into the celestial city. The whole tenor them know it.') Never before did I ap- of God's word goes to set forth and depear so clearly to understand these words. clare these solemn truths. I was going to preach from the worậs in • IN CHRIST. These are the two onyx the 107th Psalm-' And he led them stones in the breast-plate—these are the forth by a right way, that they might go two foundation beams on which all gosto a city of habitation. The other scrip- pel truth is based; these are the two ture falling on this one appeared most mighty pillars [Jachin, (“He shall esclearly to shew who the people referred tablish it;') and Boaz 'In it is to were; and what sort of a way that strength,'] by which all gospel glory is

right way,' is, in which the Lord doth preserved, and gospel order maintained : lead his own most beloved elect. Ob- these words — * IN Christ,' Oh, what serve then, first, that the people spoken solemn grandeur-what heavenly beauty of in the seventh verse of the 107th what depths of covenant fulness-in Psalm, were, literally, the children of these two words do dwell! I tell ye, Israel;' and the Holy Ghost very strik- my brother, these are the two angels that ingly commences the book of Exodus came to Lot when he sat in the gate of with these words. "Now these are the Sodom. Lot-Lot-who, and what was names of the children of Israel which he ? Why, as Terah took Abraham came into Egypt; every man and his and Lot together; (Gen. xi. 31 ;) as household came with Jacob: Reuben, Abraham and Lot went forth together; Simeon, Levi, and Judah. Issachar, so did the eternal God take Christ and Zebulun, and Benjamin; Dan and Naph- the church together : and they have gone tali ; Gad and Asher; and all the souls forth together; and dwelt together from that came out of the loins of Jacob, were everlasting And of our glorious Christ seventy souls, for Joseph was in Egypt | -(the Father of a great multitude,) it already." These sons of Jacob then, as may be most truly said, the heads of the twelve tribes, were typical of the true church of Christ, as she “Nor sin, nor death, nor hell, stood in the covenant, in Christ, under

Shall make him hate his choice." the law, under the gospel, and in real vital, and practical experience.

But, you say, ' Abraham and Lot were In confirmation of this, I would refer divided : Lot went into and possessed the you to two portions of the word. First, plain of Jordan ; and Abraham dwelt in



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