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the land of Canaan.' True, my brother : clean escaped beyond the reach of death and so, through the strife of the flesh and and dangerous foes. the devil, the church, to all appearance, But, to the text. I have shewn that was separated from Christ in the Adam-Jacob's sons were typical characters. In fall. But, will you read Genesis xiv. 13 speaking of that right way, then, by --16? There you see, when Abraham which the Lord doth lead his people, I heard how poor Lot had been robbed must first notice that in the names given and spoiled, and taken captive; his heart to Jacob's sons; in the order of their burned within him with love to Lot, and birth; and in the divisions made of them down he came with an armed band, and you have a four-fold view of that secret brought again his brother Lot ;' so, our of the Lord which is with them that fear blessed and glorious Abraham, when he him; and also of that covenant which he saw his poor church carried captive by shews unto them. See, in the thirty-fifth the devil and sin, came down and fought of Genesis (verse 22), the Holy Ghost her battle for her; and, with garments says — Now the sons of Jacob were rolled in blood, yet, with a most glorious twelve. And then gives them in their victory obtained, he has ascended up on four-fold order ; wherein you have these high ; led captivity captive, and received four things set forth. gifts for rebellious men. Poor Lot, then First-Jehovah's way of providing for was a type of God's elect, for so his name his people in the everlasting covenant of declares, its interpretation is one that grace, is typically shadowed forth in the is · Wrapped up, joined, and covered,' first six sons which Jacob had by Leah. such is every elect sinner : he is wrapped Secondly, Jehovah's way of providing up in the bowels of the covenant, in the for his people in the person of Christ, is everlasting love of God: he is, by the typically shadowed forth in the two sons Holy Ghost brought forth into gospel Jacob had by Rachel. liberty, joined unto Christ and the saints Thirdly— God's manner of bringing in him-and ultimately shall be covered his people under the law, is set forth in with his righteousness. No wonder, then, the two sons Jacob had by Bilhah. when Lot sat in the gate of Sodom, that Fourthly-The Holy Ghost's revelatwo Angels came down to fetch him out. tions of grace and mercy under the I tell ye, these two angels -- IN CHRIST gospel, is typified by the two sons of will fetch an elect sinner out of hell it. Žilpah. self, if it were possible for him there to By the help of God, I hope simply to sink. In CHRIST,' fetched David back; lay these things before you just as they brought Mannasseh, unto God; raised were opened up in my mind; and as I Jonah from the deeps below ; made spoke them out on the occasion referred blaspheming Peter cry; laid Saul of to. Some may be disposed to ridicule Tarsus at the Redeemer's feet; and these these interpretations of the Word of two Angels-("IN CHRIST') - will carry God: be that as it may, I can only say, the whole election of grace right into I did not borrow nor steal them: I did glory, be their diseases and disasters not purposely labour for them: they what they may.

were spontaneously dropped into my Do ye look for a moment, at the rescue heart; other Scriptures came in to conwhich these angels effected for poor Lot. firm the views I was led to take: much The barbarous Sodomites would have sweetness and liberty was given unto me crushed poor Lot in an instant, and have in the delivery; many souls have debroken in the door of his house But clared they were greatly blessed, and the men put forth their hand, and pulled have requested me to put it on record ; Lot into the house-shut the door—and my own spirit being inclined thereto, I then smote the rebels with blindness.' | have done it. If the good Lord will Ah, this is Christ's manner of dealing make it a pipe of communication to the with his own; just in the moment of edifying and comforting some of his own danger, when destruction appears close family, and thereby bringing glory to his at hand, he puts forth his omnipotent own name, I shall therein rejoice. hand, shuts out our foes; and smites them First, then, ‘He led them forth by a with blindness, so that they know not right way that they might go to a city of where to find us, nor how to attack us. habitation. Now, how God did first And, as in the case of Lot, the Lord will bring forth his elect in the everlasting never leave a vessel of mercy until he is covenant, and how he makes this covenant known to them, was revealed in my Christ himself declares that he was called soul by the first six sons of Jacob. The from the womb, and appointed as God's sons of Jacob were twelve. The sons of servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob, Leah, Rueben, Jacob's first-born. (Mark! and to restore the preserved of Israel.' there is a strong emphasis laid upon What language it is! See, how the Reuben; he was Jacob's first-born,) | whole body of the elect are designated Then came Simeon, and Levi, and Judah, Jacob! The Lord that formed me from and Issachar, and Zebulun. Here the the womb, to bring Jacob again to him.' whole interior of the covenant of grace How can it be said that this SECRET is comprehended : here is that secret OF THE LORD is with them that fear which is with them that fear God. him? Because as the bringing forth of

1. Reuben, being interpreted, means, Christ was the first work in the covenant, the vision of his son ;' or, the son of so the revelation of Christ in the soul of vision.' Some interpretations may differ the sinner is the first work of the Holy a little from this ; but they are the same Ghost. Christ is that incorruptible seed in substance. Reuben, then represents by which spiritual and eternal life is the glorious bringing forth or setting up brought into the soul; and which livet: of the Son of God from everlasting, and abideth for ever. You may speak While I was thinking upon this, that of convictions; of a law-work in the text in the 89th Psalm came in most conscience; or of what you please; but sweetly. There the Holy Ghost is speak- certain it is, Christ is first given to, and ing of the blessedness and glory of God's implanted in the soul, before there can elect, in the 15th, 16th, and 17th verses. be the least breath of spiritual life or Then he traces this blessedness and glory heavenly desire. This is why he will not up to its source, and says—Our shield break the bruised reed, nor quench the is of the LORD; and our King is of the smoking flax—this is why he will not Holy One of Israel.' (See margin of cast out any that come unto him; bethe 18th verse.) What shield and King | cause it is his own life, his breath, his is this? It is the glorious Son of God; I power, his grace in the soul, that brings the Word, that was afterward made flesh, the elect sinner to him, who is God's and whose glory was beheld, as the glory, workmanship, created in Christ Jesus or bursting forth of Deity in the only unto good works. It is called “THE NEW begotten of the Father, full of grace and man, which after God is created in truth. Then, in that 89th Psalm, God righteousness, and true holiness.' the Holy Ghost speaks of the bringing Do you ask · How doth this indwelling forth of this, our glorious Reuben, and of Christ become manifest ? Paul tells says-(as though addressing the Father, you : · Who of God is made unto us and recapitulating this most amazing wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, transaction,) · Then, thou spakest in and redemption. Christ being in the vision to thy Holy One, and saidst-I heart, true wisdom begins; and its work have laid help upon One that is mighty; I will never cease until entire and eternal I have exalted One chosen out of the redemption hath glorified both body and people. I have found David, my servant; soul in heaven. with my holy oil have I anointed him.' 2. Jacob's second son is called Simeon, Will you say this belongs only to the that is, one that hear's and obeys. This literal David? Then read further on in opens the mystery of Christ becoming this Psalm : 'I will make him, my FIRST- SURETY for his people, and voluntarily BORN higher than the kings of the earth; surrendering himself to the Father. his seed will I make to endure for ever; / Oh, what a wonderful revelation of and his throne as the days of heaven.' the Father's love and counsel; of the Here is the glorious installation, or set-church's fall and restoration, of her reting up of the Christ of God-Who is demption, and glorification, was poured the image of the invisible God; the first-l into the ear of Christ : so that he bursts born of every creature. And HE IS BE-l out and says, “ Many, O Lord, my God, FORE ALL THINGS, and by him all things are thy wonderful works which thou hast consist.' It was the Father, (says Gill, I done : and thy thoughts which are to us that called Christ from the womb of ward : if I would declare and speak of eternity, to be his servant, and directed them they are more than can be numand enjoined his work and service as bered.' Oh, what a rich fulness there is appears from Isaiah xlix. 1-6. There in the covenant and Christ of God:

the whole election of grace. In the 40th eye; they have a place in his heart, are Psalm, Christ tells you how he became graven on the palms of his hands, and our Simeon: ‘mine ears hast thou are ever in his thoughts.' Dr. Goodwin opened. Then said I, lo! I come: in says— As in the womb, head and memthe volume of the book-(in the Father's bers are not conceived apart, but toeternal mind,) it is written of me.'\gether, as having relation to each other; Christ's ear being opened, he heard, he so were the elect and Christ (making up received, he obeyed. So, when he came one mystical body to God,) formed toin the flesh, he was continually pointing gether in the eternal womb of election.' to this solemn engagement, and said And this is the third feature in the

I came not to do mine own will, but the experience of a living soul. Christ is will of him that sent me. See how beau- formed in the heart; the ear is opened tiful Christ speaks of his suretyship en- to receive the truth, and by the ingrafted gagement in Isaiah 1. 4, 5, 6.

word, the soul becomes joined to the Even so it is in the experience of the Lord; espoused to him, and in love with quickened soul; when Christ is given, him. Floods of sin ; fires of temptation ; revealed, and implanted in the heart, nights of darkness; and mighty winds then is the ear opened to listen to, and of a persecuting kind, may affict this receive the things of God. Look at living soul, as I find it to this day ; but Saul of Tarsus. Christ is revealed in nothing can cut in sunder the union his heart, and immediately he cries out, which sovereign, regenerating, and con.

Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? verting grace makes between a living His ear is opened. Quickened, coming Christ, and living souls. No: no, The sinners, are seeking, enquiring, listening gates of hell shall not prevail against sinners : they wait to hear what God them. No man shall pluck them out of the Lord will say unto their souls. the hands of him who holdeth up their

3. Levi was the third son; which souls in life, and will never suffer their means~"joined, associated, or added unto foundation in himself to be removed. him. This is typical of the Father giv. In coming to the fourth son of Jacob, ing the elect into the hands of Christ. which is Judah, I find I must be brief. • Thine they were, (says the Saviour,) Judah hath two interpretations of a most and thou gavest them unto me: and 1 significant kind. It is rendered confeshave kept them.' The Father told them sion and praise -- or may be read, 'a out into his hands : and here the eternal pouring out,' and, .a bringing in,' These union between Christ and the church was are expressive of the work Christ underratified ; Christ and the church became took for the church; and of the effects one ; for both he that sanctifieth, and of grace in the conscience of a saved sinthey who are sanctified, are all of one'ner. Christ engaged to take the elect, and In the blessing which Moses pronounced to pour out his soul as a sacrifice for sin; upon Levi, there is reference to two he also engaged to bring in, and to bring things. First, to the mediatorial fulness near an everlasting righteousness for all given to Christ for the church And that the Father gave him, thereby conof Levi he said, Let thy Thummim and fessing to the justice of God, and praisthy Urim be with thy Holy One;' all ing and magnifying the electing love light and perfection was first in Christ; and predestinating grace of God. This and of his fulness doth the church re- is that gospel song that shall be sung in ceive, and grace for grace. Secondly, the land of Judah, WE HAVE A STRONG Moses blesses the church in Christ CITY-(that is Christ,)-SALVATION• Bless, Lord, his substance, and accept (that is, the putting away of sin, and the the work of his hands.' Thus, there was bringing in of righteousness, will God a filling Christ with all grace and glory, appoint for walls and bulwarks. Yes; as the church's head, and a securing strong indeed! For, if God be thus for unto her eternal blessedness in and with us, who can be against us? Moses knew him. This was the glory Christ speaks how Christ, in the agony of his soul, of-the glory which thou gavest me, I would cry out of deep distress : and how have given them; that they may be one, in his intercession he would wrestle ; and even as we are one."

therefore, he says- Hear, Lord, the By virtue of this eternal union, (says voice of Judah, and bring him unto his one of the fathers,) the elect of God people.' Jacob knew how Christ would became a part of himself; a near, cear, triumph over death and hell; and how and tender part, even as the apple of his poor sinners would be exalted in and by him : therefore, he comes out with all by him, as one brought up with him, and his soul, and says—JUDAH! thou art I was daily his delight; rejoicing always he whom thy brethren shall praise ; and before him. I lay a stress upon the unto him shall the gathering of the peo. words, 'was,' and always. Is it anyple be.' Thus, Judah typified the glo- thing like eternally begotten or eternal rious mediator.

generation ? No! Ministers are foolish Now, how this part of the secret is to make use of such terms; they only with them that fear him; and what I breed confusion. The language the Son have to say on the other sons of Jacob; of God made use of to the Jews, and to as also of that Right Way by which his Apostles, is in accordance with SoloJehovah leads his people forth, I am mon and John. John viïi. 8, 42, xvi. 27. compelled to defer until next month. But, my brother David, you seem to

My scul is now full of it, and in much say the Word was a divine person with inward peace, arising out of it: but, I the Father, abstractedly from the Sonship. dare not further intrude on the space This produces as much confusion as the of this month's Vessel. I have loads of other. To say, 'The Word was a divine good matter for insertion: some of my person, you may as well say, the power, correspondents think I ill-use them be- or the wisdom of God, is a divine person, cause I do not insert them sooner ; but, which are only divine attributes : and all in the insertion of matter in the Vessel, the attributes dwelt in our Lord bodily. I desire to be guided by him whom i Jesus Christ is called the Word, because love to serve, whether men are offended he speaks the words of the Father, as I or pleased.

communicate my thoughts and purposes Until next month, then, farewell. The to you, so Christ unto his church is both Lord helping me. I shall, certainly then.the word of communication and the word continue this account. A precious en

| of reconciliation ; but do you know, joymer:t of grace and peace be thine,

| brother David, that the church never prays a little Watchman in this dark knew the Son as the Word by mere night, whose name is

| names before John wrote his gospel, which CHARLES WATERS Banks. I was about sixty-eight years after the 6, Pagoda Terrace, Bermondsey New Road,

ascension. But the word • begotten'

certainly doth refer to his resurrection; The Sonship of Jesus Christ.

to his being the first-born, or first-fruits

from the dead, as his people's representaGood morning, brethren David and tive; and the apostle John, who wrote Bildad. I have heard you in conversa- his gospel sixty-eight years after his tion about the Sonship of Jesus Christ. resurrection, hath joined his incarnation I believe you are in some things right, and his resurrection together; and so also and in others wrong: but you make very, hath the apostle Paul, in Romans i. 3, 4. sad mistakes both of you. Well,' you John says the Word was made flesh;' say, “I wish you would prove that from Paul says, he (the Son) was made of the God's most holy Word.' That I will do. seed of David according to the flesh; by In the first place, Bildad knows nothing the term flesh, is intended his proper manmore than his minister told him, so his hood, holy and undefiled. But, David, mind was soon shaken : traditional re- I will ask you a few questions. What ligion is not worth much. Secondly, constitutes the first person a Father, but eternally begotten, and eternal genera- the Son ? and did not the Father contion, are not according to Scripture ; they stitute the Sonship of the second ? and are a contradiction in themselves, for if was there a period when the first was Christ was eternal, he could not be be. not a Father? Father and Son are terms gotten or generated, and if begotten of relationship, and of the same date and then he could not be eternal. Let us essence; but the Father is the highest in have scriptural language on this point as divine relationship. Our reformers and the Holy Ghost hath caused it to be old divines considered and believed that written : what saith the Holy Ghost by the Sonship, as the Son of the Father, John the baptist ? ‘FOR HE WAS BEFORE and the Word are, the same. As to the ME. (John i. 30.) There is his man- idea, that the first agreed to become a hood, which came after John; but his Father, and the second agreed to become divine nature, whom John calls the Sona Son, is all imaginary of God, was before him : compare this Jehovah Eloihim, doth signify selfverse with Proverbs viji, 30; ''Then I was existence, and a plural number in the

self-existant ; . The Lord our God is one

Lord,' unto us there is one God the
Father, and one Lord Jesus Christ;

OCCASIONED BY THE DEATH OF MR. HENRY Father, Word or Son, and Spirit. Now

HEAD, LATE OF PETERBOROUGH. see how they are interested in the salvation of all the elect: election is of the Our brother's reach'd the happy shore Father ; redemption is by the Son; re

Of everlasting bliss :

He now contends with sin no more, generation and sanctification is by the Nor hears the serpent's hiss, Spirit : these are inseparable; but the He views his Saviour's lovely face, Arminians are trying with all their

And walks with him in white;

He now beholds that glorious place prayers to separate the Spirit's work from

He spoke of with delight, the purposes of God the Father's election;

He did not fear death's cold embrace, the Spirit's work is but a mere influence,

Or Jordan's swelling flood; and the atonement is no redemption at

He long'd to see him face to face,

Who for him shed his blood. all, according to their creed. When

His love was great, his arm was strong, Jehovah Eloihim walked in the garden ;

That bore him conqueror through ; when he wrestled with Jacob; when he And now he sings the glorious song talked with Moses on the mount forty

Which is for ever new, days and forty nights, he was a trinity Of his salvation' now he sings

Who wash'd him in his blood; in unity; but when the Son proceeded

And with the echo heaven rings from the Father, and the Spirit pro

* Salvation unto God.' ceeded from the Father and the Son, it was a Unity in Trinity; so that our The Dark Signs of the Times. modern trinitarians may say what they please against the creed of St. Athanasius,

| Ye Pilgrims of Zion, stand forth, and behold:
For strong is the lion ; and dim is the gold;

Awake from your slumbers, and gird on the sword, eternal generation, the Father is eternal,

For great is the number opposing the Word, the Son is eternal, the Spirit is eternal.

There's churchmen false teachers ; dissenters also,

Send forth their great preachers, free-grace to o'er There is an axe laid to the root of all the

throw; creeds of modern trinitarians.

They all are uniting, and go hand in hand, May these remarks meet the eye of

Against God they are fighting, all over the land. David and Bildad as a word of correction

The great truth, election, is spurn'd and denied,

Eternal affection is mock'd and belied ;
and instruction, that they may be sound Arminians are ranting by night and by day,
in the faith, if they are little ones.

And Papists are panting the sceptre to sway.
PETRO. Dark times are arriving, as scriptures foretell,

For thousands are striving the truth to repel,

And God's own dear chosen are falling asleep, “It has been my lot to live in great dark

For love appears frozen in most of the sheep. ness of late, and to such an extent, that, I

This makes me quite weary, and sinks me in fear ; have been afraid that my faith, even after the So darksome and dreary the signs do appear : sweetest manifestations of divine love to my Yet still I'll be weeping at sweet mercy's door,

And for the Lord's keeping for grace l'il implore. soul, would at last make shipwreck. Unbelief, carnal reason, wicked, treacherous, and

The fan and the shovel must come as a scourge,

The sieve of the devil, the church for to purge, proud self—an arch, wily, and cruel adver

For strife and disunion is fast gaining ground, sary, and an empty, vain, and delusive world, While love and communion are scarce to be found. have been, alas ! my too frequent compan

The sight is appalling to each thinking mind, ions; and so great and terrible have the For many are falling and proving unkind, waves been, that had not the skilful Pilot, 'Tis truly distressing, oh where will it end? though unseen by me (for dark was the night)

God's frown, not his blessing, such scenes will attend. been at the helm, and when the storm raged Ye chosen, take warning; for trouble is nigh;

In sackcloth and mourning unitedly cry, with its greatest fury, said Peace, be still,

That God's preservation may o'er thee be cast, the much dreaded shipwreck' would have | Till his just indignation shall be over past. taken place ; for when I said, My foot slip


THOMAS HALL. eth, thy mercy, O Lord, held me up.' It was only by the skin of my teeth that I was saved. However, I am supported to this * Not falling from grace, for that is impossible. day, and would indeed raise my feeble Ebe Christ says, 'I give unto them eternal life, and they

shall never perish, neither shall any pluck them out neezer, and ascribe the whole to sovereign

of my hands. But we have many evidences in the grace. O, what gratitude did I feel when

scriptures, and in our own experience that a child of the storm abated!”

God mav fall to the disgrace of himself and to the [From No. 3, of Christian Converse ; a series

wounding of the church, and place a thousand thorns

in his own pillow, but God will not cut him off'; he of spiritual epistles, by William Giles, of shall pro

shall prove that it is a bitter thing to sin against God Seacomb, near Liverpool.]

although restoring grace shall be given to him.

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