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Jacob's Experience;

from Christ, as a free gift, and goes back to the Giver, in confession of our sin and

shame. Hence, when David had repentance There is much said, and written in our day planted in his heart, he cries out, “I acabout spiritual travail, (or the experience of knowledged my sin unto thee, and mine inia heaven-born soul.) Now, I believe that quity have I not hid. I said, I will confess * Tekel' may be stamped upon ninety-nine my transgressions unto the Lord; and thou parts out of every hundred, of this, so-called, forgavest the iniquity of my sin. You see, experience. Therefore, I have selected Jacob by this, that evangelical repentance goes as a specimen of the grace of God; and his up, and pardon flows down.

The only way experience as a test of our profession. I we can learn the genuineness of our repent. know that Esau's experience is more ex- ance is by this blessed concomitant, the fortensive, and more generally received than giveness of sin— Him hath God exalted that of Jacob; and I do verily believe that with his right hand, to be a Prince and a it was not so much Isaac's blessing that Saviour, to give repentance to Israel, and Esau wept so much for, but that which was forgiveness of sins.' Observe! he is a necessarily connected with it. Self-convicted Prince to give repentance,' and a. Saviour sinners do not weep because they have not to forgive, and save from sins.' the blessing, but from a sense of the curse ; Now, let us look, as the Lord shall enable deep convictions may rouse up the soul to us, at Jacob. We find that Rebekah, the self-pity; and a man may weep over his mother of Jacob, was many years barren, self-wretchedness, but self is all in the mat- and Isaac intreated the Lord for his wife, ter. A man may violate the laws of his and the Lord was intreated of him, and country ; he is condemned to transportation, Rebekah, his wife, conceived; and the childor death ; now, he does not hate the sin he ren struggled together within her; and she has committed, but the law which commits said, If it be so, why am I thus ? And she him; he does not weep because he has vio- went to enquire of the Lord. Now, mark lated Her Majesty's laws, but he weeps from the Lord's answer. My object in referring self-pity in anticipation of the punishment. you to this, is to shew you that the Lord re. So it is with thousands of professors ; they vealed Jacob to his mother before he was do not weep because they have sinned against born, as an elect vessel of mercy; and this God, but because they have sinned against will account for the mother's after conthemselves. Cain wept not because he had duct to, and with Jacob. . And the Lord sinned against his Maker, but because he wa said unto her, two nations are in thy womb; cursed as a fugitive and a vagabond, and be- and two manner of people shall be separated cause his punishment was greater than he from thy bowels; (mark, shall be separated could bear—' And Cain went out from the from thy bowels. Sin and grace are in the presence of the Lord. And every mere pro- same heart ; but, by and bye, God will sefessor will follow him. When God's judge- parate them, by concentrating sin in hell, ments were upon Pharaoh he could say, 'I and grace in glory :) and the one people shall have sinned.' But when God's judgements be stronger than the other people; and the were removed, he sinned yet more, and elder shall serve the younger.' The boys hardened his heart, he and his servants.' grew, and Isaac loved Esau ; but it was (Exodus ix. 34, 35.) Balaam, when he saw fleshly, because he did eat of his venison. the sword in the hand of the angel, said, 'I But, Rebekah loved Jacob, and Jacob was a have sinned ;' but his practice contradicted plain man, dwelling in tents.' Here is his confession, for he went fully bent to curse Jacob's original. Now, mark the words— God's Israel. The devil has plenty of en- dwelling in tents. What is a 'tent ?' It chanters in our day that practise magic with is a pavilion. What is a pavilion ? A shelter. immortal souls. But Jacob shall be de- Now Jacob everlastingly dwelt in the tent livered from all that run greedily after the of the covenant. He was eternally sheltered error of Balaam for reward. When God in Christ, the pavilion of his church— How rejected Saul, he said, 'I have sinned ;' but goodly are thy tents, O Jacob! and thy he was a very hypocrite, for he only wanted tabernacles, Ó, Israel.' Jacob was not a Samuel to honor him before the elders, and lodger in this tent, but a dweller : to dwell at last his guilty soul dispatched him, by in, implies to live in, to continue in, to falling upon his own sword. And when God abide in; he had then an undying existence laid righteousness to the line, and judgment in the person of Christ, before he was formed to the plummet in the soul of Judas, ‘he in the fashion of perishing mortality. And repented himself,' mark, ' repented himself;' | it was by virtue of this life-interest in the saying, 'I have sinned, in that I have betrayed eternal God, that Jacob was diverse in birth, the innocent blood,' and he went and hanged life, and experience to Esau. Esau, like all himself. Now, we learn from this that a Arminians, was 'a cunning hunter ;' but with man may repent himself, but this all begins all his 'cunning,

' and with all his hunting,' and ends in self. Saving repentance comes he came short of the blessing. Now, ob

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serve what he hunted ; it was something like | God, while godly fear loves his name, relamb, though it was not lamb. It was veni- veres his name, adores his name, and son. Now, the Holy Ghost tells us in the triumphs in his presence. After this ma27th verse of the 25th chapter of Genesis, nifestation, Jacob goes on his journey ; he that he was 'A man of the field.' Yes ; | arrives at Padan-aram, and we find that dead professors, with all their professional Jacob had twenty years of sorrow, hard lahunting, are only 'men of the field, (the bor, disappointment, and distress— Thus, I world,) they profess to hunt after Jesus Christ, was in the day the drought consumed me, but in heart they hate him, this heavenly and the frost by night, and my sleep deLamb, is not so savoury to them as the parted from mine eyes. Thus have I been earthly venison of their own doings ; bye twenty years in thy house.' Gen. xxxi. and bye, when the blessing is gone, they will | 40, 41. Some of the Lord's Jacobs have weep, and that for ever. When Esau was to pass through twenty years' drought, begoing to die, Jacob's red pottage was more fore they experience their manifested intevalue to him than his birthright. Yes; poor rest in the love of God, but Jacob had it deluded professors, when on a dying bed, after. We do not read of the Lord speakwould give their birthright, their earthly ing once to Jacob, till just before he left substance, for Jacob's mess.

Padan-aram. We are told that the Lord found Jacob


S. COZÉNS. in a desert land, in a waste howling wilderness.' This desert land’ was doubtless, Brethren dwelling together in Unity. Luz, which lay between Beersheba and Padan-aram ; whether the above Scriptures One of the happiest days we have seen lately, have reference to Jacob being found at Luz was Wednesday, May 12th. On that day or not, I cannot say ; but I know that Jacob was held the first anniversary of Mr. Isaac was found at Luz; and every child of God Spencer's ministry amongst the people is in Luz, till called by divine grace. Luz meeting for worship in the late Mr. Houghcomprehends our position in a fallen state, ton's Chapel in Guildford. In the morning, as being separated from God in the Adam- Mr. Spencer opened the services of the day, fall transgression. Well, the Lord found by reading, expounding, and prayer, and he him at Luz, a poor wandering outcast; and was evidently exceedingly happy, and in it does appear to me that God quickened his much liberty of soul. C. W, Banks then soul, while he lay slumbering on the pillow preached to the people. of stones, and that he did reveal his glory to In the afternoon, Mr, John Bunyan him ; and apply the promise to his heart, by, M'Cure delivered a sound experimental disand through the visions of a dream. How course from the words of Peter-Who are true it is that God speaks once, yea, twice, kept by the power of God.' At the close of in a dream, in a vision of the night, when this service, Mr. Allnutt (of Ripley, at the deep sleep falleth upon man, in slumberings request of the friends) presented Mr. Spencer upon the bed; then he openeth the ears of with a most valuable Quarto Bible, as a men, and sealeth their instruction.' Job, token of the very high esteem and affection xxxiii. 14–16. You see there was no PREE of the church and congregation towards him. will in this matter. Free-will was fast asleep, Friend Allnutt made a few most suitable and while free-grace did all the work.'. 'And solemn remarks: Mr. Spencer acknowledged Jacob awaked out of his sleep, and said surely, his gratitude in some nice and very approthe Lord is in this place, and I knew it not. priate words. A large company then sat And he was afraid, and said, how dreadful down to tea; and the day was concluded by is this place! This is none other than the Mr. Allnutt reading, expounding, and house of God, and this is the gate of heaven; prayer, and a sermon by C. W. Banks. and he called the name of that place Bethel; The chapel was crowded, and, we have but the name of that city was called Luz at reason to believe that many souls were the first.' Gen. xxviii. 10, to the end. Now, blessed. Our fervent prayer is this, that the here are two things especially in the experi- ministry of our brother Spencer, which has ence of Jacob, the first is godly fear-commenced and been continued so evidently And he was afraid.' The second is solemn and connected with the blessing of the Lord, sweet assurance-Surely, the Lord is in may increase abundantly in that lasting this place. These two graces were remark- usefulness which brings glory to God, and ably prominent in the whole of Jacob's eternal good to never dying souls. journey through life. Now I will just make It would be ungrateful in us not to add, one remark upon 'Godly fear,' and go on. that the collections made on this occasion, Godly fear dwells in the bowels of assurance, and which were extremely liberal, have been and goes to, and lives near with God, whilst given to the "Society for the Relief of Poor slavish fear cries, whither shall I flee from Gospel Ministers.' The Lord be praised. thy presence? Slavish fear cannot bear the [We hope shortly, to publish some letters name of God, cannot endure the presence of written by our esteemed brother Spencer.


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MY CHRISTIAN FRIEND, AND BROTHER , on the floor I sat to wait and watch for IN THE FAITH OF GOD'S ELECT :-In an answer to my prayers. It pleased my my last letter, I purposed to lay before loving Master not to keep me long this you a few fragments gathered up from a time, for very quickly these words came sermon which I preached upon the typi- with a sealing softness into my soul, ' In cal character of the twelve sons of Judah is God known;' I soon found the Jacob, whereby the truth of that glori- 76th Psalm, and read with some solemn ous text appeared to be confirmed in my feeling, the first four verses—' In Judah soul; (I mean the fourteenth verse of is God known; his name is great in the 25th Psalm,) · The SECRET OF THE Israel ; in Salem also is his tabernacle ; LORD is with them that fear him; and and his dwelling place in Zion. There he will shew unto them his covenant.' brake he the arrows of the bow,' &c.

You remember I set out to notice Oh, I cannot tell you what a sacred these twelve sons of Jacob in their four- stream of meditation was then brought fold order, as recorded by the Holy into my mind. I laid down to sleep; the Ghost, in Genesis xxxv. 22—26; and I text was with me. I awoke in the night, told you that the spiritual interpretation the text was with me - In Judah is God of Jacob's first six sons, opened up to known. I arose in the morning; the the view of my soul these two things :

:- text was still there-In Judah is God first, how the Lord God did bring forth known.' I left Reading; came to Lonhis elect in the councils of eternity; and, don by the train; the carriages caught secondly, how he shews, or makes known fire, and a terrible noise and alarm there unto them, in their own souls, the fel- was; but my soul was still and quiet lowship of that mystery, even the ex- ' In Judah is God known'travelled with ceeding riches of his grace towards them me, came home with me, slept again in Christ Jesus.

with me, went to chapel with me, and Surely, these are great and solemn there I began to give vent to some few things! First, to know something of things which I do hope the Lord the Spithe provịsion which God has made; and rit put into my poor broken pitcher for then secondly, to know that that provi- the souls of the people. After preachsion was made for us. Yes, yes, my ing in the morning, then, from this brother, this is indeed the realization of Psalm, (lxxvi. 1-4;) I found a fulness that text, ' I lead in the way of righteous- in it still, and in the evening I went at ness; in the midst of the paths of judg- it again. So, in this letter, I rather diment, that I may cause those that love gress from a straight line through my me to inherit substance.'

intended subject, to give you a brief outIn my last, I began with Reuben, and line of what I said in the evening. There came down to Judah; and having briefly and the subject introduced in this ; there

is a connection between my last letter looked at Judah’s typicalį character, my fore you must forgive me for not coma concealed in Judah's typical character, ing, in this letter, to those other parts is experimentally made known to the re- which, please the Lord, will follow next generated people of God.

month. After reading my text in the

I said a Since I wrote that first letter, I have evening, Psalm lxxvi. 1-4. been travelling and preaching in Berk- something like what follows:-shire one whole week. After preaching

You remember this morning I promy last sermon in that county, I retired posed to notice six things :to the bed room appointed for me; and I. To speak of Judah, and shew how there I besought the Lord to indulge God is known in him. me with the application and sweet open- II. To shew his name is great in Israel. ing-up of some precious scripture in my III. That his tabernacle is in Salem. own soul, to come home with : for I IV. His dwelling-place in Zion. seemed to have preached myself both V. The work he accomplishes in Zion barren and bare. Well, I took some - There brake he the arrows of the bow, books, and (before retiring to rest,) down the shield, and the sword and the battle.



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VI. The blessed view Zion has of HIS SANCTUARY.' Such is our spiritual Christ, and the declaration she makes Judah, wherein God is known. concerning him—Thou art more glori- To know, then, how God is known in and excellent than the mountains of Judah, consider first Judah’s name, and prey.'

then his work. Judah's name meaneth 1. Judah.— In Judah is God known.' the praise of the Lord. The whole perThis is true-God, in a saving way, can son and work of Christ is designed to only be known in Christ.

shew forth the praise and glory of the Judah, here, is a type of Christ-Judah eternal God. Look at Christ's work in is said to be God's law-giver. He re- creation; it declares his praise. His veals and accomplishes the will and pur. works in providence are mysterious, but pose of the Father. The words which they declare his glory. His work in rethou gavest me, I have given unto them. demption, declares the electing love, the I have manifested (said the Saviour,) predestinating purpose, and the boundthy name, unto the men which thou less mercy of the great God; and his gavest me out of the world.' “Judah is work in the souls of his people doth my law-giver.' Ps. lx. 7.

wonderfully bespeak and shew forth the Judah is the church's sanctuary. (Ps. praises of the Lord, as I hope hereafter cxiv. 2.) The church has been hidden in to declare. Christ from everlasting; and shall be In Judah is God known, then, first, glorified with him, Jesus Christ is that by the power of the Holy Ghost. See holy place, or sanctuary which Jehovah's Judges i. 3. • Judah said unto Simeon, hands have established ; Exodus xv. 17. his brother, come up with me into my Oh, what a precious word is that! Moses lot, and I will go with thee into thy lot.' says-God will bring his people in ; and Christ's lot is his church. Simeon typiplant them in the place which he has fies the work and person of the Holy made for himself to dwell in. How very Ghost, as well as the suretyship character wonderful were the views which David of the Son of God. Christ cannot come had of God in the Person of Christ! truly and spiritually into the hearts of When he was in the wilderness of Judah, sinners, without the Holy Ghost. No and in deep distress; when Saul was man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but seeking him every day, (1 Sam. xxiii. by the Holy Ghost.' In Judah then is 14.) then poor David remembered some God known, by the life-giving, revealglorious views, and the rich fellowship ing, and sanctifying powers of the Holy he had enjoyed in times past; and he Ghost. • Come thou with me into my seems to take hold, by faith, of our pre-lot, (says Judah,) and I likewise will go cious Immanuel, saying;: 'O God, thou with thee into thy lot.' The Holy Ghost art my God; my soul thirsteth for thee; comes into the soul of an elect sinner, gives my flesh longeth to see thy power and him clear views of, and creates thirstings glory; so as I have seen thee in the sanc- after Christ, and there Christ will certainly tuary. On another occasion he says— come to satisfy that soul for all such “The Lord chose the tribe of Judah, the empty, thirsting souls' shall be filled.' Mount Zion which he loved; (that is, Well, it is said they found Adonithe whole election of grace, the church bezek; they fought against him-he fled of Christ ;) and then he adds—and he —they pursued after him-caught him built his sanctuary like high palaces:' -cut off his thumbs and his toes——they that is, as high palaces are built on the brought him to Jerusalem, and there he strongest foundations, erected with the died. Adonibezek means the lightning of most costly materials, and designed for the Lord, and is a solemn prefiguring of royal inhabitants, even so, Christ is built satan, who, like lightning fell from heaupon the Rock of an eternal, immutable, ven, as Christ says, Luke x. 18. Now and all-glorious Deity; all the fulness God is known in sudah by the resistance of the Godhead bodily, dwells in him, of satan, the crippling of satan, the and he in it; and he is the church's pa- pursuing of satan, and the ultimate overlace, dwelling place, banquetting house, coming of satan, in the hearts of his guest chamber, and her everlasting rest. dear, quickened and saved family. He See, my reader, how he is exalted in the destroys death, and him that hath_the 96th Psalm— The Lord made the hea- power of death, that is the devil.' But, vens. Honour and majesty are before experimentally, this is, like cutting off a him : STRENGTH and BEAUTY ARE IN limb at a time; it is a long, it is a sore,


a lingering work ; and the more satan’s | thers sinners out of the fall? What is power is cut and crippled, the more he it raises up, men to preach the gospel ? roars and threatens; but his ultimate What is it binds and holds together the destruction (as regards the church) is churches of Christ? It is Christ's name. certain.

God's going to redeem his people, was to In this first chapter of Judges, you make his name great. Many men have may trace out the work of Christ, until had great names in Israel : Abraham, you come down to the 19th verse—there David, Isaiah, Paul, Peter, Luther, Bunthe text comes again—' In Judah is yan, Huntington, Hart, Gadsby, and God known,' in that he has driven out others ; but none of these names can do the inhabitants of the mountain, but he anything; they must all die ; but ‘His could not drive out the inhabitants of NAME shall be called JESUS, for he saves the plain, because they had chariots of his people from their sins. What is his iron. The mountain of God, which is Name? It is JEHOVAH-JIREH; that is, Sinai, represents the terrors of the sin- 'the Lord will provide,' which is applicaner under the law; but Christ has re- ble to his eternal Godhead; by which he deemed us from the curse; he has, by has provided all things for the shewing blood, and love, and power, given us to forth of his own glory, and his church's escape from Sinai's curse and awful con- salvation. His name is called JEHOVAHdemnation ; but deliverance from this Nissi, the Lord my banner : that is apvalley, the fallen powers of a depraved plicable to the person and work of Christ nature, these are with us still; and will as the Captain of our salvation. His be, down to the end of our mortal ca- name is called JEHOVAH-SHALOM, the

Lord will send peace, that is applicable In Judah is God known, by the com- to the work of the Holy Spirit in bringing of Christ, and then by the church ing Christ into the soul. being brought to dwell in him; as the By all this Christ has a wonderful name Lord hath said—'I will bring forth a in Israel. But how has he got this wonseed out of Jacob, and out of Judah an derful name? By calling, convincing, coninheritor of my mountains, and mine verting, by cleansing, curing, clothing, elect shall inherit it, and my servants and comforting some of the wildest rebels shall dwell there. You may take Judah that ever the earth knew. Take only one then, as a type, also, of the spouse, or or two instances whereby Christ's name church of Christ; and say— In Judah has become great in Israel. Look, first, is God known by these things following at Saul, a mad persecutor, and bold blasmore especially:

phemer. Well, Christ lays him down, First, by the revelations of the Holy calls, convinces, converts, cleanses, cures, Ghost. Secondly, by the resisting and clothes and comforts him. What is the conquering of the devil, Thirdly, by consequence? Why he went everywhere delivering poor, living souls from Mount preaching Christ. “ The grace of our Sinai. Fourthly, by supporting them Lord was exceeding abundant with faith in the conflicts they have with the in- and love." Devils and men too run after habitants of the valley. And, Lastly, Paul, trying to stop his mouth; but none by the manifestations of Christ, and giv- of them could do it. Says he— I laing them in him to dwell and live. God boured more abundantly than they all, is known in Judah by these five things. yet not I, but the grace of God that was

II. I come to the greatness of his with me. No man shall stop me of this name in Israel — His name is great in boasting, says Paul : for me to live is Israel! For these two things come to- Christ--and I am determined to know gether in living souls: wherever God is nothing else-Jesus Christ and him savingly known through Christ, Christ's crucified. From henceforth, (says he) name becomes great.

let no man trouble me.

I bear in my The whole church of God is here deno-body the marks of the Lord Jesus. God minated Israel ; they are a company of forbid that I should glory, save in the royal priests, and heavenly princes, who cross of our Lord Jesus Christ! All I have power given them to prevail with want now, he would say, is to finish my God. God's name is great in Israel course with joy,and the ministry I have in a gospel sense, in an experimental received; and so down to the end, to sense, and in a glorified sense.

testify of the gospel of the grace of God, 1. In a gospel sense.- What is it ga-) that Christ may be magnified both in

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