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and “the name of the Lord is a strong The gospel is instrumental music ; tower; the righteous rünneth into it and and if a man can play well upon it, he are safe."

But by error God is insulted, will keep the saints awake. However, and God is mocked.

I come to the last part of my discourse. (7.) l'he seventh head of our dis- Some men can preach the gospel with· course is, in what sense are we to out giving offence, but the apostle Paul

understand the gospel as our's, or as could not, and that man that can, must Paul's gospel? It was not contrived by and will be suspected. If a man has him, it was not upheld by him, how right views of truth, he will say with then was it Paul's gospel? It was not Paul, “ I am determined to know nogiven to Paul to dispose of at his own thing among you save Jesus Christ and will and pleasure, and yet men in our him crucified,” and “ I am not ashamed day will stand up in a pulpit, and talk of the gospel of Christ, which is the about giving the gospel, or offering the power of God unto salvation to every gospel, as if it lay with them to give or one that believeth,' and who are those to withold it. Such is the gospel that believe? Why if I mistake not preached in North America, in ninety- there is such a passage of Scripture as nine pulpits out of every hundred. But this, And as many as were ordained the gospel was Paul's positively, and to eternal life, believed;" we are not to without this gospel, not merely received recommend ourselves to God's esteem, in notion, but in heart, there is no more this is a stink in God's nostrils. May hope for your salvation than there is for God bless the remarks I have made for devils. This is different from what men his name's sake. Amen. in general see and believe. Look at the dry bones, which represented the house of Israel—the breath of God upon the

Ishmael and Isaac. field of death, this was not to be resisted. In the same way God breathes the breath Come, tell me, ye pilgrims, that hold on your way,

Midst conflicts by night and distresses by day; of life into the soul, and the soul lives. Does sin much annoy you in trav’ling the road When Jesus passed the sycamore tree, To Jesus Jehovah, your covenant God? and called Zaccheus down, did he resist? A look often draws me away from the throne, No, he came down. When God's time Brings bondage of soul, sinks me down in disgrace,

And leaves me to wander in darkness alone; was come for the children of Israel to Then I long for the joys of my Saviour's embrace. leave the house of bondage, neither A power that's mighty, lies struggling within, Pharaoh nor their own wills could keep To rush from the cross, and to wallow in sin ; them there.

A power almighty still cleaving to God,

And plunging for mercy in Calvary's blood. (8.) The eighth point is the adapta- Pain would I, dear Jesus, this warfare was o'er, tion of this system. If we know That doubts and misgivings should vex me no more ; ourselves to be sinners, the gospel is scarce feel the virtue of pardoning blood,

But satan comes in like an o’erwhelming flood. adapted to us. There is nothing in the

Sometimes to my Jesus I get very near, gospel adapted to self-righteous people, Sometimes overwhelmed and cast down with fear ; to self-righteous Pharisees, the gospel Sometimes on the Rock, 1 triumphantly tell, is adapted to the poor, the maimed, the of the free grace of Jesus that saved me from hell

, halt, and the blind. Whatever unfa. Sometimes from the devil a hot fiery dart

Sticks fast to my flesh, and distresses my heart; vourable conclusions a poor sinner may And there I confess I'm compell’d for to lay draw against himself, in the gospel he Till Jesus in mercy doth take it away. has his remedy, and he has no right What groaning, what panting, what struggling within, to draw such unfavourable conclusions. To get nearer to Jesus and further from sin ;

Grace just seems sufficient, dear Lord, and thats all, Are you a sinner? Go to the gospel. For when troubles arise, I'm afraid Í shall fall, What! a man starve amid plenty? It Sometimes the sweet wonders of mercy I tell, matters not to what depths, or to what Sometimes I'm afraid I shall sink into hell; state of pungency your soul is brought, Till Jesus comes in with his pardoning

blood. the gospel covers the whole. Therefore

But, blessed be God, it is not always so; as Hart says :

For I oft get a kiss in this valley below;

Much nearness to Jesus is often the case, “Let not conscience make you linger, Tho' I frequently mourn for the smiles of his face. Nor of fitness fondly dream;

Dependent upon Him I'll press on my way,
All the fitness he requireth,

When afflictions abound, at the cross for to lay,
Is to feel your need of Him.

Suill looking to Jesus, the friend of the poor,
This he gives you,

And crying, Lord, help me! what can I do more? 'Tis his Spirit's rising beam."


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To the Readers of the Earthen Vessel. the church for a time may be, and is

deceived by such: but the best of painters Hall, all hail, ye saints of the most high cannot draw the shape of the wind, God; called with a holy calling to be that is only heard and felt ; viz, the Holy “partakers of the inheritance of the Spirit is only heard and felt in those who saints in light.” Israelites have no in-are born of God. Men may make painted heritance on this side Jordan, among saints outwardly in appearance; but God corruptible things; our inheritance is in only makes living saints with the breath the promised land of milk and honey. of the Spirit, and holy affections in them. And God hath given us his Spirit which Men may make marble busts, and draw is the earnest of the inheritance. Then very correct pictures on canvas; but they let us not think of settling here ; but of cannot paint life, breath, spirit, love, nor passing over this Jordan, and let us be affections in them. Therefore if the helpers of each other's faith on our way, Lord hath by his Spirit put these things and endeavor to comfort one another in our souls, this exceeds all the work of with his words, who is “ gone before to devils and hypocrites : and the Spirit prepare a place for us ;" for “here we itself will sometimes witness with our have no continuing city, but we seek spirits that we have some holy desires, one to come.”

and affections after the holy things of Another year of our time on earth is God, and some love to those who are sunk into the vortex of eternity, and gone born of God. for ever, never to return; and our mortal Therefore we are deeply corfcerned not sands are momentarily running out, and to carry either strange fire, or gunpowder falling into that fathomless abyss, un- in our Vessel, neither do we desire to known: “Lord, so teach us to number war, only in a defensive war with our our days that we may apply our hearts implacable enemies, the world, the flesh, unto wisdom.” “The fear of the Lord and the devil, with whom we cannot is the beginning of wisdom,” in our souls, make peace, on any good terms; and if but true wisdom was from everlasting foreigners, or other unkind men, board with God, “ Christ is the wisdom of God us, we would put on the helmet of salvaand the power of God;"' “ rejoicing in the tion, and the breast-plate of righteousness, habitable parts of the earth and his and fight them with no other weapons delights were with the sons of men;" and than the weapons of love, prayer, and he saith “ whosoever findeth me findeth faith, and the sword of the Spirit, which life, and shall obtain favor of the Lord.” is the word of God; and all poor creatures (Prov. viii. 35.) Then let not the dear wounded in this war, or ship-wrecked, or saints of God, with “ the light of life” in sinking, or drowning, or dying in destheir souls, spend too many gloomy pair, we take them on board our Vessel hours in poring over their vileness, death, if we can, and nourish them with such and the grave; since Christ has carried things as we have, and tell them that all the designs of infinite wisdom, and we are homeward bound, to their Father's eternal love, into execution, by his death, house in their own kingdom : where atonement, powerful and glorious resur- there are the richest provisions, and rection from the grave. Let us think plenty of fresh water ; even fountains more of life in him than we do of death of living water, and God shall wipe all in ourselves, for though we bear about tears from their eyes." with us daily, this vile body of death, Our little Vessel has been preserved which makes us groan, and is an evidence during the past year, and by the help of of the life of God in our souls, the full- | the Lord of the seas, has made its way ness of light, love, and life, that is in through contrary winds, and foaming Christ, shall soon swallow up sin, dark-waves of this dead black sea, which casts ness, and death in victory.

up mire and dirt against her, and we We know that men destitute of the have had some shots, and broad-sides life of God in their souls may repeat and fired upon us in the dark, from some preach these things, give a history of the which we would hope better things of: gospel, make a map of the promised land, who have endeavoured to split and sink and draw out pictures of the living saints our little bark: to such, we would only of God, and yet be dead in sin them- say, leave us alone, there is sea-room for selves, as Baalam was. And we believe us all, who do business with this far VOL. III.


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country; and the riches are unsearchable, Son of God, lingered in death, a long and you cannot bring them all from while on the cross, before his dear body thence for the city of Zion below, and was quite dead, and all the sighs, tears, we can say this in truth, and in the sight wounds, and dying groans now felt in of God, that we have gained no pecuniary his body, (the church, left behind on the advantage by our Vessel, but consider- earth,) from sin and persecution, are but able loss at the present; though many the last dying groans of the body of have confessed that it has been made Christ! this is the fellowship, (or partspiritual gain to their souls. Therefore, nership) of his sufferings.” Hear dear if it be the Lord's good pleasure, we brother Paul's utterance by the Holy would go on in his strength, trading in Ghost, “who now rejoice in my sufferall the good things we can find, but if it ings for you, and fill up that which is is his pleasure to lay our Vessel by in behind of the afflictions of Christ in my the harbour,“ The Lord's will be done,” flesh, for his body's sake, which is the and we would be content.

church. (Col. i. 24.) Blessed sufferers ! By the help, and good hand of the your groans of anguish, shall end in Lord, we are off for another year's voy- songs of triumph to the slaughtered age not knowing what is before us, or what Lamb. 1847 may bring forth. Thus we pray To our enemies who rail on us, (calling that our Vessel may be like the virtuous us vile dirty fellows,) we would not rewoman in proverbs (the true church of turn a railing accusation, but only say God,) like the merchant's ship, she consider

your ways," and through the bringeth her food from afar.: Though help of a loving God, and the comforts we are but poor earthen vessels, and some of the Spirit, and in the meekness of earth and dust must be expected to Jesus, we would pray for our enemies be found among our goods. Still we and them that despitefully use us.” trust that our compass is set for the good Now to our beloved correspondents land, that central point of bliss, and we and readers, . we would say, watch, desire to see that every one who bring stand fast in the faith, quit yourselves goods to the Vessel, may receive them like men. Popery, error, and unsound from above, the land of spices, for they doctrine abounds on every side, in variwill be known by their taste and flavour, ous shades and grades ; but we believe if it be food from afar : for nothing really that the sixth angel hath sounded a long good for food is found in the flesh, or in time, and the second woe will soon be past, this country of corruption, sin and death. and that the third woe will be the total

To the weak we would become weak, fall of antichrist, “when the kingdoms and sympathise with you in all your of this world shall become the kingdoms weaknesses, fears, and infirmities, for we of our Lord and his Christ, and he shall are really weak in ourselves. But we reign for ever and ever." (Rev. xi. 15.) say, look not to us poor weak mortals for

Now may the God of peace and love help, strength, or wisdom, nor to any be with you : lift up the light of his of the so-called great men of the age : countenance upon you, bless you and Gnd is dishonoured if we look to man: give you peace, prays, “Wait on the Lord, and be of good

THE EDITOR'S FRIEND. courage and he shall strengthen your

Ask, knock, seek, wrestle, cry like the importunate widow; God will avenge his own elect, though he bears A Sermon by Mr. JAMES OSBOURN, long with them.” And nothing but a

Preached at Zoar Chapel, York St. Leicester. word or a token from himself can satisfy an honest sincere seeker that he, or she, is one of his chosen.

I herewith send you a few particulars To the poor sufferers, who suffer for which I took down from the mouth of truth, conscience, righteousness, and Mr. Osbourn. Many were truly blessed Jesus' sake, we say, rejoice, that ye are under the Sermon. He appeared to me

partakers of Christ's sufferings,” for like one of the old Apostles risen from while on earth we must “always bear the dead ; there was so much heavenly about in the body, the dying of the fervor, godly sincerity, without partiality Lord Jesus.” (2 Cor. iv. 10.) Jesus, the and without hypocrisy, that I really felt



great love to the man, and could but hate the doctrine and deny it altogether. admire the grace of God in him; and felt But now I would not have you think compelled to bless him in the name of that this is a doctrine of my own make, the Lord. Your's truly,

or of my fabrication : no, the scriptures W. GARRARD.

prove it to be God's own words, and whoever fights against it, fights against

God. “ Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your Secondly, these people are the reGod, speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem, and cry unto her, that her warfare is accomplished, that her generated children of God, who are to be iniquities are pardoned, for she hath received at the comforted ; not all the people in the Lord's hand double for all her sins."

world; they neither seek nor desire such I PRESUME that we shall be safe in say-comfort ; neither is this comfort to be ing that the prophet Isaiah occupied the spoken to all the elect family of God at same situation of old as God's ministers present, because some of them are still in the present day. His sayings were so in unregeneracy; in nature's darkness ; concise, bright, and luminous, that in his dead in sin ; and do not see nor feel the ministry he represented a man sowing need of this comfort until they are stars : his words are so bright and quickened by the Spirit and born of God. glorious, that he appeared like an in- | But let me tell you that man by sin hath carnate angel.

cut himself off, and cast himself out, it We consider that our sins and the was his own act and deed ; and let me wrath of God formed a junction when tell you more, that man can do nothing they fell on the head of the Lord Jesus towards regenerating himself ; that is the Christ : but Christ, by his death and work of God alone, and he must have the atonement, silenced the tempest: and by glory of our salvation. Man's destruchis resurrection and ascension to glory, tion is of himself, and salvation is of the opened the way to God for his beloved Lord. It is a bad rule that will not bride, the church (who was sunk in sin work both ways. God had nothing to and sorrow,) to the Father, and shall say, do in manos destruction, and man has "Father, here am I, and all the children nothing to do in his own salvation, which thou hast given me, not one of But man neither sees, feels, nor knows them have I lost," only Judas, and that of himself, what salvation means until was no loss at all; for though he was he feels himself a condemned sinner ; given in office, he was not given to Christ justly condemned for his sins by the in the covenant of life and grace. No! righteous law of God. And Paul said Judas was only a purse-bearer, and we that when the law was sent home to his have many such in my country, (America). conscience, so far it was from helping

First, (said Mr. Osbourn) we must him, or saving him, that sin taking draw the line of demarcation: all people occasion by the commandment wrought are not the children of God, though all in him all manner of concupiscence. are bis by creation. Christ's sheep (Rom. vii. 8.) Now, Dr. Johnson, in his “were chosen in him before the founda- dictionary tells us that concupiscence tion of the world;" and loved of the means something of zigzag work. Ah, Father in him, with the same love as he the law worketh wrath, and all manner loved the Son. Jesus saith, “ Father, of crooked works in the heart. Yea, all mine are thine ; and thine are mine ;" when the law breaks in, it rouses up the and he will


“Father, here am I, and nest of devils found there : and the law all them which thou hast given me; cuts a sinner up so that he has neither count them ; count them; and see if any root nor branch, straw, nor rush, to lay are lost.” This is the doctrine of election hold on to save himself. Yea, it cuts so clearly marked out in scripture, that every fibre of the heart; and conscience you who are in the habit of reading the files every bill which the law brings Bible need not me to spend much time against it, but has nothing to pay withon this head to prove it, though I know all. And now what can free-will do for many professors of religion hate this a soul in this case ? Nothing at all ! doctrine of election much more than they Free-will only grows and lives in a hate their own sins and the devil. Yea, stared conscience, and seared by the many in my country (America) who devil's red-hot iron ! That man who mount the rostrum pulpits in America, 'boasts of free-will, his mouth never was stopped ; but every mouth must be The law can do nothing for these poor stopped : it is of no use cringing to and afflicted children; in Jesus, there Moses, no help there, no mercy there. they are comforted; his love makes them

Now the Lord puts a cry into the poor bold, and brings them into the closest sinner's heart for mercy, but there being intimacy, casts out their fears, and they much bustle and confusion at that time can then say “I am my beloved's and he in the court of conscience, and the is inine.” But if they begin to think adversaries very clamorous, these prevent too much of themselves, and too little of the voice of mercy being heard from the him, they will soon feel the effects of it, hills of frankincence, for a time. “But and wonder what is the matter. Have how beautiful upon the mountains are not the mildew of God fallen upon you, the feet of him that bringeth good and you are blighted, and are in a tidings." The name of Jesus sounds comfortless state ? Then you find the sweetly; the death, sacrifice, and blood of “good man is gone, he has taken a purse Jesus, opens a channel for mercy to flow of money and gone a long journey." down to us condemned sinners.' Mercy All your spending money and comfort is comes into the court; sin goes out; sin is gone, and in comes Esau, he is a hairy removed to make way for mercy; sin is man, a very rough man, the “old man” removed to make a channel for mercy uses you very roughly. to run; and “mercy rejoiceth against

Now what is to be done! Done! judgment.” Now the banqueting house come boldly to the throne of grace, not is opened, and the feast of love begins, presumptuously; when you were laying Christ is found, and seen, and known, in the bosom of Jesus you made very and felt: and the poor soul cries out free with him then, and were assured of This is my beloved, and this is my his love, and were very bold with him. friend, O, ye daughters of Jerusalem, Is he changed? No!'it is you that are and creeps into Christ's bosom. changed: then you must go boldly to

II.—These are the people who are to him again in all the confidence of faith, be comforted. These are the people who for “ he is the same yesterday to day and will need comforting, for they cannot for ever.” You must call on him again find any more comfort in sin or , self. and again : sometimes, you know, that Now you know that if a person have a persons have business with some great family of children, and one among them man, a lord or duke, it may be, they call is afflicted more than the others, it may on him, the servant comes out instead of be blind, or lame, or very sickly, that the master, master is engaged, he cannot child is taken more notice of than the be spoken with, you must call again, rest, by affectionate parents, because of cannot you leave your business with me? its affliction and because it cannot help No! 'shen you must call again. So if itself; others are left to play about and the Lord does not answer at first you do as well as they can : and the poor must call again, and again ; for his people little helpless dear begins to be awake to must be comforted, and they shall be the parent's affection towards it, even by comforted. the motions and looks of its parent. Ah, It is with me to night as it has been and it begins to be up to this too, that with me many times in my own country, the parent knows its needs by its whim- I must stop short and conclude before I perings, looks, and the form of the have finished. Mr. Osbourn then promuscels of its face, and begins to know mised to finish the subject at York Street that the parent's bowels are moved Chapel on his next visit to Leicester. towards it in its affliction. But now say you, how shall we prove

Jacob at Bethel. that all God's children are like this afflicted child ? Very easily indeed; DEAR BROTHER BANKS.—Brothers we truly all professors are not such ; but the are; sinners alike; saints alike; preachers Lord saith, “I will leave amongst you a alike; travelling on the free-grace road poor and afflicted people, and they shall to the freely given kingdom of Emtrust in my name.” And I can tell you manuel's endless glory: truly I sympathise that if you are not of these poor and with you in your trials, crosses, perplexi. afflicted ones, the gospel is nothing to ties, and persecutions; as I took up your you, neither is it for you ; you will despise letter thie morning, these words came it.

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