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my life and death. Why, did you ever ness, and almost deaf to every call : but see or hear of such a man before; No Christ will have one more fling at his man ever made such a noise about Christ conscience. He fires a shot into his very as this converted Saul. Truly, Christ's soul: Thou art the man! Down he name became great in Israel, through falls; then comes confession, restoration, his running about and preaching. You and pardon; and a holy triumphing in must not say that Paul was a feather-bed his Lord. Did not Christ get a name by soldier of the cross ; nor that his cou-this? Yes! Read Psalm xl. 1-3: rage could easily be daunted. No; no. “Many shall see it, and fear, and shall A man came to me one day, and wanted trust in the Lord.” much to go and preach; but when the Look at Jonah. Look at Peter; and opportunity was given him, and he found as you go through the land, you may he should have to walk a few miles, he find old Ben the sailor, old Harry would not go. Some parsons, now-a | the ploughman, and thousands of poor days, must be fine gentlemen, and have old sinners who have found Jesus and deeverything very smooth and easy, or they light to preach his holy and blessed name. won't preach at all. But Paul, in preach- It hath pleased his most gracious Maing Christ, got some sound thrashings ; | jesty, too, to give me something to do he was beaten with rods, stoned, ship- towards making his name great ; and wrecked; a whole night and day in the better employment I never found; but deep; often weary, hungry, cold, and most of the labourers who have been in naked. Enough to make any ordinary the vineyard many years, have very hard man give up preaching. But Paul was thoughts of me; and certainly, I cannot a chosen vessel to bear CHRIST'S NAME blame them; for the old lion that still unto the gentiles ;' and therefore he must lurks about the vineyard, made such a suffer many things; and many things desperate attack upon me once, and so he did suffer; beside which he suffered tore me, and wounded me, that I ran the loss of all (temporal) things: but he clean away from the work ; and expected never lost Christ; nor Christ never lost nothing but that I should have been rehim. He was one of the greatest in. served in chains and darkness until the struments ever employed to make Christ's judgment of the great day. I will not name great in Israel.

here enter upon my miseries. It is to Look at Bunyan, a notorious, swearing me a solemn wonder that ever I should tinker in the streets of Bedford. Christ be again sent to the work; but the Lord calls him! What is the consequence ? of the vineyard once spoke in me these Why, through John Bunyan's preach-words— The hands of Zerubbabel have ings and writings, the precious name and laid the foundation of this house ; his fame of Jesus Christ has been made great hands shall also finish it, and thou shalt in the souls of thousands of sinners; and know that the Lord of hosts hath sent I have no doubt, but that God the Holy me unto you. Well; this precious proGhost will put honour upon whạt Bunyan mise has been fulfilled in my poor minishas left behind down to the end of time. try again and again; and with all the The same may be said of Whitfield, powers of my soul, I am resolved, in his Huntington, Gadsby, and a mighty host strength, to do all I can to make his name beside, whose work has been to make great. Some of the people tell me not Christ's name great. I know there are to make such a noise about it, and I often plenty of counterfeits, who, while they wish I could be a little more steady and profess to be after making Christ's name quiet, but when his name is poured forth great, are, in reality, only aiming to ex. into my heart, I cannot help shouting it alt themselves. But every man's work out aloud, though it sometimes shakes shall be tried of WHAT SORT IT IS! So me all to pieces. let them beware.

Tell ye what, my brother; there are I observe his name is great in Israel in other workmen, who have something to restoring poor, fallen, backsliding, chil- say for the Lord Jesus, in this month's dren, and bringing back poor guilty sin. Vessel ; so I add no more at present. ners.

Expect to hear from me again, if spared, I don't think you can imagine three next month. Farewell, more dreadful cases than I shall mention. Look at David- not only guilty of

CHARLES WATERS Banks. murder and adultery, but sunk in hard-16, Pagoda Terrace, Bermondsey New Road,

The Word of God, | with Christ, who is heir of all things ;

. Who was made for us, and who made AND THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS.

us for himself.' Blessed be his name for

ever ; the Lord is the portion of mine I, who also am your brother and com- inheritance and of my' cup, thou mainpanion in tribulation, and in the king-tainest my lot, and the Lord's portion dom and patience of Jesus Christ, am is his people, and Jacob is the lot of his now in Banbury, for the Word of God, inheritance, but we hasten further onand the testimony of Jesus Christ, sendeth ward. • Let us go up and possess it at greeting. Grace, mercy, and peace be once, for we are well able, a land that unto you from God our father and from flows with milk and honey :' Oh, the the Lord Jesus Christ, the son of the blessedness! He brought me into the Father in truth and love.

banquetting house, and his banner over O! what an unspeakable mercy that me was love. Hear his sweet speechsuch sinful, sinning and worthless worms I in them, and thou in me, that we of the earth, owl and dragon-like, often may be perfect in one;' one in love, moping in the dark, hooting in the ruins thou hast loved them, as thou hast loved of Adam's old fallen house, and wailing me; one in date, thou lovedst me before like dragons in the ruins of Jerusalem. the foundation of the world ;' and blessed, I say, what an unspeakable mercy that thrice blessed be his name, "We love we (who are thus, by nature, in this time him because he first loved us.' One in state, unmended, and unmendable,) glory; Be astonished, oh, heavens! the should be brought to know, realise, and Lord hath done it, the glory thou hast experience joyfully, our most solemn, given me I have given them; that they glorious, and ineffable personal stand- may be made one as we are one.' See ing in the person of Jesus Christ, the here, 'ye owls and dragons, ye shall Lord of life and glory, who was dead, honour me, saith the Lord, because ] and behold he is alive for evermore, give waters in the wilderness, and rivers the Alpha and the Omega, the first and in the desert; to give drink unto my the last, one with the Father and the people, my chosen ; ' . the winter is past, Holy Ghost, the one Lord God of Israel, the rain is over and gone, arise, arise my as it is written, “The Father, the Word, fair one, come away, come away my fair and the Holy Ghost, and these three one. One in death, I am crucified with are one. Now the Word was made flesh, Christ;' buried with him in baptism' God manifest in the flesh, as it is writ- into death; one in life, 'raised up toien, Because the children were par- gether with Christ, made to sit together takers of flesh and blood he likewise, with him in heavenly places; again, took part of the same :' thus we are bone dead to the law by the body of Christ, of his bone and flesh of his flesh, no alive unto God, through Jesus Christ, longer twain, but one flesh, and he our Lord, who hath abolished death, and that is joined to the Lord is one spirit;' brought life and immortality to light this is a great mystery, I speak concern- by the glorious gospel; he is the light ing Christ and the church; furthermore of life, and our life is hid with Christ in hear this blessed testimony, 'I ascend to God; and when he who is our life shall my Father and your Father, to my God appear, we shall appear with him in and your God;' now, mark, in this glory. And sure am I, when this glorious glorious, indissoluble union, is that gospel is preached, the same glorious Scripture manifest, Predestinated to be effects are produced, and always will ; conformed to the image of his Son that for my word shall accomplish that which he might be the first-born among many I please, it shall not return unto me void, brethren:' Oh, blessed conformity! it shall prosper in the thing whereunto I None like it! The glorious image of his send it. I will work and who shall let Son! I shall behold thy face in righte- it?' Therefore, my brother, be steadousness; I shall be satisfied when I fast, immoveable, always abounding in awake with thy likeness. This, sir, is the the work of the Lord, forasmuch, as ye efficient cause of our adoption, as it is know that your labour is not in vain in written, · Predestinated us unto the adop- the Lord. The Lord of peace himself tion of children by Jesus Christ to him-grant you peace always by all means : self.: Mark that, to himself, to God; the Lord be with you all. Amen. hence we are heirs of God, and joint heirs Banbury.


THE CONVERSION AND EXPERIENCE of the Lord would strike me dead in his Mrs. Sarah Callow,

anger; and I was brought down in a

very low state of mind and body. One Of Crowborough, Rotherfield, Sussex. Friday, the devil tempted me to suicide ;

he first tempted me to do it, and then acI was born in the parish of Rotherfield, cused me for having the temptation. I Sussex, October 7, 1792. My parents was in a very low state of mind all day were church-going people, and I was Saturday and Sunday ; felt myself to be brought up to attend the Church of such a sinful wretch; thought every one England ; I was sprinkled by the priest could see what I was ; I said to my hus. in infancy, but never submitted to the band—what wicked hearts we have.' popish ceremony of confirmation by the On Monday morning I dreamed that bishop. My father was a swearing man, satan was with me, and tempted me, and and consequently, his children learned said he would have me; I threw a great to swear also. No regard was paid to deal of water over him, till I thought I our morals. I used to swear oaths as had drowned him; and the temptation long as I can remember. When I was in my dream ceased. When I awoke, I about eight or nine years of age I was was like a distracted person, and got up very much tried and tempted to suicide; between five and six o'clock in the mornwhen I heard of any one committing it, ing, and walked to and fro the house I was afraid I should do it; and that that wringing my hands and begging for would be my end, as it was of Judas. I mercy through precious blood. I never had at times great fears of death and was brought to such a place before. The Judgement was before me; but these enemy of souls told me I had sold myself convictions wore away. At fifteen years to him. This was my greatest temptaof age I went to service; my master was tion; but this temptation ceased before a professor of religion ; and used to go I was delivered. I cried to the Lord till to chapel. I also attended; I then I could cry no more; then I went into thought nearly all persons good people my neigbour's house and sat down in a who went to chapel: I was stopped from chair, with hell in my conscience; and swearing; I thought it was through at- something said to me, you must be tending the chapel, and the housekeeper more diligent in prayer.' I thought to checking me of it; however, I can say, myself what can I do more than I have a bridle was put in my mouth, that I done? I then repeated the Lord's prayer could not swear; I then tried to be very as the last thing I could do; which I moral, and to please God; and attended had often repeated before to quiet conthe chapel. I had legal convictions, science. I then was obliged to give up and went on in legality, striving against all works; I proved that when the sin, and striving to be holy, and appease strength of God's people is gone, and an angry God, till a few years after mar- there is none left, then the Lord appears. riage. I went on sinning and repenting I then got up to go to my own house, and had great fears of death and judg- and took up the Bible, but before I got ment before me. As my family increased out of the house, I fell down upon the my soul-trouble increased; and not Bible; and upon being helped up, I said knowing the way to be saved, I strove three times — The Lord has delivered and worked hard under the law, endea- me.' I then felt for the wrath of God, vouring to please God by legal works. I and for my sins, but neither could I find. viewed God as an angry judge, and felt I felt pardon and mercy flow into my assured if I was cut off by death, hell soul, and viewed God as my reconciled would be my portion. As I was not able God and Father in Christ Jesus. I felt to read, I used often to get a neighbour as though I was in a new world: I was to read the Bible to me; my distress of so happy : I returned to my house, singmind was great, but no comfort could Iing hallelujah! and continued to sing find; I earnestly desired to know hallelujah all the day long: my neighwhether I was born again; for I was bours sent for my parents, thinking I sure I must be born again or lost. I was going crazy ; my parents came, and continued in this state of mind, till after I tried to tell them something of my dethe birth of my sixth child, and tried liverance, but my head was so confused hard to subdue my evil temper. I felt that I could not. The surgeon was sent myself to be such a sinner, that I feared for ; he knew nothing about my de

liverance; he said if I laid there preach- | about this passagem He that is born of ing I should want a straight jacket. The God sinneth not. I knew I had sinned : devil then set in and told me the deliver- but the Lord shewed me afterward, the ance was not from the Lord. These meaning of it. It is the flesh that sin. words from the Lord sounded in my soul neth; the Spirit of God in the child canfor weeks and months, 'The LORD has not sin. Sometimes I had no hope at delivered me.' The devil continued to all that I was born of God, and at other tempt me to believe it was not the Lord's times I could see my interest in Christ work; that I was like Lot's wife, and clear, and the Lord is pleased sometimes like the five foolish virgins, I had got the to give me full assurance of faith. Some. lamp but no oil.

times I feel my heart hard, cold, and The temptations of the devil, together dead; and then the Lord breaks in again with the rejoicings of my soul, brought and softens it. But to return :on mental derangement. I was obliged After I returned home, I had not the to have a straight jacket on. My child opportunity of hearing truth very often. was three or four months old, and was About twelve years ago, I first heard taken from me; and I was taken care of Mr. Raynsford from these words—' And by two persons for about a fortnight. I they sung as it were a new song before was then taken to Rotherfield poor- the throne; and before the four beasts, house, where the surgeon attended me, and the elders; and no man could learn and allowed me plenty of nourishment that song but the hundred and forty and and medicines, but he could not cure my four thousand which were redeemed from mind; none but the great Physician the earth.' I was weak both in body could heal my mind. When my food and in mind. He opened the passage ; was brought to me, I received it with set forth who the characters were, who gratitude, and blessed and praised the could sing that song and who could not. Lord while I was eating it, and shed The song was recleeming grace; blesstears of gratitude over it; I often used, ing and praising the Lord for what he I thought, to fight severe battles; but, had done for their souls. The Lord as I was deranged, I knew not who I blessed it to me: I was much strengthfought with, but since, I have seen it ened : I could sing that song: and I felt was the fight of faith with the enemy of a rejoicing in my soul for what the Lord souls. I often fought till my strength had done for me. The next day I felt of body was gone, and my mind very more of the power of it. I had never weak, and was often picked up blessing heard such a minister before. I heard and praising the Lord. I was used very him once more, and then I did not go to ill by persons who had the care of me, hear him again for about two years, on and this Scripture followed me— It were account of false reports being raised better that a mill stone, were hanged against him, which prejudiced my mind. about his neck, and he cast into the sea, I was exercised again; I had inward than he should offend one of these little trials: and trials in providence: and ones that believe in me;' also- Fear wanted another manifestation of Christ not little flock, it is your Father's good to my soul : so the Lord led me to hear pleasure to give you the kingdom.' him again. I went several times, and

I was twenty-five years of age, when felt some rebukes, some cuttings down, my deliverance of soul came, After I and was humbled in my soul; but did was a little better, by the blessing of not receive any satisfactory evidence of God, I returned home to my husband and my interest in Christ till the Lord's set children. After I returned home I de time was come, when I heard him preach sired my neighbour to read the sixteenth from these words - Jesus rejoiced in chapter of Judges, not knowing there that hour, and said, I thank thee, 0, was anything in it for me. When my Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that neighbour read as far as the twenty-thou hast hid these things from the wise second verse— Howbeit his (Samson's) | and prudent and has revealed them unto hair began to grow after it was shaven,' babes; even so Father, for so it seemeth I was then led to see how the devil good in thy sight. He drew a line of robbed me of my comfort, and this gave discrimination between the characters of me relief. I often thought that I could the wise and prudent, and the babes. He not be a child of God, † felt such abo- shewed us the character of babes; he mination in my heart, and was much tried set forth the trials and experience of the babes in grace. I then had a satisfaction they are the children of God: then I re. given me that I was one; but my preju-ceived an evidence, with power, that dice was not all knocked down yet; I had the love of God in my heart: I I thought he was a man of God. I went loved the children of God, and the seragain the next time he came to Rother- vants of the Lord, field ; for he came once a month. He I have passed over many things I have took his text from Luk xiv, But when experienced. This is just a sketch of the thou makest a feast, call the poor, the experience of poor maimed, the lame, and the blind. He

SARAH CALLOW. said, a person may be born lame and blind; but they cannot be born maimed ;

The Faith of God's Elect. that is something done after birth; a wound or a bruise; I felt myself to be a 'Tis faith unites the soul to Christ, maimed character; I had received a And brings us near to God;

By faith we're saved from sin and guilt, wound in my heart; and the Lord had

Through Jesus' precious blood, healed it. He set forth the path I had travelled, in the exercises of my soul; |

Faith is the Father's gift in Christ,

From everlasting given ; and the Lord blessed it to me. I had a

And 'tis by God the Spirit wrought manifestation that I was one of those In ev'ry heir of heaven, maimed characters, but that the wound

This living faith will bring the soul, was healed by the Lord blessing his At Jesus' feet to bow; word to my soul. I heard him the next

Acknowledge him, the Lord of all,

Jehovah, just and true, time he came, from Acts xvi. 14, 'And a certain woman named Lydia, a seller Faith will sustain the sinking soul,

That is by sin oppress'd of purple, of the city of Thyatira, which

Nor will it leave the soul, until worshipped God, heard us, whose heart She's brought, in Christ to rest, the Lord had opened, that she attended

Temptations too, faith triumphs o’er, to the things spoken by Paul.' The Of ev'ry shape and name; Lord opened my heart, the word of the Draws fresh supplies of strength from Christ,

And glories in his name. text came home with power to my soul, my prejudice was all knocked down, I re Besetting sins faith will o'ercome, ceived him as a sent servant of the Lord

Shall them, of power bereave,

To rule, as they before have done ; Jesus Christ ; my soul was knit with

Faith will the vict'ry have. spiritual love to him. I told him the

'Tis God supports this faith alive, next time I saw him, that I heard him

Though often smother'd o'er ; well from that text. Then the devil told Satan and sin in vain shall strive, me my experience was not real, he said

'Tis God's almighty power. I was after the man, when the words

In worst afflictions, faith believes, came home to my soul - He that says What God has promis'd true;

I will not leave, nor will I fail, he loves God and hateth his brother, is

But courage will renew, a liar, and the truth is not in him; the enemy was then gone for a time, and the

In Jordan, faith will be the stay

Of ev'ry blood-bought son ; words followed me-(1 Kings, xix. 20,)

In glory, safely land the soul, • for what have I done to thee? It was And then her work is done, not the man had done it, it was the Lord

More of this Caith, dear Lord, impart, who had cast his mantle of love over me, May I, by faith, thee view; I hope the God of Elijah may never

Unite, dear Lord, my roving heart,

To love and fear thee, too.-A. MILLER. leave me and that I may never leave the servants of God,

" The Lord hath taken away. It is not I was tried afterwards whether the by accident; it is not the result of hap-hazwork in my soul was real, when I was ard; it is not to be traced to storms, and led to hear Mr. Burch, from Cranbrook. winds, and the base passions of men. It is I dont remember the text, but he gave the result of intelligent design, and whous the evidence of a true token of being ever has been the agent or instrument in it, a child of God. He that receiveth one it is to be referred to the overruling proviof these little ones, receiveth me, and

dence of God. Job traced the removal of ne that receiveth me, receiveth him that his property and his loss of children at once sent me. He said that a true token of

to God, and found consolation in the belief the love of God in the heart, was love to

that an intelligent and holy Sovereign prethe children of God, because you believe moved only what he gave."-Albert Barnes.

sided over his affairs, and that he had re

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