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ye shall die in your sins ? Can these two MAN'S STATE BY NATURE AND GRACE. mysteriously glorious words, be truthfully applied to any mere man?

Our liberty is gone ; our will, a captive to 11. Man is a recipient of life, and will be the flesh; death has entered in at our wintotally passive in the resurrection ! how, dows; and sin eats away our sacred resothen, is the Lord Jesus ' the resurrection and lutions like straw and chaff. Our heart by the life, and yet, according to the Unitarian nature, is like a waggon laden with corrupcreed, only a man?

tion, unhappiness, and death; the horses 12. Do not the Scriptures of truth assert that draw it are our sinful propensities and the Godhead of Christ as often, and as clearly, lusts. The driver, who whips, spurs, and as fully, and as unmistakably as they do his goads the horses forward, so that they have manhood? Which was the Son of David, no rest, or intermission, is the devil; the which was the Son of God ;' will not argu way is the broad road that leadeth to dements against the first clause of this quota

struction ; and the place to which the fiery tion bear equally on the second, and amount wheels are rolling, is called Gehenna. It is to a total denial of Emanuel, God manifest impossible to cause delay or restrain the in the flesh ?

career, unless Almighty grace interfere, and 13. "Lo! I am with you always, unto the create a new thing in the land; the heart end of the world. Who, save Jesus then becomes a heavenly car ; its load then Christ, the great God and man in one

consists of righteousness, peace, and joy in person; (God the Son, and the Son of Man,) the Holy Ghost. Three heavenly coursers could utter those words with propriety and draw it-faith, love, and hope. The Comtruih?

forter from on high attaches them to the 14. When he bringeth his only begotten car, feeds them and keeps them in good coninto the world, he saith, let all the angels of dition. The road is the narrow way which God worship him ;' are angel-worshippers, | leadeth upwards, and the end of the journey and all true christians, idolators, in obeying

is Jerusalem. the command of God the Father ?

15. Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there will I be in the

THE DIVINITY OF CHRIST. midst of them ;' is not omnipresence an at

The apostle calls the mystery of God matribute of Deity ?

nifest in the flesh,'' the pillar and ground of 16. ‘All power in heaven and earth is

truth. By which he means, without this mine;' is not omnipotence an attribute of

article there is no gospel. The whole fabric Deity ?

of our light and truth, rests upon this basis. 17. "The Lord said unto Peter, 'Go cast | Deny that the Man Jesus is God, and thou an hook into the sea, and take the first fish hast trodden under foot the gospel, and hast that cometh up, in which thou shalt find a

made of it a shell without a kernel; the stars piece of money,' &c. ; is not omniscience

of all the essential doctrines of our faith are an attribute of Deity ?

J. H.

then extinguished. The tree of life, whose Leicester. (To be continued.)

leaves serve for the healing of the nations,

stands bare and barren. There is no longer Gleanings from the Vintage. any atoning blood, no sacrifice for sin; no

merit to counterbalance our guilt; for the DEAR MR. EDITOR :-I was exceedingly

blood of a mere creature, even of the most pleased with the extracts forwarded, and excellent of created intelligencies would not thought you might be able to find a place for suffice to ransom the sinner. Christ has, them in the Vessel some time or other. They then only suffered for himself, wrought out are on subjects which are seldom mentioned, a righteousness for himself; for one who either in the pulpit or press ; especially the was nothing more than a creature could not second. How little we hear of The Divinity

stand in the breach for others. It must, of Christ' in these days, and yet our faith is I then, no longer be said that death is slain, Olin vain without it. which the extract fully hell overcome, the head of the serpent proves. We hear of men who are very anxi bruised; and the sweet doctrine of justificaous to have the word ' entire' depravity left

tu left tion is then a delusion; since the obedience out; I greatly question whether they know

of Christ can only be ascribed to me, when anything of the warfare which is daily carried

it is the obedience of a man who is at the on in the souls of all God's regenerated fa

same time God on high ; and with respect to mily, or they would not wish to make de

his own person was subject to the law. Nay, praved nature any better than it is. May

mention one fundamental article of Scripture the Lord preserve us from the awful heresies

which is not overthrown immediately thou of the day, in which we live is the fervent

removest the supporting beam of the incarprayer of Your's in gospel bonds,

nate God from under the edifice of the April, 1847.



A FEW WORDS ABOUT THE HAPPY ESTATE OF “From Luke xxiii. 43. 'And Jesus Poor Lazarus and the Dying Thief

said unto him,'the penitent thief, then

suffering death; ‘verily I say unto thee,' AFTER THEY LEFT THIS WORLD. which being thus solemnly affirmed might “ That as soon as the body is dead, the

be depended on, to-day thou shalt be soul immediately enters into a separate

with me in paradise,' in heaven! for, state of happiness or misery, is plain

1. By paradise is meant the third lieafrom Luke xvi. 22, 23. • And it came ven, Into

ven, into which the apostle Paul was to pass that the beggar died.' &c. The caught, 2 Cor. xii. 2, 4, the seat of the scope of this parable is to be attended divine Majesty, and the dwelling-place to ; which is to set forth the immediate of angels and glorified saints : so called state of men after death, whether good in all

i in allusion to the garden of Eden, that men or bad men; for though it may

earthly paradise, for the delight, pleahave a principal respect to Christ, and

sure, and happiness of it. 2. Hither to the Pharisees of his times, yet holds

holds Christ himself, as soon as he expired on true of all good men, the members of

the cross, went; not into limbus patrum, Christ; and of all wicked men, whether

ether to deliver the Old Testament saints from under a guise of religion, or openly pro

thence; nor into the prison of hell, to fane. 1. The beggar, the good man,

ar preach to, and convert the spirits there, upon his death, is represented as under

as say the papists, upon the mistaken the care and convoy of angels, and by

and he sense of 1 Pet. iii. 19, but into heaven them seated in Abraham's bosom, a

itself, having commended his spirit, or phrase used by the Jews, expressive of so

of soul, into the hands of his divine Father, the heavenly happiness; alluding to a

by whom it was received, And, 3. The feast, at which, according to the custom

Sustom happiness promised the thief, upon his of the Jews, the guests lay upon beds,

request to him, to remember him in his or couches, about the table; so that he

kingdom, is, that he should be with him who lay below another, and next to him, in paradise; should enjoy all the happileaned, as it were, on his breast, and layness of that place, and his presence in it, in his bosom; and this denotes the inti- in

the inti'.in which the happiness of it lay. And, mate communion of the saints with each 4. He assures him, that his hąppiness he other, in the enjoyment of God. 3. The

** 3. The should enjoy immediately, that very day; rich and wicked man, he is said upon his

• This day thou shalt be with me,' &c. death, to be in hell, where he lift up his

To put the stop after 'to-day,' and read eyes, and saw the poor good man in great

it as connected with what goes before, ‘I felicity and comfort, whom he had treated

Sated say unto thee to day,' is a mere shift, and with neglect and contempt; which served

gives a most trifling and jejune sense of to aggravate his misery; and where he / the words." found himself surrounded with the flames of hell, and filled with inward torments

“Much of the employment of souls and horrors of mind. 3. The state of

in this separate state, lies in converse both these is summed up in a few words, with angels and the spirits of just meri (verse 25.) But now he is comforted, made perfect. Angels have some way and thou art tormented :' even now, im- or other of conversing with each other ; mediately after the death of both, And, we re

Ind. we read of the 'tongue of angels ;' pot 4. That this respects the intermediate that they speak any particular language, state between the death of tre body and and with an articulate voice; but they the resurrection of it, is clear, from what have speech among themselves, which the wicked man petitioned, on the behalf they understand; they can can commuof his brethren in his father's house. in nicate their thoughts to one another, the state of the living, and having ́the and be happy in their mutual converse ; means, the law and the prophets; only

rophets : only see Dan, viii. 13. and xii. 5, 6, 7, and he thought if one was sent from the dead angels can convey their sense to the spito them it would strike them with greater rits of men; and the spirits of men can conviction ; when he was told they would com

ud communicate their's to them; such an not be persuaded though one rose from

intercourse between angels and the souls the dead : which shows the parable res- of men has been carried on in dreams pects the state of men before the resur- |

and visions, even in this imperfect state ; rection, and as taking place immediately

diately and much more are they able of conversupon death,

I ing together in a more perfect one."--Gill.

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Luther at Worms.

10, happy day, for truth, and righteousness, and Man enslaved, when Luther heard the voice of Quick'ning grace, and truth, like a barbed arrow

Reached his soul, and rent the veil of darkness " At length the doors of the hall being

From his heart :--when, like a giant 'mid Rome's

Pigmy sons, of doctors, cannons, priests, and opened, Luther entered, and many persons Cardinals, he raised his head by truth made not belonging to the Diet, made their way in Bold and strong i-when, like a Samson strengthened along with him. Never had man appeared

From on high, he burst the fetters ignorance

Had forged; and walked God's earth enfranchised before an assembly so august :-The em

by the peror Charles V., whose dominions embraced Truth, a free-born son, and citizen of heaven. the old and the new world ; his brother, the

A voice was heard, a voice from Wittemberg, archduke Ferdinand; six electors of the

Feeble at first, awhile it gathers strength, empire, whose descendants are now, almost The apostate vicar starts, and shakes the all, wearing the crown of kings; twenty Triple crown ; monks, priests, and cardinals stare, four dukes, the greater part of them reigning

Presumptuous mortal! Why thus dares disturb

Our reign, or sacriligious breath a note over territories of greater or less extent, and

Dissonant those strains we love to hear, of among whom are some bearing a name Fulsome adulation and volupt'ous ease. which will afterwards become formidable to Up! inquisition, lortures, faggot, flame, the Reformation, (the duke of Alva and his

Kings, princes, -all! Remove this heretic!

Ah, Rome, 'tis vain ! Again the voice! And lo, two sons ;) eight margraves; thirty arch The thick dark clouds, which, like a gloomy pall, bishops, bishops, or prelates ; seven ambassa Hung o'er the face of christendom, begin to dors, ainong them those of the kings of France

Move, and light once more revisits this sad earth, and England; the deputes of ten iree towns ; | Now, view this monk start from his cell, whose voice. a great number of princes, counts, and sove Like a reviving breath, but erst o'erspread reign barons; the nuncios of the Pope; in

The earth, bade the long torpid mind to think,

And view the chains in which by priest-craft bound, all, two hundred and four personages; such

Behold him now, amid that august throng was the court before which Martin Luther Of earth's great princes, king, and potentates, appeared.

To answer for the truth he dared proclaim. ** Luther having appeared before this august

A burning and a shining light he stands,

In that dark age preeminent, alone. assembly twice, on the second and last oc

His weapon's truth, his strength and refuge God; casion, after making a noble confession of The pomp and glare of human pageantry his faith, the following question was asked

And sacerdotal pride, affright him not. by the Chancellor of Trêves : -'You are

Firm as a rock, by grace divine upheld,

He stands, and in the face of Rome's fierce vassals, asked to give a clear and definite reply, will Emperor, prince, and priest, declares that simple, you, or will you not retract ?'

God-exalting truth, that far above all “'Luther then replied, without hesitation,

Councils, creeds, or pope, God's truth must stand,

A rule infallible, and arbiter supreme. . Since your most serene Majesty, and your

Happy for Luther, that while thus he spake, high Mightinesses, call upon me for a simple, And, single-handed, dared the wrath of Rome, clear, and definite answer, I will give it: and

The arms of mercy round her child were cast; it is this:-I cannot subject my faith either to

And love divine a sleepless vigil kept,

To shield her charge amid these rav'ning wolves the Pope or to councils, because it is clear as

as Thus weak and helpless cast. What though the proud day, that they have often fallen into error, and And haughty prince, before whose throne he stood, even into great self-contradiction. If, then,

This humble monk despised; yet from his lips

Had heaven ordained such words should fall, as I am not disproved by passages of Scripture,

Clothed with energy divine should reach the or by clear arguments ; if I am not con Hearts of men, and there set up a kingdom vinced by the very passages which I have

That should stand when earthly thrones lie crumbled

Into dust. 'Tis not by human courage, quoted, and so, bound in conscience to sub

Strength, or skill, that truth divine prevails; the mit to the Word of God, I neither can, nor | Bold reformer served a King this tinsled will retract any thing, for it is not safe for a Court knew not; who, when he speaks, e'en mon.. christian to speak against his conscience.'

, archs

Must obey, He, who when on this earth he Then looking round on the assembly before

Walked, the great sanhedrim passed, nor chose which he was standing, and which held his His followers from colleges or kings, life in its hands-Here I am,' says he, 'I

Now bade a miner's son go forth to break

Rome's iron yoke, and set the enslaved free. CANNOT DO OTHERWISE. GOD HELP ME.

*Old Mother Church' arrayed her faithful sons Amen.'"-D'Aubigne.

In silks and velvets, mitre, hood, and cowl,
A motley tribe, like princes some, others
Like beggars dressed ; her ancient arsenals

Bade them ransack, for musty weapons, Lords, 0. what a sight! 0, what a vict'ry faith here

Tradition-made monks, councils, schools and popes; Beholds! A sight at which truth leaps for joy, Christ dressed his soldier in his spotless robe, While all aghast grim superstition weeps,

Placed in his hand the two-edged sword of truth, And trembles to its in most centre, hell,

Which speedily mowed these puppets down in scores. O, ye who cavil at God's book divine !

'Twas not the eloquence of human art, And dare to sneer at heaven's best gift to man, Scholastic strength, or wit, made Luther's words Point to the historic page and shew a

Like fire, run thro' the earth; 'twas truth, the pure Scene like that pourtrayed above:name but one And simple truth, which like a battering Champion, that with life in hand, stood forth

Ram, beat in the walls that fenced the harlot's seat, Prepared to seal his doctrines with his blood ;

Tore up its base, and shook the seven hills, Yield life, than creed which he had taught.

Yet, not to Luther would we give the praise

of this great work ; 'twas through the man God spake ing an inveterate scorbutic humour of leprous To renovate his church. The time was come, Yea, the set time to favour Zion,' come;

scurvy in his face, which spread from ear to In vain does earth and hell oppose; from out

ear, and from his forehead to his bosom. That fallen and apostate church--that sink

He was remarkably patient under all ; yea, Of filth and sin, will Jesus fetch his bride.

in the end, he was strengthened unto all Hence, Luther must arise and blow the gospel Trump ;-yea more;-bchold a miracle, ye

long-suffering with joyfulness, which text Saints! This feeble man--this man so hated

he had noticed to his brother, Mr. S. CrowAnd despised, within the jaws of Rome,

hurst, about two years before his death ; and T'hat cruel beast, drunk with the blood drawn from

said that he could not say that he had been The veins of Jesu's flock ;--still lives! and in Her teeth, while thirsting for his blood, proclaimed strengthened to all long-suffering with joyThose glorious truths, which, shall at last, like fulness; but this was truly the case for Pointed javelins, drink her vital blood.

twelve months before he went home, as O! watchful Shepherd ! King of Israel's host ! Almighty lover, faithful, gracious, true,

many of his friends and myself can testify. To thee we owe that Luther lived,

On February 20, he said to his brother, By thee preserved, to shed abroad thy fame.

Mr. S. C., and others who went to see him, To thee belong the victories of thy cross

• The Lord has been pleased to afflict me in Dear Lord, thy voice is stronger from a poor Monk's cell, than sword or spear, than curse or ball, all my senses,' for his eyes were weak, Though from the pontiff's chair, Rome's wily legate, his hearing bad, and his taste was gone. Skilled in courtly arts, dissimulation,

But he said, 'I have not one pain too many; Lies, sophistry and craft, must bite the dust, Slain by the lip of truth. Hail, pearless truth!

| I am fully satisfied with the Lord's dealings.' Thou art omnipotent! Blest armour! Wrapt With respect to the state of his mind, he In which, unscathed, a monk could stand, amid was exceedingly happy; for the Lord was The venomed shafts of hell : secure, serene,

pleased to give him a sweet assurance of his When all around, heaved like a troubled sea. Thou mighty lever ! grasped by Luther's hand,

love to him, and care for him, in comforting Made strong by heaven, to lift the pond'rous stone, him on every side, and not suffering the By priest-craft rolled upon the well of life.

enemy to distress his mind; his remarks on Sweet voice! that bade the hidden sons of love Come forth to praise and worship thee alone :

various texts of Scripture were so experiAnd from her throne, tear superstition down

mental, that it rejoiced my heart, and I To her right place, beneath the feet of men.

seemed, (while with him,) to be on the subO, blissful, hallowed, day-spring from on high ! May thy sweet beams from Britain ne'er withdraw.

urbs of heaven. He rejoiced in the belief And thou, intrepid monk! O, may the thought

that he was a son, and that Jesus was his Of thee, thy saint-like courage, steadfastness brother ; he said - He is my Saviour, my And truth, thy faith heroic, great success,

Friend, my husband ;' and he said, "he was Inspire each servant of thy faithful Lord To trust, as thou didst, on his arm alone,

quite ready and waiting, whenever the Lord To fight his battles with the sword of faith,

should be pleased to call for him.' He gave The words of truth, and all .conquering prayer. his brother directions for his funeral. He

JUVENIS NERFLAB. said he wished to be buried on the right

hand side of the path in front of the chapel;

and his four brothers to follow him; and he A FURTHER ACCOUNT OF THE ILLNESS AND wished this on account of his wife ; as the Death of Mr. Edward Crowhurst family is numerous, that if there were more

it would be more than she would be able to Late Minister of the Gospel, Hadlow, Kent. bear at such a time. After making other

arrangements, he said he did not wish them “Dear Brother :--I herewith send you some fur. to mourn over his mortal remains ; for, ther particulars of the illness and death of our dear | said he, while you are mourning over me, I brother E, Crowhurst, with a brief outline of two I shall be waving a palm before the throne. sermons I preached at Hadlow Baptist Chapel, and three letters he wrote to his brother, Mr. S. Crow

On asking him what he should like to have hurst, New Cross. One you will see was written just put on a stone over him, he said he should before his death. Likewise a letter sent to me by like to have something that would strike the brother Crundwell, of Tunbridge, giving a most pre- leve of those that passed by that might be cious account of his triumphs over the great enemy, If you can find room for them in the Vessel' for useful to some poor souls. Perhaps this, July, you will oblige your's to serve in the gospel, . said he, Looking for that blessed hope, and . “JOHN BUNYAN M'CURE." I the olorious annearing of the creat God and

our Saviour, Jesus Christ.' He said, when Our brother Edward Crowhurst was laid I get to heaven I shall not be a stranger, I aside from his work about one year previous shall know them, and they will know me. to his death ; the last time he preached was He looked upon death not as death ; only in April, 1846. It was apprehended that as a shadow, his blessed Lord had swallowed the Lord was about to remove him to his up the substance in victory. eternal home, as his complaint had been [The following is a brief outline of two serthirty-six years upon him ; it first broke mons preached by Mr. John Bunyan out in the spring of 1811; almost every 1 M'Cure;] he saysthing that was proposed as a cure had been When I heard of the death of our dear tried, but nothing would eradicate it; it be- brother, my mind was solemnly impressed


with the testimony recorded in Ps. cxvi. 15. I never leave nor forsake them; he says he Concerning the saints of God, their death, will spare them as a man spareth his only and their entering through the dark valley son, who serveth him ; he is their everlastof the shadow of death, into their father's ing Father, consequently, it is an everlastkingdom, as living monuments of the love, ing relationship, they are his everlasting blood, and grace of a Triune Jehovah: to children, and are precious to him as such. this end they were ordained ; and are kept by Secondly, they are his Jewels ; more prethe power of God. 'Precious in the sightcious than gold. Jewels are precious to of the Lord is the death of his saints.' From men, but God's church is infinitely more these words the Lord enabled me to preach precious than the richest jewels in the world, two solemn sermons to the dear people at they have his name upon them, they are all Hadlow; the presence of the great Head of glorious within, their clothing is of wrought the church was realised, and I hope his pre- gold. cious name glorified. From the above words Thirdly, they are the apple of his eye; we noticed two things, First, the persons what a precious member the eye is to the spoken of. Secondly, the Lord's testimony head! how we love it! what care we take concerning them.

to preserve it! But who can tell how much First, The persons spoken of, are called more precious the saints are to God our saints ; to be a saint is to be the workman- Father, than our eye is to us? Mark what ship of Jehovah, Father, Son, and Holy he says, 'He that touches them touches the Ghost. From all eternity they were set apple of mine eye;' they are so near and apart; being the objects of divine love ; dear to him ; he suffered no man to do them loved with the highest love of God, before harm; he reproved kings for their sake.' the world began; with an everlasting love They are also precious to God the Son. His before they fell in Adam ; after they were covenant engagements, his divine substitufallen, even when dead in sin, and at all tion and responsibility for them, his life, his times, in all places, and under all circum- sufferings, his death, his resurrection, and stances; they are God's beloved saints. | all he endured, proves them to be most pre

Secondly, They are in union with the cious to him ; and this great truth is demonLord Jesus Christ; a part of him, and one strated in the experience of the heaven-bound with him ; he received them from the hands child of God. When the Lord Jesus met of the Father; holy, without spot, and unde- with us in a way of grace, what was our state filed – My dove, my undefiled is but one, and condition before this ? Enemies in our there is no spot in her;' he married her to mirds; the same as the man among the himself, and on the ground of this marriage tombs, living among the dead, with an whole union, the glorious relationship, the eternal legion of devils in us; our conduct was oneness between the lover and the loved, the devilish, our objects and pursuits were devil. husband and the wife, the head and the body, ish; our lives and conversation were devilish; the Saviour and the saved, the Sanctifier and and while in this state, the Lord Jesus came the saints, He engages in an everlasting to the place where we were, not in anger, but covenant, and becomes responsible as the in love ; not to punish us for our sin, but to Almighty Surety of his body, the church ; save us ; not to send us to hell, but to take and after having suffered, bled, and died, to us to heaven; his heart was flowing with present the whole of the saints to himself, a love, his words were compassion, his eyes glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, were grace, his hands were mercy, his work or any such thing, but that it should be holy, salvation, and his balm was blood. What and without blame.

did he say? Did he say we ought to be sent Thirdly, They are quickened by the Holy to hell ? That we were vile wretches, too Ghost, and so brought to experience their filthy for him to save ? Oh, no; we were sinnership, and then to know they are saints. | too precious ; and he was too much in love And the experimental knowledge they have with us, not with our sins, nor our sinnership, of themselves as lost, ruined, and black sin | but with our persons as the saints of God; ners, is the effect of that love that made he said, “My son, give me thine heart; them saints before time, and manifests them wherefore do ye spend money for that which to be such in time.

is not bread, and your labour for that which The next thing our text speaks of, is, that satisfieth not. Hearken diligently unto me, they are precious; precious in his sight ; and eat ye that which is good ; and let your costly, of great price, and precious to each soul delight itself in fatness. "Incline your divine person in the glorious Trinity.

ear and come unto me, hear and your soul First, they are precious to God the Father, shall live, and I will make an everlasting being his dear children, related to himself covenant with you ; even the sure mercies in love, whom he will never disown, he is of David.' And what has been the conduct not ashamed to call them his sons and of his grace since then ? Reader! do you daughters ; he will never give them up; nor know? If so I am sure you will join with suffer them finally to give him up ; he will me and sing a song of praise to him who

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