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held up, may never hang down. Mr. satisfaction at the word spoken, gatherMoyll then requested Mr. Meeres to ing therefrom the Lord had sent me to state his call by grace.

preach. And from that time to the preMr. M. began, by observing, at the sent the Lord has upheld me, though age of two years his father died; his tempted to give it up, yet the Lord has mother was left with five children. At enabled me to persevere.' six years I was sent to a Sunday-school; Mr. Moyll asked him what doctrines he and here the Lord made his first impres-l intended to preach ? He then read those sions on my soul; giving me to feel my usually held by the Calvinists. Mr. Moyll state as an awful sinner before him ; then requested some brother minister, after after a few years I got into much trouble Mr. Meeres had signified his willingness to of soul for sin, and also into the mere become the pastor of that church, to give him form of godliness; and went on in this the right hand of fellowship; which was way for some time, until an open state done by two or three. Mr. Moyll then supof sinning was indulged in: visiting plicated a blessing upon the union thus theatres, and other places of worldly for

I formed between church and pastor. amusement: at the end of my appren-nie

The Charge was then addressed to him, by

Te his pastor, Mr. Samuel Milner ; from those ticeship the Lord removed me to

important words 'Son of man, I have made Canterbury; and here my awful state of

thee a watchman unto the house of Israel ; sinning was again made known to me. I therefore hear the word at my mouth. and I attended the ministry of Mr. Blomfield, give them warning from me.' Ezek. iji. 17. near the Dane John there; and was After speaking a word or two upon the good much encouraged by a young man in the conduct of Mr. Meeres, as a member of his congregation, who took an interest in church, and making a few preliminary remy case. I afterwards removed to London marks, Mr. M. proceeded to noticeto Zion Chapel; but was eventually pre

First, The Commission. Secondly, - The

Charge, "Son of man, you are the son of a weak, worship, where I heard, and had deeper frail, and sinful man, a transgressor; not an angel ;

but a man; I have made thee,'none but God can discoveries of sin. I joined that church,

make a man a minister.'. He entered largely into the it was a mixed communion ; but after qualifications requisite for a spiritual watchman ; he wards the Lord opened my eyes to see

must be a citizen, not an enemy, an honest toan; possess good sight, have vigilance, be very courage

ous. I have made thee a watchman,' not only by to place to hear the Word : and was at l qualifying thee, but by calling. The general call of

God to his ministers seems to be by inspiring a de last enabled to cast in my lot at brother

sire in them, from a right motive; when God intends Milner's.'

a man to be a minister he will make a way for him ; Mr. Moyll said, he could read his own

and will clear up the way to him, himself. Mr.

Milner threw out some wholesome cautions against calling in this, being very similarly led ; the snares and temptations to which ministers are and then wished him to give an account

exposed. Dr. Gill was once threatened by adversity,

if he attempted to reply against a certain great man of his CALL TO THE MINISTRY

who had stated erroneous things. The Dr, said, went on t

I am not afraid to be poor.' Luther said, Prayer, and some others took a place in Ratcliffe

meditation, and temptation make a man a minister.' Your darkness and affliction will form some of vour

best keys to open the Scriptures with, He especially the gospel in. On one of the after charged him against pulpit tricks and idleness; and

not to preach the same sermon twenty or thirty noons he spoke to them with trembling

times over, nor the same sermon with another text. steps, on the ‘Smiting of the rock in the You must preach God's word, Some men study to wilderness. This was my first subject.

be witty, Let us be serious in these affairs. You

must preach reproofs, Some persons say you must Having opened my mouth in the name preach Christ, Never mind what they say ; never of the Lord, being requested to do so, I lay yourself open to a vitiated taste; take the whole

compass of God's word, and preach it as delivered intreated the Lord to appear, in his pro

you. And do not dwell merely upon one peculiar vidence, by opening doors without any topic. Be diligent. Beg, borrow, and steal, any seeking of mine; and from time to time

how, so long as you get something for the people,

| Warn the wicked, Warn professors who are out of one after another came for me. Once in the way, and feed the flock of Christ. speaking, I was very much cast down by a person coming to hear me to cri- |

Mr. Wyard afterwards addressed the ticise my ministry. I spoke from the

church from – 'I speak as unto wise men ; words . The golden pot that had |

judge ye what I say. But we cannot now

notice it. manna.' I had great freedom in speaking. The person afterwards came to me We deeply regret not being able to give who had but an unfavourable opinion | but so small a portion of what our corresof me, and confessed his surprise, and pondent has favoured us with.]


“We wait for light, but behold obscurity; for brightness, but we walk in darkness; we grope for the wall like the blind; and we grope as if we had no eyes ; we stumble at noon day, as in the night; we are in desolate places as dead men. We roar all like bears, and mourn sore like doves: we look for judgment, but there is none; for salvation, but it is far off from us." Isaiah lix. 9, 10, 11, DEARLY BELOVED, and longed for in him in it; and he shall be delivered out the bowels of Jesus Christ :-Methinks of it. I hear you exclaim, inwardly, after hav- In the words there are eight different, ing read the portion of the Word of God or distinct features, which are to be which stands at the head of this com- traced in the experience of God's exermunication, " Ah! this is surely the very cised, living family. Here is, first, Waitframe of my soul; the inward, soul-felt ing; and that for light and for brightlanguage of my heart : yea, the very cir- ness, though beholding obscurity and cumstances in which I am found, and the darkness. Secondly, Walking, though state in which I have been, now, for it be in the midst of that self-same darka long time; so that I am ready to halt, ness. Thirdly, Groping; that is, earnand my feet have well nigh slippedestly feeling after an object, even the and the sorrowful language of the Poet wall, though it be like the blind, and as has been, many a time, poured out from if they had no eyes. Fourthly, Stumthe abundance of my sorrowful heart bling; which a dead thing never did : so • Encompass’d with clouds of distress,

that their very stumbling is as much an

evidence of life as running: for a man Just ready, all hope to resign; I pant for the light of thy face,

must move before he can stumble, And fear it will never be mine.

though it be even at noon day. Fifthly,

Desolation; or a being in desolate circum• Dishearten'd with waiting so long, stances: that is in barren, unfruitful, cold,

I sink at thy feet with my load; dreary, solitary places, like dead men, All plaintive, I pour out my song, who never bring forth any living fruit, or And stretch forth my hands unto God.'"

increase. Sixthly, Roaring, all like bears. Well; it is better to be a living dog, Seventhly, Mourning sore, like doves. than a dead lion ; for, to him that is And eighthly, Yet still looking for, and joined to all the living there is hope : I expecting, with longing expectation, for, the living know by feeling) that judgment and salvation ; though both they shall die; but, the dead know not these, as to the fullest sense of them, be (by feeling) any thing.' And, poor dear | far off from us. Hezekiah told the Lord, after having Now, ye dear souls, be it known unto poured out his sorrowful complaint unto you, that if ye are waiting, ye are cerhim, 'O, Lord, by these things men live, tainly alive, and among the living; for, and in all these things is the life of my la dead thing cannot be said, at any time, spirit.' The mere hypocrite and dead to wait: and in your waiting you experi. professor, the unregenerate sinner in ence a felt sense of your need of a blessZion, and man-made christian, knows ing, and your waiting for light and for nothing, that is, by feeling, of the things brightness, is attended with an expectacontained in the above text; although I tion that springs out of an hope, however đo verily believe there are in this day, small that hope may seem to be in your thousands who have, or possess a natural own account; and in the midst of these speculative knowledge, even of christian things there is also a degree of felt paexperience, and these are the characters, tience, though oft’times, like poor Job, who, if possible, in these last days, deceive you find the same little patience almost the very elect; but the dead professor drowned in impatience, while you are. never felt the things set forth in the text quite ready to conclude the blessing of before us; they are descriptive of the light and brightness will never come peculiar afflictions of Joseph, and des- unto you, and that the vision which you cribe the time of Jacob's trouble, of have seen, or thought you saw, and which the Lord has said, he will be with which you have considered was ' yet for AUGUST, PART XXXI. VOL. III.,

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an appointed time' in your behalf, was wounded conscience ? Art thou waitnothing more nor less than a vain vision, ing till the Lord shall come, and give or a mere chimera of the brain, arising you to know, by feeling, the blessedness from the workings of a vain imagination, lof that word of his, wherein he saysexcited by a naturally vivid fancy; yet If we walk in the light, even as he is in your waiting, you wait for blessings, in the light, we have fellowship one with which none but God, who has said, “light another, and the blood of Jesus Christ, is sown for the righteous, and joy for the his Son, cleanseth us from all sin ? upright in heart can supply, even light, Then nothing short of this will, or can and brightness of light, or radiance of satisfy the longing desire, holy panting, light, so that you wait for God himself; and breathings of thy sonl: thou waitfor God is light;for Christ, for he is ing babe - thou longing babe -- thou the light of life, the brightness of the new-born babe—thou weak babe, wait Father's glory, or, a morning without still on the Lord, be of good courage, clouds, as the clear shining, after rain;- and he shall strengthen thine heart by and for the Holy Ghost, by whose bright granting thee thine heart's desire ; and shining rays, a glorious Christ is revealed though hope deferred, often maketh to the eye of a living faith : you wait for thine heart sick, yet the desire, when it the word of God to be spoken by the cometh, shall be found a tree of life to power of the Holy Ghost into your soul's thy soul. Wait, I say, on the Lord; for feelings, so as to find, and to feel it a he standeth behind thy wall, and will light unto your feet, and a lanthern to soon leap over it, or break it down. your path ; and you can no more be sa-l Art thou a young man, having been tisfied without the word of the Lord, as enabled some time ago, to overcome the a spoken and felt word, even as the word wicked one; and hast walked in the of light unto you, than a poor creature light and rejoiced in the truth; feeling cast into the lowest, darkest dungeon, I thine interest in Christ, and in all he where it is impossible a ray of material hath done and suffered? And hath the light can enter, could be satisfied with sweet light of his countenance subsided? the testimony that the sun was shining Hath he wrapped himself up in his imin all its noon day brightness, on, and penetrable clouds, so that you are soraround those who were walking at large; rowfully exclaiming—0, that I were as while you sigh out of the abundance of in months past, when the candle of the your hearts, longing, When, oh when Lord shone upon me,' and when in his will it be morning time with me ?» feel light, I walked through darkness; for ing and finding that it is not possible now I go forward and backward and that one single portion of the word of cannot see him ; I look on the right God, nor all the letter preaching of the hand where he used to stand by me, and day, though the same be adorned or em- on the left, where he was accustomed to bellished with rhetorical touches, at work in my heart, but I cannot find him? tended with displays of natural talent, Or art thou among the fathers, who have accompanied with all the beauties of known him, that is, from the beginning, language, and what is called forcible. I even a covenant Jehovah, in his Trinity and persuasive appeals, can shed a single l of Persons, as being related unto you, ray of light or brightness, joy, comfort, in covenant relationship, as your God ? or consolation into your soul, while you And hast thou known him, in all the wait for that which you cannot give fulness of his grace and mercy? And yourself, which men nor angels cannot may it now be said of you- She that confer, and which must come into your hath born seven languisheth'? Is thy soul from God himself; while you cry-sun gone down while it was yet day? •O, send out thy light and thy truth: Are all thy former evidences darkened, let them lead me and bring me into thiné and beclouded, so that you see not your holy hill! O, my God, bring my soul signs, while you exclaim out of prison, that I may praise thy name.'| Art thou a babe in Christ ; never hav

“Where is the blessedness I felt,

When first I knew the Lord ?' ing yet experienced the being come to the blood of sprinkling, which speaketh And in your darkness which is felt, you peace as it is applied to the soul, through cry outthe power of God the Holy Ghost, and “0, for a light to shine upon, brings pardon into the guilty and The road which leads me to the Lamb.”


While the Lord is still pleased to keep ousness, when he shall again say, 'Arise,
back, or hide the face of his throne from shine; for thy light is come, and the
thy view, and the heavens are thick with glory of the Lord is risen upon thee;'
blackness; your God hath wrapped him and what a mercy your waiting thus, is
self up in thick clouds and darkness, in not the dead stand still, nor presump-
which he is pleased to dwell ? You know tuous slothfulness of a dead faith, but
what it is to wait for light and for bright- you are still walking, though it be in
ness, and in your daily experience you darkness, and as walking indicates life
find that though you remember the Lord and motion, even a going from place to
from the land of Jordan, (that is, how place, so you find in your soul what it is
the Lord went forth for your deliver- to go from hope to fear, and from fear
ance, in bringing thee dry shod through to hope; and so you are led about as the
Jordan into the Canaan of inheritance;) Lord led his people about in the wilder-
and also the sweet Hermonite seasons ness, and instructed them while he kept
you have enjoyed in the land, when re- them as the apple of his eye.
freshing dew descended on thy soul; and The Editor says, I must here break
though you remember the dear hill off, which I do very reluctantly; but he
Mizar, where thou didst once hold and promises most certainly to enable me to
enjoy sweet communion and fellowship finish this my epistle to you next month.
with thy God, yet the language of your Believe me to be,
soul is, 'My God, I want thee to com- Your companion in tribulation, and
mand again thy lovingkindness unto my servant for Christ's sake, in the bonds
soul in the day time; so that in the of the gospel,
night my song may be again unto thee;'

WILLIAM SKELTON, S and for that day time my prayer is unto Baptist Parsonage, Aldringham, Suffolk,

.8. the God of my life, and for which I l wait and long more than they that wait The People of God led forth and watch for the literal morning. But

Right Way: ah!' say you, 'in the midst of my waiting, (if waiting it may be deemed,) and A Spiritual Dissertation u waiting for lignt and for brightness, tor | THE TYPICAL CHARACTER wisdom, for counsel, for direction, for

TWELVE SONS OF fresh tokens from, and fresh manifesta.

JACOB. tions, of my God, behold obscurity and

LETTER I darkness is mine; gloomy darkness in

I. providential affairs; dark clouds enve- / MY DEAR BROTHERlope my every prospect; obscure, and to the subject which ID coming again , mysterious dealings, and that of the tempted to lay befor I have before at Lord's hand too, drive me into bewil- be true in my soul e you, I feel that to derment, which the penetrating eye of Samaria said-'+ what the woman of sense and reason cannot possibly deve- have nothing to the well is deep, and, I lope; and yet unable to say, soul-feel. Ghost says why draw with.' The Hólv ingly, though I admit the same as a eyes, she sav en God 'opened Hagar's glorious truth in my judgment, without any

o a well of water '-and, ...

difficulty, 'she went ; filled “ And ev'ry dark and bending line,

I know the and gave the lad to drink.' Meet in the centre of his love."

it is call re is a well of water and that The devil roars from without; and within the well ded, Beer-lahai-roi ;' (that is: threatening sound; while inward foes, mes

, of him that liveth, and seeth

trely, this well must be typical of like swarms of locusts arise, and seem to that er blacken the very air, 80 that neither is oro perjasting covenant of grace, which

vered in all things, and sure! The. light nor brightness breaks through them well to your present joy or consolation; and of th nt jov or consolation; and oft he things which John was commanded

! of Him that liveth! This was one instead of realizing the blessing, you are to

to write. unto the churches-I AM HE made to long and to wait for it; instead mi and brightness being enjoyed; l' aold I am alive for evermore,' My

AAT LIVETH, and was dead; and bedarkness and obscurity have been, and



friends, my feelings, my comforts, my still are your's to witness. Well, dear'i will bring thee forth to the watch over, to defend, to provide for his

I prospects may die; but Jesus liveth, to + and thou shalt behold his righter church and people. I say again, I know



there is a well of water-but all I can own body on the tree. And in heaven, do, is to cry out, as Israel did—(Num. before sin or satan had a being, this dixxi. 16, 17.) 'Spring up, O well; sing vine agreement was clenched with this ye unto it.I do really need the di- most glorious and immutable promise on rection of the Law-giver; and I want the Father's side — When his soul shall the staff of divine anointing and heavenly make an offering for sin, he shall see authority put into my soul before I can his seed-[Christ did not shed his predig into the well, so as to bring forth the cious blood for nobody knows who; for precious things therein contained. Iany-body, or every-body, or no-body. have set out to shew that the first six No, no. He saw the whole number of sons of Jacob were typical of the provi- his elect; they were all known to him ; sions made by the LORD JEHOVAH in they were all present with him. This the everlasting covenant of grace. I was one of the five glorious things which have spoken of Reuben, of Simeon, of Moses spake of Christ. (Deut. xxxii. Levi, of Judah, Issachar, then is the 21.) He says, Christ provided the first next to be considered.

part for himself; that is, the covenant It is not only in the mere interpreta- of grace, with all that it contained; betion of Issachar's name that Christ is to cause there in a portion of the law-giver be found; but also in the blessed things was he seated; set up in the covenant as predicted of him. The learned agree to Head over all things, and he came WITH render the word Issachar as meaning -not merely for, nor on the behalf of"a price -'a recompense, or reward. I though this would be true but he came Thus it truly points to Christ's covenant- with the heads of the people;' for them ing to pay a price, and to make a sacri. he executed the justice of the Lord, and fice for the redemption of the church. his judgements with Israel.' Therefore

In Issachar, I see the Son of God cove- he shall see his seed,] he shall prolong his

. nanting to pay the full price which law days, and the pleasure of the Lord shall .., and justice did demand ; and in Issachar prosper in his hands.' The price being

"I also see the promise made unto Christ, paid, the reward shall be certain. that his reward should be with him. T Issachar meaneth not only price; but

Surely, as David bought the thresh- recompense and reward. Issachar was ing floor of Araunah the Jebusite, and therefore a type of the price which Christ the oxep for a certain price ; so also did should pay, and the reward he should Christ covenant to redeem the church, receive. and all the oxen, at no less a price than Who is that which saith-(Deut. xxxii.

that of his 'own most precious blood. 35.) To me belongeth vengeance and re They are bold and expressive words recompense ? I believe it is the Lord

which the Apostle writes - Ye are God of Israel. The fury of divine venbought with a price.' Who are bought ? geance fell upon him : the fullness of • The Church of God. What is the redemption's recompense shall be given price? Ask Peter his soul appears to to him. Even so, in a spiritual sense, be fired with the subject, Not with (as is written in the 39th and 40th verses)

corruptible things, as silver and gold, I, even I am he, and there is no god .... but with the precious blood of Christ' with me: I kill, and I make alive; I fu When was this price agreed upon ? The wound and I heal; neither is there any

scheme of making peace with God, (says that can deliver out of my hand.'
one,) or of appeasing divine justice and But, you say, how can all this be made
of making reconciliation fou sin, was to stand with the prophetic declarations
planned in the everlasting council, which made by Jacob and Moses concerning
(in Zech. vi. 13,) is called the council Issachar? As for instance, Jacob call.
of peace.' God was there, and there in eth Issachar a strong a88 couching down
Christ reconciling the whole number of between two burdens : and he saw that
his elect unto himself.' Christ was verily rest was good, and the land that it was
foreordained before the foundation of the pleasant; and he bowed his shoulder to
world, to be made sin for us, and to put bear, and became a servant to tribute.'
away sin, and sin's curse and condem- Well; a more exact prophecy con-
nation from us ; and it was then and cerning the humiliation and the stoop-
there determined that all this should be ing down, of our glorious Immanuel can-
done by · His own self bearing (or lift- not be found. Here, certainly Jacob
ing off and lifting up) our sins in his I saw his Lord clothed with humility :

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