Imatges de pÓgina

groaning under the burden of our sins, | ple for his name;' (Acts xy. 14.). "The and prostrate in the dust. There Jacob destroyer of the gentiles (saith Jerepreached three gospel truths. First, the miah,) is on his way. Yes; the devil, as cause of Christ's humiliation, he saw a devourer and a destroyer, has long the rest was good. Secondly-there is been on his way : but Christ, as the Rethe voluntary surrender of the Lord of deemer and Restorer of his own elect is life and glory—he bowed his shoulder strong-yea, stronger than the strong to bear; Thirdly, there is the end he man armed. He will say—[and, oh, had in view he became a servant unto what power is there in his voice! His tribute.' You, my dear brother, may feel voice broke up the fountains of the deep somewhat hurt, at the first, to think that in my soul; bis voice dispelled nature's the holy and righteous, the pure and per- darkness from my mind; his voice snapfect Lamb of God should be prefigured ped assunder the bands of death, enby that of a strong ass ;' But let me twined around my heart; his voice raised explain to you a little if I can: And, in me from the sleep of death, into the newthe first place, asses, especially whiteness of eternal life. The voice of the asses, were esteemed by the people of Lord, says David, is upon the waters; it ihe East, as being the most noble beasts; is powerful ; it is full of majesty; it and they certainly were so. Deborah breaketh the cedars of Lebanon ; [and gives us to understand (Judges v. 10.) that is no easy task, the Philippian jailor that those who sat in judgment rode on to wit:] the voice of the Lord divideth white asses ; and she commanded them the flames of fire; shakes the wilderness of to speak and to declare the counsels of Kadesh-(that is the whole church of the God. Besides, the word which is ren-living God; for she is a wilderness of dered ass '—(as the learned tell me,) – herself; but Christ shakes her to the meaneth one that is sure in the tread,' very centre ;)—the voice of the Lord a sure-footed creature :--and I know you maketh the hinds to calve, and discoverwill agree with me, that what Moses eth the forests ;' (that is, as my soul is sware unto Joshua, is true in the person led to find, he maketh the barren woman of the Lord Jesus Christ Surely the (the poor desolate heart of the child of land whereon thy feet have trodden, shall God) to keep house ; and to be a joyful be thine inheritance; and thy children's mother of children:) and in this way he for ever. (Joshua xiv. 9.) Our most goes on until, as the psalmist concludes lovely, faithful, and Almighty Jehovah- the story—IN HIS TEMPLE DOTH EVERY Jesus has never yet made a false step; ONE SPEAK OF HIS GLORY :' for 'he his feet have never slidden backwards. will say to the north, give up: and to the With his feet he walked through the south keep not back: bring my sons whole counsel of God; through the from afar; and my daughters from the whole covenant of grace; through the ends of the earth. Truly, in every sense whole of creation; through the whole of the word, Issachar is a strong ass. election of grace; and all that land has It has been said—but the ass, though been given to him. All things were a noble creature, was deemed by the made by him, and for him : as the apostle Levitical law, unclean ;' true; and yet wondrously sums it up Of him, and it was predicted of Christ, and literally through bim, and to him are all things; fulfilled by Christ, that he should come to whom be glory for ever. Amen.' riding upon an ass : five days before his

Our glorious Issachar was strong ; he death, he entered into Jerusalem riding is strong: and his tread always has been, upon an ass; and many spread their it always will be--sure. There was no garments in the way: and others cut failure in him. For the elect's sake, he down branches off the trees, and strawed went to the end of the law, and magni- them in the way: and they that went fied it; to the end of God's wrath, and before, made this wonderful proclamaendured it; to the end of sin, and can. tion-Blessed is he that cometh in the celled it; to the end of the kingdom of name of the Lord; blessed be the kingdarkness, and conquered it; to the end dom of our father David, that cometh of the Father's purpose, and accom- in the name of the Lord, Hosannah in plished it; and he is, by the gospel, ac- the highest.' companied by the power of the Holy Was there any meaning in all this? Ghost, going to the very ends of the I do believe there was indeed. Look at earth, to take out of all nations a peo- I these three things; and consider--(1.)

A View of Christ on the Cross.

The ass. Was it not in the east a noble creature, and yet unclean ? Did not this prefigure man as the noble workmanship of God, but as having fallen under the curse,

WHAT means that massy cross of wood,"

That stands on yon conspic'ous ground? through the power of the devil ? Did Christ

And what, that stream of vital blood, ride upon the ass ? Did not this shew that Which, from it runs in torrents down? it was the sin and uncleanness of the church

Alas! I see it downward flows, that brought him down to this low estate, From some poor victim's bleeding wounds; down to persecution, temptation, agony,

How poig'nant seem his dying woes! bloody sweat, and death? Did Christ send

How full of agony his groans ! and take this ass-was it not his own ? Did

I'll nearer stand, that I may view

The myst'ries of this solemn place; not this declare the great gospel truth—He

And see if I can fathom who that knew no sin, was made sin for us ?'

Is hanging there, in such disgrace. " Was it for crimes that I had done,

of what foul nature, is the deed, He groan'd upon the tree ?

For which he's doom'd to suffer there? Amazing pity, grace unknown,

His bursting, tortur'ing heart strings bleed; And love beyond degree !"

His mournful groanings pierce the air.

The earth and rocks are rent in twain, Surely, here was the strength of his eternal He cleaves them with his piteous woe; Godhead, in that he who thought it not

Look yet again, his flesh is maim'd, robbery to be EQUAL WITH God, made him

And his pure spirit's wounded too. self of no reputation, but took upon him the

I'll turn and ask my conscience, now,

The name of this poor dying man; form of a servant, and was made in the like

What is the cause of all his woe, ness of men : HUMBLED HIMSELF! and be

And what the crimes his hands have done? came obedient unto death, even the death of

I've learnt. And oh ! I blush to tell, the cross. “Christ's appearance was very It is my Jesus' piercing cries; mean, he was sitting upon an ass ; a crea

To save my sinful soul from hell,

The great Creator bleeds and dies, ture made not for state but for service ; not for battles, but for burdens; slow in its mo

More precious in the sight of God,

Than heaven's bright hosts—is my poor soul; tions, but sure, and safe, and constant.

Since he could freely shed his blood, There was a peculiar significancy in all this !

To save it from the lowest hell, Zion's King comes riding, not on a prancing High in the heavens, he pleads my cause, horse, which the timorous petitioner dares Before his Father's glorious throne; not come near ; or a running hurse, which He sympathizes for my woes, the slow-footed petitioner cannot keep pace

And makes my grievances his own. with ; but on a quiet ass, that the poorest of

If but one single sin remain'd,

Lest that should my poor soul undo, his subjects may not be discouraged in their

He'd pant to come and die again, access to him.'

And all his former griefs renew. The spreading branches of trees denoted

Not one is left--no, not a stain: the certain victory which he would attain They all upon my Saviour lay ; upto ; and the acclamation- Blessed be the My Jesus dried his ev'ry rein,

To wash the frightful sum away. kingdom of our father David that cometh in

What tongue is adequate to tell, the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the

The merits of that blood, divine, highest,' declared who he was: the whole

Which hath redeem'd from death and hell, spiritual kingdom of God's elect was in him

The worst of souls, yea, even mine? and with him. In the coming of Christ,

Not all the tongues of angels, bright, came the whole kingdom of grace and eternal Nor seraphs that surround his throne; glory. Our spiritual Issachar was strong How, then, can I praise him aright,

Who am, at best, a sinful worm ? in condescension-strong in possession-aná

Dear Lord, it will not, cannot be, strong in victory.

While in this wilderness I live; I find it impossible to trace this part of

I scarce can raise a thought to thee, the subject out further now: the Lord per Much less a song of praise to give. mitting, you shall hear more of Issachar and

0, could I flee above the skies, Zebulun next month. I am thankful to in

And soar beyond the orb of day !

I'd cease not, then, to sing thy praise, form you that my soul is in peace. I find

Nought should my happy song allay, that Scripture very blessed indeed—' In re

HELLEN MARIA CAREY. turning and rest shall ye be saved ; in quietress and in confidence shall be your strength.'

CRITICAL REMARKS ON THE Trust in the Lord, my brother; and believe me a lover of poor Zion, and a willing la-Ordination Service of Mr. J. L. Meeres, bourer in her vineyard,

New Church-street, Bermondsey, CHARLES WATERS Banks. 6. Pagoda Terrace, Bermondsey New Road.

Letters from different parts of the country have

reached us, expressing much dissatisfaction at the | insertion of a brief notice of Mr. Meere's ordina

tion. Now, the fact is, our correspondent who

furnished the report of that service, had made some \ passage of Scripture mentioned, that killed excellent notes on the very points which haye given such offence; but both our hands and our pages

him under the law; nor any spot pointed were full at the time; and we were under the ne-out, where he lost his life, his legal life under cessity either of abridging the report sent us, leav- the law; not one passage of Scripture brought ing out the author's critical remarks, or of aban-|

forward to shew how he was raised up by the doning it altogether. We certainly had much better have adopted the latter course, but under the cir

Holy Spirit of life, unto life, peace, and joy cumstances, we couldnot." Theta" has our thanks for his plain dealing; and the substance of “Old Ghost; no light spot shewn where the Spirit Sincerity's" letter we here subjoin.

of life lifted him out of the dunghill of self,

and self-righteousness, into the life and TO THE EDITOR OF“THE EARTHEN VESSEL."

EL." righteousness of Jesus Christ, the Son of Dear Sir :-Far be it from me to Make a God; no account of his marriage day to man an offender, for a word. Nevertheless, Christ; nor of Christ being revealed in him we are commanded to believe not all words the hope of glory; only that he had imthat are spoken.' And, although there are pressions at a Sunday School ; forsook the some good and sound words spoken in the theatres ; wandered from place to place, from ordination service of Mr. Meeres, there are chapel to chapel; and his eyes were opened others which appear as dead flies in the oint-to see Baptism, and was enabled at last to ment of the apothecary ; causing it to send cast in his lot at brother Milner's.' It cer. forth a stinking savour to those whose senses tainly is a very vague account, and does not are exercised to discern good and evil. amount in the detail, to the common-place

I have read the Earthen Vessel from its experience of a private christian, and is most commencement, with much pleasure and certainly a shallow account of a minister of profit, promoted its sale wherever I could, the gospel. and hope to see it prosper in the hands of As for Mr. Moyll bolstering the man up, the Lord to his own glory, and the soul- by saying, 'he could read his own calling in comforting, and soul-establishing of his poor this account, it being very similar to this,' I afficted people. And I highly esteem the know not what sort of a calling Mr. Moyll chief manager of the periodical, and some bas had; but if this be his judgement I, think others connected with it; and I am aware of he has never read much of his own heart, the difficulty a manager of such a work has nor the lessons which the Holy Spirit to satisfy all correspondents and readers. teaches, when souls are called by grace, or But I am not cavilling merely for argu- to the ministry. ment's sake, nor from any prejudice against Mr. Meeres' call to the ministry is more the preachers at the above ordination ; for I vague still. • Himself and some others took know nothing of them as preachers, only a place in Ratcliffe Highway, for sailors to from that which is before me in the Vessei, meet, and hear the gospel.' . Himself!' who and as charity hopeth all things, I would knows but that it was but himself ?There hope they are gracious men; but, if we are are many young men who get a notion that gracious men, we may have some failings, they can preach, and hire places to hear and must not spurn at admonition, especi-themselves talk in rotation ; learn to harally when we are admonished in love ;' and rangue a few people; and then persuade indeed I mean nothing more ; for, I love all themselves they are sent to preach ; because good men of God, though I often hate my they can talk about the Scriptures. own life. But, as I desire to see the Vessel The country at this day is full of preachers. prosper, I could wish to see it continue a Teachers are heaped up on all sides now, clean Vessel, with salt in it. ' Have salt in having itching ears.' They themselves beyourselves, and peace one with another. gin to preach, and their ears begin to itch,

Passing over many things in this Ordi-hearkening in every direction to hear their nation Service, (and indeed I do not think own fame; and if any ignorant person will much of ordinations by men,) there appears scratch their ears, by saying, 'I heard you : nothing in the Experience and Call of Mr. well, you can preach ; you are called to the Meeres above the common place calls of ministry ;' the work is done; and the mere moral lecturers of the day, calling preacher is pleased, and satisfied from the themselves gospel ministers. Yea, many | sanction of man, and perhaps, can give no Arminian preachers will give you much the satisfactory account that God has called him, same account; and perhaps, go further. ordained him, or consecrated him to that Conviction and conversion are distinct ; | solemn work, though he may have called many are convicted who are not converted to himself, and be called by others, and orGod. But in this account of his call, there dained a preacher by men. Let all preachers is nothing clear, nor satisfactory; he does who cannot give a satisfactory account of not mention one passage of Scripture their call to preach the gospel, go to Norbrought to his mind through the power of thampton, and hear the awful account, and the Spirit, in his conviction, conversion, call confession, and recent death of the preacher by grace, or call to the ministry. Not one Briggs.

I know nothing of Mr. Meeres, only by thing among men but Jesus Christ, and him the communication, through the Earthen crucified.' Christ is all and in all.' Vessel, which is no satisfactory proof that he

“Give me Christ, or else I die.” is called to the ministry; for there is no account of God's calling him to the ministry O, my soul now saith, 'Give me Christ, and either by the voice of the Lord the Spirit in you may have all else beside.' Surely, friend his soul, or by any particular word of God Milner, it was an unadvised slip of your spoken to him ; and I believe that ministers tongue; was it not so ? But you go on to called to that solemn work are moved both say, Be diligent ; beg, borrow, and steal; by the Spirit and the Word conjointly, and any how, so long as you get something for can give some account of their call to the the people.' What! Are the feelings and work. But, Mr. Meeres says he took a pleasures of a people, (what sort of a people place, took a text, and took to preaching ; l are they ?) to be valued and sought after and once he trembled because a critic was above the glory of God, and the honour of before him.' Many lecturers have trembled his Christ? What ! is a preacher to borrow when rising' to lecture on politics, or any and steal, any how, from other men's brains, other worldly topics ; fearing they should sermons, books, and commentaries, to get not acquit themselves cleverly, and after something for the people, rather than the wards have had great freedom in speaking.' immediate word which the Spirit gives him But as soon as this critic, before Mr. Meeres, for the people? Behold, I am against the expressed his surprise and satisfaction at the prophets, saith the Lord, that steal my words word spoken, Mr. Meeres gathered there every one from his neighbour.' Jer. xxiji 30. from, the Lord had sent him to preach !!! When God sends his word in the power of Mr. Meeres, is this your proof and satisfac- the Spirit, in a minister, it is hammer and tion, that you are called to preach the gospel ? fire, that melts the soul down into the love It appears like man's work altogether ; you of Christ, consumes the wickedness from the were afraid of the man lest he should not souls of his people, and makes us joy in approve of your preaching; and then you God, through our Lord Jesus Christ. were satisfied of your call to preach as soon

OLD SINCERITY. as the man applauded you. I know nothing

July 6, 1847. of you, Mr. Meeres, nor of the people of your charge; but if you are called to preach, [We cannot, upon the whole, regret the inI would advise you to seek for a more satisfac sertion of the ordination service; for in tory proof of it; for, depend upon it, if there the first place, it clearly shows, how are any spiritual people among you, they quickly a man is put into the ministry in are not all satisfied with your testimony, if these days. And, secondly, it has given you are yourself.

“ Old Sincerity" an opportunity of writAnd to conclude, I am not a little sur ing an honest, straightforward letter upon prised at Mr. Milner, (having heard a good the subject. We certainly do most deeply account of him,) that he should ordain al regret the insertion of Mr. Milner's adman from such a testimony. But really the vice to‘his young Timothy—'to beg, bornote taken from Mr. Milner's charge to Mr. row, and steal, any how. This one Meeres, lowers my opinion of him exceed sentence has seemed to thrill with horror ingly, if he really means what he says in through the souls of all honest men who some of his expressions ; such as the fol- have read it. But is not that one sentence lowing: -'Some persons say you must a key which unlocks and lays open much preach Christ; never mind what they say.' that is mysterious about many ministers ? What! never mind what they say about • How do ye account for it'(says a friend) preaching Christ ? What is a minister of that many men, äre manifestly destitute Jesus Christ to preach about but Christ ? | of spiritual unction, life, and power ; and A sermon without Christ, is like a system yet they stand for years, dealing out goswithout a sun ; a confused dark chaos, with pel truth ; and get a people to support out light; a shadow, without a substance; them ? How do ye account for it? Why, the white of an egg without salt ; a dead read Ezekiel xvii. 3-6. That eagle rebody without a soul; yea, put all good presents an unclean presumptuous man works, and bad works ; good words and bad who crops off the tops of other men's words of men together; all your wisdom and branches, carries them into a land of knowledge ; and all your sermons and say traffick (the professing church, who are ings together; yea, gather every fragment selling Christ and the gospel by wholeof the material, intellectual, moral, and visi. sale now,) and plants them in a fruitful ble creation together, and it would make but | field, that is natural talent, where they one dismal hell of misery and confusion to a grow, and become spreading vines. We heaven-born soul; if Christ is not there, the are inclined to hope, however, Mr. Milner only light, life, and glory of my soul is left did not really mean what he said ; but out. Paul was determined to know no- ! more of this next month.]

THE DYING MOMENTS OF 11 know now what that white stone is, whereon William Janeway and his Son.

a new name is written, which none know but they who have it. And that fit of weeping

which you saw me in was a fit of overpowerAbout the middle of the seventeenth cen- ing love and joy, so great, that I could not tury, there sprang up in the county of Hert | for my heart contain myself; neither can I fordshire, the family of the Janeways; a express what glorious discoveries God hath father and five sons, the whole of whom are made of himself unto me. And had that joy spoken of as men of nuch fervent zeal, been greater, I question whether I could talent, and usefulness, in the ministration of have born it, and whether it would not have the gospel in those dangerous times. An separated soul and body. Bless the Lord, interesting account of them is given in the O my soul, and all that is within me, bless seventh volume of Nelson's Puritan Divines. his holy name, that hath pardoned all my There is in the following extracts, something sins, and sealed the pardon." He hath healed 80 illustrative of the dark conflicts, as well

my wounds, and caused the bones which he as the glorious manifestations of heavenly had broken to rejoice. O help me to bless light and love, which often attend the dying the Lord! He hath put a new song into my moments of the Lord's people, that we feel mouth. O bless the Lord for his infinite persuaded they will not only be read with goodness and mercy! Oh, now I can die.! The deepest interest, but are calculated to be It is nothing ; I bless God, I can die... I useful to fearful souls. Our first extract is desire to be dissolved, and to be with Christ.' concerning the death of the father, Mr. William Janeway. Stand, reader, for a mo

PELLOWSHIP WITH GOD.. ment, beside the bed of this dying servant of It is recorded of William Janeway, (the Jesus Christ! See what death sometimes son of the elder, before spoken of,) that he is even to the christian. The writer says – was most remarkable for retirement, medi

Being under dark apprehensions of mind / tation, and prayer, Observing his constant in his last illness. he expressed himself in practice of retiring either into the church, the following manner to his son :-'Oh, le

or some solitary room, (says one of his bosom John ! this passing into eternity, is a great

: | friends,) 'I once hid myself that I might thing; this dying is a solemn business, and

| take the more exact notice of the interenough to make any one's heart ache, that

course that I judged was kept up between hath not his pardon sealed and his evidences

wat him and God. But, oh! what a spectacle for heaven clear.' And truly, son, I am

| did I see ! Surely a man walking with God, under no small fears as to my estate for

conversing intimately with his Maker, and

maintaining a holy familiarity with the great another world. Oh that God would clear his love! Oh that I could say cheerfully, I can

Jehovah. Methought I saw one talking with die; and upon good grounds be able to look

God:-methought I saw a spiritual merdeath in the face, and venture upon eternity

chant in a heavenly exchange, driving a rich with well-grounded peace and comfort !' His |

trade for the treasures of another world. Oh, son, after making a suitable reply, which,

what a glorious sight it was ! Methinks Í however, did not restore his peace, retired

see him still. · How sweetly did his face to solitary prayer, earnestly imploring that

shine! Oh, with what a lovely countenance his beloved father might be filled with joy

did he walk up and down ; his lips going, his in believing, as a token for good in leaving

body oft reaching up, as if he would have the world. These intercessions were mani.

eaving taken his flight into heaven! His looks, festly heard and answered by a very bright

Thismiles, and every motion spake him to be beam of the divine countenance. Upon re

upon the very confines of eternal glory. Oh, turning to his father, the son inquired how

had but one known what he was then feeding he felt himself. No answer was given ; but

on! Sure he had meat to eat which the

world knew not of! Did we but know how the departing saint, though little subject to

to welcome God made him when he brought such emotions, wept for a long time, in an extraordinary manner, till at last he broke |

him into his banquetting house. That which .forth in the language of impassioned exulta

one might easily perceive his heart to be tion- Oh, son ! now it is come, it is come,

most fixed upon, was the infinite love of God it is come. I bless God I can die : the

| in Christ to the poor lost sons and daughters Spirit of God hath witnessed with my spirit

of Adam. To use his own words: God,' that I am his child. Now I can look upon

| said he, holds mine eyes most upon his God as my dear Father, and Christ as my

goodness and promises, which are most sure

and firm in Christ. His love to us is greater, Redeemer: I can now say, This is my Friend, and this is my beloved ! My heart

surer, fuller, than ours to ourselves. For, is full; it is brim full ; I can hold no more.

| when we loved ourselves so as to destroy I know now what that sentence means, The

ourselves, he loved us so as to save us.' peace of God which passeth understanding.' Oh that there was more of this real doing

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