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business with the eternal God! More wait-, ration and Joy, that he could scarce forbear ing upon him!. More retired communion shouting for joy. In conclusion, with abunwith him! Then, indeed, would there be dance of faith and fervency, he said aloud, less of empty profession, and more soul- Amen, amen I'. satisfying acquaintance with God than is now commonly enjoyed: But William Jane- THE LIFB AND DEATH OF JAMES JANEWAY. way was not designed for many years in this James Janeway was an indefatigable world. Being called forth into the ministry I preacher of Christ's pure and precious gosof the Word, he only lived to preach two | pel during the time of the great plague in sermons. Consumption brought him to the

London. grave at the early age of twenty-three.

As soon as the persecuting spirit of the His death-bed was a field of triumph ; and age allowed, a chapel, or meeting-house, as as his ardent soul approached eternity, it it was then termed, was erected for him in seemed to catch the splendours of the invi- Jamaica Row, Rotherhithe. It was, howsible world, and reflect their glories around ever, pulled down by the soldiers; but the the dark valley, and upon every spectator of people built another on the same spot upon the rapturous scene.

a larger scale. About eight-and-forty hours before his The high party, being exceedingly exasdeath, his eyes were dim, and his sight much perated at his popularity and success, made failed; his jaws shook and trembled, and his several attempts on his life. On one occafeet were cold, and all the symptoms of death sion, as he was walking along the wall at were upon him, and his extreme parts were Rotherhithe, he had a narrow escape from a already almost dead and senseless; and yet, shot. The bullet went through his hat, but even then, his joys were, if possible, greater inflicted no personal injury. still. He had so many fits of joy unspeak. He had a great conflict with satan someable, that he seemed to be in one continued while before his leaving the world ; and truly act of seraphic love and praise. He spake I do not wonder that the devil should buffet like one that was just entering into the gates him who had with such vigour and success of the new Jerusalem ; the greatest part of endeavoured to overthrow his kingdom: To him was now in heaven; not a word dropped prepare him for the encounter, the Lord at from his mouth but it breathed Christ and first did shine upon his soul, and gave him heaven.

some assurance that heaven was his inheriWhen ministers or Christians came to see

tance. But afterwards there intervened a him, he would beg of them to spend all the

cloud, and satan's chain was lengthened. time they had with him in praise. 'O help

That lion roared upon him and endeavoured me to praise God: I have nothing else to i to disturb his peace. The accuser of the do, from this time to eternity, but to praise

brethren was very fierce in his accusations, and love God. I have what my soul desires

and so far prevailed, that Mr. Janeway cried upon earth. I want but one thing, and that

out, I am at infinite uncertainties as to my is, a speedy lift to heaven. I expect no more

future state. I thought I had been sincere, here, I cannot desire more, I cannot bear

but satan tells me I have been a hypocrite ; more. Oh, praise, praise, praise that infi

and then added, Whatever you do, do not dally nite, boundless love, that hath, to a wonder,

in religion ; it is only godliness in the power looked upon my soul, and done more for me

of it, that can strengthen against the fear of than thousands of his dear children. Oh | death. Satan would not yet give over, but bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is having begun to batter his faith, gives a fresh within me, bless his holy name. Oh, help

assault; then with a mournful voice he cried me, help me, O my friends, to praise and

out, Eternity! Eternity! Eternity! Inadmire him that hath done such astonishing

finite! everlasting ! everlasting! everlastwonders for my soul; he hath pardoned all ing!.

ing! A relation that stood by, added, An my sins, he hath filled me with his goodness,

eternity of glory! To which he replied, of he hath given me grace and glory, and no

horror! of horror! unspeakable horror ! good thing hath he withheld from me.

This was his conflict, and truly it was a Come, help me with praises, all that's

sore one. But after this blackest darkness, sittle ; come, help me, o`ye glorious and

followed the break of day. Satan prevailed mighty angels, who are so well skilled in this so far,

so far, that he might be the more remarkably heavenly work of praise! Praise him, all |

foiled, for the God of peace did tread the ye creatures upon the earth ; let everything

evil one under his feet.' The Comforter, that hath being help me to praise him even the Spirit of Truth, did visit him and Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah! Praise bare witness with his spirit that he was a is now my work, and I shall be engaged in

child of God. that sweet employment for ever.'

Not long before he died, he blessed God A little before he died, in the prayer, or for the assurance of his love, and said, He rather praises, he was so wrapt up with admi- I could now as easily die as shut his eyes ; and

added, here am I longing to be silent in the is the arm of the Lord revealed ?' Our dust, and enjoying Christ in Glory. I long to place was then closed, and I believe remained be in the arms of Jesus. It is not worth while so for some years. This affair exercised my to weep for me. Then, remembering how mind not a little, and many questions arose busy the devil had been about him, he was in my mind whether I had any business exceedingly thankful to God for his good there at first ? I thought if the people had ness in rebuking him.

| truly believed my report, (and I knew it was Afterwards, he brake forth, saying, though a good report,) they would not have joined so weak, with a loud voice, Amen! Hallelu- the arminians. Many are called, but few jah! and desired others to join with him; chosen.'" which they not presently doing, he added— * * James Janeway is the only singer.' He “For some months the providence of was quickly seized upon with another rap-God appeared all against me ; for by deaths ture of joy, and thus expressed it:-'Mil-failures, and removals, my sources seemed lions of praises to the most high Jehovah! nearly dried up, so that I was sinking money Heaven and earth praise him!' Ye moun every week for several months; and I had tains and hills praise him! All his hosts now four young children, over whom I have praise him! All ye saints bless him, who shed many tears, and for whom I have put hath visited us in our low estate, and re-up many a prayer to my covenant God and deemed us unto himself! All must be as- Father: for they lay near my heart. cribed to free grace from the beginning to "I was now shut up every way, and the end.

hemmed in on every side. This is the time, Then he begged of God that he would reader, for prayer, and for a man to prove bless his people, and take away animosities God's faithfulness to his promise. But flesh and names of division from among them.' and blood do not like this rugged road. My These were the last words which he was health was delicate at this time, and my heard to speak distinctly. Thus, trium nerves greatly shook with outward and inphantly, he went to glory.

ward trials. Having very little business, I thought I would go over to Bristol a week

or two, to visit two of my very dear friends Life of the late Henry Fowler. | in the Lord, to whom I felt a close union ;

in order to relieve both body and mind. (Continued from p. 138.)

After committing myself and family into the

hands of my God by prayer and supplication, “ About the year 1812, I left preaching at though in much weakness, and with many Ivybridge; the cause of which was this: fears, I made up my mind to go to Bristol. there was a preacher who used to preach in My object was not to preach unless a door turn with me in the above place :. he was was fairly thrown open to me. I made arhigh in doctrine, and on the doctrines he rangements accordingly; and as I was passchiefly dwelt. The arminians also had a ing through the market place at Plymouth, place in the same village, and they used to I fell in with a man with whom I had had have the largest number of hearers, and no some slight acquaintance, and talked with wonder, as their doctrines are so congenial him some time on the subject of religion with every natural man's ideas. My fellow | chiefly. I said, I shall not see you again preacher seeing the arminians so prosperous, for sometime, as I am going to Bristol in a proposed to my honest friend, Mr. Ford, to few days.' Indeed,' he said, 'will you take meet the arminians half-way, that we might

inians hali-way, that we might a letter for me to Bristol ?' I said, 'Yes, increase our congregation and be more pros certainly.' He said, “Will you not preach perous also. Mr. Ford was indignant at there ?' I said, I cannot say anything such a proposal, and told my fellow-preacher about preaching. Will you go to Manthat he would sooner close our meeting-chester ?' said this man, How far is it?' I house than say a confederacy with the armi- said. He said, “three hundred miles !' I nians; and gave the preacher to understand said, “No: that is out of the question.' that his services could be dispensed with. Well then,' he said, I will write a line to The next Lord's day, or shortly after, the Mr. Robins, of Bristol, and I am sure he said high Calvinistic preacher went over to will let you preach for him there." I said the arminians, and preached for them ; for I am not anxious about preaching, but I he was determined to be more prosperous, will take a line to Mr. Robins.'. though at the expense of truth. When I This man also asked me if I would visit came to the village at my usual time, lo! Birmingham, provided I should be requested my congregation was gone after the said and I consented. He therefore wrote to the preacher to the arminians, and I had the people at Birmingham to send to me at mortification to preach to less than a dozen Bristol. When I arrived at Bristol, I dehearers ; I took for my text these words, livered the letter for Mr. Robins; and re• Who hath believed our report, and to whom ceived for answer, that Mr. Robins was then

in London. Mr. Robins' friend opened the was no objection. This gave very general letter and read it; and observed to me he satisfaction, I soon perceived. I returned could say nothing about my preaching in and dined with the old man before mentioned, their chapel, as they had two or three and we had some good conversation on the preachers since Mr. Robins went to London, things of God. He remarked to me, . When. but did not approve of one of them, and I heard you break off so abruptly, and saw therefore they had dismissed them. I said you sit down so suddenly, I was afraid you 'my object here is not to preach but to see would not preach again, and I felt sorry that two friends : certainly I would preach if a I should have been so scrupulous at the first.' door were fairly opened; but by no means I said, “ You did right: we are not to lay would I obtrude.' We entered into spi- hands suddenly upon any man; but prove ritual conversation; and when I was go- all things, and hold fast that which is good. ing, he said, 'Suppose you come and preach I should have observed, that after the Lord on Lord's day morning : I should like to that morning had favoured me in prayer, I hear you once. I agreed to his proposal, had a firm persuasion that he was now about and went and breakfasted with bim on the to work, and that he would employ me wholly Lord's day morning. I read, and engaged in the ministry; but where I knew not. I in prayer in the family; and the blessed stopped with the people at Bristol two or Lord poured upon me the spirit of grace and three Lord's days at their request; and besupplication in a most remarkable manner. fore I left them, they had several meetings I was humbled in the dust, and could say among themselves to see if means could not with niy whole soul, “Thy will be done.' be devised to get me among them as a jointI could now leave the Lord to make darkness | labourer with Mr. Robins, as he could only light, and crooked things straight. I have preach there once on a Lord's day. often tried to do these things in my own] Before I left them, they asked me many strength, but could not. I was now con questions on the subject, as also how I was tented with my lot, and made willing to fol situated, and whether I could remove from low the Lord wherever he might go, and not Plymouth ? I told them plainly that I cerattempt to go before him, nor dictate to him. tainly should leave Plymouth whenever the I now found the truth of this promise in my | Lord opened a door for me that I could see heart, . In quietness and confidence shall be his hand in. But at present I could not tell your strength.' The great stumbling block what to do: I had been expecting a letter was now removed : I had tried to remove it, from Birmingham, as I had promised my but in vain ; and I had often prayed the friend in Plymouth, that I would preach Lord to bring into entire submission to his there, if they requested me, before I returned; will my will; for I often in my trials in but the delay of the managers at Birmingprovidence discovered a selfish spirit work- ham kept me in suspense some time; and I ing in me that was nothing less than rebel had concluded on returning home, judging lion against God. Nothing humbles, nothing that my services were not wanted in Birteaches like grace.

mingham, I was about to take my place When I had finished prayer, as above, I by the coach for Yeovil ; but before I booked looked at the old people present, and I myself, I thought I would once more enquire thought that they partook of my enjoyments; if there was a letter for me from Birmingthey seemed too full to speak for several mi- ham. There was a letter which had been nutes; and I saw tears of joy flow from their received two days before, requesting me to eyes. When they had recovered themselves, come over and help them immediately, and they began to speak to me with the utmost apologizing for their delay which arose pleasure ; all their scruples were removed, through one of the managers being in and they seemed as much at home with me | London. as if they had known me some years. In I left Bristol for Birmingham the next this frame we went to chapel, and the dew morning, after having taken a most affections rested on my branch. As we went to chapel, I ate leave of the old disciples, under whose the old man said to me, 'You will give your roof I found a Bethel. Many others of the self out to preach again at night.'" I said, 'I Lord's family I also met with at Bristol at cannot say anything about preaching again; this time, and it now appeared a very differ. perhaps once will be quite enough for you, ent place to me to what it did about thirteen and myself also.' I rejoiced, but it was with years before this period, which I have given trembling ; for having been so often buffeted an account of in a former part of this by satan, and deceived by my own heart, work. I believe the friends at Bristol would after the Lord showered down his blessings have strained every nerve to get me there, upon me, it put me on my guard. I was for they heard me to their soul's satisfacfavoured with much light, peace, and liberty tion. I also think that they had some fears in preaching that morning, and the people that some circumstance would take place appeared fixed and attentive. Service ended to remove Mr. Robins wholly from thein, I gave out, that from the feelings I had, I which indeed was the case not long after. would preach again at night, provided there

(To be continued.)


sake of my countrymen.' And the apostle

evidently means to say that he would be Wishing Himself Accursed from Christ.

rist. willing to suffer the bitterest evils, to forego,

all pleasure, to endure any privation and toil, “* For I could wish that myself were ac- nay, to offer his life, so that he might be cursed from Christ for my brethren, my wholly devoted to sufferings, as an offering, kinsmen according to the flesh. This pas- | if he might be the means of benefitting and sage has been greatly controverted. Some saving the nation. For a similar case, see have proposed to translate it, I did wish,'| Exod. xxxii. 32. This does not mean that as referring to a former state, when he re- Paul would be willing to be damned for ever. nounced Christ, and sought to advance the The words do not imply that, and will not interests of the nation by opposing and de- bear it. Such a destruction could in no fying him. But to this interpretation there conceiveable way benefit the Jews. Such are insuperable objections. The object of a willingness is not, and cannot be required. the apostle is not to state his former feelings, It would be impious and absurd. No man but his present attachment to his country- can be willing to be the eternal enemy of men, and willingness to suffer for them. God; and no man ever yet was, or could be, The proper grammatical construction of the willing to endure everlasting torments. It word used here is not I did wish, but I could evidently means that he was willing to be desire; that is, if the thing were possible, devoted by Christ; i. e. to be regarded by It is not I do wish, or did wish, but I could him, and appointed by him, to suffering and desire, implying that he was willing now to death, if by that means he could save his endure it ; that his present love for them countrymen. It was thus the highest exwas so strong, that he would, if practicable, pression of true benevolence. It was an save them from the threatened ruin and example for all Christians and Christian apostasy. It is not true that Paul ever did ministers" wish, before his conversion, to be accursed by the Messiah. He opposed Jesus of Nazareth ; but he did not believe that he was Mercy found in the Swellings of Jordan. the Messiah. At no time would he have wished to be devoted to destruction by the Messiah, or by Christ. Nothing would have DEAR BROTHER IN THE LORD Jesus been more terrible to a Jew. The word, CHRIST-Grace, mercy, and truth be multitherefore, expresses a feeling which thé plied in you. I write to you as one of the apostle had, when writing this epistle, in re- most unworthy, and least of all God's dear gard to the condition and prospects of the family, but as one in whom the covenant nation. The words> Accursed from Christ,' promises of his precious word have been laid have been much controverted. The word open and applied in all their rich and sweet rendered accursed (anathema) properly means, fragrance very much of late. I have had to (1,) anything that was set up, or set apart, or pass through deep waters; so that the waves consecrated to the gods in the temples, as and the billows have gone over me ; the disspoils of war, images, statues, etc. This is pensations of divine sovereignty, have freits classical Greek meaning. It has a similar quently appeared as a thick cloud of blackmeaning among the Hebrews. It denoted ness; and in the midst of these, the Lord that which was set apart, or consecrated to has seen fit, (in the unfathomed mines of the service of God, as sacrifices or offerings love,) to correct me, by removing my partof any kind. In this respect it is used to ner in life from this time state of uninterexpress anything devoted to Jehovah, without | rupted joy, where the possibility of redemption,' Leviticus xxvii.

“Not a wave of trouble rolls, 21, 28, 29; Numb. xviii. 14; Deut. vii. 26 ; |

Across the peaceful breast." Josh. vi. 17, 18; vii. 1; 1 Sam. xv. 21 ; I believe she was a chosen yessel of mercy, · Ezek. xliv. 29. (2.) As that which was thus ordained to eternal life before time, although

dedicated to Jehovah was alienated from the not manifested to her experimentally, till a use of him who devoted it, and was either few days before her dissolution ; and then it burnt or slain, and devoted to destruction was very evident that the dear Lord did disas an offering, the word came to signify a play the glory of his rich, free, and sovedevotion of anything to destruction, or to reign grace to her poor soul upon her dying complete ruin. And as whatever is devoted bed, in all its killing, quickening, soul-awakto destruction may be said to be subject toening, and soul-comforting power. I frea curse, or to be accursed, the word comes to quently read portions of the sacred volume have this signification, 1 Kings xx. 42; Isa. to her, and one night after she had been agoxxxiv, 5. But in none of these cases does nizing and praying all day, when I came it denote eternal death. The idea, therefore, home, she requested me to read the Scripin these places is simply, 'I could be willing tures to her, and I opened the Bible at the to be destroyed, or devoted to death, for the fourteenth chapter of John, I read it very loud to her, as she was now getting very deaf; thousand heavens of glory and felicity. and the Lord blessed almost every sentence How wonderful is Jesus!. His name shall to her soul ; she seemned quite happy after- be called wonderful !' He only doeth wonwards at the prospect of going to dwell with derful things ; and he is the wonder of heaven her covenant Redeemer in his heavenly and earth! The wonder of wonders! The mansion. She frequently said, “he is pre- mystery of all mysteries! The God of cious! he is precious! And when I was gods; the Lord of lords ; the King of kings; reading, she said, “ Blessed chapter! Glory in whom all fulness dwells; and he is mine, be to Jesus !' The nature of her complaint and I am his. He is all my own ; his most would not allow her to converse much; Iglorious person; his boundless attributes ; got one of the Lord's dear servants to come his everlasting righteousness; his great saland visit her a few days prior to her decease, vation, mine; all mine: the free grace gift of (Mr. B--,) and he praised the Lord for my heavenly Father. O, how am I blessed, he found the work of grace was begun in a poor, vile, ill, and hell-deserving sinner! her soul, although she was much annoyed by What shall I render unto the Lord, for all the enemy's wily darts that sometimes would his benefits towards me ? shake her confidence, and cause her to cry

“Oh, to grace how great a debtor, aloud almost in despair : this was a warfare

Daily I'm constrained to be.” that she had to contend with till the last half hour of her departure. Mr. G. C. S--| The Lord deals well with me; he is fulfillalso visited her; after giving her a consoling ing his promises to me; I have always cause word or two, and praying, the Lord appeared to be praising him. And praise is the charmas her helper again, and she struggled to cry ing employment of heaven, whither I hope out, I've found my confidence! I can trust soon to arrive ; for my Head is there already; in my Redeemer! I shall soon be with him!' my heart is there, my treasure being there; These were her last expressions ; and I do my hope is there also, so I expect to be believe, as a trophy of God's eternal love, there in the Lord's own time. Tell them and as a brand plucked out of the burning, I am aiming to depend more and more on she is now in glory. This affords me strong him for all things; and so to enjoy more consolation; and I feel that I can trust in communion with him; and be more like the Lord : for he has said they that trust in him. him shall be as Mount Zion that cannot be By his indulgence, divine teaching, and moved ; and I do feel him very precious in great kindness to me, some how, or other, all his covenant relationships at the present he has so won my heart, esteem, and affecmoment.

S. CROFT. tions, that now, in my account, there is none 3, King Edward-street, Wapping.

like him; in my view, there is not his equal; he has not his comparison ; he excels all ;

he outshines all besides ; he is above all, Spiritual Epistles

greater than all, more blessed than all, and

more than all to me. All things compared WRITTEN BY THE LATE MR. E. CROWHURST.

with him, are less than nothing, and vanity. • Minister of the Gospel, Hadlow, Kent,

He is my rich treasury, satisfying portion,

Head pre-eminent, and my everlasting all ; No. 1.

Glory be unto his holy name for ever! Oh, MY DEAR BROTHER :-Your last welcome I long to be praising in perfect strains ; i letter came safe to hand, we were happy to want to praise him increasingly while I am hear from you, and that you and your's are in the present imperfect state. This is the as well as usual. As my health is some sweetest employ, and the best time spent. thing better, and my sight a little improved, I love to put the crown of all my salvation, after a very long silence, I now write you a and his free grace, upon his most worthy few lines, touching the King, the King head. When I consider his great love to Eternal, Immortal, Invisible; the King of me a rebellious traitor, a lost sinner ; that Glory ; our King; and our God; who he gave himself for me, died in my room, reigns for us, in us, and on us ; blessing and was made a curse for me, to redeem me from honour, and glory, be to him for ever. But the curse of the law, that the blessing of God what shall I say of him? There is so much might be enjoyed by me to all eternity; so of him and in him, I scarcely know what to that now I can say, 'I have redemption say. But I will say, or endeavour to say, through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, that there are in him ten thousand seas of according to the riches of his grace. Oh! grace; ten thousand oceans of happiness; what precious words! Oh, more precious a whole world of wealth ; a hemisphere of redemption! Oh, much more precious, Rejoy ; an universe of pleasures. In him, my deemer! What transcendant glories shine precious Jesus, there is an immensity of in him! His person delights my soul ; his mercy, a boundless portion and heritage, an love warms my heart; and his goodness sainfinity of love ; and ten thousand times tentisfies my mind. What reason, then, have

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