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I to adore him! I would exalt him to the thán bad, I do not expect to be any highest degree. He is the best of all, sweet- better in myself, but go on till I lie down est of all; His name is as ointment poured in the dust of death being BAD, BAD! If forth ;' he is the most affectionate, friendly, this sort of sentiment was to fall into the compassionate, pitiful, and kind of all! I am hands of some, they would call me an sure I have found him so, and he is so still

, antinomian, but, in the matters of truth, and will continue to be the same for ever; I care not what good men, bad men, or to him I look, ir. him I trust; I can say devils may say of me, for I do know that with the Psalmist- Thou art my hope, O, Lord God; thou art my trusť from my neither of them can do me any real, lastyouth.' And I do find a life of faith on the ing good; but it is quite posssible each Son of God, to be a happy life. Until I was of them may do me very much harm ; brought to rest wholly and entirely on him, but when God shines in upon me, I care I knew not what true peace and happiness not a straw for their good or their harm. were; now, I find as I am depending on him, Every sensible sinner, my brother, in his and take him to myself as my all

, I realize right mind, is made to feel and confess solid peace of mind ; and have a greater before God, his leanness in self, his weakdegree of assurance of my own salvation ; ness in self'; and it is right it should be and likewise of my union with him. be one with Christ, is the most blessed, so; for otherwise there would be no happy, and favoured state I can be in! room, no occasion, no need for such an Adored, be the riches of his grace, that one to be made strong in the Lord, and I am in him, and he in me. Oh, precious

in the

power of his might. But since the connexion !' Oh, blessed relationship !

dear Lord has taken in hand to make Hadlow, Nov. 5, 1846. E. CROWHURST.

feel your leanness, by his so doing, he has wrought out himself a work, and

that work is to make you fat and flourishBoth sides of the Question, ing: where in ? yourself? No; but in

himself: "This is his grand prerogative ;

and none shall in the honor share.' So Romans vii. 24, 25,

that you see, my brother, notwithstandMY DEAR CHRISTIAN BROTHER :—I do ing all our peevishness and rebellion, really feel in my heart, that I can join God is doing all things right; and the issue with you in your poverty-stricken mercy is, he cannot do wrong, was never condition, and at the same time feel known to do wrong, forhe is too wise something of this blessed truth—The too err, too good to be unkind. It is poorer the wretch, the welcomer here.' his own grand prerogative to kill us, It is not said we are to come when we then to make us alive; to strip us, in arrive at this pitch of goodness, or that order that he might clothe us ; to make pitch of badness; but the poorer the us feel our blindness, in order that he wretch, the deeper poverty-stricken the might give us eye sight, make us feel our wretch, the welcomer to mercy's stores ; poverty, in order that he may enrich us no coming too black, no coming too vile, with himself, by himself, in himself, no coming too poor, no coming too guilty, through himself. I feel I must repeat no coming too filthy, no coming too naked, it; ' it is his grand prerogative; and none no coming too bad; whilst there may be shall in the honor share; My glory will a coming too good. Oh, but,' say some, I not give to another, or my praise to • I think we cannot be too good ;' oh, graven images :' and what better are yes, there is being too good in our own you and I than graven images ? Nay, eyes, and in our own thoughts; which far worse than graven images, in, and of is really the very essence of badness, the ourselves ; but as we stand, accepted in very essence of guilt, the very spawn of the Beloved, we beat all graven images, hell; for a sinner to be right in his own outshine angels, out-do devils, overcome eyes, pure in his own eyes, good in his death, and are made more than a match own estimation, this is the very essence for hell. It is here all the stones that of the devil. If you, my brother, were are slung out of hell lose their aim ; it is to write to me about your good feelings, here all the fie darts of the devil are and your goodness, I should believe you quenched and drowned in the doing, were insane, or bewitched by the devil; and dying, in the love and blood of our but as you are led to talk about your best beloved. badness, I can readily believe you, for I But, want of time tells me I must feel so bad myself, and what is still worse stop: but, blessed be our God, the things

A few Lines



As Crosby Row, June 24, 1847.


themselves, never stop, as to their existence, subsistence, and eternal blessedness in themselves. Until there can be an ending date put to the existence of our God, there never can be an ending date put to these blessed and eternal realities. Nothing like leanness, my brother, in the 103rd Psalm, I have read it over and over again ; and I do feel that it is full of marrow and fatness from beginning to end; full of wine on the lees well refined.' Oh, that you and I may

be led to drink it, and eat the precious fruits thereof. This is the wish of, Your's in love,

ISAAC SPENCER. Woodbridge, Rear Guildford,

When storms arise, and billows roll,
And grief lies heavy on the soul:
In vain, the tempter moves to fear,
If faith in Jesus be but near.
Tho' inward darkness may prevail,
And outward means appear to fail ;
Faith leads us to the Saviour's side,
And says, Jehovah will provide.
Sweet is the promise of the Lord,
Recorded in his sacred word;
Tho' unbelief our feays excite,
Faith whispers, .Peaze, be still, all's right."
Faith leads us to the mercy seat,
And lays us low at Jesus' feet;
But gives us boldness there to tell,
The sorrows that our bosomas swell;

Taking Down the Tabernacle.

You must know, my brother, that I dwell in the midst of a poor and afflicted people, but I am rich in faith, and have all, and abound, (James ii. 5 ; Phi. iv. 18); and though poor in spirit, I possess a kingdom that will never decay ; never give way; cannot be moved ; cannot be taken from me; (Matt. vi. 3. Dan. vii. 18; Heb. xxii. 28 ;) and as for my present habitation, or old house, I know it must come down, and soon crumble into its nothing, dust; the keepers thereof, tremble, and grow feebler every day; the strong men bow themselves low, and totter in their movements, as if the burden upon them was too heavy for them; my grinders cease, because they are worn out; my windows are so dusty and dark, that I cannot look out thereat without a borrowed light; my poor upper lodging room is nearly empty, and what even remains, is of little or nothing worth; the silver cord begins to loosen, and the grasshopper crawls rapidly on my poor back; the golden bowl, as it is called, is nearly broken ; and my poor old pitcher is 80 cracked, that it cannot last long; nor shall I be long, ere I arrive safe at my last place of abode; a small black box will soon contain all that is mortal belonging to me; and when my dear survivers shall have seen me safely put to bed with a shroud, the place that knows me now, shall know me no more for ever; then shall he who is our life appear without a vail, and I shall be like him, I shall see him as he is, I shall be with him, and shall go no more out.

0, glorious hour! (), blest abode !
I shall be near, and like my God !
And sin and hell no more control;

The secret pleasures of my soul.'
Your's, dear brother, in the sweet. Lord


It checks their progress as they rise,
And points to mansions in the skies;
Gives wings to hope, new strength imparts,
And sheilds us from the tempter's darts;
Brings past experience to our view,
Proves God is faithful, kind, and true :
Nor leaves us, till to him we come,
And say,' thy will, not mine, be done.
Tho' unbelief our souls ensnare,
And ofl' prevents the rising prayer,
Faith bears it silent to the throne,
Uncloth'd in words, a secret groap.
Thus, works the Spirit by our faith,
To credit what Jehovah saith,
Soals home the promise, proves it true
And gives us the fulfilment to
Then, with a grateful, thankful mind,
A sacrifice of praise we find ;
We glorify our cov'nant God,
Repeat his praise, and kiss the tod."
Come, then, my soul, nor doubt his love,
In providenee and grace to prove;
Thro time he'll help, and thou shalt see,
His glory thro' eternity.-W. H.W.


Oh, for a shout in yonder world,

With the angelie throng ; Where joys will ever be unfurld

And Jesus be the song.

Weak are our praises here below,

Our souls by sin oppress'd ;
But saints above, no sorrows know,

They are for ever blest,
For, there, perplexity there's none,

Sorrow and sin doth cease ;
Christ and his church in glory one,

And one in perfect peace.
Refresh us with thy matchless grace,

0, thou Almighty King !
'Till we in heaven behold thy face,
And there thy praises sing.


We must all appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ. THOUGHTS ON 2 Cor. V. 10. İN ANSWER TO THE REQUEST OF A TRIED CHILD OF GOD.

MY ESTEEMED FRIEND AND BROTHER :- his will in heaven, earth, and hell. He there- , I have been a long time answering your las: fore, according to the good pleasure of his letter ; but the subject referred to, by you, will, takes the stoutest hearted sinner, and in 2 Cor. v. 10, and upon which you wished brings the poor rebel low at his feet; with a my thoughts, appeared to me in a view, I cry, Lord, what wouldst thou have me to had never before observed ; not wishing to do?' And be merciful to me a miserable gire my thoughts hastily, I have waited se- sinner.' According to his will he slays the veral weeks; and in course of prayerful enmity of the heart; overcomes the strongmeditation, I found an increasing difficulty est prejudices, and produces by this blessed of establishing in my own mind, the gene- change of heart, an inquiry after things rally received opinion upon the subject. which before, it was entirely averse to. In After frequently asking counsel of him who the next place, when a person is born again indited the truth, I was brought to the fol- of God, there is a divine life implanted ; not lowing views.

merely a form of godliness; but where this That the language was addressed under divine life is, there are new feelings, new particular circumstances, and was of special views, and new designs ; so that the person import, directed to a particular people, united is brought to a feeling religion, not satisfied into a body of christian professors at Co- with a mere notional one. In this new state rinth; and that in that body of people, were they are brought to see and feel where they some of doubtful character ; 1 Cor. iv. 19; have been, and what they have been from v. l; vi. 7, 8; and that they-as professed their youth up-sinners against God; and believers in the Lord Jesus Christ-would thus brought to see and feel, as guilty have to appear before the judgment seat of sinners, that unless God has mercy on them, Christ, to receive the things done in their they are lost for ever. They feel, likewise, body, according to that they had done, &c. that real, vital, and personal religion, is of I was, therefore, led to draw the three fol- all subjects, the most important to them. lowing distinctions :--First, the difference Desires are now felt to be preserved from between the righteous and the unrighteous. things, that before, produced their greatest Secondly, their state and condition. Thirdly, pleasure; they desire now, to love more and the final judgment and decision. My ob- more what they once hated; viz., the ways ject for thus dividing the subject, was that I of God; the things of God; and the people might be enabled to draw (for my own soul's of God: would give anything to be like comfort, as well as others,) a distinct line them. What a change! A blessed, grabetween those who fear God, and those who cious, and effectual change without which fear him not. My first general division led we can never enter the kingdom of God. me to think-First, that a manifestation of The next idea is that the will and affections being a righteous one was evidenced by be of the persons so born of God, are taken ing born again, not of blood, nor of the will possession of; so that they are neither dragged of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of nor driven into this religion against their God, John i. 13. Thus evidencing that real will and inclination ; on the contrary, when and vital religion in the heart, is not com- the divine principle is in lively exercise, they municated to us by virtue of a relation to feel a holy pleasure in the ways of righteousreligious parents ; nor does it in any shape, ness, and holiness, and delight in the will form, or degree, spring from the flesh; nor of God; and at times are enabled to kiss his is the will of man, in the least degree, in- hand, even while he strikes their natural clined to God, or godliness, till Jehovah comforts dead'; and at times are favoured puts forth his almighty power to create the to feel an overflowing heart of gratitude, soul anew, by implanting a principle as under a sense of his wonderful mercy and holy as himself, in the heart, thereby making goodness ; so as to enable them to say, in it willing in the day of his power; thus it is various trials — It is the Lord, let him do proved to be sovereign and effectual; sove- as seemeth him good.' 1 Sam. iii. 18. In reign, because it is disposed according to the next place, when a person is born of God, God's will; for he will have mercy on there is not only life, but there is divine whom he will have mercy ;' so then it is not faith, the spiritual vision of the soul, by of him that willeth, but of him that sheweth which it is enabled, when in exercise, to see mercy;' Rom. ix. 15, 16. It is effectual ; a beauty, blessed and precious adaptedness for what can prevent the Lord doing his in Christ, and the gospel of his salvation' to will? It was his will to make a world ? And their personal necessities, by which faith it having made it, who can stop its course; or is persuaded of the truth as it is exhibited frustrate the predicted will of God ? He doethlin, and made known by and through Jesus Christ and him crucified; so much so, that every weight, and the sin that does so easily the poor soul is brought to feel that it beset them. It is this divine principle in the could part with all that it might win Christ heart that produces the warfare, so that the and be found in him; and be enabled to say, living Christian more or less, day by day, He is mine, and I am his. It is by this pre- feels the flesh lusting against the Spirit, and cious grace of faith, they are, in Jehovah's the Spirit against the flesh, and that these set time, enabled to see the grace, wherein are contrary, the one to the other; the flesh they stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory is not made more holy, but it is this divine of God; they now see that their standing is nature residing within at all times, and which not in the wisdom of men, nor in fleshly cannot slip, that produces a feeling of hatred resolutions, nor fastings, nor prayers, nor to, and a longing desire to be preserved from external observances, however strictly at- every thing that is displeasing to God, from tended to, but in the everlasting love of the every sin they feel working in their memFather, the precious blood-shedding of Christ, bers, and which war against the law of their and the effectual operation of the Holy mind; like the apostle, they find, 'to will is Comforter, by whom they are quickened into present, but how to perform (in themselves,) life ; and that if love, and faith in love that which is good they find not.' Rom. divine, is wanting in the heart, all external vii. 18. observances are lifeless, and the mere duty We follow on to notice that every soul and dirty work of a slave ; and not the will that knows, experimentally, something ining, affectionate, goings forth of the heart cluded in the former remarks, is born again of a new-born child of God; a child of God of God, and is interested in the everlasting is generally dissatisfied with self, and can get love, good will, and pleasure of Jehovah, on solid comfort only as he is enabled by because they are born again, according to faith, like the dove mentioned in Soi. Song the good pleasure of his will, and are eviii. 14., to hide in the clefts of the smitten denced thereby as the heirs of glory ; for, Rock Christ, and get into the secret settle- there never was yet a soul under the heavens ment of God's oath and promise in Christ; of God found, mourning the workings of opened up to view in the wounds, flowing sin in their members, and, tl.erewith longblood, and perfect righteousness of a pre- ing in their hearts to be preserved from all cious Saviour, as their substitute, as their evil, but those who have been quickened into only place of safety from every devouring life divine by the power of the Holy Ghost, enemy, and from all the consequences of the and thereby made manifest to be the sons damning power of their vile and numerous and daughters of the Lord God Almighty ; transgressions. It is by this precious faith, and if children, then heirs of God; heirs such are enabled in the Lord's good time to to all his bequeathed property; and joint build upon this Rock, on his glorious Person, heirs with Christ Jesus; are loved with the finished work, and indescribable worth, as same love Christ is loved with, and blessed their solid comfort, in every storm, within or with the same blessings, and shall share in without; and at times are favoured, feelingly, his glory, by virtue of union to him, and as they journey on in the rough path-way of by his life, death and resurrection ; all of cares, (though like Jacob, resting or halting which was for their benefit, in connection upon the thigh,) to sing

with Jehovah's glory. Being born again, Yes, I to the end shall endure,

therefore, is a witness to the soul, that its As sure as the earnest is given ;

sins are all blotted out, that it is righteous More happy, but not more secure,

before God, without spot or blemish, comThe glorified spirits in heaven."

plete in Christ as much as ever they can be;

Christ died to redeem them; and as he is In the next place it must be remembered never to die again, they must of necessity that although the above is the case of those be perfectly redeemed, and if fully redeemed born again of God, and blessed with divine from the curse, then there can be no penal love and faith ; yet, notwithstanding, they punishment for them to undergo; in the have the principle of sin in all its parts and righteousness of their Lord and Saviour they powers, still remaining and living in them; shine before Jehovah as though they had and will find it is a law in their members, never sinned. Their being born again of warring against the law of their minds, so God is not the cause of their interest in the that they cannot do the things that they blessings of grace, nor does it procure nor would ; but there is likewise the divine prin secure them; but is an evidence to the soul ciple in the soul that is born again, that pro- of an interest in, and a putting the soul into duces in the soul, (that's labouring in this a position to enjoy them : the Spirit therewarfare,) an hatred to all that is contrary to fore, takes possession of their hearts, because God and godliness ; so that they hate the they are loved of the Father, redeemed by very feelings of iniquity that work in their Jesus' precious blood, and to bring them by members; and will cause them to cry to his divine influences into the blessedness of God for grace to enable them, to lay aside them, by his en livening, enlarging, restor


ing, and preserving power, for where he be- walk asbrethren for six years, without ever gins his good work of regeneration, he will bringing the subject before my mind, and carry it on to final perseverance and glory; then, without the slightest intimation, do for he never quickens any but those who are what he could to crush

me as a minister, in loved and chosen of the Father, redeemed by the very pulpit where I had been for so the precious blood of Christ, justified by his many years—if that is brotherly, Christian, righteousness, and are eternally to reign with loving conduct, and such as becomes the him in glory, as his beloved bride, where- gospel, I am greatly mistaken. “ Millions of years their wond'ring eyes,

" I could have told him what I had felt, Shall o'er his beauties rove ;

soon after my marriage, and how pierced my And endless ages they'll adore,

conscience had been with guilt, and my heart The glories of his love."

filled with sorrow. I could have told him JAMES.

what confessions I had made to the Lord,

and what intimations I had received from (To be continued.)

him, that he had not cast me off in wrathful

displeasure. But I did not even know him Mr. J. C. Philpot's Letter

till eight or nine months after the circumstance, and then not intimately; and as it was a sore place with me, and he did not al

lude to it, neither did I. But he had no [Mr. W. H. Shakespear, late a deacon at right to assume that I did not feel grief, beZoar Chapel,

London, has published what cause I did not open my mind to him. Inhe calls “A Refutation of the Falsehoods deed, he seemed to me to stand so much

who contained in Mr Tryon's letter to Mr. upon a little hill of holiness, that

Since the publication of so had much inclination to open my heart bePhilpot.”

knew what a poor filthy sinner I was, never many tracts by Mr. Tryon against Mr.

fore him. Philpot and others, we have been repeatedly asked for an opinion, but we shall he could hardly have dealt with me more se

“But, had I been a hardened hypocrite, not at present, enter upon any such unpleasant business, further than to give the verely, first, by denouncing me one of the following letter written by Mr. J. C. Phil- then writing to me a most cutting letter,

ancients,' who were to be slaughtered, and pot, and which appears to us well calculated to give rest to many souls who have comparing me to Balaam and Saul, and se

If he had the been much exercised from what they have least hope that I was a brother, this was not

parating himself from me. heard. Mr. Philpot writes in an honest, gospel treatment; but, considering I was : becoming, and Christian spirit: and since brother minister, well known, and generally so much has been written against him, we received among the churches of truth, it think the following letter cannot be too extensively circulated.]

seems to me wholly unjustifiable.

" I find in the Scriptures that the pro“My dear Friend :-I am much obliged phets of the Lord denounced false prophets, to you for your faithful and affectionate letter but not true ones. If these latter have trans-more especially, too, as it allows me an gressed, they reproved them to their face, opportunity of expressing my feelings on a (1 Kings, xiii.,) but did not publicly desubject which has been brought so promi- nounce them. So Nathan reproves David nently before you.

to his face, and Paul does the same to Peter. “I feel that Mr. Tryon has acted in a (Gal. i.) But Mr. Tryon never did this most unkind manner to me, after six years' to me, though he had the opportunity of a uninterrupted friendship; but that I could six years' intercourse. have borne more easily, if he had acted “ According to his text and subject on the Scripturally. But I can assure you, on the morning of February 16th I was one of the word of a Christian man, that never but'ancients that were to be slaughtered withonce, and that in an obscure manner, did he ont pity. If I were not one of thein, the ever hint at my transgression. And when, text and subject could not allude to me ; and do you think, was that? Why, on a Thurs- therefore, why was I brought in at all? I day evening, in my little vestry, just be- understand that Mr. Tryon said he came to foie I was going to preach, about four or clear the pulpit of some of these ancients, more years ago. Was that the time and and then brought me in. Now, if the place for an explanation? The subject was church and congregation at Zoar believe never renewed between us; but, even then, Mr. Tryon to be right, and fully justified in I expressed my sorrow for my breach of all he has said and done respecting myself, God's precept. But, to come backwards I cannot see how they can ever wish to see and forwards to my house, dine at my table, me in their pulpit again, nor do I feel I can often preach for me, and I occasionally for comfortably occupy it. him, converse on. Christian subjects, and “If Mr. Tryon had tried every means in

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