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with divine power to my soul-'encourage everlasting. “ Blessed is the people, thou him.' I was constrained to go to whose God is the Lord.” We are bapthe throne of grace, enjoyed sweet liberty, tised by one Spirit into one body, and it and came away with the sweet assurance is heaven below and glory in the bud, that you was a man of God, and that when by the invincible energy of God the (though now scouted by many of Jesu's Holy Ghost, we realise a soul transporting standard bearers, and oppressed by the plunge into the sea of love and blood. publishing of the Earthen Vessel,) the Let the inhabitants of the rock sing, let dear Lord would preserve it and you them shout from the tops of the mounfrom shipwreck, and ere long grant a tains.” Blessed foundation; in which, propitious gale- I enclose my mite; and and on which, the elect church stands, will use my best endeavours to further the Rock of Incarnate Deity; it is a rock its sale.

that stood the blast of hell; that endured In your letter, you enquire after my the wrath of God; assaulted by Devils, soul's health, ah, my brother, my expe- yet impregnable, tried by God and aprience, (if of vital experience I have any, proved :-proved by all the quickened which I often question,) is mysterious elect of God to be a sure foundation; a indeed; dark nights and cheerful days— "strength to the needy in his distress, heavy losses and some spiritual gains- | | a refuge from the storm, a shadow from sore temptations and seasonable helps— the heat, when the blast of the terrible tears and smiles-castings down and lift-one, is as a storm against the wall.” ings up-fits of despair and lively hopes But how came we in the rock? Did we -the poisons of unbelief felt, and the climb in by faith, repentance, or works? triumphs of faith enjoyed -burdened and No, electing love put us in; Omnipotent delivered; sighing and singing ; on the power and grace kept us there; this inmount of communion and in the shadow | habited rock rises out of the ocean of of death-loaded with corruptions-par-Covenant love ; hath its foundations in doned by blood-condemned and justified the holy mountains ; devils cannot climb -happy and miserable-fighting and the mountains ; devils cannot cross the fainting-rising and falling-rejoicing ocean; those mountains are eternal imand mourning—yet with that light with mutability, eternal omnipotence, eternal which my soul is now blessed, I must add, faithfulness, eternal wisdom, eternal howonderfully, mercifully, and almightily liness; this is Jesu's foundation, as the kept, sanctified, and of glory assured, Christ of God, and ours in him. and, in measure, (if not deluded) brought You enquire, how we are getting on out of self, to live a life of faith upon the in the Church. The poor lad with the Son of God " who loved me, and gave five barley loaves, often goes into the himself for me.” And O what a feast of pulpit with feelings like a malefactor fat things is the love, blood, grace, going to the gallows; but the Lord mifinished work, and righteousness of a raculously multiplies and blesses : five dear Redeemer, to a poor stripped and were added to the Church last Lord's day; beggared sinner, while the Beloved saith and two others proposed; and there are “ Eat, o friends ; drink, yea, drink several precious lambs bleeting outside abundantly, o beloved.” How blessed the fold, who, I hope, will soon be to feel a precious Jesus draw near; to feel gathered in. We have peace in the our hearts drawn to him by the sweet church from the God of peace, and as to cords of love; none but Zion's children attendance, we have ofttimes as many as know the sacred joy thats felt; it is a joy we can comfortably seat; for all this the unspeakable and full of glory; while at Lord be praised, while I pray I may be the same time, with the witnessing and humbled from a sense of the Lord's sweet anointing of God the Holy Ghost, | abundant goodness. we cry, “ Abba, Father.” Then it is our May the God of all grace strengthen, souls realise the blessedness of being in stablish, settle you : remember, it is the Christ, we can triumph, feeling that we lot of the righteous to have persecution : are bone of his bone, body of his body, I and the lot of the righteous to be supflesh of his flesh; and, how sweet the ported: under it your afflictions may be thought, this union is eternal, and indis- / multitudinous, poignant, and heavily dissoluble; here, all is bliss and blessedness; | tressing; but let a few more fleeting moand this bliss and blessedness shall be ments take their flight, and your loving

Kinsman, Redeemer, shall call you up , minister of the place, was unanimously rehigher; the eternal cloudless day shall quested to take the chair. dawn upon your soul, while through a The secretary, Mr. FENNER, being called long eternity he will banquet your spirit upon by the chairman, gave a very encouragwith his inimitable, matchless, boundless,

ing statement of the funds of this infant infinite love, I remain, through grace,

Society. After which, Mr. Allnur address

ed the meeting: this good man brought your brother pilgrim, “ EBENEZER.

forward most convincing proofs, not only of

the real benefit of such an institution ; but Society for the Relief of Ministers.

also of what might be done on its behalf.

One circumstance must be noticed, which My Dear FRIEND,-Last Thursday being was doubtless heard with deep interest by the third anniversary of C. W. BANKS every child of God: the writer must confess commencing his labours in London, the that it was with difficulty he suppressed the afternoon was set apart by his friends for the tear of sympathy, while his bosom glowed purpose of commemorating the event, and with love and soul-union unto the person, many of the Lord's dear family, whose souls (although unknown and probably will remain have been blessed under his ministry were pre | unknown to him in the flesh,) whose genesent to testify their gratitude unto God for rous spirit could make the sacrifice, and that the tokens of his goodness unto them, and for too in the midst of poverty, to aid the sufferhis gradual increase of them, as a portion of ing servants of Jesus Christ, who are often the living church of the Lord Jesus Christ. made to lose their all in this world, while

Mr. BANKS preached on the occasion from spending and being spent for the spiritual 2 Tim. ii. 8, 9, 10. “Remember that Jesus good of the church, by spreading abroad the Christ of the seed of David, was raised from savour of the everlasting gospel, and of exal. the dead, according to my gospel, wherein ting our precious Saviour, whose boundless I suffer trouble as an evil doer, even unto | love is past understanding, whose matchless bonds ; but the word of God is not bound. | grace is unsearchable, and whose glories will Therefore I endure all things for the elect's fill the tongues of the church above with sake, that they may also obtain the salvation praise and blessing through the ages of eterwhich is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory.” nity. The fact I allude to is briefly this: In speaking upon the clause, “but the word “ A poor woman who was at the time of her of God is not bound," the preacher gave minister taking his leave, to be present at a very soul cheering proof of the truth the meeting, entirely destitute of money; but of the words as evidenced in the church of who having a watch which she had preserved God assembling at Crosby Row Chapel. for many years as a memorial of her deceased

The scene forcibly reminded me of the husband, she pressed Mr. ALLNUTT to take words of the Psalmist, which seemed pecu- it, and devote it to the temporal relief of those liarly applicable, especially to the minister. servants of the Lord whose circumstances Ps. lxxi. 20, 21. "Thou which hast shewed from time to time plead hard and often plead me great and sore trouble shall quicken me in vain, upon those whom God hath favoured again, and shalt bring me up again from the with a plentiful portion of this world's good. depths of the earth. Thou shalt enlarge my | The meeting was severally addressed by greatness, and comfort me on every side." several other ministers, who gave some For though we must look for the full realiza | painful relations from their own experition of these words beyond the grave; yet ence of the straits to which ministers they have a beauty and a fulness as they re of the gospel are often reduced in providence, fer to the Lord's dealings with his dear family and also of the wonderful deliverances of our here ; and I doubt not, but that our dear wonder-working God in appearing for them, Brother, who has past through the bitterness not always in the hour of need, but when of the “sore trouble,” is now in the enjoy- their strength was all gone, and after much ment of the blessings which follow : and privation had been endured. that the Lord is “enlarging his greatness,' | Letters were read from absent ministers, at both in his soul, and in his ministry, is evi- a distance too great to be present on the dent on every side.

occasion, expressing the interest they felt After the services of the afternoon, about in the Institution, and their willingness to two hundred persons partook of tea, in the do all that lay in their power to fix the object chapel, and at seven o'clock a public meeting of the Society upon such a basis as to afford commenced in connection with the poor necessary relief to necessitious ministers in Baptist Ministers' Relief Society. After distress. singing, that venerable looking man of God, It was moved that letters be addressed to Mr. LUCOMBE, addressed the throne of grace the leading ministers in London, soliciting for the presence, and blessing of the Lord, their co-operation in this benevolent object. upon the occasion, when C. W. Banks, the It is to be wished that this resolution may be carried out, and that those whom the gift of those who could give much. May Lord in his providence has placed in circum- the dear Lord put it into the hearts of his stances which secure them from want them children to give freely, and that the remarks selves, may come forth to the help of an made in the last number, and those now Institution, the only object of which is to added may meet with his blessing and apaid and assist their less fortunate but often proval; and that the Editor may still be equally useful brethren in the ministry. I enabled to go on with the good work, is the

The interesting proceedings of the day desire and prayer of one who like David of being over, with a song of praise and a old, “can open his mouth and pant after parting blessing, the meeting broke up at the knowledge of him that filleth all in all. nine o'clock; and truly my heart said, through | Walworth.

J. B. E. the whole, “ It is good to be here." Your's in truth and love, AN OBSERVER.

State of the London Churches.—No. 4. London, December 8, 1846.

OVER the doors of many of our large A Word for the Editor of the Chapels, in and about London, as also Earthen Vessel.

in the country, might very well be

written the word Exhibition. Exhibi" Issachar is a strong ass couching down between tion of what? you ask. I reply, of two burdens; and he saw that rest was good, and

Christ in preaching, or setting forth his the land that it was pleasant, and bowed the shoulder to bear,” Genesis xlix. 14, 15,

name, person, deeds, and gospel, now CHILDREN of Zion; men of the true Israel ;

made the vehicle of human applause, ye that serve God in truth, and worship him

eloquence, and honours, by one class of in the Spirit ; an appeal has already been preachers. Of this I will give an inmade to you by the “Watchman,” in the last stance coming under my own knowledge number of the Earthen Vessel, who, like | very lately. At the opening of a large Issachar of old, is now couching down be- Baptist Chapel in the town of Leicester, tween two burdens, viz, the work of the built upon a model taken, I suppose, ministry, and the labour and expence of from the ancient idolators ; from its carrying on this work; he seeing that rest is / gaudy and fantastical appearance, styled good, that is the glorious rest prepared for the people of God, through the mediatorial

classical, but properly " the heathen." work of the dear Redeemer, and that the

The very talented and popular minland is pleasant; even the land to which the

ister on this occasion was the author Israel of God are every hour drawing nearer

of Mammon. His subject for the to, and having the glory of God and the edification of his auditory, was taken comfort of his dear people at heart, is still from Job vii. 17. He philologically willing to bow the shoulder to bear; but shall entered into the geologists' view of the those who reap so much benefit and comfort creation, the nature of man, and desby his labours, withold the small mite it will cription of the Deity's greatness; in no require to ease him of his burden ; a mite

common language; of course an eloquent which would to some produce but a little sermon The same discourse (verbatim self-denial, while to others it would be no

read) I heard from him at the opening more than the trouble of sending it; shall the children of mammon be zealous in

of another chapel, a few weeks after; alas! contributing to the various vanities of the

that the exhibition of this ADORABLE times, while a work that bears the stamp of NAME, before whom heaven, earth, and divine truth and speaks to the praise of a | hell tremble, should thus be prostituted triune Jehovah, be left to fall to the ground, to the shrine of applause. It hath or its author, as he states in the December pleased God by what is termed “ foolish. number, at times not having a penny to call ness to save them that believe," and to his own.

make what is weakness (in their esteem) The plan proposed by the “Watchman”

“stronger than man,” stronger than of sending Six-pence each, or six penny

the intellectuality and powers of reason, postage stamps, is simple, but if generally followed would be effectual. Might not some

which the Lord frequently blows upon, of the most influential members in the various

withers and dries up. congregations to whom it has been made

A second class of preachers use the useful, take a collecting card, then even the gospel for baser purposes in the exhibipoorest who have a good will to the work tion of its glories, after the same manmight give their penny, and the “ widow's ner as of old, “Ye polluted me among mite” would add as great a blessing as the my people for handfuls of barley and

for pieces of bread :" and all who do sol months past to walk in great darkness belong to “great Babylon"-" Babylon of mind; also in bodily affliction, during hath been a golden chip in the Lord's which time there has been supplies for hand, that made all the earth drunken; the Sabbath only. To all human pro. the nations have drunken of her wine ; bality the place is likely to be closed therefore the nations are mad.” The against the preaching of the Word ; and traffic and merchandise with the name I have been told this old saint is likely of Jesus, carried on within this old city to end his days in the work-house : we “ clothed in fine linen, and purple, and hope not; we recommend Mr. Abrascarlet, and decked with gold, and | hams' congregation to do to him, as precious stones and pearls,” will be Mr. Wells has done to the late Mr. T. found to have been of very great extent, Lord. I shook hands with Mr. G. on and in some places least suspected. O, the above evening, he was very heavily that those who stand prominently for groaning in spirit. I said, “He will the name of Jesus, would consider, not regard the prayer of the destitute, and what men say, but " what saith the not despise their prayer.” Lord.”

Mr. Wright stiil continues at Salem But we go on, as we may be helped, Chapel, which, like Mr. Gravener's, is a to search out Jerusalem, " to see what small upper room ; but large enough for is the breadth thereof, and what is the the small number attending. Mr. W. length thereof." Who can do this, or | is not so eccentric nor so satirical in give a faithful and correct statement of his expressions as Mr. Gravener ; his the outward acknowleged church of manner and style being more sober, yet Christ ? An angel cannot. We look fully maintaining and setting forth, in a at what is said here and there, but the sweet experimental strain, the preciousballance totters, we cannot hold itness of faith in Christ. The last time steady with an unskilful diseased hand. I heard him he said, Christ was everyBut if “ God lay righteousness to the thing to the Father, and the same to line and judgment to the plummet” I every poor sinner. Two or three do believe what is esteemed very highly months ago, I took down the following will be found to consist of loads of from him :-"My friends I am only rubbish only.

accustomed to speak to a few, there are We now seem to have lighted upon a many sit under the sound of the gospel kind of " Smyrna” sort of people; we who go away saying, what an eloquent mention two churches ; Mr. Wright, sermon; a delightful man ; &c. I do who has been prophesying near thirty not want to hear that; I would rather years in Salem Chapel, near the Obelisk, hear you say, the Holy Ghost has Waterloo Road; and Mr. Gravener, in harrowed up my soul with the word, Garden Row, St. George's Fields, Lam- and caused me to believe on Jesus; beth, about twenty-four years; both of being ashamed of yourselves and finding the Huntingtonian ministry. Mr. fault with your own ways." Gravener lived with W. Huntington, Mr. Hobbs, who is also an Huntingand was a domestic servant of that tonian, and has been nineteen years in renowned champion. He has continued Haberdasher's Hall, Staining Lane, in witnessing from his own experience that s the city, has left that Chapel, and is “ the way of life" is narrow, and“ above now in the neighbourhood of these two to the wise;" in opposition to the broad old ministers who seem about departing. way, and common beaten path of pro- Thus, this part of God's Israel seems fessors. He states that 500 have left to be coming low, whilst the stately him during his ministry. He has con- appearance of the bondwoman and her tended for a living faith, in union with children are spreading in every quarter. a living head, opposing one that is The temple is building without might, dead and unproductive. I was at his power or eloquence; victorious grace, place about a month ago, on the Tues- sovereign power, and redemption's pur. day evening; four others besides my- chase, shall reign triumphant. self made up the congregation ; after If the Lord shall spare us, of the once staying a short time, the old gentleman fruitful field (the Hunntingtonian) we said there would be no preaching. The may soon have something more to say. Lord has permitted him for a few

H. W.

Cleanings from the Vintage.--No. 1, ceive the truth of God in the love of

Jit, your daily cry will be, “visit me te Extract from a Sermon by Mr. James Wells, day, Lord; visit me with thy salvation

May 4, 1844, at the Surrey Tabernacle, this day.None but those who are Borough Road.

spiritual can do spiritual actions, proThere is nothing in religion but what is ceeding from the love of God. If a included in the word love ; ard if we are child of God be in prison, and a free. not brought to feel the need of that love, willer visits him, and feeds him, and it would have been better for us had we clothes him, what does he do it for ? never been born; but if we are brought Does he do it from a love to that child to feel our need of it, then we shall see of God, and because he is a disciple ? and know what it can do:—that it can No. Does he do it because that child of blot out our sins from the book of judg- God receives the doctrine of eternal elecment—that it can blot out our sins from tion ? No. Does he do it because that our consciences. There is an almighti- child of God detests free-will, and all ness in the love of God: this appears in these volumes of smoke that ascend from the Lord's dealings with his people from the bottomless pit? No. Well then, day to day. When all other loves wither what does he do it for? Why because he and die, the people of God have left believes it is his duty to do it, and that with them the everlasting love of God. he may receive a higher place in heaven. If the Lord's people live, what is their in the love of God there is a fulness; portion when they live? The love of and in all that is said of God there is a God. If they die, what is their portion fulness. In eternal life there is a fulness. when they die ? The love of God. If If you had your health and strength upon they rise again at the last day, what is earth, and everything went in your favor, their portion when they rise again? The and nothing appeared against you, how love of God. The love of God is an en-long would you wish to live such a life? during love. Could you treat a dear Why, say you, I should like to live for friend that you knew loved you, in the ever; I should never wish to die! Well, same manner that you treat the Lord then, it is just such a life the Lord's peoJesus Christ ? Do you think that that ple will have after death; they will never dear friend could bear for one week only wish to die, but for ever be with those what the Lord Jesus Christ is continu- they love, where ally putting up with from you? Do you • Their best friends, their kindred dwell, think that any husband could bear from

And God their Saviour reigns !” his wife what the Lord Jesus Christ bears from you? The Lord's people may pos The late Mr. MARKELLIE sess the love of God's truth of election,

MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL. without possessing the assurance of it; but they cannot possess the assurance of DEAR BROTHER.-I have been ac, it, without at the same time, possessing quainted with our departed brother the love of it. A man cannot possibly about nine years; and I must say I hate that of which he feels his need. never met with one that I could walk Those who cannot endure the truth now, with as I could with him. Many happy will not be able to endure it at the last hours have I spent with him, talking great day. “Come ye blessed of my about those blessed things that alone father," (that will do, says the free-willer,) can do us good. He was favoured with 6 inherit the kingdom,” (O yes, to be a clear knowledge of the truth as it is sure, says the free-willer, such good peo- in Jesus; he was made an instrument, ple as we ought to inherit the kingdom ;) by God the Holy Ghost, to unfold the to prepared for you from the foundation scriptures in a blessed way: many times of the world.” (O no, that wont do at have I been refreshed by him. I feel all; we wont go, says the free-willer.) his loss very much; he was a brother, But the people of God lay up a good indeed, to me. With regard to his foundation for themselves; they lay up ministry, it was not long ; yet many God's eternal election; they feel their poor souls were blessed, and comforted, need of it, and they must of necessity and built up in their most holy faith, love it. The religion of Balaam was a and would have rejoiced for him still to religion not now, it was a religion not have proclaimed the unspeakable riches nigh; but if you are brought to re-l of Christ, had it been the Lord's will.


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