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his power to bring me to repentance and or nothing to do with the insertion of the confession, and utterly failed, and believed pieces. That is not my department, though me to be a hardened hypocrite, then he might I have a general control, sufficient, to reject have been justified in denouncing me pub- what is unscriptural, according to my judglicly. But, to cover up his feelings for six ment. years, under an appearance of friendship, "I have always met with the greatest and never seek to get into my mind and kindness and attention from my friends at conscience upon the matter, but publicly Zoar. I have occupied their pulpit every stab me in a chapel where I had many friends year but one (from illness) since 1837 ; and as well as enemies, is heart-breaking treat, if I may judge from the congregations asment. I have felt it most severely, and was sembled there, with some acceptance among at first quite stunned by the blow. It made the people. ine weep before the Lord, and cry and groan “How far this unpleasant circumstance to him. But I desired to put my mouth may affect my coming there, I will not now into the dust, accept the punishment of my say ; but if I cannot come feeling some iniquity, and beseech him to make the trial confidence in the deacons, church, and conprofitable to my soul. I felt that deceive gregation, that, they do not justify this athim I could not, and inock him I would tack upon me, and feeling that they have pot; that he knew the ground of my heart; some confidence in me, I would rather not that all my ways and words were open before come at all. I cannot go into a pulpit him ; that he alone could bring me out of fettered and shackled, and would therefore this trial and make it a blessing to my soul, rather keep out of it. And I begged of him to give me godly sor- “If a church meeting be called, I hope row where I had transgressed his holy will the matter will be weighed on Scriptural and word, and power to contess and acknow-grounds, and not as a party question. ledge it. These have been more or less my “Remember ine very kindly to your prayers and desires ever since; and more brother deacons and the church." than once, but once especially, I have found

“Your's affectionately for truth's sake, much power and prevalence in pleading

"J. C. PHILPOT. with the Lord, and on that particular occasion, my heart seemed so enlarged, that I “ Stamford, March 21, 1845." felt as if the Lord were just coming down into my soul to bless me, . “Mr. Tryon did not confine himself to

Bardens and Blessings truth in the charges which he made against CONNECTED WITH THE GOSPEL MINISTRY: me. For instance, I understand that he said, ' Why was not this matter brought to light before ?' 'Why, they compromised it,

[We are about to make an extract from a and one said — If you will not expose me,

work entitled "The Wonders of Free I will not expose you. Now this is com

Grace, as manifested in the Life of James pletely false. I made no such base compro

Weller, Minister of the Gospel, Bethel mise. Indeed I had no secret sin to cover

Chapel, Robertsbridge, Sussex." James up ; what I did was open; and I know no

Weller has for a considerable time been party who made such a proposal to me. Mr.

laid down on a bed of deep affliction; and Tryon said, also, in his letter to me, that 'I

is surrounded by a large family. Should had stabbed those who wished to come to the

any of our readers, after perusing the follight, I may answer, · When ?—whom?-

lowing extract, feel desirous of purchasing where ?-how?' I know not; my consci

the work, we beg to inform them that ence here is free.

several copies have been forwarded to us “As to a change in my ministry, I am not

for sale ; and as we have reason to believe aware of it. I preach as I feel led. I may

the money would be very acceptable, we not be so cutting as I once was, but minis

shall feel much pleasure in sending the ters do not always cut and hew; there is

work to any friend who may forward an building and planting, as well as pulling

order for it to our office. The following down and rooting up. Has the Lord ceased

extract doth well declare the character and to bear a testimony to the word from my

standing of this humble servant of Jesus lips? It is not for me to speak on this sub

Christ. On page 157 he says :-) ject, but I have had repeated testimonies that “Before I proceed farther, I would note the Lord still blesses the word. Just after that a few months previous to this time, I I returned home, in the autumn, the Lord became acquainted with Mr. Cowper, a dear blessed the word in a peculiar way to a poor brother in the ministry of the gospel, at the woman who had been in soul trouble for five Upper Dicker, Hellingly, Sussex, and fat years. I never heard or read of a more that time) occasionally at Providence Chapel, marked deliverance.

Oranbrook, who came and preached at Bur“As to the Gospel Standard, I have little wash one Easter Tuesday.

. The chapel at Tenterden being in debt, before whom I entered the pulpit like a dy-
it was thought advisable to hold the usual ing man, without a text to preach from. The
anniversary, on the consideration of which I first hymn that was 'sung was in substance the
wrote to brother C--, requesting him to cries of a living soul for mercy, and I sighed
come on the occasion ; and it was appointed and subbed with my heart as hard as steel;
for him to preach in the morning and even- my darkness was beyond description, and
ing, and myself in the afternoon. I had a the devil suggested that in this state I should
good hearing in the morning and evening, drop dead in the pulpit, which seemed doubly
but was very ill in body, wherefore, when at to distress me, as I feared that death would
the friend's house where we dined, I en bring greater torments. First I thought I
treated brother C- to preach in my stead would read the 8th chapter of St. Paul's
in the afternoon ; however, through his sup- Epistle to the Romans, with a who can
posing that the fear of preaching before him tell but I may find a little lift as I have many
had put me in chains, he made light of my a time before !' and then the thought of using
desire, and in a jesting manner said, 'Ah, or speaking the positive language contained
you had better go to bed old man, this after- in it seemed such awful presumption, that at
noon, and rest yourself a little,' &c. I re- last I rose from my seat and opened on the
plied that I had not the least fear of speak- 72nd Psalm, and read with much fear and
ing before him, as I was fully convinced he trembling till I came to the 12th and 13th
new the plague of the heart, and would verses, 'He shall deliver the needy when he
father bear with me in my infirmities than crieth, the poor also, and him that hath no
nake me an offender for a word. Notwith- | helper. He shall spare the poor and needy,
standing all I said, he could not be pre- and shall save the souls of the needy,' when
vailed upon, and as such, I told him I would a sweet unction from above flowed into my
try and speak, and if he would be present I soul, so that in hope and faith I began to
should feel obliged, because then, if I did open my mouth to the congregation, and
not feel relieved in my body, I could make said, 'O, my dear friends and fellow sinners,
it known to the people, and request him to what should or could we poor helpless sinners
fill my place. But it pleased the dear Lord do if it were not for God's wills and shalls ?"
to open my mouth when approaching him in and I felt an instant release in my soul; my
prayer, and he sent me relief in body and chains fell off, and I was like a hind let
soul, and blessedly helped me through the loose; and through the whole of the discourse
service ; and in a particular manner made I felt much blessed in preaching, and, was
me manifest in the conscience of brother enabled to speak to the refreshment of many
C -, so that after the service he gave me of my hearers. How marvellous are the
his hand cordially, and said, 'Well my dear Lord's ways, and that my soul knoweth right
brother, I can say to you what I dare not say well !
to many of the parsons in this day-my “Since the above, I have been there seve-
pulpit, house, and heart are open to receive ral times, and am now in sweet union with
you at any time when you can come down dear brother C- and many of his friends,
our way! I thanked him for his kindness, and my desire is that the dear Lord will keep
and told him I thought that my preaching us at his blessed feet, and make us useful to
would soon be over, as I felt I should be each other and to his dear people ; and that
forced to give it up. He then inquired re- the unity of the Spirit may abide with us in
specting what I thought of doing should the bonds of peace, for his Name's sake.
such be the case, and I told him I thought Amen and Amen fors'
of working at gardening: 'Well,' he said, I

come down to my house, and I will find
you a job; and will engage to keep you and The Happy Church-meeting.
your family too, if you can give up preach-
ing. I tell you, man, that you will never

What singing! What shouting! What heavenly

I greeting ! give up preaching until you give up living! Shall there be at that general, triumphant ChurchAnd I can assure you that we have a people meeting ! our way would very much like to hear you

Nor illness, nor business,!nor length of the way,

Shall keep, from that meeting, one brother away. when you can come; and for my part, I can Temptations and trials no more shall be known: say in truth I would sooner hear a babe lisp Nor satan, nor sin, shall e'er cause us to groan.

Each shall tell his sweet story, nor need he be short,

It will never be night. There'll be time enough for't. for its soul, than all the worldly orators in

Each strange dispensation, will be then understood. being”,

And we shall see clearly, all wrought for our good.
May the foresight of glory constrain you and me,

To consider what persons we ought now to be ! questing me to supply for him, and I went to

To pray for your brother, my dear friend, fail not, in accordance therewith; but o, the sink

For, alas ! you can't think what a heart I have got ; | So stubborn! So stupid! So camal! So eold;

One half of its wickedness cannot be told. that I nearly fainted. The chapel, which I

| But, Lord ! thou dost know it, thou only canst

bend it ! suppose holds about 600, was full of people,' on, search it, and try it, and wash it, and mend it.


etter re

- ANNIVERSARY SERVICES AT | xxvii. 25, 26. On Thursday evening, at our

Bethesda, we were favoured with a sermon . . Bethesda Chapel, Hull.

from Deut. xxxii. 10, 11, by Mrs. Hardwick,

from Malton, who gave great satisfaction, for The minister of the church and congrega her manner was pleasing, her language elotion meeting for the public worship of our quent, her ideas sublime, and her 'remarks most adorable God in his Trinity of Persons respecting God's dealings towards his peoin the above neat and commodious place, is ple, in providence, grace, and glory, very th it well-known, (by many much despised blessed; all tending to debase the creature, and persecuted, but) highly esteemed cham- and exalt our most lovely Jesus. Few of pion for the truth, Mr. Sanuel Lane, who the male preachers of the gospel can vie has now for thirty years in Hull ceased not with this honourable woman, who labours with to proclaim unequivocally, and without re-them in the gospel. Acts xiii. 50; xvii. 12; serve, the unsearchable riches of Christ ; and Philip. iv. 3. On the Sunday following, Mr. though now far advanced in life, being up-G. H. Godden preached in the morning wards of seventy-three years of age, he is from Malachi i. 1, 2, 3; Mr. G. Paterson, still able, (thanks be to God,) and as willing from Edinburgh, in the afternoon, from as ever to proclaim the glorious and funda- Luke xviii. 10–14; and Mr. S. Lane, in mental truths of the everlasting gospel as the evening from Acts xvii. 28. On Tuesday he did the first Sunday he preached in evening the 12th, the Annual Social Tea Hull. Nor have his labours been in vain ; Meeting was held in the Temperance Hall, for, notwithstanding the great opposition he Paragon Street ; and after about one hundred has met with at various times, yet the church had partaken of a most sumptuous tea, proof God, Christ's little flock, first at Ebenezer, vided by Mr. Stonehouse, the meeting was then at the Tabernacle, afterwards at Trinity, opened with singing and prayer, and Mr. S. and now at Bethesda Chapel, have been | Lane was unanimously called to the chair, greatly comforted and blessed under his who, in his usual lively style on such occaministry; and many, yea, very many, have sions, delivered a very interesting, and edibeen brought, by God the Holy Ghost, to fying speech, to a very respectable and the knowledge of the truth through his in- I attentive audience; and according to custom strumentality; and many are now singing it was partly poetic, relating how God called the new song of free grace' in glory, who in him to a knowledge of the truth about sixty their last moments on earth, expressed their

years ago, and that he had now been a deep gratitude to God, that he inclined them preacher of the gospel forty-five years, and to hear the sound of a free grace gospel, as the pastor of the church of Christ, in Hull, proclaimed by this great champion, and old

thirty years. He was followed by very inveteran for truth. By the help of God, this

teresting addresses from Mr. G. H. Godden, good old saint, and preacher of righteous- Mrs. Hardwick, Messrs. Messer and Paterness, continues to this day, testifying the son, and the meeting was afterwards .congospel of the grace of God to the no small |

cluded with singing and prayer ; being one mortification of his enemies ; some of whom of the most pleasant and delightful meetings (even would-be parsons) on his first coming which had ever been held by the minister and to Hull, had the audacity to prognosticate people worshipping at Bethesda Chapel. The that he would not stay as many days as he last of the Anniversary services was held on has now been years ;. but, as Solomon hath Thursday evening, the 14th, when Mr. G. truly said, “Many are the devices in a man's H. Godden preached from 2 Cor. v. 18; and heart, nevertheless, the counsel of the Lord, spoke very blessedly about our reconciliation that shall stand, yea, for ever, and the to God, by Christ, and proved beyond a thoughts of his heart to all generations.' doubt, that the church was viewed by God,

On Sunday, July 4, commenced the fifth in Christ, pure and holy from everlasting, anniversary services of the opening of Be- and therefore that God was never irreconciled thesda Chapel, and the thirtieth of Mr. to his people. This is the fourth time that Lane's pastoral care over the church of Mr. Godden has visited our little, but highly Christ, in Hull, when that eminent servant favoured Bethesda, and he is 'a workman of the most high God, Mr. H. Godden, from that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly diStonehouse, preached two very blessed ser- viding the word of truth :' (2 Tim. ii. 15.) mons; his text being, in the morning, Ezra | Yea, he is a faithful man, and fears God vi. 16, 17; and in the evening Ephes. i. above many.' Neh. i. 2. If the Lord will, 3, 4; Mr. T. J. Messer, of Hull, preached a | may we live to see each other again, at our most eloquent sermon in the afternoon from next Anniversary.

NUMERIST. John x. Il ; Mr. Godden preached again on Monday evening, from Luke xviii. 25,

Lines 26, 27; Mr. Messer on Tuesday evening, from Rom v. 14; Mr. Godden also preached at Composed and read by the chairman (S. L.) Hessle on Wednesday evening, from Prov. at the FIFTH Anniversary Tea Meeting held

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at the Temperance Hall, Paragon Street, 1 'Tis dropping piece by piece, yea, drop it must. Hull, July 13, 1847, in commemoration of

My under-bearers totter as they move.

My keepers trembling, each conspire to prove, the opening of Bethesda Chapel, Osborne My days are dwindling to the shortest span, Street, as also in commemoration of the I've pass'd the period call'd • The life of man ;' commencement of Mr. Lane's ministerial

Thus, hast' ning on, as through the earth I roam,

Fast as the wings of time can bear me home. labours in Ebenezer Chapel, Dagger Lane,

My grinders cease, because they are so few,
Hull, in the year (July 6,) 1817, now THIRTY Which proves I soon must bid you all adieu.
YEARS this present Anniversary; during | My windows darken more and more each day,
which time, I, (the writer of the following

Which also proves I have not long to stay
In these low lands of darkness and of death;

I feel I soon must yield my fainting breath, cheerfully, and faithfully served you, in the And sink bencath the sod no more to rise, gospel of my dear Christ day and night,

Until the Judge of all shall rend the skies.

I sprung from dust, and must to dust return, from the first day until now; witnessing both | The gloomy grave alone will be my urn. to small and great, none other things than My doors will soon be shut, and then good bye, those touchino Christ Jesus. the Lord, and I 'The Word informs me I was born to die, Heb, ix. 21. him crucified; and this I have done through

The almond trees which flourish on my head,

Prove I must soon be numbered with the dead. evil report, and good report. 'Having, there- My silver chord when loos’d, my bowl must break, fore, obtained help of God, I continue to 'Tis then I must my dearest friends forsake. this day ;' knowing and feeling, that in him

My pitcher too, when broken at the well,

Will prove on earth I can no longer dwell. I live, move, and have my being. Thus,

And when in heaven-I there my Saviour meetthrough God, I can truly say :

Should friends below, then mourn about the street ?

Could they but hear me sing with joyful glee-I've brav'd the bront of time, these THIRTY years,

My dearest friends, forbear to weep for me!-I've stem'd the flood of toils, of cares, and fears ;

They'd cease their sorrow, and aloud proclaim . Yea, persecutions, storms, turmoil, and strife,

All glory's due to Jesus' lovely name. Has been the lot of my frail, chequered life,

Farewell, dear friends! I leave you to his care, I've fought with men of beastly passions, fierce,

While I in hear'n, my Saviour's bounty share ; Who, raging, strove with malice deep, to pierce

And, although dead to living friends below,
My feeble soul, and stab my usefulness;

I'm only gone to where you all must go,
But, still I love, and live my God to bless ;
'Tis through the help of God, J, to this day,
Continue pressing on my heavenly way.

Watchman-What of the Night ?
I've brav'd the scorching heat of rage and flame,
I've triumph'd o'er my foes, in Jesus' name,
The faithfulness of God's eternal love,

ChristIAN READER - Under this head, I Supports my soul, and bears me far above

purpose to give you (from time to time) some The fear of man, of darkness, death, and strife;

little information respecting some of the Secure in Christ, I view my hidden life; Col. iii. 3, Thank God, thro' grace, I'm made this truth to

circumstances connected with Zion, the know

church of the living God. I have no desire • My life is hid with Christ, while here below;' | to declare grievous things; but what I am led Soon shall I see my Saviour's glorious face,

to see in and about poor Zion, that may be In heav'n, to praise the riches of his grace. Full SEVENTY YEARS and THREE on earth I've useful and interesting to you and at all declaratrod,

tive of the power and presence of our Lord And now I'm moving onward up to God,

in his church, that I shall simply declare. Where I shall see my dear Redeemer's face, And sing with saints, salvation's all of grace.

I will begin by stating I went on Thursday, Full THIRTY YEARS in Hull, I've stood my 20th of July to the TWENTY-EIGHTH ANNIground,

VERSARY OF GROVE CHAPEL, CAMBERWELL. And ever faithful, I, my God have found. Full SIXTY YEARS I've known the ways of God,

In the morning, Mr. Joseph Irons preached This blessed truth I cheerfully record,

a good gospel sermon from these words Full FORTY YEARS and FIVE l’ve preach'd the “God is in the midst of her, she shall not be

Nor flinch'd, nor fear'd the foes of Christ, my Lord.

moved.” He rejoiced greatly in the high For none I know, can find the way to heav'n,

and happy position to which the Lord had Until that knowledge of the way be giv'n

raised them as a church ; and, certainly, as By God alone, who must the way make plain, far as appearances go, there seems much Or human teaching will prove all in vain; None ever did, or could find out the way,

ground for gladness and thanksgiving. Mr. That leads the weary to eternal day;

Irons said, i hey not only had large congregaNone ever did, or can in Christ rejoice,

tions; but God had been in their midst in the Until they hear and know the Saviour's voice,

conversion of sinners; in the confirming of Nor can such hear, until they're taught of God, To know the way the holy prophets trod,

such as had wavered; and in the comforting I thank my God, in whom I have believ'd,

of the saints. These are great mercies for a Nor can I in my Jesus be deceiv'd.

faithful minister to be blessed with Mr. I've preach'd his name - The Lord our righteous

Abrahams and Mr. Luckin also delivered two ness, His spotless life, I call my wedding dress.

excellent discourses ; and it was considered l’re preach'd his blood, the pardon of all sin, a good day; for which the Lord be praised. Past, present, and to come, alone thro' him, Who died on Calvary's cross, yea died for all

Mr. Edmund Greenfield has been up to The chosen seed in him before the fall.

town; he preached for Mr. Isaacs, at his And now my days are drawing to a closc, Soon I shall bid adieu to all my foes ;

Anniversary ; a judicious friend of ours says, My house decays, 'tis crambling into dust,

he went (with some prejudice) to hear him:

he delivered some, sound, solid, gospel and like a fire, that shall burn up the wood, hay experimental discourses ; the Lord's people and stubble of a proud, self-conceited, and were blessed under him ; and in this also empty profession; and such a ministry in we desire to rejoice : for although Mr. Green-Southwark is not a little needed. field's writings have made him some enemies; There is reason to hope that che cause of yet, if the Lord has made him a watehman truth at BANBURY is reviving under the on the walls, and a workman in the fields of ministry of D. Lodge. The cause there was Zion; we would be the last to speak against so low, that it was thought the door must be him. Mr. Irons told us on Tuesday morn-closed; but, now, the congregations are good; ing, that he never attempted to make a the labours of our Brother Lodge are blessed Christian of old Adam yet; but he did expect to the people ; and-Who can tell, but that grace to reign over him. So we suppose m

we gunose many precious souls may yet be gathered in ? every minister has his old Adama, and no 0, Lord, send out thy light and thy truth !! doubt sometimes old Adam writes books, and let thine own word have free course, run, and preaches. sermons, which, when weighed in be glorified. the balance of the sanctuary, will be found to be wanting.

In every part of the word of God, as

well as in the subsequent histories of the The SECOND ANNIVERSARY of PROVI- church of Christ, we have striking inDENCE CHAPEL, KINGSTON, was held on stances in proof that the more God's Thursday, July 15. Mr. James Wells, Mr. Israel have been afflicted, the more they John Foreman, and Mr. Thomas Stringer have multiplied and grown. What is preached the sermons ; things appear to be said of the havoc Saul made of the church looking very well there; some of the folks when he entered into every house, comare not satisfied with the ministers who sup- I mitting men and women to prison? Why ply there on the Lord's-days: it would be well if they could get a sound, faithful, ex- |

just this, " Therefore, they that were perimental pastor and preacher of Christ's

scattered abroad, went everywhere preachgospel; but good men are not everywhere to

ing the word." What a calm, but blessed be found,

declaration! We are pinched for room, The PARTICULAR BAPTIST CHURCH, at

therefore cannot enlarge ; but briefly add HARLESTON, in NORFOLK, have given Henry

this scattering and increasing of the chilLangham a call for six months. Most fer

dren of grace, and of gospel truth, is, we vently do we pray that his labours there may

trust, being very successfully enacted in be rendered exceedingly useful. ' A good old Manchester at the present time. Firstestablished believer, passing his opinion upon a division takes place in the late Mr.' Henry Langham as a preacher, says – "his Gadsby's church; this gives rise to the matter is good; but he is in too great a hurry formation of the church, and the proclain the delivery." We think it very likely, mation of divine truth at Oldham Street, that the afflictions through which poor Henry by Mr. Bidder. Now something has ochas been, and still is, passing, will have a curred to cause Mr. Bidder to leave Oldtendency to sober down a little of his minis- ham Street, and I believe, (says a corterial zeal. The good Lord is preparing him

respondent,) Mr. Bidder now meets with for much usefulness, and we hope the friends

a part of the church in some room in the to real, gospel, experimental truth around Harleston, will be found holding, up his

town; but which is supposed only to be hands, and encouraging him in his labours;

temporary. We can only add—we trust for this he greatly needs.

the good hand of God will be ultimately THE CHURCH AT UNICORN YARD, TOOLEY

seen in all this, in causing the glorious SIREET, have, by, a large majority, invited |

doctrines of sovereign grace to be proMr. BONNER to become their pastor. The latan

* The claimed in many parts of Manchester. people say he is a man of great talent; and As regards the church at Oldham Street, bids fair to be of much service to Zion. I the presence of the Lord has been much Well; we hope that, (like Ezekiel), he is realised; a blessing has attended the made to eat the roll, before he declares it unto word ; and great numbers flock to hear. the house of Israel. If Mr. Bonner's minis- Mr. Tant, of Brighton, has been with try is an honest speaking out of that, and only them four Lord's Days; and he is to be that, which God the Holy Ghost sovereignly, succeeded by Mr. Corbitt, of Bigglesgraciously, and experimentally revealeth and wade, Bedfordshire. We may have more worketh in his own soul, then we are sure that to say respecting this part of the vinehis labours will be owned and honoured' of 'vard in our next.-EDITOR, God; and be a tasting blessing to the people ; 1" his word will be like a hammer, that will lour Review of Ebenezer Vinall's Call to the break in sunder the rocky heart; it will be Ministry is deferred for the present. ]

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