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saved at all. He has striven to the utter- feelings of his heart, are so expressly told most of his power to be righteous, but he to him; and its coming not in word only, finds he can no more keep himself from as he had been hearing it for many Sabbaths, sinning than he can wash the Ethiopian but with power, he could not resist it. It is white. He feels himself utterly lost, and evident the Lord has begotten him again to cries out from agony of soul — God be mer- a lively hope, yet he has not had the evidence ciful to me, a sinner.' This is not the mere of the pardon of his sin; never had his capconfession of the lips, it is the heart that is tive soul fully set at liberty ; never had re.. speaking. Watch him on his knees, in his lationship spoken to his heart; never been closet ! in the cellar! in the workshop! See able to call God his Father. No; he is the tears falling from his eyes! Follow him helped with a little help. My brother, to the house of God; see his fixed attention though you have got no further than this, to the words as they fall from the mouth of you have been made obedient to this comthe minister, to whom, God, in his provi- mand of your God. This is the obedience dence, has directed him! Behold his grave of heart I have spoken of; and I will pledge countenance ! which is the true index of his my soul for your's, that if you have expeheart. How personal is this obedience of rienced only this first part of the work of seeking the Lord's face! This poor soul is the Spirit on your soul, you shall shine forth as much concerned about the salvation of his with the saints in glory, for ever and ever. own soul as though there was not another I want you to bear this in mind, till I come soul to be saved. How sincerely does he ex- to the means of this obedience. And I do claim-: 0, that the root of the matter may also beseech you to bear in mind, that, so be found in me! O, that I knew that Christ sure as you have felt this first part, so sure died for me! O, that I could call God, my you shall have the blood of sprinkling apFather ! O, that I could say, He loved me, plied to your conscience. and gave himself for me!' His song is :- But these obedient ones do not always stay “ The Lord will happiness divine,

in one stage of experience; they are someOn contrire hearts bestow,

times upon the ascent to the top of the Then tell me, gracious Lord, is mine mount; sometimes in the valley; sometimes A contrite heart or no ?:)

in a state to need restoration ; sometimes in The Lord, perhaps, directs his servant to a state to require quickening ; sometimes in some very consoling sentence, to be spoken a state to need cleansing : indeed, their souls to this poor soul, whereby he is encouraged go through many changes. But let us folto seek; such, perhaps as the following low this hoping one a little further. The · Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, world, perhaps, charms; zeal waxes cold; and he shall strengthen thine heart; wait, I carnal propensities become strong ; and the say, on the Lord.'

The minister describes thing gets into that state of mind which nohis exercises better than he could describe thing but the power of God can reach. Now them himself; indeed, just as if someone comes the set time to favour him :-He is had told the man of God all about it; and brought to the very place, to hear the very the Lord attends the word with a little sermon which God has, from all eternity, power, so that the poor soul cannot help appointed to be the means by which his soul taking comfort from it. He leaves his pew was to be set at liberty. Probably such a with a hope that God will appear and deliver sentence as this Son be of good cheer, thy him. But, perhaps before that day is gone, sins which are many, are all forgiven thee.' the devil tells him that he has taken that All guilt is removed from the conscience ; comfort that did not belong to him. It fear is cast out by perfect love. What humble was spoken to some of the children of God,' views has he of himself, now! Why hast says he.

• Ah!' says unbelief, so it was ; thou loved and redeemed me, (says he,) who I have deceived myself. From which, this am so base, so vile, yea, the most vile? Can obedient one sinks down into despondency; it be possible? Yes; this power that I now still he cannot helpseeking, waiting, desiring, feel working in my soul, constrains me to and crying for mercy ; being fully satisfied say that He loved me, and gave himself for me. that there is but one way in which a sinner I now feel that his blood cleanseth from all can be just before God; which is by the sin. O, my God! thou art my God, and blood and righteousness of the Lord Jesus Father! O, my precious Jesus, thou knowChrist.

est that I love thee !' Here he exclaims The Lord meets with him again, perhaps ‘0, how precious art thou now to my soul!' by the ministry of the word, and says- Now his soul is in the enjoyment of that • Fear not, thou worm Jacob. Well, what heavenly peace, which springs from the blood does this poor doubter say to this? "Ah! of sprinkling applied to his conscience, this is not for me. I will not take it to my- That peace which passeth all understand. self this time: no; that I will not.' But ing.' He has joy which is unspeakable, and his character is so clearly depicted by God's full of glory. How doth he sing, · My soul sent servant; the longings of his soul, the doth magnify the Lord, my spirit doth rea

joice in God my Saviour.'— Bless the Lord, But again : see what all this further O my soul, and all that is within me, bless proves. It shows your relationship to God; his holy name. Bless the Lord, O, my soul for as many as are led by the Spirit of God, and forget not all his benefits; who forgiveth they are the sons of God;' it is the spirit of all thine iniquities, who healeth all thy dis- adoption. It is the Spirit whom the world eases, who redeemeth thy life from destruc- cannot receive, you have received it, theretion, who crowneth thee with loving-kind- fore you are not of the world, But more ; ness and tender mercies, who satisfieth thy he shall abide with you for ever. Do not mouth with good things, so that thy youth is think this is too great for you. May the renewed like the eagles.'

Holy Ghost, himself apply these feeble re*Ah!' saith the poor christian, who has marks to your poor heart, and then you will got no further than a hope, 'could I attain be able to rejoice with him who said it is to this blessed assurance, I should be satis- enough.' fied. Well, so you would for the time it Then look into the preceding clause of lasted. But, I tell you, as I told you be our verse; see that your election is also as fore, if you have only experienced the first sure in evidence. •Elect according to the part of this obedience, as the Lord liveth, foreknowledge of God the Father, through you shall have this blood of sprinkling ap- sanctification of the Spirit unto obedience, plied to your soul sooner or later. You have and the sprinkling of the blood of Jesus been made willing, or obedient to seek God; Christ.' So that if you had not been elected this you cannot deny. And you are exclaim- you would not have been made willing in the ing—0, that I knew where I might find day of God's power. • Elect unto the obehim !' Well, then I want you to pay par- dience,' &c. 0, glorious election ! Chosen ticular attention to the antecedent of this of God the Father, in Christ; given to him word obedience, as it stands in the sentence: for your preservation, with all the blessings namely, through sanctification of the Spi- you have, and will be the recipient of, rit.' Here, then is the means of this obedi-through life ; preserved in him, that he may ence. You know that you were not concerned present you, without blame, before the about the state of your soul prior to this im- Father, in love;' eternally united to him. pression being made on your heart. And The Father promises all these blessings upon you also know that you could not beget that oath, to the Son, for you. Yes; he has hope in your soul, which you received under sworn to him, and said, 'My covenant will that sermon, or from that passage of Scrip: I not break ; nor alter the thing which is ture. Then, who did it? I declare that it gone out of my mouth. His word endureth is the sanctification of the Spirit of God. for ever ; and he must cease to be God beHave you not desires for spiritual things ? fore he can falsify it. O, the divine certainty Can you not say that you desire communion of the blessings of salvation ! Say no more, with God more than all the world calls good then that you are not elected; for your calland great ? Would you as holy as ing is the effect of your election. But, there God is holy? Let conscience speak. And is one particular evidence of your interest does not sin in your nature cause you more in these things which just strikes my mind; grief and sorrow than all things else beside ? which is, you cannot believe my mere word Was this the case when you was dead in sin ? for this. No; nothing will do for you, but Then it is evident, that that which is born for your sentence to come forth from Gud of the flesh is flesh, that is, it is sinful, car-himself; it must come to you with power. nal, and devilish.

But these desires of Is this the case, my brother? If so, I poyour's are not sinful ; they are not the works sitively affirm that you are an elect vessel of of the flesh, but the fruits of the Spirit. This mercy. For, your faith doth not stand in proves that what you have experienced is the wisdom of men, but in the power of the Spirit's work of sanctification in your God. Then see what you are elected to, soul; which is the effectual means of this an inheritance which is incorruptible, unobedience of which I have been speaking. defiled, and that fadeth not away,' but reYea, my brother, God has begun this good served in heaven for you. Yes; in that work in you, and he will carry it on and blessed paradise, there is a vacant seat for finish it. Christ said, "If I go not away, you which another can never fill; a golden the comforter will not come. He has come harp; a glittering crown; and a palm of into your heart ; then it was through the victory. meritorious work of the Son of God. My

“ There you shall bathe your weary soul dear brother, it was through the vicarious

In seas of heavenly rest; sufferings, the expiatory death, and atoning And not a wave of trouble roll blood of the now exalted Saviour, that the

Across your peaceful breast. Holy Ghost deposited this divine principle But, mark the original cause of all this. of light and life in your soul, which shall Why did God elect his people? Because of never die, while Christ lives, for it is his any goodness he foresaw in them? No; for own life.

he saw that there would be none that would

do any good; no, not one. It was the ever-l'human means of recovery, either in self, lasting love of a triune God, which is here or in others. We look at the past with sorset forth in this sentence by the words, ' Ac- row, the present with despair, and the future cording to the foreknowledge of God the seems hopeless. Yet this is the very perFather;' that is, his foreknowledge of them son God has promised to bless; and the as the objects of his eternal love from ever- blessing he has promised is, the kingdom, lasting. His choice was founded upon his with all the blessedness connected therewith. own mere love-'We love him because he This promise includes three special blessfirst loved us.' Mark, also, that this love ings which I will just mention, they are life of your God is not a mere passion which peace, and plenty. Life. This the Son of God needs a lovely object to excite it; no ; it is came from heaven to give, that we might one of his perfections ; it is part of his divine have it more abundantly; and this is eternal nature; therefore, he must change in his life, to know thee, the only true God, and nature, before he can cease to love you. It Jesus Christ, whom he hath sent; this is eternal love; it is immutable love. knowledge is by the unctuous teaching of

May you live in much enjoyment of it the Holy Spirit, who alone can lead us into shed abroad in your heart by the Holy Ghost. all truth, shew us our own vileness, and the

Thus, have I endeavoured to show you a exceeding sinfulness of sin, and then lead little about cause and effect; though, per- us to the Lamb of God, who washes the haps, I do not take the same view of these soul from all pollution, removes guilt, and words as many of the children of God do. purges the conscience; making it whiter I have tried to show that this obedience of than snow. The Spirit of Life enters in your's is the effect of the operation of God regeneration, and the soul begins to be alive the Holy Ghost, and that this operation is from the dead : there is a felt consciousness the effect of the work of Christ, and that of guilt, and a cry gushes fronı the heartthe work of Christ for you is the effect of God be merciful to me, a sinner!' Rest your eternal election, and that your election is impossible, while the arrow of conviction is the effect of God's eternal love to you. is in the man's heart; but when Christ is · And I further add, that the two principle revealed in all the beauty of his Person, ends he had in view in all this, was your work, and worthiness as my Saviour; and happiness with the the rest of his people, says to me ‘live,' as he passes by, then live and his own glory.

I must for ever ; and reign in glory without Your fellow traveller in this path,

sin or sorrow; having received life eternal

as his own free gift ; to whom be all the Stepney.

GEORGE ELAN. glory. Peace is another blessing ; this comes

to us through his own blood. What a price ! What the Christian wants: What the cross; now the question is, has he made

He hath made peace by the blood of his Believer has.

peace in our hearts, by the sprinkling of that precious blood ? The man that is taught of

God will find plenty of soul trouble, but, in MY DEAR CHRISTIAN FRIENDS IN The Christ he shall have peace ; and that peace GOSPEL OF CHRIST :-You will begin to God hath said, shall never be removed. Isa. think that I have forgotten my promise, in liv. 10. It is the free gift of heaven which not writing before this; but I have been we poor beggars receive from the Prince of much engaged ; I wrote to Mr. and Mrs. Peace. The other blessing is plenty, which Bream first, because I had a few lines from completes the heaven we are to enjoy to all her before I left. I do hope that the dear eternity. Life and peace are not enough; Lord will go on to bless you with the dew of for a man might have these, and yet be heaven, and much of his blessed favour, ready to dic with hunger, but Christ is so power, and love in your poor souls, which I great a storehouse, full with the richest and doubt not, is at times, as dry as the parched most suitable provision, which is laid up for ground in Suffolk, in the summer season. his beloved ; . and it hath pleased the Father One thing I know, he has promised to bless that in him should all fulness dwell!' Oh, the poor in spirit. Then the question is that the Lord the Spirit may draw us to this 'am I the character ? For upon this hangs heavenly storehouse. May we come empty, the important matter. To be poor in spirit, and often, to receive of these spiritual blessis to be in great spiritual want. I wantings; so that 'out of his fulness we may riches, bread, water, righteousness, house, receive, and grace

for grace.' light, comfort, healing, life, light, strength,

Your's in the Gospel of Christ, grace, mercy, peace, truth, love, power, and Christ to be my Prophet, Priest and King.

C. H. COLES. To be poor in spirit is to be made to see and 4, Soho-street, Reading, June 28, 1847. feel that we are dead, dark, blind, polluted, vile, destitute, and in DEBT, without any

The Harvest truly is Great; but the Labourers are Yew.

Dear BROTHER in the bonds of an Lord P‘Yes, even thee; (was his reeverlasting covenant, well ordered in all ply) be not faithless, but believing.' Yes, things, and sure to all the seed :-About | dear brother, I can point to the very fourteen years ago, the Lord, in infinite spot, the day, the hour, where my God mercy, rescued me from the pleasures richly manifested himself to my soul; I of sin, in which I delighted, and

in which believe I shall never forget it: Well, for awful depth I was sunk far beyond many a time, I went on smoothly; but after a of my companions; the most narrow es- while, was developed such hidden evils capes

has there been between me and that I verily thought would never again death ofttimes; yet, as soon as the appear; a host of temptations without; danger was over, as soon did I return to a host of corruptions within, I soon my folly, more like a child of the devil afterwards found the way to the kingthan before.

dom to be a sword-in-hand conflict all

through: the weapon of all-prayer may Judgments or mercies ne'er could sway,

for a while be laid aside ; but necessity My roving feet to wisdom's way, Glory to God I could not rove

will soon bring it out-a daily crossBeyond the limits of his love.

a thorn in the flesh-an evil heart-an Fenc'd with Jehovah's shalls and wills, Firin as the everlasting hills.

ungodly world—a tempting devil-vile

affections—wandering thoughts - cares But amidst all, that truth has been ful- and perplexities need something more filled in me, the bodies of the saints are than past experience, past deliverance, immortal, till the soul is born of God.'

or past manifestations. The provision I was led to witness the ordinance of of yesterday will not suffice for to-day ; Believer's Baptisan ; so sunk in my spi- but daily and hourly, yea, every morit was I, that the most obscure seat was ment, I need what my covenant God has my choice, where, as I thought, I could promised— !, Jehovah will keep it and neither see or be seen ; but oh, the word watch over it every moment;' and my I heard echoed from the pool ! -A power cry must, from necessity be- Give me which laid me low, brought all my past this day, my daily bread: I am weak, follies in a moment before my eyes, and poor, and needy. I cannot live, walk, I could only cry—I have crucified the or move in the ways of Zion, only by Son of God afresh by my ungodly deeds, him in whom my life is hid.' and put him to an open shame-no hope Very shortly after the dear Lord thus for me—no mercy for me'-a fearful look- liberated my soul, I felt an anxious deing for of judgment, and fiery indigna- sire to become of some use in his church. tion, was, for many months my lot; hell I was easily induced to become a tract staring me in the face. I could only distributor; and to work I went. No feel it was my just desert; but oh, the sooner had I begun than the sight of mercy that released my burdened con- gospel truth revealed to me that nine science! About twelve years since, when tenths of the Society's tracts were full one of the dear Lord's sent servants, of the deadly poison of Arminianism. I (now in glory) was speaking out preci- was compelled to give up all my tracts ous truth, (the portion he spoke from for conscience sake. was a portion for me,) unbelief strove My mind about this time was deeply hard against it; satan told me it was impressed that I should be called to lanot for me; my own heart said not for bour in the gospel vineyard, having felt me :' it followed me through the dark those words so powerfully impressed watches of the night; it followed me in upon my heart—Son of man, I have the morning; yet did I strive most made thee a watchman ; son of map thou mightily: not for me ;' it can't be for art not sent to a people of a strange me;' still, the power of God the Holy speech, or of an hard language, whose Ghost came with the word : then, like language thou canst not understand, but Thomas, I was obliged to cry— My to the house of Israel : thou shalt give Lord, and my God!' • What me, Lord them the word from my mouth, whether A vile, sinful wretch, like me? Yes, they will hear, or whether they will foreven thee ; fear not; I have redeemed bear.' thou art mine.'

Frequently has the dear Lord so


• What! me,


powerfully broke in upon my soul with 'ceive him-prayer meetings, I am most a portion of his word that I have worked shut up, almost resolved to go no more ; preaching, walked miles preaching, and vile insinuations, strong temptations, and most blessedly has my mind been lost solemn accusations, like fiery darts, thick in the glorious realities of his eternal and thin are hurled : 'a fine figure you truth. Oh, how have I longed for a door would cut in the pulpit,' says the old foe. of utterance when my soul has been I can hold you so fast now,

what would filled with love, fired with zeal, and over- you do then ? Let but the Lord speak! whelmed with divine goodness! Never Let my God rebuke him! Let but the have I opened my mind to any man upon Sun of Righteousness dart one ray of the subject before I sent you my last his glorious beams! Let but the Spirit's scribble ; and now, with much fear, weak- power be felt !—My darkness is in a moness, and trembling, I will again. The ment turned into mourning-sorrow into ice is broken; a door from me to you of rejoicing - sighing into singing-satan communication is open ; though at the fleeth-his armies disappear-his fiery present not from you to me, but by the darts are quenched-my soul, in a moVessel. Use no means to find me. Let ment triumphant, mounts on the wings the Lord speak, and Samuel will be sure of faith and love at the voice of my Beto hear; let Samuel lie in his place, and loved - Behold he cometh, leaping upon Eli judge if the Lord calls, lest it be of the mountains, skipping upon the hills;' man; if of God it cannot be overthrown. I hear him ; I know his well-known His purposes will ripen fast,

voice. Yes; he is precious to my soul. Unfolding every hour. Oft'times I fear it is only the emotions

He is precious to my soul,

My transport and my trust; of pride and presumption; and that I

Jewels to him are gaudy toys, shall one day run unsent of God. But

And gold is sordid dust.
If he has bid me go,

Blessings for ever on his eternally glo-
Why do I tarry here?

rious name, he has always been as good If he appoints a work to do, Why should I yield to fear ?

as his word. Strength has always been

given equal to the day most given Satan has been often let loose upon me, when most needed : and though needs and tried me sharply, when with the dear have been sorely felt at times for many saints of God I have had sweet liberty of years, yet, never one good thing has soul at their prayer-meetings, and been failed of all that he has promised conmelted down under the sweet and blessed cerning me. Should he open a door for unction of the Holy One; so that heart me, then may I rest upon his—So I am and soul, and all my powers have been with you alway, even unto the end of the lost in the fulness of Jehovah's love, world. Oh, that his dear will may be blood and grace; but as soon as the made manifest, the mind of the Spirit sweet moments have passed, in satan ascertained, and you be enabled to give comes as an angel of light: 'Well done ; a faithful word in season, to she says) what a parson you would make;

YOUNG TIMOTHY. you are almost on the pulpit stairs.' Then looking round, I see and abhor my own

THE CHRISTIAN SOLDIER'S SONG OF PRAISE. vile heart; and am constrained to cry out, 'Search me, oh, my God, search me thoroughly;

To Him, who sits upon the throne, ; prove me: and know my

Who makes his truth and mercy known, thoughts; see my heart, oh God, thou,

Be endless honours giv’n, and thou only knowest ; hear my cry;

Tell of his love, ye blood-wash'd host,

You that have cause to praise him most, and lead me in the way everlasting.'

And have had most forgiv'n, Then again, the old foe rallies on me, and says I am the proudest hypocrite in

With you, dear saints, I'd take my seat,

And at those dear once pierced feet, Zion, and my prayers are a fair show in

My tears should ever flow. the flesh; and sends forth such a cloud • The chief of sinners sav'd,' I'll cry,

* Through Jesus' blood and agony, of darkness, that he is permitted almost

And brought his love to know.' to blind my eyes; the face of Jehovah's throne is held back: I walk in darkness,

The faithful saying, gospel sound,

Fain would I tell to all around, and have no light, yet am alive; where

What God has done for me, can I go? I fly to his word, but see He sav'd, he call'd, he pardon seald,

In me he hath his Son reveal'd, him not means of grace, I cannot per

And shall I silent be?

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