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Shall stones burst, and against me cry?

very precious and suitable word came with Oh, no; I'll lift my Lord on high, Whenever he shall call.

a little power, into our souls, while ponWith him eternally allied,

dering over Young Timothy's " case. In him completely justified,

“ STIR UP THE GIFT OF GOD WHICH IS I'll crown him Lord of all.

IN THEE." May the dear Lord send this Shall Pope and Pusey fill the land ?

word with power into “ Timothy's" soul, The free-will soldier, ruffian band,

that it may work out for him a real deTear from my Lord the crown ?

liverance. There are four things in “Shall I go up, my Lord ?' I cry, • Against the host that thee defy?

“ Young Timothy's" case which give us Oh, make thy pleasure known !

strongly to hope that the Lord has de

signed him for usefulness in the church. These twelve years, J.ord, I've sought, and still

First, he has been made experimentally Will seek to know thy sacred will ; 0, Lord, reveal to me!

acquainted with, and led into the 116th Shall I still tarry in the plain,

Psalm. Both the 7th and the 8th of the
Or speak the honours of thy name
With love and liberty ?

Epistle to the Romans has his living soul

passed through ; and this, to a true servant • Thou said'st to me, my dearest Lord,

of Jesus Christ is worth more than mil* Not to strange speech, or language hard, lions of volumes of divinity. Oh, yes, Thou'rt sent to Israel.

we are fully persuaded that the man who Thy face as adamant I've made, Harder than flint, be not afraid,

has been chastened by Moses—made to The rage of men or hell.'

tremble before a holy God- been led to

the Person and cross of Christ-washed Thus saith the Lord- Thou shalt proclaim, The words I bid, shall be thy theme;

in his precious blood—had pardon sealed Let him that heareth, hear.

upon his heart, and enjoyed the sweet anYet shall they know I have sent thee,

ointings of the Holy Ghost in his own Be thou faithful, and warn from me

soul, such a man (being truly brought E'en those that will forbear.'

forth into the ministry,) shall never, for Thoo many years have pass'd since then, any length of time be barren or unfruitYet neither with the lip, or pen,

ful. Secondly, “Young Timothy” is not Have I done ought for thee, I, in Jerusalem abide,

a novice-not one newly planted, (as the Tarrying, waiting, till power's applied

original meaneth ;) he has had many years To know thou hast sent me.

of conflict, and many seasons of holy comOh, never let it rend my heart

fort in the things of God; he knows * This man did run; I sent him not,

something of satan's devices; he knows Nor bid him speak my word?

much of our heavenly Father's love, mercy, Make known, reveal, thy mind and will;

truth, and power. Thirdly, “Young Ti. Father, I cry; I can't be still, Since I thy voice have heard.

mothy's" heart has been long desiring

this good work; and surely, 'the desire of My peace I know not how to hold,

the righteous shall be granted.' LastlyThy rich, vast love it makes me bold ;

(we flatter not, but frankly speak our mind) I long its strains to tell.-Eternal, matchless, sovereign, free ;

we perceive that “ Young Timothy" has He sought it, found it, it saved me

a working, industrious, and comprehen. From depths of lowest hell,

sive mind; which, being sanctified, will Hail, heralds ! telling gospel grace,

be a great blessing to himself, and to the Say ye, is mine a single case,

people among whom he labours. An inYou have not heard before?

dolent, slothful, careless-minded parson is If in the ' Vessel' there is room,

a pest to any people. A word from God who knows) may come ;

May the Lord stir And that, a word with pow'r !

up, and make manifest. Young Timothy's' YOUNG TIMOTHY.

gift. Amen.-EDITOR.] [We have read “ Young Timothy's " com

munications with a more than ordinary Who shall separate us from the Love degree of interest; feeling a deep and sin

of Christ ? cere desire that the Lord would be pleased to bring him forth, if, indeed, such be his heavenly will. Having had sometimes, DEAR BROTHER IN CHRIST:- I have sent calls from as many as six destitute churches you a feeble testimony of the Lord's goodto supply them with ministers for the ness to my soul; if you think it will be any Lord's Day, we have often sighed, and use to the Lord's tempted children, and prayed that the Lord would raise up some have room in your Vessel, put it in. really spiritual, and heavenly anointed I was about eight years of age, as near as Timothys and Tituses, who might be sent I can recollect, when the Lord first began to forth with confidence to the edification give me a concern about my never-dying and comforting of the Lord's dear afflicted soul; being taught to read the Scriptures saints. And if we are not deceived, a from my childhood, and reading that portion of the Word, which speaks of two his fear into my heart that I should not declasses of people that are in the world, sheep part finally from him ; for they that dwell and goats, and the one would be on the right under his shadow, shall return.' I wandered hand, and the other on the left, and that about from chapel to chapel in an unsettled those on the right hand, belong to Christ; state ; at length I joined one church, where and those on the left, to satan, to whom he I was baptised, got a little encouragement would either say, come, ye blessed,' or under the word, but fell again into sin, which * depart, ye cursed; I was afraid I should be brought a load of guilt on my conscience, one of those on the left. God, who is a and having the Lord's chastening hand upon sovereign in all his matters, did not keep me, I used to hang down my head, and me long in suspense about this matter, but could not hold it up, until God lifted it was pleased to lay his afflicting hand upon my up with the light of his countenance. Hearbody, and bring me very low; so that my life ing a Jew was going to preach in the Bowas despaired of; and then, in this state, to rough Road Chapel, I thought I should like give me a revelation of himself, as my Sa- to go and hear him ; his subject was Spiritual viour, and blessed be the King of kings for Fornication, and departing in heart from the ever, he cured my body also. He appeared Lord; which I was very much impressed to me, in a manner, something like that de- by, and felt a desire to go and hear him scription you have of him, in the nineteenth again, which I did; where I got reproof chapter of Revelations - 'I saw heaven from the Lord, and likewise a little help opened, and behold a white horse, and he and encouragement to follow him ; I was that sat upon him was called faithful and true, and in righteousness doth he judge, and encouraged by these portions—Wait on the make war; his eyes were as a flame of fire, Lord, be of good courage, and he shall and on his head were many crowns, and he strengthen thine heart;' I am a living withad a name written, which no man knew ness he is as good as his word.—My soul but he himself; and he was clothed with a holdeth me; blessed is the man that hear

followeth hard after thee, thy right hand upvesture, dipped in blood, and his name is eth me, watching daily at the posts of my called THE WORD of God. There was a power came over me, which I have felt the doors, for whoso findeth me, findeth life, like since, when the Lord has applied his and shall obtain favour of the Lord. word to me. At first I saw him only as

I went once also to hear Mr. Gadsby, my Judge ; and was afraid ; but as he drew and he preached from these words— For closer to me, I saw him as my Saviour, and ye have need of patience, that after ye have was delighted with him. The words he said done the will of God, ye might receive the to me, and I said to him, I had quite for- promise;' I felt persuaded from this disgotten, until reminded by my mother, who is course the Lord was about to look upon me, now living, who says I sat upright in the and so he was ; for in a very short tiine after bed, and the words she tells me were these the Lord set me at a sweet and happy liberty. I said, 'I should like to come;' and he said, It was on a Tuesday-evening, at Regent• You shall come; but not yet.' My father, street Chapel, where Mr. Abrahams preaches, who was a God-fearing man, said to her, "he and under whose ministry, my captivity was will get better, which I did; and had sweet turned ; 'I was brought up out of an horripeace in my soul like a river flowing into my ble pit, had my feet set upon a rock,' exheart; the Lord since that, has opened up perimentally, and a new song put into my to me the awful depravity of my corrupt na- mouth, the pardon of my sins. He took his ture; which I am ashamed even to speak text and these were the words— Because particularly about ; were it not to shew the thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also exceeding riches of his grace, and his for- will keep thee from the hour of temptation, giving love, I would keep it in; but God's which shall come upon all the world to try children are a tempted and tried people, and them.' The Lord spoke these words to me, therefore, I will out with it.

my head was lifted up; I saw Jesus as my I used to attend Providence Chapel with perfect Saviour still; and although I had my father-in-law, where the late Mr. Hunt- fallen into sins of a deep dye, he never did ; ington used to preach; Mr. Locke was then with all the temptations that he had; therethe minister, under whose ministry my heart fore he represented me perfect and comwas softened down, and drawn out. After plete in him, holy, and without blame before that I soon got into a backsliding state, and him in love; he took away all rebuke from drunk into the spirit of the world ; grew my conscience, as if I had not committed careless of attending the house of God; a single sin in my life ; oh, how my soul attended theatres, and other amusements, mounted up as with the wings of an eagle ! which drew my heart away from the Lord; if How I did love God's people, and do now it had been possible for his heart to have when this powerful anointing rests upon me. been drawn away from me, I do not know After the sermon was over, they sung that what would have become of me; but I could hymn of Mr. Hart'snot rest here ; I was uneasy; he had put " Jehovah is my righteousness," &c.


Whom Christ hath reconcil'd to God;


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Since that, the Lord has often blessed this! The best employment that many me with manifestations of himself, and as- ministers can now find, is the defaming, sures me he is my portion; that I am all fair, despising, and condemning of others. there is no spot in me, and he is all fair to me, Preaching in bitterness and in anger, there is no spot in him; therefore, he is my and aiming rather to drive out, than to husband, brother, friend, that loveth at all bring in; and actually cursing instead of forsake me, and enables me to trust in his blessing the people. Preaching perdition I have had buffettings of the enemy,

and not salvation ; proclaiming the works but he sustains me ; often he arises and shines of the flesh and of the devil, instead of upon me according to his own promise proclaiming the works of Christ and the

Unto you that fear my name, shall the Sun Holy Ghost in the hearts of the elect. of Righteousness arise with healing in his Surely, you will say, you can find wings. Most times when that hymn of nothing so bad as this in Zion! But, Mr. Hart's is sung

indeed, I can. Here is, in Sherborne, Blessed are they whose guilt is gore,

a few deeply taught, experimental, humWhose sins are wash'd away with blood,

ble, conscientious believers in the Lord Whose hope is fixed on Christ alone,

Jesus Christ, and in the truth as it is in

Jesus. Somewhere about thirty years
Though travelling through this vale of tears,
He many sore temptations meet,

ago, many sinners were really and truly The Holy Ghost this witness bears, awakened by the Spirit of God; they

He stands in Jesus still complete, - were brought out of the world, and, we he gives me to feel the power of it; yea, trust, made savingly acquainted with the I can say, be delights to make my crooked deep things of God. From that time, ways straight, by causing the mountains to there has been found here, a people who depart, and the hills to be removed. How worship God in Spirit, and in truth. sweet were these words to my heart after They have, in former times, worshipped this, 'Who shall separate us from the love of in rooms, in barns, and in other placesChrist ? — Jesus Christ, the same yester- but about nine years ago, the Lord stirred day, and to day, and for ever.'


their hearts to build a house for his God bless you, prays - E. S.

and this they have done. Near

to the very large and ancient church, Watchman-What of the Night?

(for which Sherborne is celebrated,) stands Providence Chapel; a very neat

and comfortable place; situated in a No II.

quiet and retired spot. It was opened What of the night, indeed! I am now by Mr. John Warburton, upwards of writing from Sherborne, in Dorsetshire; eight years since; and one Mr. Thomas and in my recent travels and labours Small was for a few years their minister. among the people of God, I find the But, as Jeremiah says, they said in his clouds hang so thick and heavy, that I day—' Report, and we will report it: so, can scarcely form any judgment of the satan, and his unholy agents are saying state of things; but this I know, that of the church of Christ, in our days• for the divisions of Reuben there are Divide, and we will divide it. This un. great searchings of heart.' Jeremiah's happy spirit has come into Providence words-(Chap. xx. 10. 11,)-appear ex- Chapel, Sherborne. So that instead of ceedingly applicable to the present state the minister and the people being bound of my own soul, and the present condi- up together in the bonds of truth and tion of those churches, who profess to love, and gospel peace, the minister and hold and love the truth. There are six a few of the people meet in a room, and or seven things in the words I have re- the forsaken flock still assemble in the ferred to, which just for a moment, I chapel, without any minister, to break glance at; because, by them the Lord up, instrumentally, to them, the bread of has been pleased, this morning, (in some life. I will say—the Great Shepherd and measure) to shew me that I am in the Bishop of souls has not forsaken them. footsteps of the flock; and has given They appear a united, God-fearing, truthme hope that I shall endure unto the loving, little band; and, were it the will end, and then receive a crown of life that of God to send to them an honest, spifadeth not away. First-Jeremiah says, ritual, and industrious minister of the I have heard the defaming of many ; true circumcision, I do believe the little fear is on every side.' Oh, how true is one would greatly increase. "How do you know (say you) that the Lord has inwardly convinced of two things :not withdrawn from them his presence First, that my labours here have not been and his power? I will tell you. I came in vain: Secondly, that the Lord will down to Sherborne with a mind as yet send prosperity to the dear, humble, dark, and a heart as hard as it can well persecuted, and afflicted saints, at Provibe. But just before we entered this place dence Chapel, Sherborne. I cannot as I was riding on the coach, I looked refrain from noticing the text I was led up at the extremely dark and heavy to speak from in the afternoon, in this clouds which were hanging over our place. If this should fall under the eye heads, and over the town of Sherborne, of any hard-hearted, bitter-spirited mi. and in an instant, the sun forced its nisters, I pray the Lord to send it home. bright beams through the black clouds, with power to their consciences. The and thousands of bright rays from the words are in Job xxxi. 21, 22. “If I have sun appeared to dart down towards lifted up my hand against the fatherless, Sherborne; and a voice, (as from hea- when I saw my help in the gate; then ven) secretly in my soul, seemed to say, let mine hand fall from my shoulder

I will be with you there. Well, having blade, and mine arm be broken from come to my journey's end, and being the bone.

' Solemnly true it is, that, seated in the house of two truly experi- in a variety of ways, ministers and promental, and tender hearted friends, after fessors of Christ's gospel are lifting up taking some refreshment, I turned to the their hands against the fatherless. In Bible to see if the Lord would be pleased the West of England, as well as in other to speak unto me. I opened at once upon parts, this work has been carried on to a the 31st of Jeremiah, and the 23rd, 24th, very fearful extent; but the Lord have and 25th verses of the chapter were mercy upon them : for the Lord is with sealed upon my spirit—Thus saith the his people: he is with his ministers. I Lord of Hosts, the God of Israel ; as yet have evidences in proof that he is with they shall use this speech in the land of my soul, and with me in the ministry of Judah, and in the cities thereof, when I the word; therefore, let Pashur (the shall bring again their captivity. The priest, and the chief governor in the Lord bless thee, oh habitation of justice, Lord's house--and many such Pashurs and mountain of holiness. And there and priests there be :) smite: as minshall dwell in Judah itself, and in all the isters and professors are smiting one cities thereof, husbandmen, and they that another: let Pashur put us in the stocks, go forth with the flocks; for I have and thereby aim to stop our work: let satiated the weary soul, and I have re- our familiars watch for our halting, (Jer. plenished the sorrowful soul.' I felt xx. 10.) saying, peradventure he will be persuaded I should have to preach from enticed, and we shall prevail against him. this text. I also had a strong persua- Yet, let all such bitter, cruel, suspicious sion that the Lord would not only bless souls know that in such work they shall the souls of some of his people under stumble, and fall: they shall be greatly me, but that he would appear for his ashamed; they shall not prosper. In desolate Zion in this place. Lord's-day taking my leave of Sherborne, I can morning came; I felt no heavenly dew affirm it to be the most lively hope of coming down; I realised no powerful my soul, that the Lord may raise up an opening up of the word; but my text honest, laborious, spiritual, and divinely from Jeremiah was with me; and up to instructed pastor for them ; for truly, the house I went. From it I was led to the harvest here seems to be great: but speak to souls in trouble; also to show the labourers are lacking. how the church of Christ was both the I turn now to another corner of the land. habitation of justice, and the mountain I was invited to preach in a large barn at a of holiness; how the Lord had blessed, village called Steventon, in Berkshire. Here and would' bless such living, seeking I found, up in an obscure corner of the pasinners ; the instrumentality he would rish, a blind man, by the name of William employ; and the full satisfaction which Bolter; a man about sixty-eight years of his church and people should receive. age, who, for above twenty years, has been

preaching the gospel in his own house. I And although I preached in the morn-heard him relate some part of his experience : ing in a low, humble state of soul, yet he was evidently brought into the truth, I had a holy confidence, that the Lord under a deep and heavy law work in his soul. God of Israel was with me; and I am He lived, and still lives, beside a water

mill; while under the terrors of God's , heaven? But children want to look into righteous law, he has gone many times to their mother's cupboard, and into this and the very edge of the river beside his house, that cannister to see what is in them. I have and even set his feet in the water, with a de been struck with the wisdom of God in termination to destroy himself. He has hiding from us many things we wish to been tempted most powerfully to throw him know. It is our salvation, a freedom from self into the midst of the machinery in the all evil, death is buried in oblivion, painful mill. But, he says, in the last extremity, apprehensions all gone, and not one admitted God always stopped him with some power- here. All the glory men are waiting to crown ful word in his soul; and ultimately the the head of the Glory Man with their unblessed Lord delivered his soul ; put away dying gratitude: This salvation is ours ; ours his sin ; and brought him sweetly to rejoice in purpose ; can anything be firiner than the in the Lord Jesus Christ. And here he purpose of God ? He has purposed me to stands as a witness for God. But, poor travel on earth for so many years. We deal dear soul, I know he has been much dis- in fixtures not in probabilities nor in may bes. couraged in that it is but a few poor people The kingdom of heaven goes by purpose. Our that stand around him. He has only a very entering there is a matter of purpose. This is small pittance from the parish to live upon ; a possession with right. What sort of a posand I think the Society for the Relief of session is that without right? and this too is Poor Faithful Ministers should do some the reward of the Workman. The church is so thing for him.

one with Christ that his is her's. Christ May I say one word about Oxford ? Here might have had his personal blessedness in the midst of the most splendid churches, without us, but we cannot without him. colleges, and schools, there are a few who do Your salvation is wrapped up in his life and love and contend for the faith that was once death. It, therefore, is ours because it is delivered unto the saints; but truth is di- Christ's salvation. The wife says, 'It is our vided in Oxford as well as in other places. house-our land – all is ours.' This is goThe friends who meet for worship in Mr. ing on the ground of relationship with her Bulteel's chapel gave me a collection for the husband, though she bought nothing. Christ Poor Ministers' Society ; and a very happy has been in possession for us from time imliberty, and solemn opening up of truth did memorial. He is our legal representative, I find in preaching to them. All that ap- and what Christ holds, the Holy Spirit bears pears to be wanting in Oxford, is a sterling, his witness unto. The Holy Spirit never faithful, affectionate, and able minister of enters a door way, without seeing election Jesus Christ. Here is a most commodious written over it. Thus our salvation is not and substantial chapel; here is a people in left at sixes and sevens. It shall be as God love with the rich doctrines of grace; but, a hath spoken it. 'Tis not human logic that living, labouring mouth for God is wanting. can make the change of a bad man into a

SOME CHOICE SAYINGS FROM John STE- good one. It is the breath of heaven enVENS.—This venerable old servant of Jesus tering the man. We are also said to be Christ has been laid down in sickness of saved by hope.' Here I am at anchor ; body : but, for a little while he is raised cast my anchor upward within the veil. again ; and it is as though he, having been Some ministers are like tradesmen, who favoured with some precious views of heaven, ticket their goods, that this and that man and heavenly things has just come back for is going to hell. I have abominated these a momen to encourage the church by a things for many years.

The older I grow, faint detail of them. The twenty-fourth and the nearer I come to the margin of Anniversary of Homerton Row, Baptist the grave, the more I am convinced of Chapel; the scene of Mr. Curtis's min- the want of seriousness in the ministry. istry, was held August 10. Messrs. Stevens, Nearer than when ye believed. Believers are Foreman, and Sedgwick were the ministers. a peculiar people. This idea seems to be Mr. Stevens's was a rich, solid, and experi- taken from a race; we get nearer the point mental discourse, from these words—. For from the place we started. We have got over now is our salvation nearer than when we

so many years ; we are getting nearer : there believed.' We give a sentence or two :- is neither far off, or near, in eternity ; here • The salvation here spoken of, I regard as we are measured by time and distances. Take meaning the heavenly state, the sorrowless this collectively and personally. We have got home of many a weary traveller, where every in the nineteen-hundredth year of the Chrisone who has an admission into, and once tian era. Take it personally ; ask one 'how sets his foot there, is for ever free from all long have you been on the King's highway ?' his sins, sorrows, and cares. I have seen · Well! is about twenty-five years ago I so many of my friends sleep in Jesus, that I bowed the knee as an humble supplicant for seem to be like an old tree left by the way mercy.' We meet him in twenty years time; side, alone. Who will sorrow for that he he is nearer home. Another sense-our went through the storm, when he reaches apprehension of it is nearer ; faith brings

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