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the distant near, as just at hand. I never

a sermon from Deut. xxxii. 10, 11, by Mrs. wish to look at eternal affairs as a great way Hardwick, from Malton, who gave great satoff. A man should not be so anxious about isfaction," &c. Can Mrs. Hardwick, or your the last stage of the journey; he is just at correspondent • Numerist,' present the readhome. Alas, for us, we look at eternal things ers of the Earthen Vessel with some account with eyes of flesh. I am at the threshold of the authority or divine call and mission of It is a favor to see what God has preserved us Mrs. Hardwick to engage in the public minfrom, and how he has prevented us from istry of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ ? playing the fool, as he did David in one I presume this enquiry will not appear unneinstance by sending Abigail, when he would cessary, because you are aware that female have cut off Nabal's house ; by his meeting preaching is not usually acknowledged by her, he was preserved from many a cutting the churches of the faithful who maintain the hour. Our passage to heaven is all paid for, truth according to the order of the gospel. It and our wedding clothes are all found us."

certainly does appear to me to be objectionBefore I close up this brief review, I shall able upon plain scripture ground. However, notice another spot in this kingdom which I as your correspondent • Numerist' says Mrs. have recently visited. It is Harwich, on the Hardwick's preaching gave great satisfaction coast of Essex. Harwich is a small, neat to those who heard her speak on the occasion town, and lays close to the water-side. Here referred to, I would not hastily come to a is a steeple-house,' an Independent, a conclusion. At the same time, I feel conWesleyan, and a Particular Baptist chapel, vinced of this, that if the Lord has called her where I preached, which is a neat, comfortable to this important work, she doubtless has had place of worship. Mr. Soper was formerly many scruples and severe exercises of mind the stated minister : Mr. Mote, the well concerning this thing. It would, I conceive, known itinerant in gospel truth, has laboured be in perfect agreement with the desire of much in this place; and for the last two many readers of the Earthen Vessel, to find years, Mr, Geo. Norris, has been the settled in some future number, a testimony from pastor. But, oh, dear me, it made my very Mrs. Hardwick, as to how she was induced to heart to ache to hear of the state of things. engage in the business of publicly speaking You may hear of anything, and everything in the name of the Lord.

EliHU. I but spirituality and prosperity in the things Brabourne. of God. I went into the pulpit with a heavy heart; I was led to speak of such things as

Balm in Gilead. distinguish between the election of grace and the world ; but I had not spoken long, before From head to foot, corrupt, diseas'd, one of the members of the church jumped

No wounds bound up, no pains are eas'd, up, and run out of the chapel, I suppose

'Till God the Holy Ghost is pleased

To 'ply the Balm of Gilead, highly offended at something I advanced ; I felt a little damped; but right under my

Isaiah's cry befits me well,

With lips unclean indeed I dwell, nose stood a man, who fixed his eyes on me, A tongue oft set on fire of hell. lifted up his head towards me ; and opened

But there's a Balm in Gilead, his living countenance to receive all I had Eyes full of vanity and lust, to say. I felt I was feeding his poor soul; so

oft drawn by objects of disgust, I laboured on, finished my discourse; had a

Yet for a cure, I sometimes trust,

There is a Balm in Gilead. word or two with the deacons, and left the

These oft in bondage bring my soul, chapel with the feelings of the poet where he

And oft my fleshly powers controul, says

Like Baruch may I eat the roll, Oh, Zion, afflicted, with wave upon wave,

Which holds the Balm of Gilead. Whom no man can comfort, whom no man

What other power can healing bring? Really, I tremble for the cause at Harwich.

Healing must come from 'neath his wing.

T'endure the curse, remove the sting, Poor brother Norris's work there appears to

Was sent, the Balm of Gilead, be done; whether the Lord of the vineyard

Seek, then, my soul, by prayer and faith, has another messenger to send; or whether To find a healing in his death, he will leave them destitute, is not for me Who, in the scripture record, saith, to say: but I fear there are not many who

There yet is Balm in Gilead. would stand in the ranks of a free-grace,

His mercy throne, that welcome place,

Where Jesus gives recovering grace, experimental gospel. Clouds and darkness

And cur es the utmost desperate case, are round about.

C. W. B.

Himself the Balm of Gilead.

I've oft been there ; go there again ! Are Women to be allowed to preach? Thou shalt not seek this balm in vain,

A soothing cordial for thy pain, ME SSRS EDITORS.- On reading the 19th

Is he, the Balm of Gilead ! page of this month's Earthen Vessel, I came Seek then his skill in all thy ways, to the following announcement by your cor

Thou'lt need his aid thro' all thy days,

And in the sickless land thou'lt praise, respendent. Numerist :'“ On Thursday even

That healing Balm of Gilead, ing, at our Bethesda, we were favoured with Wandsworth,


can save.

The Ordination from heaven described-Men-made Ministers cautioned,

It is with considerable reluctance that we give place the watchman had to eat; and however pain

to any further communication relative to the late ful it may be, the watchman must first be because we have no wish to wound or offend any arrested by the strong arm of justice, and its good man ; but we dare not withhold the following i mighty grasp shall hold him so tight, and weighty, (and well calculated to be useful) epistle. his sins shall so witness against him that he The work of the ministry is of too much

importance shall have no hope of deliverance ; yea, desto us; and the solemn distinction between the servants of God, and the servants of men, is so pair shall enter into him, from the repeated great, that we feel compelled to point out the application of the words, ' Pay me what thou difference between the clean and the unclean, be owest.' In this state, he will say, what is my tween the living and the dead, leaving the conse.

Oh, quences with God, We are not to be frightened hope ? Oh, that I had never been born! with the contempt, abuse, and opposition which a that I had not sinned! For sin is charged certain class of ministers are levelling against the home as his own wilful act and deed; and “ Earthen Vessel."' We began without either their support or their countenance, and by the good hand as to the door of mercy, Jesus Christ, (while of our God upon us, we have been helped with a in this state) there is not a particle of him little help, and continue in peace and prosperity to be seen : 'no; God's immutability, law, to the present time. But sooner than the Earthen and wrath, sin and death, are all a poor man ministers and men whose standing is more in pride has to look at. But here comes the blessedand presumption, than in the power of God, we ness :-Jesus steps up to stern justice, and pray it may be buried in everlasting oblivion. If we can be an humble instrument in pointing out The answer is, a perfect obedience

and pay

says, What is it you require of this man ?' the Christian's, (sometimes, dark and thorny path—it we can, in some measure, publish glad ment of this debt.” Jesus says, “Will you tidings of good things—and if we can lend a help- accept a bond from me ?'_“Yes,' says the

Then, says Jesus, ministry, and to the destitute churches of our land, law, ' I will take it.' then we are in our glory; in such work as this, we let this poor fellow go.' So off he goes, can, and do labour by night and by day; and, bless and Jesus is caught in the thicket. Thus, a the dear Lord, he is giving us plenty of it to do. man learns his emancipation from this dark But, if you proud Eliab's think you are going to drive back poor little David, because he comes prison house of lamentation, mourning, and against Goliath-you are sadly mistaken. We are woe; and he knows right well that it was for peace ; but we shall never be at peace with effected by the interposition of the dear again, rather than the “ Earthen Vessel” shall be Lamb of God; and that it is through Christ shackled by the fear of man, it shall fall to the alone, he receives beauty for ashes, joy for ground; but there is no prospect of that at present, mourning, sweet for bitter, and salvation inBe careful how you oppress us; remember the stead of destruction. When a man has been more they were afflicted, the more they multiplied made to eat the truth this way, and to know

that he has thus got his deliverance from the To the Editor of the Earthen Vessel."

Son, why, then he knows it is all of grace Dear Sir:- My object in writing to you from first to last; by this process truth gets is to beg for information respecting the or- into the inward parts and in the hidden parts dination held at the chapel in New Church there is wisdom known. Thus a man is inStreet, Bermondsey.

deed made a witness for God and his Christ. Are the readers of the Vessel to conclude This is the man that shall talk about the dew your correspondent gave you a fair sample, of Hermon, the garden of Gethsemane, the as noticed in your July number? We would priest's hall, and Calvary ; a well ordered favourably hope he has acted quite the op- covenant, election, predestination, redempposite to the instruction given to the living tion, final perseverance, and eternal glory; in Zion, which is, · Cast the bad away, and and these are a few of the things which we put the good into vessels."

expect to hear of as being wrought in the According to the account you gave us, we soul that is truly called by grace : these are must say, we see no clear call to the min- the things God worketh in every living soul istry; for, dear sir, the teaching of the Spirit, more or less; and he only that hath eaten the revelation of Jesus, the application of these with his belly, and filled his bowels his precious blood, (the alone bulwark against with this roll, is a living witness for God. sin, law, and wrath,) is not so much as once (Read Ezekiel iii. 3.) Such a man knows adverted to.

feelingly what it is to travail in child-birth, The principal features of a living, vital and what is meant by this word, it is the experience, and a call to the work of the time of Jacob's trouble ; but he shall be ministry, as set forth in the book of Ezekiel, saved out of it.' Ob, blessed portion ! when is entirely left out. Remember, the watch it came to my soul, it was indeed, like man saw the hand and the roll therein ; also, apples of gold in pictures of silver. But, that within and without was written lamen- to pass on to notice the instructions given to tation, mourning and woe ; and this roll this watchman at Bermondsey. We like a

and grew."


watchman to be a citizen, an honest man, thee before them. Now therefore, go, and I vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, ruling his will be with thy mouth and teach thee what own house well in the fear of God, and to thou shalt say.' Exod. iv. 12. Jer. i. 17. have a good report from those that are with- But to the history of these two men. The out; also that he should receive the word at first we shall notice is Zadok, son of Ahithe mouth of his employer the Lord of hosts. maaz, he said to Joab, after witnessing the But with this sentence, we know not what death and burial of the king's son, who was to do ; viz. ' Beg, borrow, and steal, any how, pierced to death while hanging on a tree, so that you get something for the people.' . Let me now run.' Here is a desire to bear No man must be made an offender for a tidings; and who can say it was not from word; but here is a whole sentence, one that right motives ? but who will dare to say he shall not, that cannot, live in a clean, tender, was called of God to the work ? David said, conscience ; nor stand before a holy God; 'he is a good man, and hath tidings,' but and we say of the man that follows such ad- David was mistaken ; for as soon as he atvice, and works with materials so collected, tempted to speak, God shut his mouth. He God shall take thee by the neck, and shake could be a deacon, or a messenger under thee until every whit of thee is manifest“Kushi; but as soon as he assumed a posi• Woe to him that increaseth that which is tion whereunto he was not called, he said to not his; and to him that ladeth himself with all around him that he was a fool, (Eccles. thick clay, to set his nest on high, (even in x. 3.) The other account is king David. a pulpit) shameful spewing shall be on all God approved of his materials, of his mosuch glory ; and then a stone shall cry out, tives, and of his desires ; but not of his permene ; mene ; thy days are run out, and now son; and even Nathan was deceived; for he thou art found wanting.' Oh, man! then encouraged David, and said, 'Do all that is shall thy belly tremble, thy lips quiver at the in thine heart, for God is with thee ;' but voice of him out of whose mouth goeth a the Lord gave him to understand he was in sharp sword ; rottenness shall enter into thy error in that respect; and therefore even heart and bones indeed, and thou shalt feel Nathan had to go and tell David he must the awful weight of this sentence, woe to desist, “Thus saith the Lord, for as much as him that buildeth a town with blood, and it was in thine heart to build an house unto establisheth a city by iniquity.' (Read the my name, thou didst weli that it was in thine 2nd of Habakkuk.) Stolen waters may be heart, nevertheless thou shalt not build the sweet to some persons, and bread eaten in house.' 1 Kings. viii. 18. 2 Sam. vii. 3. secret may be pleasant to others; but to Thus it is shewn that the man of good niaus they become stumbling blocks, for we terials, of good desires, most forward, and know that the dead are there ; and that the most willing, may not be the man. The guests are in the depths of hell." (Prov. work is special, and the persons are nomiix. 17.)

nated by God - Separate me Paul and BarNow as regards the signs of ministerial nabas for the work whereunto I have apqualifications. We are told that God's call pointed them.' However mortifying this of his ministers, lays in inspiring in them a may be to flesh and blood, the counsel of the desire, from a right motive. Good desires, Lord must stand. So we see there is a and right motives are very good things; but difference between Cushi being called, and what saith the Lord about the possession of Ahimaaz saying, 'send me, howsoever send these good qualities? Doth he say, such a man me ; let me run :' which he did: but he had is called to preach ? We have two accounts to stand aside, and give place to the man, in the Word which treat of two good men the roof of whose mouth was like the best full of desires ; and I think upon examina- wine, that goeth down sweetly, causing the tion it shall be found that to be a good man, lips of the ancient people to speak ; his is no sign ; good desires are no sign ; good belly is like a heap of wheat, his navel is motives no sign ; no, nor is the encourage- like a springing well that wanteth not liquor.' ment which a man of God may receive from Out of his belly shall flow rivers of living a real prophet of the Lord, any sign. Some water-water that confirms the land which may be ready to say, 'What is a sign? • Let the Lord careth for, even when she is weary. a man be fully persuaded in his own mind, The land of Egypt may be watered by the that he is appointed to that office by the foot of him that begs, borrows, and steals ; mouth and word of God,' and then he shall but the vineyard of red wine shall be watered experimentally know what is written of by honest men ; for they that know God, Jeremiah, “Say not I am a child; for thou hate robbery for burnt offerings; and know shalt go to all that I shall send thee; and, that he is against the man who steals his behold, I have made thee a brazen wall, and words every one from his neighbour, and an iron pillar, and a defenced city; thou, that trembles at this sentence– Thus saith therefore, gird up thy loins, and arise and the Lord, the prophet that shall presume to speak unto them all that I command thee; speak a word in my name that I have not be not afraid at their faces, lest I confound commanded, that prophet shall die.'

So prays,


May we drink water out of our own well, has to do with the same object as large and so speak of things we have tasted, felt, faith ; only little faith don't look so long, cry and handled of the word of eternal life; so strong, plead so masterly, ask so nobly, let our waters be dispersed as rivers in the seek so resolutely, expect so fully; a frown streets, but let them ever be our own, and frightens it, a delay frets it, a cloud grieves not strangers with us, for the ways of man it, a cross tries it, sin seriously hurts it, but are before the Lord, and his eye is upon blood feeds it; God himself keeps it alive, the faithful of the land that he may dwell the devil can't kill it, the child that has it can with him. We trust these remarks will stir never lose it, though of’t he thinks he never up no angry feeling, but a diligent enquiry. had it. Great faith sees a large, a great Let us see, ere long, a piece in the Vessel Saviour, great love, great promises, great from Mr. Meeres' own pen, containing his fulness in the Mediator, great virtue in his call by grace, and to the work of the min- name, fame, blood, righteousness, strength istry. May grace, mercy, and truth preserve and salvation. Beholds the greatness of the us from all evil, and supply us with all good, Trinity in the Unity ; adores Jehovah in the until we get to that place where sin, the plurality of personality, and gathers daily world, self, nor the enemy, can wrong us renewals of life, love, and hope from the any more.

names of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. THEOPHILIS CELETUS. Being chosen of the Father, redeemed by

the Son, quickened, released, renewed and

restored by the Holy Spirit. Here great Little Faith and Great Faith.

faith, you see, does great things, and comes

with becoming boldness, making great use Dear SISTER IN THE EVERLASTING

of the Lamb of God, his will, work, and Mighty Saviour :-I this moment rise from power before God and the Father; satan my knees, having been favoured with a de- cannot stand it, he is overmatched. The law

cannot condemn : great faith says—' In my gree of sweet and close communion with the ever gracious Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, dear, Head, the law views me and Jesus as and Jacob; and to his dear praise, I do in- one.' The world is beneath its feet; sin form you, an unusual spirit of prayer was

raging cannot be damning; self is out of imparted to me, on your account; and also sight; and love, the love of God, being shed on behalf of others in Cambridge. I do abroad in the heart by the Holy Ghost, causes desire to feel thankful for a spirit of

the soul to cry out, How great is his good

prayer, when I can feel the unction of the Holy ness, and how great is his beauty!' Zech.

ix. 17. Ghost on my soul, and a drawing out, and a

Deborah still dwells under the palm tree going up of my heart, my whole heart to my Lord. I wondered on my knees how he (Christ) between Ramah and Bethel; and could so favour me, seeing and feeling as I

Ramah signifies greatness, thunder, or some

and do so much sin and vileness still in me; but sort of evil or bruising or company : he seemed to take no notice of that; 'hela Bethel, means the House of God. (Judges me to himself, and poured in the influence iv. 5.) I send you this to meditatè upon, of his love, faster, (for one thing after an

and to pray over.

Your remarks on prayer other) than I could pour out.

Who is like are excellent ; 'neglecting prayer, we cease unto thee, 0, Lord ?' It is, my sister, the

to fight.' way he always takes, to make me sick of self “i 'Tis prayer supports the soul that's weak, and fond of him. • Lord increase our faith!'

Though thought be broken, language lame;

Pray if thou canst, or canst not speak, (Luke xvii. 5.) is much on my mind.

But pray with faith in Jesus' name.' “ Faith is a precious grace!".

May the Eternal be with you, to bless and A little is a great gift, but great faith is better. prosper you always. I am, a sinner saved I will tell you why I think so. Christ is the through great grace. author, object, and finisher of it. Faith

THOMAS Poock. proves me in him. No faith in Christ, no union to him : and when I see him by faith SOCIETY FOR RELIEF OF Poor MInisit is all right. I have read of a man, who TERS.—The claims and calls upon this Inwas so delighted with looking at the sun, stitution are daily increasing. We have now that he thought he was born on purpose to five cases of faithful and useful ministers behold its beauty and glory. Now I do be- of Jesus Christ, who are in deep waters : lieve that we are regenerated, and blessed four of these on beds of affliction, and the with the eye of faith, for the very purpose of other is suffering from a most severe doseeing, feeling, and enjoying the very great mestic trial. Neither of these men have grace and glory of the wonderful 'Sun of churches or friends rich enough to adminis. Righteousness ;' of all sights, feelings, and ter to their necessities. The Committee enjoyments, the most delightful: then it is, earnestly solicit an increase of support from that we see light in his light.' Little faith such as are friends to the Society.

How the Gospel becometh the power of God unto Salvtion.




[The following correspondence has been sent, ingly to know that I am interested per

to us by old master Raynsford, of Hor- sonally in that blessed, perfect work of sham, with a very urgent request that we redemption, which he hath accomplished would insert it. At first, we threw it aside, for his own elect family, his church, his without reading it, believing it impossible beloved bride. Ah, my dear sir, he hath to make room for it: but, after many brought me out of a state of ignorance days, we were compelled to take up this and enmity, into a saving knowledge and packet, and as we began to read, the fire began to kindle. We felt a sweet union reception of his blessed truth in the love of soul both to William Charman, and to thereof; so that I can, now, I trust, in John Freeman ; and believing their letters some humble measure, say, that those to speak forth the praises of a triune God things which I counted gain, aforetime, in the most decided terms, we send them I do now count but loss, and dross, and forth, beseeching the Lord to appear for dung, that I may win Christ and be his servant John Freeman, in the opening found in him, is now the very ultimatum for him an effectual door.]

of my soul's desire. Oh, that my languid DEAR SIR:-I feel constrained to ad- heart might glow in ardour all divine! dress a few lines to you; but, being a in aspiration after Jesus, who is the chief stranger to you, I suppose it will be but among ten thousand and the altogether for me to tell you, in the first place, a lovely. And I do desire to bless the little as to who and what I am. Well, Lord that I can say with dear Mr Hart, then, I am a poor sinner, lost, ruined, and undone, helpless and hopeless, in,

I love the Lord with mind and heart,

His people and his ways. and of myself; born in sin and shapen Well, dear sir, seeing that this is the in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me. This, sir, is a true account case, I do love those who are made of my original. But God, who is rich manifest to me as those who love the in mercy, for his great love, wherewith Lord. But, I have been taught this by he hath loved me, even when I was dead painful experience, that not all those in trespasses and sins, an enemy to him who profess to love the Lord Jesus Christ, by wicked works; and saying, in my

do so in reality ; but, oftentimes, I do heart, depart from me, I desire not the solemnly believe the greatest enmity to knowledge of thy ways; even when in the real truth of God is covered up under this state, I say, God, in mercy looked a mask of religion. Again, I do love upon me, and that with a look of love ; those dear, called, taught, sent servants quickened me into life, giving me to

of God, who are sent forth to declare see and feel my wretched, lost, and ru

the whole truth, whether men will hear ined condition, and, like a poor brother or forbear; and who are enabled to study publican of old, to smite upon my breast, not to please men, but God, whose serand from my inmost soul to cry, God wants they are. But, dear sir, such men be merciful to me a sinner!Well, 1 I do affirm are few, few, few, in comcannot now give you a detailed account parison to the great bulk of preachers, of my experience in these matters ; suf- and false prophets. There are an abunfice it to say, after a long time of begging, whereas he hath not sent them. Yea

dance who say the Lord hath sent them: sighing, crying, longing, desiring, hop- and nay, yea and nay, yea and nay, ing, and fearing, the Lord did, in mercy: sounds forth, go where you will

, in abunvisit my soul with some sweet tokens for good, he did give me to see that

dance Oh, how my poor soul has been

grieved, pained, and hurt, to bear such None but Jesus'

men get up in the name of the Lord, Can do helpless sinners good.

and speak such God dishonouring And not only so, but he gave me feel. I things; things indeed, congenial to proud OCTOBER, PART XXXIII. VOL. III.

2 D

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