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can, therefore, speak well of this haven ;/ reference to the gospel dispensation and, when I see other vessels, and ship- when he broke forth in such holy lanmasters, who belong to the port of Ze-guage— Rejoice, Zebulun, in thy going bulun, in distress, I feel all the powers out, and Issachar in thy tents. They of my heart and soul drawn out towards shall call the people unto the mountain; them—and I am often strongly disposed there they shall offer the sacrifices of to encourage them to hope in the Lord, righteousness, for they shall suck of the by a brief recital of the awful storm abundance of the seas, and of treasures from whence the Lord delivered me. I hid in the sand. Here is a prophecy can say

descriptive of the manifestation and

work of Christ in the gospel kingdomOut of the depths I've often cried, When deeper sunk than Jonah;

and of that spiritual worship which the And God will hear the poor man's cry,

elect of God render to him in the gospel Though but a secret mourner.

church. But the compositor says there

is no more room in this month's Vessel ; Alas ! how deep my soul was sunk, so I must defer my thoughts upon ZeWhen Jesus found me out;

bulun for the present. All overwhelm'd with sin and filth, With unbelief and doubt.

I am in the midst of heavy labours.

I trust the Lord is working in, and by Just at the very gates of hell,

me for the good of many souls: the Quite ready to crowd in ; My Jesus stretched his mighty arm,

enemy roars: sometimes darkness covers And pull'd me from my sin.

me; and trials press me down; but the

God of Jacob is my refuge; and many Oh! precious grace! Almighty grace! times he has proved himself to be my

What is it yrace won't do ? 'Tis grace has sav'd my guilty soul,

present help in trouble.

Therefore I subscribe myself
From wretchedness and woe.

Your willing and loving brother in Jesus, Oh, had I now a thousand tongues,

C. W. BANKS. I'd sing and talk of him Who snatch'd me from the brink of hell,

6, Pagoda Terrace, Bermondsey New Road, When in the depths of sin. But to speak more particularly-No

Seeing the King in His Beauty, tice Moses joins Zebulun and Issachar together. (Deut. xxxiii. 18, 19.) “And

Ye angels who stand round the throne, of Zebulun he said—Rejoice Zebulun

And view my Immanuel's face ;

In rapt'rous songs make him known, in thy going out, and Issachar in thy

Tune, tune your sweet harps to his praise. tents. They shall call the people unto

He form'd you the spirits you are, the mountain,” &c. &c. What can be So happy, so noble, so good;

While others, sunk down in despair, the meaning of this prophecy? Ze

Confirm'd by his promise, ye stood. bulun typifies the glorious Person of

Ye saints who stand nearer than they, our Lord as the dwelling place of his

And cast your bright crowns at his feet, people, and Issachar typifies the atoning His grace, and his glory display,

And all his rich mercy repeat. sacrifice which he made for his people; and wherever these two fundamental

He snatch'd you from hell and the grave,

He ransom'd from hell and despair; principles of the gospel are fully preached For, you he was mighty to save, under the sacred

anointings of the Holy Alinighty to bring you safe there. Ghost, there God's elect are called into Oh! when will the period arrive,

That I shall unite in your song ? Mount Zion, where life-union to Christ

I'm weary of lingering here, and pardon and peace by Christ are cer- And I to your Saviour belong. tainly found. It was to this (primarily) I'm fetter'd and bound up in clay, that the psalmist referred— He that I struggle and pant to be free,

I long to be soaring away, goeth forth weeping bearing precious

My God and my Saviour to see. seed'-(as our spiritual Zebulun did

I want to put on my attire, for he was a man of sorrows, and ac

Wash'd whlte in the blood of the Lamb; quainted with grief-yet in him dwelt I want to receive my new lyre,

And tune my sweet harp to his name. the whole election of grace; he was and

I want-oh, I want to be thereis the everlasting Father' of all the

Where sorrow and sin bid adieu : holy seed,) 'He shall doubtless come Your joy and your friendship to share,

To wonder and worship with you. again, bringing his sheaves with him.' Certain it is that Moses spake with


Spiritual Epistles,

possession, make this world appear little

and mean, sin hateful, perfect holiness de. WRITTEN BY THE LATE MR. E. CROWHURST, sirable, and glorification longed for. To Minister of the Gospel, Hadlow, Kent. be one with Christ Jesus the Lord; to be

complete in him ; to be perfect, quite perMY DEAR BROTHER :-Knowing you will fect for ever in him. To have him for our be pleased to hear from us, and to be in- wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and formed how we are now situated, and in redemption. What privileges are these ! what manner the Lord is dealing with us, and all our own. To be interested in that I now send you a reply to your last very most glorious God-man, and to possess him acceptable epistle ; and to tell you of our with all his vast fulness, unsearchable present circumstances. While I was from riches, and immense glories, is happiness home, I experienced a better appetite and of the highest order. He is a fountain of digestion, and upon the whole felt rather happiness that always flows; of life too stronger. The Lord was with me, and my that ever runs, and is never dry. mind was always peaceful and happy. I We are now come to the closing part of was enabled by my most gracious Lord and another year of our short lives, and so master, to speak of his matchless glories, nearer glory and the full enjoyment of etergreat love, and finished salvation to my nal life. When in considering the dealings relations and friends, and that with freedom of my covenant God with me during this and delight. But after all, I said but little ; year, I do say he has dealt well with me achow very imperfectly spoken; how very cording to his word. He has daily loaded me short of the reality of the sublime subjects. with benefits throughout the year. I think He pardons all. He casts a mantle of love I may say this has been the best year of my over it all. He is wonderfully good in that sinful life. That although the Lord has way, to cover all our imperfections. What laid me from preaching the word of life to a Jesus is he! How kindly and lovingly he my brethren, yet grants me the realization deals with us. Truly, he is a friend that of divine truth day by day to my own soul. sticketh closer than a brother. All his How good and merciful is my Lord to me a ways towards us are love, nothing but love, poor sinner. The many, very many happy grace, and truth. Adored be his dear name. seasons of communion I have been favoured By grace he tasted death for us ; by grace with, with the sacred Trinity in the person he redeemed us; by grace he pardons us ; of Christ, the many applications of the justified us; and saved us by grace with an promises to my mind, and the enjoyment everlasting salvation. Grace reigns to eter- I have derived from, through the lively nal life through righteousness, by Jesus actings of faith, by the power of the Holy Christ our Lord.

Spirit, and the variety and clear evidences Thus far I wrote last week; but my sight of my interest in the covenant promises, the being so very weak, I have not been in the love of the Father, Son, and Spirit; and of humour for writing since, so I have delayed union with Christ. I have great cause to to finish my letter. My sight is still very bless and praise the Lord's goodness and weak, troubled to see, so you will excuse wonderful works towards me. Yours most bad writing. Since we have been home affectionately,

E. CROWHURST. from our visit, I have not felt any improve- Hadlow, Dec. 31st, 1846. ment, but I find my health declines rather than not. But notwithstanding, I have ten thousand blessings to praise my own blessed Since Jesus with his obedient life, and atoning God, Triune God, Father, Son, and Spirit death, and justifying resurrection, is the only channel for from day to day. That I a most vile, the Scriptures reveal; he that thinks he is pardoned, sinful, unworthy being, should be so loved and may draw nigh to God, and yet his pardon was of my Father who is in heaven; that he not gained by looking unto Jesus, is deceiving his should adopt me his son and heir, and own self. provide me an inheritance, a kingdom of

“ Worship God then in his Son,

There he's love, and there alone ; glory; yea, a crown and throne of glory.

Think not that he will, or may These are some of our good things in re

Pardon any other way.' serve for us. Oh what riches, what wealth is When God's time of blessing the stranger has arhere. He has given his faithful promise of rived, he is enabled, by whatever means the Lord these things. He has called us by grace in pleases, to go a poor, guilty, black, and hell deserv

ing sinner, toa law-fulfilling and sin-átoning Saviour; order to inherit the same, has made us meet and, notwithstanding all his guilt, and wretchedness, for the enjoyment of them, and has given to believe that he is welcome to Jesus, and that he us, and still gives some few tastes, as the his load of sins and woes upon the atonement of earnest of the coming blessedness. We Jesus, and so believe him to have stood in his lawnow, by faith, at times see the blissful man- place, to have paid all his debts, and to have endured sions, our happy home, the king in his all his hell, that his conscience becomes unburdened beauty, and the land that is afar off

. These heart is enlarged with the love of God, shed abroad

and clean, his soul is in sweet rest and peace, and his sights charm us : what our appetites for full 'therein by the Holy Ghost." —SEPTIMUS SEARS.


What is the sin against the Holy Ghost ? which is evident by our Lord's answer to them

- Wherefore, I say unto you, all manner of WHO CAN COMMIT IT?

sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto

men ; but the sin against the Holy Ghost The Holy Spirit is a person of infinite digshall not be forgiven unto men.' (Matt. xii. nity ; one with the Father, and his beloved 31, 32.) In the above case light and malice Son Jesus, in wisdom, power, and glory. were combined. Saul sinned in persecuting (See Acts v. 3, 4 ; with Heb.ix. 14.) Sin is the saints ; he had malice in his heart, but the transgression of the law. All sin is, there- not light in his head.-Peter sinned when fore, either directly, or indirectly, committed he denied his Lord and master ; he had light against God. (Ps. li. 4.) But there is one in his head, but not malice in his heart; it sin which is said by our Lord to be com- was cowardice that caused him to do it. We mitted against the Holy Ghost. (Matt xii. may from hence infer that neither Paul nor 31, 32.) The subject of inquiry is - What Peter committed the unpardonable sin. this sin is; and what it is not.

Many of the Lord's people labour under First, we will endeavour to notice it nega- many doubts and fears lest they should have lively. It is not the sin of swearing; if it committed this unpardonable sin; but, dear was, what would have become of Peter? children, thy fears and doubts are groundNot the sin of drunkenness ; if it was, what less ; for, thou never hast, thou never shalt would have become of Noah ? Not the sin commit it; yea, thou never canst come into of adultery ; if it was, what would have be- this dreadful dilemma. Some have thought, come of David ? Not to endeavour to stifle and said, that this sin has never been comconvictions of the Spirit; if it was, what mitted since our Lord's days; and that the would become of many, when first brought different circumstances under which we are under convictions ? Nor is it to sin against placed, render it impossible. Leaving, howlight and knowledge; ifit was, God's ancient ever, the abettors of this to their favourite Israel would all have been lost. No, be- hypothesis, I ask, is not the sin of apostacy Joved, nor yet the sin of persecuting the almost, if not the very same, as the sin saints of God; for, if this was the sin against against the Holy Ghost ? Does it not genethe Holy Ghost, Saul of Tarsus would never rally issue in a hardened course of rebellion have been made praying and preaching Paul. against God? And is it not a flat denial of

Having noticed it negatively, we now no- the sovereignty of the work of the Holy tice it, secondly, positively. We find that Spirit in regeneration ? The apostle plainly all sin is remissable, except the sin against shews the impossibility of renewing such the Holy Ghost. All the sins of God's again to repentance; seeing they crucify elect were laid upon Christ, through whose to themselves the Son of God afresh, and blood they are washed away, and through put him to an open shame.' Peter says, 'it grace freely forgiven. (Ephes. i. 7.) He had been better for them not to have known groaned beneath the weight of our sins in the way of righteousness, (professedly) than, the garden, and bore them on Calvary's rug- after they have known it to turu from the ged brow, where all hell raged against him ; holy commandment delivered unto them ;' Jehovah frowned upon him ; vindictive jus-but,' he continues it is happened unto tice smote him ; out poured the purple them according to the true proverb, the dog stream ; angels were lost in holy wonder ; (mark, he is only a dog) is returned to his saints were bathed in tears; creation was own vomit again, and the sow (only a sow) astonished ; Jehovah was well-pleased ; sin that was washed, to her wallowing in the was expiated; salvation obtained ; pardon mire.' Our Lord says, 'When the unclean bought with atoning blood; and the guilty spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh captive freed from everlasting condemnation. through dry places, seeking rest and finding • Hallelujah to God and the Lamb.'. There none; then saith he, I will return into my are two characters who cannot commit the sin house (my old state) from whence I (by against the Holy Ghost. The true believer profession) came out; and when he is come cannot commit the unpardonable sin; for, he findeth it empty, (destitute of vital godhis dwelling in the clefts of the smitten rock liness) swept, and garnished ; (swept by a is to him an everlasting security. Nor can few duties, and garnished with a few moral the grossly ignorant commit it. There must decorations ;) then goeth he and taketh to be two ingredients in the same character, in himself seven other spirits-(an impenitent order to render him capable of this :- light spirit ; a proud, haughty, and disdainful spiin the head, and malice in the heart. Therit; a self-righteous spirit; a rebellious pharisees of Judea had both, when they blas- spirit; a spirit of hatred to the Son of God ; phemously (knowing better than they said) a spirit of blasphemy against the Holy attributed our Lord's miracle of casting out Ghost; a murderous spirit;) - and these, devils to the foul agenoy of the prince of(saith our Lord,) are more wicked than himdevils; this, no doubt, was the very identical self

, they enter in, and dwell there, and the sin, called the sin against the Holy Ghost; last state of that man is worse than the first.' The apostle John says, there is a sin; | siderable dernur ; for I felt that such an en(mark, there is a sin,) unto death ;' and for- gagement would place me in a very different bids us to pray for it. Paul says, ' If we sin position to that in which I then stood. I wilfully, after we have received a knowledge was then an itinerant, preaching as the ocof the truth, there remaineth no more (no casion presented itself, among villages ten or other) sacrifice for sin, but a certain, fear- fifteen miles distant from each other; and ful looking for of judgment and fiery indig- among these what sometime served one, also nation, which shall devour the adversaries:' supplied the other, so that I did not feel parthen he refers to those who have trodden ticularly distressed about getting fresh subunder foot the Son of God, and have done ject matter every Sabbath-day; but I felt that despite unto the spirit of grace.' See these as a regular supply,' much greater variety Scriptures Heb. vi. 6; 2 Pet. ii. 21, 22 ; would be needed ; and unbelief suggested Matt. xii. 43–45; 1 John v. 16; Heb. x. that I should have nothing in the way of 26–29.

BIDDLE. food to supply the wants of the people. My

aged friend, the deacon, strove to encourage

me, telling me that from the time of my beREMINISCENCES OF THE DEALINGS OF THE ing called to speak in the name of the Lord, LORD, AS SHEWN IN

it was his impression that I should have to The Ministry of Mr. W. Cromwell, prophecy among the thick boughs. This

however, I altogether duubted; for, being Baptist Minister, Providence Chapel, Bath. little versed in human learning, I thought

that so fashionable a city as Bath could surely ANNIVERSARY TEA-MEETING, AUG. 9, 1847. never be the scene of my labours. I was,

however, mistaken ; and after some conflict

with my feelings, I agreed to supply the After a few preliminary remarks as to the church for one year, the Lord helping me. lateness of the hour, Mr. C. began :- It is I did so; but the Lord knoweth, in much not my intention to take up much of your weakness and trembling. The fact how. time on the present occasion, there are how- ever of a poor unlearned man, a lime-burner ever a few remarks which I desire to make, by occupation, being come to preach at Bath, whilst I congratulate you as a church on was too singular not to be talked about ; and this our sixth Anniversary. I find, on exam- many came out of curiosity to hear what I ining some memoranda, that this day is also should say; and so, the Lord, in his allwise the eleventh Anniverary of my coming purposes ordered it, that some of these conamong you to preach ; and surely, when Itinued to come, because the Lord touched consider what the Lord has done for you, as their hearts through my humble instrumentaa church, and for me, as an individual, I feel lity. In the mean time I personally bitterly that it is most fit and proper that I should regretted that I had ever come to Bath at this evening raise an Ebenezer of gratitude, all, or engaged with the people for such a and say, 'Hitherto the Lord hath helped us !' purpose. I often felt, even whilst in the And here I shall adopt the language of the pulpit, that if the Lord would let me get out apostle, and say, 'Having obtained help of of it once more, I never would enter it God, I continue unto the present day;' again ; let the people say, or do what they which, as a fact, was totally contrary to my would. For, I felt quite sure, in my own expectations, for when applied to by the dea- mind, that I never should be able to feed cons of this church to preach for you, I them as they or I desired. These feelings positively refused; having, previously de- usually came upon me when the Lord did termined never to preach at Bath if I should not appear to give me a text or insight into be invited, on account of the many divisions, it. At such times I was as fretful as I could and unsettled state of the Baptist churches be, and often determined mentally that I in that city. The friends were very urgent, never would again speak in his name. Again, but I still said 'no;' till my father, then an when the Lord has graciously appeared, and aged christian, and another christian friend, taken off iny shackles, and helped me to dea deacon of long standing in the church of clare his truth, I have felt so much sweetness which I was a member, both advised me to in the work, that I have thought again, go once, remarking that if then I found any- Well, bless the Lord! I won't give up thing uncongenial to my views or wishes, I preaching just yet.' This one lesson I have need not repeat the visit. After some nesi- learned, that when I could not get a text by tation, I concluded to accept the invitation, begging for it in prayer, I never could sueand went, accompanied by my father, and ceed by attempting to frighten the Lord out the deacon before mentioned. My poor of one, by declaring that I would not go to service was approved ; and in consequence, preach unless he would supply me. No; I I received a very pressing invitation to be- have found after all I could do, the dear

regular supply for this church ; Lord would have his own way. Thus, year but to this last proposition I made a con- after year, I have been enabled amidst all my

come a


fears, weaknesses, and unworthiness, to stih | blessed us with much peace and union among

declare the name of the Lord in Zion;'ourselves; so that the wild boar of the till, from the increase of the congregation, it wood hath not wasted us.' He hath, also, was deemed advisable to erect the present added temporal prosperity beyond our exedifice for the worship and service of our pectations. Some of our members have God; which, through the aboundings of his been called to take possession of the manlove and mercy has been completed in spite sions prepared for them above; but the of all our sinkings and downcastings and Lord can, and I trust, will repair all the sometimes beclouded prospects. But, even breaches of this kind, abundantly; and thence, to me, as your minister, a new diffi- ' increase us with men, as a flock.' In culty arose. The church was desirous that the past year, have been especially I should take the sole spiritual charge; in called to • bear one-anothers' burdens.' other words, that I should consent to be re- “ May more of this spirit be found and cognised in form, as their pastor ; but to felt among us, and may we grow up into this, for a long time, I seriously objected; Christ, our living Head in all things. Amen. as I still doubted that I should be able to “I shall call on you to unite with me, in continue to preach ; notwithstanding a gra- singing – Praise God,' &c. &c.” cious promise which the Lord made to me, sometime after I came among you; which word of promise was this Be not afraid, A Letter to Mr. D. Lodge, but speak, and hold not thy peace; for I am with thee, and no man shall set on thee to

A Minister of the Gospel, Banbury, hurt thee; for I have much people in this city.' Of this, however, I desired many and Dear Brother BANKS :- Herewith I send repeated proofs ; and to the praise of his you a little treasure for the Earthen Vessel, mercy, I would say that he has been gracious And truly, “the excellency of the power of to me in this respect. For, during the pe- it is of God, and not of man.' riod of my labours among you, ninety souls have been added to the church by baptism,

" Now this has been tried in poverty's vale,

In foods and in fires, by sin, death, and hell," and forty-eight others by letters of dismission. from other churches, or coming before the But it is incorruptible, undefiled, and that church; making a total addition of one

fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for us, hundred and thirty-eight souls; yet for all who are kept by the power of God, through this gracious proof of the Lord's acceptance faith, unto salvation. Thus, it is all perfect, of my poor labours, I shrank from the union all glorious, and complete ; therefore, let proposed; for, I knew, as your supply," him that glorieth, glory in the Lord.' should the Lord shut my month, a week's

Thanks to 'Old Sincerity' for his disnotice would free me from my engagement

cernment and faithfulness. Keep a watch, to you ; whereas, if I should consent to be dear brother, for the July pirates; all hands come your pastor, I could not so readily aloft ; listen to their whispers-Some perleave you. At length, after severe conflict sons say you must preach Christ ; never of mind, and rehiterated prayer to the Lord, mind what they say; never lay yourself for direction in this matter, I was answered, open to a vitiated taste : (by preaching by having the satisfaction of baptizing on

Christ) let us be serious in those affairs ; be one occasion, seventeen candidates in the ad-diligent, beg, borrow, and steal-any how." joining river: whom the Lord graciously Ah, but he that sitteth in the heavens, shall gave as seals to my ministry. I further laugh; the Lord of hosts, the Captain of

our salvation shall have them in derision. considered, that as a church, you were now acquainted with my preaching, temper, and Yet have I set my King (Christ) upon my manners ; and I also knew somewhat of yours. holy hill of Zion. Let

us, then my brethAlso, from time to time, the Lord was pleased ren, with one accord, sing – to bless his word through me, as an instru

“ Though rocks and quicksands deep,

Thro' all my passage, lie; ment, however humble or despised ; and in

Yet Christ will safely keep, consequence, I was led, I trust, to give my

And guide me with his eye. self unto the church in the Lord ; though,

My anchor, hope, shall firm abide, for years I had refused; not choosing so

I shall, each boist'rous storm outride." close a bond to any people. My health has Your's affectionately in the truth, been severely tried from time to time; and

A Pilot, (not a pirate,) D. LODGE. not unfrequently when grasping the hands of many who visited me, we have concluded it was a last farewell. Nevertheless,'having DEAR BROTHER, BELOVED obtained help of God, I continue unto the SAKE:

:-0, may great grace and glory rest in present day. Let us, then, take encourage- and upon thy soul, so that thou mayest in all ment from the past loving-kindness of the things be made, by the sweet and blessed inLord. As a church and people he hath fluence of the dear eternal Spirit, to walk



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