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worthy of the vocation wherewith thou art | Israel, and brings us off more than concalled ; and preach peace by Jesus Christ. querors, by the power of our glorious standHerein I rejoice, for your sake, as well as ard-bearer, the Holy Ghost, which is in us, mine, that we do both know, from heart-felt, bringing us into a holy and happy sense, to painful, and happy experience, that there is know that God does, indeed, look upon our none other name, under heaven, given among shield, and there beholds us clothed in his men, whereby we can be saved, not only own holiness, majesty, beauty, and love, and from eternal miseries, but also from present there pronounces us very good, all fair, and troubles, trials, and painful dispensations; without spot. Hallelujah! and that all solid peace and lasting comfort, These are some of the happy and blessed must, and does come all of him, in him, and effects of enjoying our eternal union and through hiin, to us; and that without him glorious oneness with the person of the we can do nothing. Therefore, with thank- Word of God,' the man that is God's fellow; ful hearts, we drop into his dear, everlasting hereby we experience the blessedness of that arms, and give him all honour, praise, and wisdom which is the stability of Zion's glory, and crown him Lord of all for ever ; times. And thus it is that grace reigns for so he is, and that my soul knoweth right and sin shall not have dominion over us. We well. All glory and blessings, yea, ever know what it is to have other lords to rule lasting blessings be unto his dear, holy, pre-over us. But, sovereign, dear, electing, secious name, for that knowledge, evento parating, sin-parduning love, and grace hath know him that is true, 'the way, the truth, set us free. «Ye are not under the law, but and the life,' the everlasting source and foun- under grace,'the glorious gospel of the blessed tain of unsullied glory, rest, joy, and love. God; thus we rest under our own vine Yes, my dear fellow member, in, and of the and fig tree, none daring to make us afraid, same precious body, Christ, it is this that either of death eternal, or death temporal, constitutes all my peace to know him, even though we are in deaths often ; yet, 'no weaJesus, the eternal word, and to live in a feel-pon that is formed against thee shall prosper,' ing sense that I am one in him, and one and all thine enemies shall be found liars with him to all eternity; and that where he | unto thee, for no evil shall befall thee. Livis, I shall be also. My witness is with me, ing in, and on an experimental knowledge of and my record is on high. Hallelujah! these ever-blessed promises made by our

O, may the Lord, the dear Spirit, help you everlasting Father and Husband, now verito make known the mighty acts of our dear, fied in our own experience by the power of eternal, Sovereign, to raise all thy banners the dear sweet Spirit, what can shake our day by day, in the all-glorious name of our sure repose ? Because I live, ye shall live Emmanuel, who is wonderful in counsel, also.' Hallelujah! Hallelujah! and excellent in working, to tell of the mys

A HIDDEN ONE. teries of his kingdom, the beauties of his charming person, and the goodness and tenderness of his loving heart, and talk all the

True Conversion. day long of his mighty power, of what he haih done, is doing, and will do for the dear - The Lord brings many poor souls to objects of his free, undeserved love. Let the last steps of the ladder, to a hopeless others talk of what they may, only do thou condition, and then he puts their pardon inake mention of his righteousness, and his into their bosomeo 17

| into their bosoms; then he says, . Be of only ; not thine own unrighteousness ; no, indeed; the Lord help us to forget, that, in

good cheer, I have received you in favor, a lively sense of his love having wrought out,

have set my love upon you, I am reconand brought in an everlasting robe for us, in ciled to you, and will never be separated which we stand complete, not having sput or| from you.' You know how God dealt wrinkle, or any such thing ; justified through with Paul, after he had awakened and the redemption that is in our God-man, the convinced him, after he had unhorsed living Word, we stand before our most good him, and overthrown him, after he had and gracious Sovereign, King of kings, and amazed and astonished him, then he Lord of lords, blameless and in love ; be- shews himself graciously and favourable cause he, the great Jehovah, looks upon the to him, then he takes him up into the precious face of his dear anvinted, and there,

third heaven, and makes such manifesin him, beholds us, and all the election of

tations of his love and favor, of his grace, perfect, even as God is perfect, and holy, as God is holy. O, the sweet and un

| beauty and glory, of his mercy and maspeakable mercy of having the very present jesty, as he is not able to utter.

I jesty, as he is not able to utter. So upon help in trouble, raising the mighty standard the prodigal's return, the faited calf is against all the accusations of legal self, sin, I killed, and the best robe is put upon his and the devil, for thus the dear helping Spi- back, and the ring is put upon his hand, rit puts to flight all the aliens of the spiritual and shoes on his feet." - Brooks.

• We must all appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ. THOUGHTS ON 2 CoR. V. 10. IN ANSWER TO A TRIED CHILD OF GOD.

(Continued from p. 191.) Having stated a few things in reference to religious ; and to work they go : they can the manifestations of a righteous person; I influence themselves; regulate themselves ; shall now endeavour to shew the difference preserve themselves ; turn themselves to God there is between such, and the unrighteous. when they please; keep their own hearts (You will bear in mind that I mean those from evil; forsake sin ; resist temptations ; who make a profession of religion.) In the | pray well; rejoice always ; have nothing to first place there are many that are religious cast them down as to soul matters ; know from custom ; brought up to it from their nothing about darkness; they are always. very childhood. Among dissenters, as well ready to read, write, pray, or preach, (if they as Church people, Roman Catholics, or are preachers); they have no obstacles but Pagans. This was so of old, and is so now. what they can remove; and, of course, feel Such go to chapel or church ; attend to va- no want of the Spirit's power to help them ; rious external services ; and by these ob- but let us give such their due ; you may hear servances quiet their consciences; wipe their them talk, sometimes, of doing all in dehands; and conclude they have done God pendence upon the Spirit ; but their general honour.

| language proves quite the reverse. Having I knew a friend that had a dog as religious no spiritual life, they have no longings of as this ; and if righteousness is to be ob- soul for spiritual things ; by which, I mean, to be obtained by these external observances, things which are divine, and only to be found then he was a righteous dog ; for, as sure as in a covenant God in Christ—his sovereign, the bell tolled for service, whether the master unmerited, eternal love-the precious blood went or not, this dog was off; would quietly of Christ that cleanseth from all sin ; his lay down in the pew till service was over; perfect robe of righteousness that justifies ; and then leave, and go his way. How many and a personal feeling, longing of soul, to thousands are there in our land of gospel know if we are interested in the same. light, that have just such a customary re- These things, the above described characters ligion ! Again: some are religious from know nothing about; they have only a carnal education ; they are taught to be pious from view of the matter; are satisfied with the extheir very youth; to say a few prayers ; keep ternal form ; for the unrighteous are not in the Sabbath; forsake bad company; deliver trouble as the people of God are ; they feel tracts ; to give themselves up to the Lord not the plague of their own hearts. What in various ways; and thus make their peace can be a greater proof of mere profession? with God. So they are launched off with It is true, they may acknowledge that they the idea, that if they do these things, and are sinners, but they do not mourn on aclook to the merits of Christ, then God the count of sin as sin. Tell them that there is Father will love them, and will bless them, the seed of every iniquity in their hearts that with eternal life for so doing ; so they wrap was ever committed in the world and would it up. There are others that have been break out if God did not restrain it; that taken by their parents, relations, or friends, there is nothing in their nature to incline in under a sound gospel ministry, and have the least degree towards God and godliness ; learned, judgmentally, the doctrines of grace and that none of their tears, prayers, holy and the plan of salvation, as to the letter of resolutions, nor good feelings form any part it, so as to outshine in talk, even those who of their justification before God; and that are made partakers of divine grace, and who they are only kept from sinning, as they are know Jehovah in spirit and truth ; such may kept by God; they will look at you as a obtain admission into the church militant; regular Antinomian, and will not want much but with all this they know nothing experi- of your company. To make short of this mentally, of the life, power, and blessedness point, they know nothing of bitter groanof the religion they profess. Those who ings in secret, before the throne of God, on have only a natural, customary, or educa- account of what they see and feel of their tional religion, are unrighteous; or in other own vileness, filthiness, and unprofitableness words, they are wrong ; and will never find a before God. How different is the state of God in Christ ; nor heaven, nor happiness the righteous! they are quickened into life in the state they are in : for they have no by the everliving God, according to his good spiritual principle implanted in their hearts, will and sovereign pleasure; and there is a therefore they have no spiritual feelings of divine reality in this divine birth ; it is not necessity for the Spirit's influence in power. in mere hearsay, nor perhaps, nor may be: Such believe it is their duty to attend various oh, no; it is a life deposited in the heart, by religious ceremonies ; and, perhaps, may feel God himself, the gift of grace; what all nature that it would be sinful in them to omit them, I nor holy angels, could never communicate, they, therefore, make up their minds to be nor yet supply its wants when bestowed. Reader ! here is where the distinction lays ! | crisy ; fervently, and less half-heartedly; Spiritual life requires spiritual food; just as continually, and less interruptedly. But, much as natural life needs natural food ; alas ! they are soon brought to know, that and they are as different as heaven in them, that is in their flesh, dwelleth no and hell, as light and darkness. Spiritual life good thing; that divine life in the soul does requires for its support and comfort what not make flesh better in itself; and that as this world, with all its treasures and plea- long as they are in the body, they will have sures cannot give-what can only be found to groan, being burdened ;' they not only in a just God and Saviour, that is a salvation find that they cannot get flesh heavenward as just as it is merciful. Where this life is, when they please; but after being born that soul wants Christ in his fulness, sweet- again, that there is not only a disposition, ness, blessedness, and preciousness; it wants but an inclination, at times, to run after any, to know more of him, to feel more love to and every evil; and sometimes more so after wards him; to walk more frequently with they are born of God than it was beforehim; and to hold blessed converse with him; the flesh lusting against the Spirit and the to live more and more daily upon him; and to Spirit against the flesh.' So that they are rejoice in him as its portion, its beloved ; how brought to mourn, as Paul did, that what often is such a soul saying with the church of they would do they do not, and what they old, “Tell me, O, thou, whom my soul loveth, would not, (and have prayed earnestly and where thou feedest, were thou makest thy mightily that they might not,) even that flock to rest at noon ;' &c. (Cant. i. 7.) they do.' Well, they may cry in their souls, Consciousness of guilt in such a soul is an Oh, wretched creature that I am!'They inward fever that produces such a burning find a will to good, but how to perform, they heat in the heart, that nothing short of the find not ;' nor ever will in themselves; all precious blood of Christ can assuage its our help must come from our blessed Lord. grief. A consciousness, or experimental | Under these exercises they are often brought sense of their frequent short comings before to the footstool of mercy with grieved and God; their many defects in their serving broken hearts; to cry mightily unto the God; their continued deformity, crooked Lord for help, preservation, and deliverance; ness, or perverseness to the righteous com- for when God is pleased to withhold his gra.. mands of their gracious Lord and King, cious influences, they are brought into capunder the gracious influences of the Eternal tivity by the law of sin in their members ; Spirit, brings their souls to pant so ardently carnality is then experienced; carelessness for the righteousness of Christ, (Phil. iii. 9,) in heavenly things is felt; and unless the that they are never truly happy till they are Lord is pleased to put forth his divine power enabled to get fully into Christ, and lose to save, sinful wanderings and indifference themselves and all their ugliness in his ever- in spiritual matters will be the consequence. blessed completeness, 'for we are complete in It is true there may be the outward form him ;' Col. ii. 10. Such a soul wants, by kept up, in the observance of religious faith, to lay hold of God's faithful arm, | matters, but very little of its power enjoyed : daily to come out of the wilderness, trusting half-heartedness is felt in all they do; their in the faithfulness of him who cannot lie, words in prayer are like icicles hanging on that amidst all their trials and afflictions, their lips, with a death-like coldness; and disobedience, emptiness, darkness, nothing- if the Lord the Spirit does not, in the riches ness, worthlessness, and wretchedness, they of his grace, put forth his reviving power, might be enabled to live upon his fulness of they sink into a hardened state of mind like covenant mercy and unchanging love in all Ephraim ; (Hosea iv. 17:) and like Samson, the secured blessings of grace divine in so that when they see what their nature's Christ, (Eph. i 3 :) as the everliving source like, they will say with him in reference to of true blessedness. The true Christian is Timnath - 'get it me, it pleaseth me only happy (really so) as he is enabled, by well.' Oh, the desperate wickedness of the gracious influences, to live here ; and to heart! for if the Lord does not prevent by yield obedience to his holy will; not as a his grace, like Samson, they will pursue after slave to gain freedom ; but as a child from real it until they obtain it, and lay asleep for a time, affection to him, as their Father. Not only in the very lap of that which will deprive them of so, but they, when healthy and in their right their strength; so that instead of their being mind, long and pant for more fellowship as strong as a lion, trembling will take poswith him, and to love, praise, and adore him session of their souls. The enemy has ocmore. At times they are not half satisfied ; casion to triumph; and terror pursues the they feel that they are so unmindful of his transgressor. When the Holy Spirit arrests many, and wonderful mercies, so very un- the guilty wanderer, sorrow fills the soul, grateful for his long-suffering, and forbear- darkness covers the mind. This, through rich ing kindness, that they long for the powers mercy, is to bring them to judgment. In the of their souls to be so sweetly and blessedly Lord's time they are brought as prisoners swallowed up in God, that they might be before the Lord as their judge, in their able to serve him sincerely, without hypo- 'miserable feelings; their trial will take place in this world, in the body, and they ever; who hath declared, “If I forget thee, will receive according to the things they let my right hand forget her cunning; who have done in the body in their soul's exer-hath, and will ransack worlds, overturn cises. David suffered more in his soul's kingdoms, dethrone devils, upset all the terfeelings than Abraham ; yet it was grace ritories of hell, in order that his children that preserved Abraham from doing as David shall be righted and made happy in himself. did. It is well when we are brought feel. O, yes; ingly to say, I will bear the indignation of

He'll sin, and death, and hell o'erthrow the Lord.' The judgment of the righteous, And we stand still and see. in my opinion, is brought to a final close (as God's tried children are frequently wronged ; to affliction, punishment, or correction,) in

at any rate I find it so. Wronged by the this world. They are brought into the court

world, the flesh, the devil, sin, and self; in of conscience under various and bitter feel

a word, I frequently find and feel myself ings of soul, with (like David) · My wounds

wrong altogether; and sometimes I am foolare corrupt, and stink through my foolish

ish enough to try some experiment to set ness ;' or like Samson, they have the eyes of

myself right: but, alas ! I get more wrong ; their evidences put out, so that they cannot

try to make things better, but sad to say, I see the mind of God concerning themselves.

make them worse. It is something like the Like Joseph to his brethren, the Lord speaks

black man trying to wash himself white; the roughly to them in various dispensations both

leopard to change its spots : at length, I am in providence and grace.

brought in with David — So foolish and igJAMES.

norant am I, I am as a beast before thee.' (To be concluded in our next.)

I have experienced many changes since I | last saw you; as I make no doubt you have

also; for this is the lot of God's elect; Altogether Right, & Altogether Wrong.

changes and difficulties, more or less, all the

journey ; and as Hart words itMY DEAR CHRISTIAN BROTHER :-As God

The Christian man is seldom long at ease shall help me I will endeavour to write a

When one fright's gone, another doth him seize. few lines to you. The devil told me last week that all my correspondents were either But, blessed be God, there can be nothing dead, or they did not think me worthy of start up to frighten us out of God's bosom, writing to ; but, however, as in numberless out of God's love, God's care, God's instances, so in this also, I live in hopes, in faithfulness, God's covenant, God's oath ; due time, to prove hinn (that is the devil) a nothing start up either from the world, the liar. I hardly know how I am to look upon flesh, or the devil to frighten us out of God's my brother as a correspondent, having never favour ; in his favour there is life,' at his received an epistle from him, unless I look right hand, there is fulness of joy, and pleaupon you in this way; as sending your sures for ever more.' I feel to hope, in subepistles or letters up to head quarters on my mission to God, that my brother is making behalf; writing in secret before God; when good progress in the divine life ; not getting no eye sees, when no God hears. In a cer- more holy or more perfect in the flesh; this tain sense, this, my brother is the best sort is not my meaning by progression; my of writing. I feel thankful to the God of meaning is this:-You are daily being made heaven, that I have no correspondents that to feel your own emptiness, and Christ's plague my brains with the passing compli-fulness; your own poverty, and Christ's ments and cant of the day, if I had, I should riches ; your own nakedness, and Christ's ever wish myself rid of them, as in other righteousness to cover you ; even that robe matters. Also in writing, I have proved that is wove from the top throughout, and is that when God shuts no man can open, and without seam; this, my brother, is the only when he opens no man can shut; oh, for the robe that will screen you from death, hell, opening of the mouth therefore at this time, and the devil, from yourself, the world, sin, that my lips may shew forth his praise ; that sorrow, darkness, and dismay; you are daily the heavens may drop down dew; that the feeling yourself in yourself lost; and yet voice of the blessed turtle may be heard; saved in a triune Jehovah with an everlasting that the winter may be over and past; that salvation. This is what I mean by going you and I, my brother, may be made to sing on in the divine life. I must confess that I the high praises of him who hath called us do not travel along so fast as I could wish; out of darkness into his marvellous light; therefore from necessity my cry is · Draw who hath blessed us with all spiritual bless- me, then I will run after thee.' I find no ings in heavenly places in Christ Jesus; who going in God's ways comfortably, only as he hath blotted out our sins as a cloud, our is pleased to enlarge my heart, to bless me transgressions as a thick cloud; who hath with light and life, power and liberty, unction declared that he will not be wrath with us and efficacy. No getting on without these. nor rebuke us, and that our sins and our

Your's to serve, 1. SPENCER. iniquities he will remember no more for Woodbridge, near Guildford.

Thirty-nine Questions to Unitarians.

Jehovah Tsidkenu.

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(Continued from p. 161, Vol. III.)

Hail, Son of God ! bright morning star, all hail ! 18. If, (according to the Unitarian creed)

I welcome thine approach, and with the angel choir

Thy praises sing. From heaven's empyrean seats Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, are but three

Thou didst come down, to gather rebels home. names, answerable to three office-characters Deep in eternal solitude, ere time began, and assumed by one divine person only ; does Thy Father contemplated rescuing men

by thy shed blood, from misery and death. it not undeniably follow that, in the solemn by

When the first Adam fell, the scheme of love ceremony of Christ's baptism, the great God Was partially discover'd; and thro' successive years of all, publicly sustained three distinct parts | New light was thrown upon redemption's plan. at one and the same time, before the creatures

At length the fire of prophecy went out, of his hand ?

And a portentous silence interven'd. Is not this a rather mysterious | Years rolled away, and men grew more corrupt ; feature in the creed of your adoption, as | All wander'd-all were hostile-all profane, great as any the Trinitarian one contains ; Until thy hallowed precursor was heard which latter you entirely reject, chiefly for

Breaking the silence with his powerful voice,
Crying-Behold God's sacrificial Lamb!!

He comes to conquer sin, and set his people free, 19. If the Holy Ghost, (I write it with re Thousands, compelled by grace invincible, luctance) be only the influence of God (as

His voice regarded, and in the Jordan's waves

Were by him plunged, whilst mercy's hands some of you say) and not a divine person,

| Unloosed their chains and set the captives free. is it not absurd to apply personal pro- Beyond the gates of doomed Jerusalem, thou didst go pouns to a mere quality; for instance, I forth, might by the same rule apply them to the

Bearing the ponderous cross, and on the rugged steep

Of Calvary, thy sheep were bought, and, by thy grace of God, and say — He is present.

power, Who? Grace. 'He has departed. It is | An everlasting righteousness wrought out for all thy His to turn man to God." To Him we

banished ones. owe our conversion and salvation. Praise

There, Mercy 'Truth embraced ! there, all God's at

tributes, Him. But is this Scriptural ? Is it sen Like kindred drops together blended, and that debt sible? If, then, every personal pronoun is was paid,

Which fills with terror, each awakened soul, repeatedly applied to the Holy Spirit in

The middle wall fell down, and hell was vanquished ! the Scriptures, what warrant have you for Heaven opened wide its gates, whilst angels sungyour blasphemies ?

Glory to God, on high, good will and peace to men,' 20. God the Son, in the days of his mani

Since that momentous hour, millions of fallen men,

Though sunk amidst the mire and clay fested humanity, frequently declared him

Of dark corruption's pit, have issued forth, self as sent of God the Father, and that Led on by sovereign grace to that blest spot, God the Holy Spirit should testify of him. Where fears give place to hope, and woe to joy We believe, and assert a trinity of persons

Joy, rich, unutterable, and full of glory.'

Through thy eternal love, myriads have reached the in the Godhead, on the warrant of Scrip

goal, ture. It is for you to say, how the sender, And now are basking 'midst that glorious light, the sent, and the testifier, are one person.

Encircling the high throne of heaven's eternal King.

And the same grace which rescued them from sin, Are the Three-three names borne by one

Will rescue millions more, and lead them to the person? Never will ye prove it.

skies, 21. God the Father bore witness of God Hail, glorious Saviour, fairest among ten thousand,

hail! the Son with a voice from heaven; God

Come thou, and reign within my heart, control my the Son strongly asserted and proved his

foes, divinity when he said, If ye believe not Call me thy child, and wrap me in that glorious robe, that I' AM, ye shall die in your sins;' |

In which arrayed, nor death, nor hell, I'll fear.

Clothed in that spotless garment, I shall walk and God the Holy Ghost testified of the

Undaunted through death's darksome vale, Godhead of God the Son when he inspired And gain that high abode, where angels dwell. the apostle to write of him these words Wrapped in that hallowed robe, I'll smile to hear

The Archangel's trumpet :-and when ruin's plough• Thy throne (to the Son, he saith) 0, God,

share is for ever and for ever! Does not there- | Is driven

| Is driven o'er creation, I'll rejoice ; fore, the denial, on your part, of Christ's Soar 'bove the wreck of matter, and the crash of proper divinity, amount to a total denial,


To that sweet home on high, where through unendaltogether of the God of the Bible, and prove

ing years, you to be in close affinity with the fool in the | I shall extol thy love, and bending low Psalms, who saith in his heart, There is no Before thy throne, ascribe my exaltation

God ?

To free electing love, and sovereign grace.

Whilst I'm a pilgrim here, my heart establish

In the truth. And when life's fitful fever ends,

Place me amidst the suplit bowers of heaven, (To be continued.)

Calmly to wait the breaking of that morn,

When from the sepulchre my body shall emerge, “Frequently the Lord writes upon his Arrayed in glorious grace,' and with my soul,

Free'd from corruption, spend a long eternity people's hearts, a knowledge of Jesus as the

In sounding forth that all-controling grace, way, before he writes upon their souls a sweet Which won my soul, and found for me a home, testimony that he is their way."-Sep. Sears.



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