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his work was done ; he May God the Holy Spirit support and fought the good fight of faith, and laid uphold you, my brother, and abundantly hold on eternal life. He experienced bless you with those blessed realities many trials and troubles which none but from the everlasting, hills ; and may God and himself knew; he seldom com- you still be favoured to proclaim the plained, let him be in what trouble he unsearchable riches of Christ Jesus, and might: I saw bim nearly every day in may God the Holy Spirit attend it his last illness ; sometimes he was able with almighty power.-Your's, in that to speak, and sometimes not: the devil bond that can never break. was suffered to try him very much; yet,

J. BUCKINGHAM. on the whole, the Lord did enable him Pimlico, London. to lean upon His Almighty arm; he was enabled to submit to His will; and Unicorn Yard Chapel. to look at death without fear; yea, he rejoiced to the last; he said to me, To the Editor of the Earthen Vessel. “What a mercy to have an Almighty Dear BROTHER.—The late extraordinary arm to lean upon, when all earthly circumstances which have transpired at comforts fail. Oh, to feel that we are Unicorn Yard Chapel, Tooley Street, have loved with an everlasting love ;' and necessarily caused the hearts of many, much that we shall shine for ever in the dear trouble and reflection. For some time past Redeemer's righteousness. These are

I have had under consideration the policy of blessed resting places.”

publishing to the Churches of Christ, some The day he died, he quite revived of the leadingfacts connected therewith, but about one o'clock ; and his conversa

have now determined to make such a report

as I hope will tend to warn Israel of false tion was truly blessed; he was as much prophets, feeling convinced by the aspect of composed as though he was going to the times, that such cases will not be singular. sleep; he asked his dear wife to read It may be said, “why publish these things the first chapter of Ephesians, and the to the world ?" to which I would reply, that 23rd Psalm : this being done, he seemed did I consider the opinion the world entervery comfortable, and in a little time tains of the Church of Christ to be of more afterwards enquired what was the time. importance than that, Zion, Jehovah's pecuThis being told him, Mrs. M. asked liar treasure, should be warned of her foes, why he inquired the time? His reply

I should most certainly keep silence; but was, that he thought it was later, and believing it to be of superior importance that

Israel should be instructed in the arts of that it was not quite time for him to her beguilers, I have no hesitation in endeago home. These, I believe, were the vouring to blow " the trumpet,” that the last words he uttered. About half-past people of the Most High may prepare themfive o'clock on Tuesday, the 27th of selves for the universal battle, which I know, October, 1846, his happy soul took its ere long, will engage every true soldier of the flight to those bright mansions above, kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus which were prepared from everlasting,

Christ. before ever man was made, much more

The late pastor of the Church, Mr. before he fell in Adam; and now he PENROSE, commenced his labours in Unicorn

Having has received a crown of glory which Yard, nearly three years since. God our Father had given him in preached to the people on approbation, he Christ Jesus. And sure I am there is but did neither make a confession of his

was unanimously elected to the Pastorate, one waiting for every one of his dear faith, nor was he ordained : with respect to the elect; neither the devil, nor sin, nor all former omission, it afterwards proved disasour enemies can deprive us of them. I trous, as will appear. His objection to the can truly say, “Let me die the death rite of ordination was, that it was of popish of the righteous, and let my last end institution. Mr. P. continued to preach for be like his.” May the Lord brighten two years with apparent success, and the up our prospects for a brighter and church increased with extraordinary rapidity. better world, is the sincere desire of

Here I must invoke the pardon of your one that is in the footsteps of the flock. readers, if I make a few observations sug

the May the Lord be with his dear partner Church.

gested by circumstances attending the few more days she has to be in

Having remarked that the ministry of this wilderness of sin and sorrow; may Mr. P. was attended with apparent succe88, He direct, preserve, and keep her, till allow me to explain. He is pleased to take her home to glory. In these latter times it is evident a theoretical knowledge of revealed truth is, faith be made,” it being a matter in which obtainable, while the man may exist in utter the members themselves are chiefly interested; ignorance of the practical power and experi- therefore should it not be told to them, “what mental influence of the same. Divinity is the Lord hath done for the soul” of him who now studied as a system. Preaching the desires fellowship with the members ? Is gospel is chosen as a means of livelihood. not true intimate fellowship advanced by a So are there to be found those preaching knowledge of the state of experience of the sound doctrines, being ignorant of the grace brother? Members of Independent Churches of the doctrine. Now the ministry of Mr. P. remain in much ignorance of the spiritual during two years was characterised by a knowledge or difficulties of each other, it courageous contention for doctrines. He being only to be obtained by personal enwas during this time a declared enemy to quiry. I am sure, my brethren to whom these real christian experience, although this op- remarks may apply will not lay to my charge position was directed by such a channel, and an impure motive, when I say that whether it means so deceptive employed to cloak his be the admission of adult members into intended aim, that till lately few could dis- christian churches by private confession, or cover the immediate object of the preacher. the admission of infant members by public His pulpit and private ministrations tended sprinkling, I say that whatever is done by to assure his hearers that a total absence of proxy, is done contrary to revealed direction. doubts, and fears, and perplexities, should I have been led to speak thus, in consequence be their condition; and that he not being of foreseeing the much greater mischief which troubled with any, his wish was that the flock would have ensued, had Mr. P. possessed the should participate in such a boon. For my- prerogative of admitting members. Many, it self I must say, the devil never leaves me is true, are now members, concerning whom, alone; 'satan and old-adam nature are sym- I would hope possess life divine, while he pathysing friends, and agree to annoy me has been frustrated in the introduction of with doubts, fcars, and perplexities, the others. Circumstantial evidence proves that produce of unbelief. A miserable comforter the object of Mr. P. was to obtain a majority is he who would tell me I should not be the in the church of such members as, (when the subject of them; when I bid farewell to time arrived, (which he had previously deterthe devil and this earthly tabernacle, I shall mined) to unlock the devil's ca3ket of be no inore troubled, but till then the fight damnable doctrines,) should greedily devour must continue.

dogmas so pleasing, so plausible; or grasp I will not say that Mr. P. has not been the delusive key which promised its possessor made useful, to the conversion of souls, nor a vision of those " heights and depths” which will I say that Mr. Perkins was mistaken, in are unknown. attributing his convictions of sin to the ex- The present position of the Church is clamations of an ungodly woman in the streets this:-On Tuesday, December 8, a church of Cambridge. Many who have died in their meeting was held in order that Messrs. Beach sins have been instrumental to the conversion and Bradley, who are deacons, might have of others. How unsearchable are his judg- an opportunity of fulfilling their desire, to ments, and his ways past finding out !" Be- attempt to justify their conduct in supporting lievers have fed upon the truth he preached. Mr. P. and his doctrines. Both these genIt was at the commencement of the third year tlemen dealt entirely with the doctrine of of his ministry, when he began to publish " Justification.” Mr. Beach, assured the erroneous doctrines, while, for many months members, he neither received the disputed previous, the people were unable to hear with doctrines, nor did he reject them, he neither any comfort or edification.

believed in the mortality, nor immortality of I shall say no more for the present regard - the soul, the endless duration or cessation of ing his ministry, but will make a few remarks punishment in the world to come. Mr. respecting the rapidity with which the church Bradley declared his disbelief of the immorincreased; and now that the Lord has conde- tality of the soul, and that consequently, scended to bless those incans which were em- punishment would

Upon these ployed to remove Mr. P. from the pulpit, I grounds, they considered their past conduct, cannot avoid making a few comments upon quite justifiable, expressing their willingness the superiority of the system of Church to be shewn their error. This confession of government existing in Baptist Churches, doctrinal depravily was followed by a resoluit having mightily accelerated his removal. tion being put to the church, confirmatory

There can be no doubt that the admission of confidence in their conduct, as fit and of members into these Churches by merely proper deacons to hold office in a church ; the approval of the pastor, as is allowed by professing to be “ built upon the foundation the system of government adopted by Inde- of the Prophets and Apostles, Jesus Christ, pendents, is contrary to every principle con- himself, being the chief corner stone." An tained in the New Testament. “Before the amendment 'was put to the meeting, to the great congregation, should confession of effect that the church had no confidence



in consequence of being unsound in the falth. mind till the Tuesday week after, when For the resolution 80 voted. For the amend- my mind was more powerfully arrested. ment 62, leaving the party for truth in a I thought what a wretch I must be to go minority of 18. Alas ! alas ! “ truth is fallen about with a such a man as Mr. L. I in our streets." Those who are determined to contend for Apostolic Faith, attend else- thought I should turn into the worlā where until the Lord shall again appear for again, and then he (Mr. L.) would be their help. Those who adhere to the modern, ridiculed about me; and the words, “out or newly-received dogmas, still remain in the of Christ eternally damned," seemed to church.

ring afresh in my ears, and I was led to May the Lord grant them eyes to discern look at what it was to be eternally “the true light,” which alone can dispel the damned, and then at the sentence of the darkness of their delusion, is the prayer of damned—“Depart, ye cursed,” &c.;

Yours in christian bonds, W. JEFFERY. and, really, it looked but one step beWe shall commence in our February number a fore I should hear that sentence passed Sermon preached at Jamaica Row, on Thursday Oct, 22, 1846, on the duration of the punishment of the on me; and then the thought came, that wicked.

the work must be begun. But that Baptism with Fire.

thought I could not believe ; and then

it appeared as if I was asked, Who disEver DEAR AND AFFECTIONATE SIS- disturbs you so ? I said, natural conTER.–According to promise, I now sit viction, and was going to say the devil, down to inform you, with trembling, when the sin against the Holy Ghost yet, I trust, with humble confidence, of was charged against me, and I begged the dealings of the ever-blessed Lord of the Lord to keep me from committing with my poor soul; and, indeed, when that sin, and was obliged to shed tears, I look back on my past life, it appears to which seemed to carry it off, though that me to have been one continued scene of sin seemed to follow me about until the rebellion against the God of all our mer following Monday morning, when this cies; which made me exclaim, Oh! the text came to my mind, "If our own height, the length, the depth, and hearts condemn, God is greater than our breadth of the love of God, which pas- hearts, and knoweth all things;" which seth knowledge. But where to begin gave me great encouragement. I felt I know not. The first impression that very low all day, and at ght when I was made on my mind was, when went to bed I begged of the Lord to went to offer myself as a teacher in the show me by a vision in the night Sunday-school at Mendlesham-green, whether I was in Christ or not. I went when Mr. Whitemore read to me the to bed and fell into a sleep; and when rules of the school, one of which was, I awoke, I thought it had been time to “ that no teachers be admitted until get up, and felt quite angry that I had they had been proposed a month, so as not had a dream; and then I was led they might inquire into their moral to think what a mercy it was that I character.” But, said Mr. W., we ad did not awake in hell; and, to my surmit you, because we know your charac-prise, the clock struck three, and I laid ter; and I thought, if you knew my in the greatest agony of soul until four character, you certainly would not have o'clock, when I went to sleep, and saw a me here ; and, from that time, I was led fine building, such a one as I never saw seriously to consider the awful condition before ; and as I was going from it I I was then in; and I thought I was looked behind me, and I saw a cart living a good moral life. But I was not coming, and I could hear from the cart left there ; for it pleased the Lord to bring the cry of, " Lost ! lost!" and I stopped these words with power to my mind : to see what it meant; and when they * in Christ eternally saved ; out of Christ drove up I was told that was a cart load eternally damned.” But they did not of orphans, and that house a receptacle seem to abide long ; though, at times, I for them; and I saw them drove quite had wonderful views of the justice of in; and then I had a very distressing God, and of my own state as a sinner dream about my wife, and then awoke. before him. A few sabbaths since, Mr. And, as my wife was going the same Langham asked nie to walk with him day to see her friends, I thought it to Winston, and, when I got there, I felt meant that I should never see her again, so ashamed, I knew not what to do with which made me weep bitterly for about myself. I was in a very low state of an hour and a-half, after which I was the poor orphan, and Christ the recep- and relgning grace, through the knowledge tacle for me, which brought such a light of Christ Jesus, my Lord. over my mind as I shall never forget.

About fifteen years ago, I was called to I could, then, commit my wife, my all, the work of the ministry, and preached with yea, a thousand worlds, if I had them; Particular Baptist Church, worshipping in

some success; was ordained pastor of the into the hands of my Jesus, bless his dear name. I trust it will ever be sweet about seven years. At the close of that to me, who deserved the hottest hell; I period, I sank into great darkness of soul: have been brought to put my trust in a personal trouble of long standing, that him. Having thus given you, as well as touched the vitals of my temporal existence, I am able, a few hints, according as I came upon me at this time with irresistable promised, of which I then so greatly force; and, in consequence (as I imagine), doubted,* I now beg a few lines from I was left, in the providence of the Lord, you the first opportunity. My kindest to curse the individual thus opposed to love to you, from your loving brother,

my happiness, and to pray and to hope John.

that some signal judgment from the Lord Suffolk, November 5, 1845.

might remove my enemy out of time. This trial was peculiar. I have never heard of

a child of the Lord so exercised. It came The terrors Hell and the joys of

upon me on a Lord's-day morning, while Heaven,


on the word, having three sermons

to preach and three persons to baptise. SudDear brother in tribulation, and in the king the individual alluded to, would that day,

denly, an impression entered my mind, that dom and patience of Jesus Christ, grace, in some way, cross my path. Instantly, I mercy and peace be multiplied to you felt much pain of mind; distress being vifrom God our Father, and the Lord Jesus sible, my wife inquired why I looked ill. I Christ,

could not tell her ; partook of my breakPermit me, a stranger to you in the flesh, fast, prepared for worship, fully expecting (a poor outcast) to address you. I have pe- to meet my foe on the way, my wife being rused your writings in part, and from them with me. We passed on through the first I discover that you have passed through seas and second streets, had reached the west. of tribulation, some of which correspond with end of the Chapel-a rush was heard bethe waters my poor soal has experienced. hind, the party referred to came up, and

There appears some shade of difference stood before us as we reached the chapel between us, a secret hope at the bottom door. His appearance was like a demon ; seems to have followed you; this, however, I did not resist his conduct, but went into was denied me, during a period of seven the chapel. years. Alas! alas! I am a man that hath

I passed through the services of the day seen affliction, from the rod of his mouth ; with feelings not to be described. From yet, through mercy, my soul is restored ; that circumstance I felt and found an inand I enjoy (at times) the light of God's surmountable mountain ; I had no faith to reconciled countenance, or the Infinity of stand against this ponderous trial-no way divine mercy, sovereign, free, and matchless; to hope for deliverance; my soul filled with and hath “lifted me out of the horrible pit depression, so that I could not look up: and miry clay, put a song of praise into my my misery was great, indeed. The church lips, healed all the diseases of my soul, and became disunited; tares sprang up, which forgiven the iniquity of my sin.” I now added to the distress of my soul; and, as adore his matchless, free, and immutable troubles increased, darkness spread love. I now trace the good hand of my around me. The darts of the enemy took Covenant God towards me, from my earliest deep hold upon me. On a Sabbath mornrecollections, and particularly his great for- ing, when going to chapel with my wife, bearance, his long-suffering in not cutting the enemy insinuated, “You are the greatest off a rebel, since I have professed his name; hypocrites in the town." I had not faith his compassions fail not ; self-loathing and to resist this hellish dart; and, on the last self-abhorrence lay me, as a lump of clay, Sabbath of my preaching at the Baptist at his footstool ; and my prayer is, Oh! that chapel, the enemy told me that I had conthe Lord would keep me from evil, and work cealed the glories of the Mediator ; that I in me to will and to do of his good plea- preached Him only as a mere man ; and, sure, that the residue of my days may on leaving the pulpit, the enemy came upon shine forth in the glories of rich, ruling, me with a powerful threat, that if I should

enter that pulpit again, I should die therein At this time he very much doubted his interest as a presumptuous sinner. in Christ-he could not think he was one of His, .. I left the chapel, went to my home, re

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tired to my chamber, and endeavoured to should never more enjoy the goodness of spread my case before the Lord, my mind the Lord in the land of the living, I would full of confusion. The Lord was turned to take my fill of sin, although it should sink be mina enemy, saying—Let the enemy per- me deeper into hell. The rebellion of my secute his soul, and let him take it, as he heart was very great, but my altars were reloved cursing, so let it come upon him. I peatedly thrown down ; in many instances sensibly felt the anger of the Lord as a the Lord kept me from my dreadful purheavy pressure upon my head. Alas ! into poses and crossed my designs. I am, howwhat state of misery was I hur an in- ever, sunk into reproach and peculiar straits, stant; the rememberance of which makes in consequence of my conduct while under me shudder. My poor heart began to throb the dark providence of the Lord. My eneand bound within me, and seemed deter- mies are lively and they are strong; my mined, if possible, to get out of a tenement name is cast out as evil, yet the Lord so vile ; but I was bound hand and foot, thinketh upon me. With regard to profesand cast into outer darkness, there to lay, sors, here I am, as a pelican of the wilderuntil death should take me away, to sink ness, a sparrow on the house top. I am for into the lowest hell, doubly damned. Oh! peace, but they are for war. I wished an the bitterness of sinning against God. I opportunity to testify the goodness of the was at that time postmaster of the town; Lord in restoring my soul; but I find they my distress being so great, I scarcely knew are so secure in themselves, that the returnhow I performed my duty. I was awakened ing prodigal must not be their associate. on the following morning by a dreadful This, however, is of small moment compared dream. A large serpent had fastened on with the mercy of a covenant God, who my heel, which I considered a confirmation meets the prodigal son with the kisses of reof my final overthrow. From that time lationship, flings open his doors, his wardI restrained prayer, lest I should provoke robe, his tables, his vaults, and orders the the Almighty to an increased degree of in- viol, the harp; the feet of faith, or the dignation. I could not peruse the Scrip- dance, and the jubilee trumpet to sound into tures : they appeared full of condemnation. the saved ear, circumcised by his love, The pain of my heart increased daily ; my power, and mercy. This far outweighs the flesh wasted ; I was brought to the gates privileges of mere will-worshippers, or lifeof death, expecting a speedy dissolution. I less professors; and you and I, dear brother, went to bed prayerless, and for some time have no cause to envy the most upright expecting to awake in the torments of hell among them. Our song is, -Not unto us, fire. I continued in this state several weeks ; not unto us, O! Lord, but unto Thy name, finding, however, that my bodily powers were be praise everlasting, Amen. not quite exhausted, I thought of my fa- My restoration was wrought by the mercy mily, having eight children-that I ought to of the Lord, who bereaved me of a son 27 struggle against the despondency on their years of age, whom, I trust, died in the account-when the following scripture, faith, as the Lord gave this sweet testimony “Then were they in fear where no fear at the time of his death. “I, the Lord, saved was," caused me to conclude that death was at the eleventh hour.” By this circumstance, more distant than I had anticipated. I began the Lord made a way into my hard heart on to recover my bodily strength ; but, alas ! Lord's day, November 9th, 1845, and on the every reflection brought me to that fearful following day was pleased to make my heart conclusion, eternal destruction--deepest hell soft, and to unseal my tears, which had been -a Judas, cursed, for ever cursed. I was elosed up so many years. The Lord showed now repeatedly tempted to destroy myself. me the immutability of his nature and perThe water, razor, or to throw myself down fections, saying, "I the Lord change not; stairs and break my neck, was presented my thoughts are not as your thoughts ; my before me; but eternity in view kept me ways not as your ways." I felt astonished from those snares. I now settled my mind and overcome. My sins came into rememto destroy myself whenever brought into a brance before him, and he kindly said—“ All hopeless affliction, for I dreaded that any manner of sins shall be forgiven unto men, person should witness my death, lest I for I am the Lord God, gracious and merci. should divulge the wretchedness of my con- ful-slow to anger, abundant in goodness dition. I thought the Lord had so exposed and truth, forgiving iniquity, transgression me, that everyone knew what a rebel and and sin." OT this irresistable sentence of apostate I had become. The thoughts of pardon in the court of conscience ! who can Mr. Bunyan's damnable apostate constantly put it away? I sunk at his footstool in hufollowed me.

I thought it was legibly writ- mility, wonder, and praise. My soul leaped

As my bodily health increased, as a hart. I repented, rejoiced, praised, and so I got more natural confidence, became sung in alternate strains, while the universe filled with every devilish propensity, began seemed too confined to hold the praise-it to make altars to sin-conceiving that I must ascend to the heavens in hallelujahs,

ten on me.

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