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the saints, an holy solemnity is stamped by counsel of God, in season and out of seaJehovah himself. And the Lord shall son, through evil and good report, seeking create upon every dwelling place of Mount the honour which comes from God only. Zion, and upon her assemblies, a cloud and Solemnly insisting on an inward and experismoke by day, and the shining of a flaming mental acquaintance with divine truths, a fire by night: for upon all the glory shall sweet enjoyment of them in the soul, and a be a defence.' Isa. iv. 5.

correspondent life and conduct ; labouring There are three things necessary to the to have a conscience void of offence before exercise of the spiritually gospel ministry God and man ; this by the blessing of the in the present awful state of the professing Holy Ghost will make ready a people prechurch.

pared for the Lord. And now, my brother, First, Warning against the present cor- thus far suffer the word of exhortation, from ruption in, and the coming judgments on one who has been for near thirty years testithe nominal and professing members of the fying of the grace of God among the scat. visible church, For they come as the tered flock of the Lord Jesus, and if it be people of God cometh, and they sit before the will of God may he bring you forth in his the Lord's prophet as the Lord's people sit, own time richly laden with the blessings and they hear his words, but they will not of peace, that you may be a true witness of do them: for with their mouth they shew the Gospel of the grace of God. "Wait on much love, but their heart goeth after their the Lord, be of good courage, and he shall covetousness.' (Ezek. xxxij. 30–33.) Such strengthen thy heart ; wait, I say, on the are to be warned. God is the searcher of Lord.' 'He that believeth shall not make hearts, and the trier of the reins of the chil-haste.' The Lord's time, will and way are dren of men.' "Whose fan is in his hand, the best, and remember he makes no misand he will thoroughly purge his floor, and takes in his matters. He is too wise to will gather his wheat into his garner, err, and too good to be unkind.' Grace be but burn up the chaff with unquenchable with you, Amen.

W. H. WELLS. fire. Secondly,— A leading up the true Peckham, Sept. 1847. believer to a remembrance of his high and exalted position as a witness for Christ

Godly Conversation. in the midst of this crooked and perverse generation : "For we are his witnesses of If you talk about physiology, it should be of these things; and so also is the Holy Ghost the great mystery of godliness, God mani. which God hath given to them that obey fest in the flesh;' if of astronomy, it should him.' (Acts v. 32.) For as Christ is the be of the Sun of Righteousness,' 'the image of the invisible God, so we are the bright morning star,'' the life of the world, image of an unseen Christ; for as we see and the light of life ;' if of geology, it should no more of God than we discover in the be of the Ancient of Days,' before all worlds, person of Jesus, (* For no man hath seen the Rock of Eternal Ages ;' if of minerGod at any time, yet he that hath seen me, alogy, it should be of the gold tried in the hath seen the Father also,') so the world fire,' the pearl of great price,''the unsearchsees no more of Christ than they see in his able riches of Christ ;' if of agriculture, it members, who dwell among them. We then should be of him who has invested us with a are witnesses for Christ. And thirdly, a title to, and a meetness for, 'the glory of all making ready a people prepared for the lands,'' an inheritance incorruptible, undeLord by the powerful ministry of the Spirit. filed, and that fadeth not away ;' if of botany, "The Lord is at hand.' 'He will surely it should be of the Rose of Sharon, and visit his people.' The sisting time is near. the lily of the valley ;' if of zoology, it should The decree is passed. The sinners in Zion be of the Lion of the tribe of Judah,' 'the shall be afraid, fearfulness shall surprise the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of hypocrites, for our God is a consuming fire. the world ;' if of architecture, it should be of Who shall dwell with the devouring fire ? l 'the foundations of the apostles and prophets, Who shall dwell with everlasting burnings? Jesus Christ, himself, being the chief corner They shall go into the holes of the rocks, stone, in whom all the building, fitly framed and unto the caves of the earth, for fear of together, groweth unto an holy temple in the the Lord, and for the glory of his majesty ; Lord ;' if of jurisprudence, it should be of when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth, the Lord, our righteousness,' in whom all and not the earth only but the heavens also, the seed of Israel is justified, with whom we both the world and church. The time is at are joint heirs, and who is the end of the law hand, the work of a true minister of the for righteousness to every one that believes; Spirit, is to separate the precious from the if of military tactics, certainly it should be vile, the possessor from the mere professor, of the Captain of our salvation,' who is the the wheat from the chaff'; and in the name of christian's panoply, beneath whose cross we Jesus by the power of the Spirit, to preach fight the good fight of faith,' and through fully, freely, and without reserve the whole / whom we are more than conquerors.-W. A.


| Banks had pleaded his affliction as one re

quiring help. £5 was sent to him a few Among the Servants of Christ.

weeks back by the Society; another pound the Society sent him two or three days

before he died; and £2 afterwards for [We are decidedly opposed to trumpeting |

funeral expences. Several shillings were about our doings and our deeds; and

given in a private way expressly for him. therefore should by no means give inser- |

Since his death, £5 16s. 4d. has been coltion to the following letter, was it not that

lected for his widow, after the sermon you we desire that the proceedings of the

preached for him at Mile-end. Society for the relief of poor ministers

Henry Langham, of Harleston, Norfolk, may be fairly stated and fully understood,

stated in a letter (read by Mr. Banks,) his Both our friends and our foes can then

wife then lay dead, himself in straitened see what is being done.]

circumstances with family,' Also in his DEAR BROTHER BANKS :- Will you allow letter he mentioned. more especially the the Gospel Ministers' Relief Society to ex- case of another poor minister living in the press their thanks, and acknowledge the same place with himself, James Mason, who sum of nearly twenty pounds collected in said, "he had been out the whole day enconnection with a sermon preached by you deavouring to sell a little tea, to help proat Beulah Chapel, Shoreditch, on Lord's vide for his afflicted family, but he could day afternoon, Sep. 12th., in order to raise only sell two ounces. These (says Brother funds for administering relief to some of Langham) are trying places, but few know our poor brethren in the ministry. For the what it is to pass through them.' The Sofew following reasons I do especially desire ciety determined on sending £3 to Henry you to give insertion to this letter. First, Langham, and £2 to James Mason. that publicity may be given to the kind The case of George Norris, of Harwich, feeling manifested by many of the people Essex, called for serious attention, and the of God towards the poor, sick, tried and examination of the parties accused, must not dying ministers of Christ; and do thank be neglected. Mr. Norris states his case them for that liberality which was so freely as the most trying ; having a wife and nine and abundantly administered on the occasion children in a distressed condition. From referred to. The second reason is, that the painful circumstances narrated by him, such persons as object to the disposal of the Society sent them £3. these monies in the way hereafter mentioned, James Raynsford, of Horsham had been may have an opportunity-if their objec- deeply afflicted with rheumatism, and laid tions are rightly founded,- of dropping us by for some time. The Society sent him a line, stating particulars. For, the com- £4. We are happy to inform our friends, mittee desire that the relief be confined to this old veteran, so well known throughout men of truth-ministers of righteousness the county of Sussex, is able to resume his of upright conversation-whose ministry long accustomed diocese; travelling from and life will bear a little scrutiny before east to west, and from west to east; preachmen. A third reason is, that some other ing the Way, the Truth, and the Life,' ministers who instead of speaking evil of it, without the fear of, or applause of dying may be prevailed to assist. Some men call worms. the Society a dirty affair; let them prove it; Mr. Gladwish's, of Lamberhurst, was a let them star:d as clean as you have done in very peculiar case. A friend on his behalf assisting your poor brethren; (but let not writes to the Society, and states that Mr. G. their pharasaical rags deceive them.) The was about thirty years the pastor of both Lord keep you, and help you to live down Mattield Green, and Lamberhurst churches. all accusers. And fourthly, by shewing how In 1846 he became paralysed, deprived of the money has been distributed, others have the use of his limbs, memory, and speech. an opportunity of knowing who have been | His congregation raise him twelve shillings benefitted, and what are their circumstances. per week ; but, from continual nursing,

Seven names were announced on the bill medical attendance, and many other exon whose behalf the collection at the chapel pences, that it is inadequate to meet all his at Shoreditch was made. The name who necessities. The Society sent him £3. stood first was represented as being in the Richard Jefferey, of Holywell mount, Longreatest distress; but he afterwards declined don—who, after a long and painful illness, receiving any assistance, and objected to his died, September 3, leaving his wife and child name standing in the list. (I say to all, quite destitute. This good man moved on • Be ye clean that bear the vessels of the in a very silent, unobtrusive way ; his minLord' unholy hands must not touch the istrations seem to have been chiefly confined sanctuary.) The second case was the sound to itinerant labours, and perhaps few men laand experimental, long tried, and afflicted boured harder. The Society had sent him James Weller, of Robertsbridge, whose earthly £4; and £2 10s., for his funeral expences. labours terminated a few hours after Mr.' Thus, a brief outline is given of what has

been done with the money in a few cases ; | Sitting down under the Apple-Tree. without which, as the widow of Richard Jefferey told me, they must have wanted, had it not been for the timely relief sent by it, A New Edition of Spiritual Gleanings,' and “A to her husband; who was a poor shoe maker, Clus

Cluster of Evangelical Truths,' (by James Osbourn,

of the city of Baltimore) has been published by Mr. working hard under the pains of a wasting a

James Tyler, of Brighton: and may be had (through consumption, until within about six weeks

<s the Groombridges') of all Booksellers. James Osof his death.

bourn has a peculiar gift for writing most sweetly

upon the person and work of his loving Master. I have a scarce volume of hymns written

Speaking of Christ as the Tree of Life, and the bein a quaint style, by an old scotchman, once liever's sitting down under the shadow of that Tree, minister of the gospel at Loggie, Pert, Scot- he saysland. You will, probably, allow the inser- “This very delightful shade, is quite as tion of this one upon “The fish supplying near heaven as men can get while here beits master's wants,' (Matt. xvii. 27,) for low; and owing to the vicinity between this those who have so kindly contributed to the place and eternal noon, is how we are to acSociety's funds, after a similar way.

count for this lovely retreat smelling and Your's truly,

H. WATMUFF, tasting so remarkably strong of the upper

world ; for indeed, people here feel at times O, strange demand! when nature's KING,

as if they were standing on the very threshTo man, a tax must pay ;

hold of heaven, and then do they talk pleaTho', at the footstool of his throne, santly of their long home. No place on Heav'ns hosts, their tribute lay.

earth is equal to this for relieving heartMore wond'rous still, to see him want!

sickness, and settling hard and knotty cases, That is, the HEIR OF ALL;

and doubtful points, and removing mental Who, treasures of ten thousand worlds, diseases, and giving relief to afflicted conCould muster at his call.

sciences, and confirming feeble knees, and

lifting up hands that hang down. Much of For, man grown bankrupt to his God,

this sort of business is carried on under the Heav'ns wealth he did forego ;

shadow of this mystical Apple-Tree; and And whence to yield, the custom claim'd,

hence it is that we invite all of you here, at He hardly seems to know.

this time: and we hope you will not suffer The earth has lock'd its coffers up,

the wrongs which you see in yourselves, or None haste to lend the Lord ;

the maladies which you may be labouring The sea is his, and all its tribes

under, or your own unworthiness of divine Are list’ning to his word.

favours, to deter you from coming to this The perch, unbidden, thro' the deep,

lovely retreat, for it was prepared for you,

and for such as you. We therefore say, come Surveys the treasure lost; Which blind, deluded men, no more,

returning prodigals, and heavy laden sinners, Will make their empty boast.

and afflicted saints, and sin-sick souls, come

and partake of the choice benefits of this As if it heard great Cæsar's call,

healthful and delightful shade; and sing, Or KNEW dear Jesus' need,

yes, sing aloud to the praise of the mystical It gobbles down the silver coin,

Apple Tree: Build all your hopes of heaven And plies its fins with speed.

here, and only here, and rest your all here See, how it hastes to meet the hook!

both for time and eternity.” Quick thro'; the waves make way ; That in the blest CREATOR'S hand,

THE ZOAR PULPIT - Containing sermons by The tribute it might lay,

Mr, J. C. Philpot, We are glad to find this work, Which shall be first to do his will,

in future, is to be published in monthly parts,

neatly done up in wrappers, at six-pence each These scaly tribes contend;

part. The proprietors say it is their intention When on his errands through the brine,

to devote its pages to men of sterling truth. There

is only one complaint that we have heard He bids these carriers bend.

against the Zoar Pulpit ;' it is this--the people in All else, but man, are proud to serve

the country among whom we have laboured, say,

. it is too much confined to the sermons of one The God that gave them life ;

man,” We are well assured that Mr. Philpot's serWhich, in his praise, shall most excel, mons are read and received in many places where 'Mong others, seems the strife.

other gospel ministers' sermons would be cast out

as unworthy of notice. We also know that the Take shame, my soul, and mark his nod; Zoar Pulpit,' through its publication of Mr. Still ready to obey ;

Philpot's sermons, has been rendered a blessing to With zeal and joy, where he directs,

very many precious souls. We would not there

fore, dictate to to the proprietors any new line of To bring thee on thy way.

things; but we do believe that by their giving or

casionally sermons by some other acknowledged " It is better to be a child of Abrahain,

ministers of truth, the circnlation and usefulness though called a DOG, as the Syrophenician |

of the 'Zoar Pulpit' might be greatly increased,

It is published at 48, Mark Lane, City, and can be woman was, than to be a dog, and yet to be! had through any bookseller. called a CHILD, as Dives was."

The Departure of Mr. John Stevens.

THAT venerable and useful servant of ing; but depending on the Lord he Jesus Christ, John Stevens, (for many would notice three or four things : years the pastor of the Baptist Church first, the promise to Abraham, that meeting in Salem Chapel, Meards' Court, he should live to a good old age : Soho,) finished his earthly course, and secondly, that he should be buried : was called to his heavenly rest, on and, thirdly, that he should go to his Wednesday morning, October 6th, 1847. fathers, and that in peace. He said,

There has been for sometime before there were not many according to nature his death, something very remarkable in that lived to an old age, compared to the texts from which he preached, as well those that died earlier; and he thought as in the tenor of his ministry. His soul there were only three instances in the was evidently brought into much happy | Word of God of individuals who died familiarity with heaven and heavenly or were buried in a good old age. Abrathings. There was, as it were, a double ham, as recorded in the text, was the index in his ministry: one pointing with first; the next was Gideon, (Judges viii.); much solemnity downwards to the grave, the other David, (1 Chron. xxix.). saying,

There was nothing good about old age My soul, come meditate the day,

abstractedly; on the contrary, it was And think how near it stands,

grevious to behold an old age in some ; When thou must quit this house of clay, to constitute old age, a good old age, it And dwell in other lands.

must be found in connection with him And you, mine eyes, look down and see

who is goodness itself, even Christ, this The hollow, gaping tomb ;

only made it good, living a life of faith This gloomy prison waits for you

on the Son of God; he said there were When e'er the summons come,

but few found in the church of Christ in But the other index in his ministry,

this gospel day who lived in a good old

Y, age ; but there were some; the Lord pointed with much calmness, decision, and inward joy, to the mansions prepared faithfulness, and as far as they were

ess, decision; would have a few as witnesses to his above. And as he stood on the very edge

the very eage right, they would be found encouraging of time, and looking with the dim eye of the

those who were young, and travelling faith into eternity, he seemed to say,

after them; and such venerable saints Father, I long, I faint to see

would be found witnessing to the younger The place of thine abode,

ones in sharp temptations, and saying, I'd leave thine earthly courts, and flee • I was also sorely tempted, but the Lord Up to thy seat, my God.

was faithful to his promise ; and delivered Here I behold thy distant face, me out of the temptation. If greatly And 'tis a pleasing sight;

tried in temporals, they would be found But to abide in thine embrace, witnesses for God, declaring that no good Is infinite delight.

thing had failed of all that he hath proIn the evening of the 29th of August, mised; and so on-in the ninety second he preached in Bethel Chapel, City Road, Psalm it is said by the Psalmist, they on behalf of our aged and much esteemed shall bring forth fruit in old age, they brother in the Lord, John Lucombe. shall be fat and flourishing, to shew that

The following brief outline of the dis- the Lord is upright;' he dwelt at large course has been furnished by a christian here shewing what fruit should be found brother, who heard it with much soul upon them. The first, I believe was faith, profit. He says,

but I cannot quite recollect the course “Mr. Stevens took his text from Gen. he took here, it was very searching and xv. 15. “And thou shalt go to thy faithful. He said, the attitude of these fathers in peace ; thou shalt be buried in would be, as far as they were right, with a good old age.'

their feet on the world, looking home“He said he felt himself very weak as ward ; looking for a city which God has it regarded his earthly tabernacle, and promised. that nothing but a desire to serve his “I shall pass over the second particuaged brother, whose interest they were lar, he said but little upon it; and now met to promote, could have induced him come to the third particular, and thou to be found speaking to them that even shalt go to thy fathers in peace;' first,

November. - Part XXXVI. VOL. III. I

2 G

what was the meaning of the Holy, news for you as a church, our brother Ghost; he said, he did not believe there John Stevens is in heaven.' was an allusion here to the depositing Although this event has been anticiof his body in the grave with his fathers, pated and feared, yet the deepest grief indeed, this was not true of Abraham and sorrow is felt by the church and conthat he should go to the same grave as gregation at Meard's Court; they have his father, for as far as we know, Sarah lost a most faithful and affectionate was the only person laid in the cave of pastor, an able minister, and a valuable Machpelah up to his death. No, the friend. allusion was to his peaceful entrance Having been favoured with some most into the presence of the spirits of the just valuable communications connected with made perfect, and to the presence of his ministry, illness, and death; what Christ, who is our peace, and in whose follows may be relied on as strictly presence is a fulness of joy for ever; it accurate. would have been no comfort to Abraham

[The following interesting particulars we to know his body should be laid with

extract from a kind communication forthose who had gone before him, com

warded by Mr. George Murrell, of St. pared to this to know that when absent Neots. He says :- . from the body he should be present with

“I can say but little of the last days of the Lord, with that Lord who had led him hitherto, and now promised that he

my beloved brother Stevens. The last

time I saw him was on Saturday evening, should be buried in a good old age, and

the 25th of September ; when I had about go to his fathers in peace.” It is worthy of remark, that a friend

na half an hour's conversation with him, who heard this almost his last discourse,

during which he made the following

remarks. I have no clothes of my own says—'I really felt as though our brother Stevens was preach!ng his own funeral

to appear before God in, no covering but

the righteousness of Jesus, no fountain sermon,' the tone and spirit of the dis

to cleanse in, but the blood of his heart. course really proved how fast he was

I could wish the Lord would either give ripening for glory, and how rapidly the brittle cord of an earthly life was being

me strength for my work, or take me loosed.

home to see his face in glory. He then September 12th, was the last Lord's

said 'I feel very ill. Soon after this I

" left, and he went to his bed; I believe he day, but one, on which he preached. A

never again left his room till his ransomed friend says, 'when he took his text in the

spirit took its flight to the bosom of his morning, I thought he would never live

covenant God. His complaint being to get through his sermon: the words

disease of the heart, the medical attendwere these. And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest

ants gave strict orders that none but the into thy kingdom And Jesus said unto

family should be admitted to speak to him, to day shalt thou be with me in

him, as the least excitement would be paradise.” Mr. Stevens then took a three

likely to prove instant death : therefore, fold view of the cross: he noticed the

although I frequently called at the house three great points - in the centre, there

I never saw him after the time mentioned

above, but some members of the family, was SALVATION : on the right hand, there was ELECTION : and on the left, there

who know the Lord, told me the state of was REJECTION. It was a very solemn,

ne his mind was peaceful, that he was much weighty and important discourse which

:: in prayer, and that with many other he delivered. The following Lord's-day |

sweet sentences he gave utterance to the was the anniversary of Salem Chapel,

may following wordswhen he preached again in the morning

I shall behold his face, and we understand this was the last

I shall his power adore, time. On the Thursday evening after And sing the wonders of his grace his departure, Mr. George Murrell, of

For evermore.' St. Neots, preached from—“He led them “I need not say he was a man of close by a right way that they should go to a thinking, of deep devotion, firm and fixed city of habitation. Before he read his in the doctrines of sovereign grace, with text, he said, “My friends, I have some much more than common ability to state solemn news for you as a church-our and defend them; he was blessed with much brother John Stevens is gone-he is real, christian experience, and there was dead;' again, said he — I have some good' often a very blessed savour attending his

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