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In handing forth the living bread 1 “I have now stated some reasons why To others, he himself was fed ;

| I cannot receive the acknowledgment as Drank of the rock that christians drink, godly confession. A professed object of And thought the thoughts that christians it was, to contribute Mr. Pi's part tothink.

wards peace, and yet the more it is exHis foes ; in vain their rude attack;

amined, the less peace can be found : Their arrows drop, their aim they lack;

there is no attempt to bring matters to Shelter'd within the ark of rest,

such a crisis that we might stand on one His soul is safe for ever blest.

spot; the drift of it is, distance between Behold him stand in robes of light,

us,' and the name peace given where

there is no peace. If he is a child of Before the throne of God;

God, and I am a child of God, there is He to the kingdom has a right,

no Scripture warrant for that state of Through righteousness and blood.

things continuing which is manifested in He envies not his brethren here,

this acknowledgment: he holds me at Nor does he wish to see

arms' length, and the spirit he manifests The land of sorrow, sin, and fear, forbids me to say that I have any Of groans and misery.

grounds for union at this time. I have But well he knows, and doth believe,

seen less and less evidence of grace, His brethren shall be where

stage after stage, and now can see none: He is ! Unbounded honours to receive,

glad should I be if I could. We are far And heaven's high glories share.

apart. My commission was given me,

and he who gave it made me execute Be where the ancient prophets are, it. In the office of a reprover, no man And patriarchal heads;

may despise me with impunity, where Where saints, apostles, martyrs share, the reproof is according to the word The bliss that glory sheds.

of God, and the command to give it Be where the Prince Immanuel reigns, clear. Men may laugh with derision, The mighty one of God,

but mockers' bands get made strong Who holds the dragon fast in chains, when they are little expecting it. I Triumphant through his blood.

know there is a God who executeth Be where they will exalt his name,

his word.”

Thus, then, instead of reconciliation And never, never tire, Pleas'd to recount his matchless fame,

and union between Mr. Philpot and Mr. They burn with holy fire. F. F.

Tryon, the latter seems determined to

make the breach wider than ever. 66, Augustus St., Regent's Park.

We have another tract entitled, “Old Paths and new Paths,” by F. Tryon.

There is in this tract many weighty and Mr. Tryon's Remarks useful remarks; and we do feel perON MR. PHILPOT'S ACKNOWLEDGMENT.

suaded that a prayerful perusal of the

tract must be productive of real good. MR. TRYON has issued a tract contain-We have only room for one short extract ing reflections on Mr. Philpot's Acknow. this month. ledgment. He evidently does not accept “ The great increase of false light, the it as a godly confession. After much great spread of profession of vital godliintroductory matter we meet with the ness, the growing wantonness of profollowing strong expression :

fessors, fulfilling the desires of the flesh “In examining the law and the testi. and of the mind, walking after the course mony, and comparing the sorrow called of this world, and rejoicing in fleshly exgodly sorrow, there described, with the citement,—the open wickedness, pride, sorrow Mr. P. has described in the ac- infidelity, oppression, manifest in this knowledgment, I can see no evidence land, are signs of a time. I believe the that his sorrow is godly, but there is time is drawing on when wrath will be evidence that it is a part of the sorrow poured out; now there is a deep sleep. that worketh death."

The same dealings of the Lord which We make no comment on the solemn will strike terror into the hearts of the position Mr. Tryon now occupies; he wicked, will be a means of rousing the comes now roundly to declare that he entangled children : the wheat must be can see no evidence of grace in Mr. P. saved; no fan shall drive one grain to These are his words:


An Original Letter.

| inundated with parsons. For my own From James Raynsford, to James Wise.

part, dear James, I often feel as if I must

| be the most ignorant, and presumptuous, MY DEAR BROTHER AND SISTER, God-provoking sinner out of the grave, JAMES AND CHARLOTTE :-A poor, old, to attempt to go up into a pulpit And good for nothing wretch, with flesh as I have felt that if the people did but full of all sorts of sin, as hell is full of know just what I really am in myself, enmity against God; and, by nature, as they would all do as Shimei did to David, empty of good as that world of woe is cast stones and dust, and curse me outvoid of real love; this is a true descrip. right: and say, “ Come out thou bloody tion of old Raynsford; so I won't deceive man, and go and hide yourself in the you, young James, about it; and, yet the desert : and go no more in the pulpit.' old fool is so proud and selfish, that the Well, I have often wished I could hide moment any one says anything against myself out of all sight. Oh, what a narhim, then he is upset, and begins to say, row path! It is indeed. If grace is in feeling, if not in words, with poor old not in exercise to humble me, as one brother John, 'I am not inferior to you; comes and says, “Well, bless ye, how what know ye that I know not.' 'Oh, well I have heard to day; this has been that wicked' pride! Do, dear Jesus, a feast; up gets the old man, and crows drown it in Gethsemane's blood; for, / like a bantam cock on a dunghill, and this moment, I feel dear Hart's words

struts about; who but me! And the

oldest villian of the club, pride, he whisAgainst it preach, it prompts the speech, Be silent, still 'tis there;

pers, 'ah, what's the use of such and This moment, while I write,

such a parson, they can't preach like me?

and then self pity, he says, 'how very I feel its power within ;

hard it is that such a good preacher as I My heart it draws to seek applause,

I am should be despised and thought so And mixes all with sin.

little of, even by many of God's own I have, many days past, purposed to family; reason staggers, and is at his write a long letter to you, but have been wits' end, to make it out, how it is; 'why' let hitherto. And now, I know, dear says old rebellion, it is their gross igJames and Charlotte will readily form norance, to be sure, or their cursed prean excuse for me. This morning I felt judice ; or else they must know well something better. Bless the Lord, who enough that no man in England can still bears with me! But it has made preach as well as you can.' me so weak that I feel ready to drop | down; and, halting on my thigh so much,

| Sometimes, when I have come down besides, with great pain, that it is with

with from the pulpit, and a child of God has

come to me cast down, and said, Oh difficulty I can sit to scribble to you ;

sir, this has been a dark day, to me: only it seems a pleasure to hold (writing) | fellowship with those you love, when li

I could hear nothing to do me good; I absent in the body. Those you love,

have felt mad with them; and could (say you,) indeed! What love can there

scarcely answer them civilly. Ah, I be in such a one as is described at the

thought, it is your fault; you might top? Well, it is a paradox; but so it is ;

| have heard if you would, so well as I did GOD IS WITNESS.

preach. Well, you must take this letter- Well,' says James Wise, (and Char. multum in parvo--I have a volume in my lotte sits and looks solid,) Raynsford mind, but the flesh is weak. How are is a pretty fellow for a parson; why, you now, dear James ? Is the clay cot- be is worse than we thought he was, tage patched up a little again, so that it from his own confession. Ah, well, can ascend that awful place, called the my friend, that's old Raynsford, I as, pulpit ; the responsibility of which is far sure you, whether he ever comes to Ed. greater than all earthly judges, benches, ward Street again, or not. But, stop; emperors, vicegerent's offices, or mon don't get Peter's sword out of the arch's thrones, angels' incog. administra- sheath; for, I do feel sometimes assured tions, or him that sounds the last trump, that there is a young Raynsford preaches to wake the sleeping dead? If this re- at some seasons; and he is tender, un. sponsibility was truly felt, and poor assuming, and full of self-loathing, when mortal man's sinfulness, and complete he has preached he feels ashamed of incompetency also, we should be far less himself and his sermon too; wants to

get out of sight, and mourn over all his ment when the younger shall be free sins and errors; picks his sermon all to from the proud old offspring of satan. pieces; throws a great deal of it away; Write James, and tell me how James hopes no one will ever find it; cries to the less is; and, also, the royal named the Lord to wash it all in blood. Young spouse. Raynsford can't preach one sermon Your's truly, for Christ's sake, without blood; his sermons are all bap

J. RAYNSFORD, THE YOUNGER. tized in blood. He is such a little in- Horsham, or Rome Minor, daughter fantine lad, if he stands up, and holds of the great harlot, sitting on sefive loaves and two fishes to the people, ven mountains. Aug. 13, 1847. he has no strength to break off one

On Women Preaching. crumb; so he says, 'dear Lord Jesus! do come, and feed the people; and let

Dear Sir:-In reply to your corresme sit down under the table and pick (pondent. · Elihu,' respecting, 'women up a crumb as a dog among the dear

preaching,' I would ask him to produce sheep and lambs. If a poor soul comes

chapter and verse where women are and takes hold of this boy's hand, as he

| prohibited from preaching, or comdescends from the steps, and says,

manded not to preach, for such a pas* Bless ye, in the name of the Lord ; this

sage of Scripture I have not yet been has been a feast to my soul; oh, how

able to find between the covers of the little the boy feels, and, with a tear in the

Bible. I am aware that in 1 Cor. corner of his eye, he says to that friend,

xiv. 34, 35, women are exhorted to keep Give God the glory; it is too much

silence in the churches : and that it is a for me to hear what you say;' 'oh, Shame to

ob, shame for women to speak in the Lord,' the boy says, 'can'st thou, in- I church: but the Apostle's meaning will deed, bless thy word through such a

| be easily ascertained from the context poor dry stick ?"' Falling down in soul to be

own in soul to be simply this:-Certain women it at Jesus' feet, like Peter, the boy says, would appear, had made themselves • Depart from me, oh, Lord, for I am a

very forward and busy by presuming to sinful man; and as Jeremiah, oh, Lord

ask questions, and, otherwise publicly God, behold I cannot speak, for I am a

interrupt the speakers in the churches child. Again, if a cast down soul

or assemblies of the saints, which line comes to James the less, and says, Oh,

of conduct the apostle intimates was Sir, I have had a sad day: could receive

calculated to create confusion, and for nothing ;', oh, this strikes the, dying which reason he rebukes them sharply, dead : and the poor lad says, 'I don't and exhorts them to be silent; and wonder ; I only wonder how you can

what they wanted to know or learn, to come to chapel at all, to hear such a l ask their husbands at home, and not poor stammering tool as me;' and, how publicly in the church ; but, he says the boy does deeply feel for that poor

not a word about preaching ; neither soul ! ah!' thinks the boy, 'there,

for it, nor against it; and, therefore, I my poor preaching has stuuned that

consider the apostle's exhortation to be dear child of God to day; he is gone silent in the churches, as applicable to home with his tongue cleaving to the

men as to women; for, it is wrong, and roof of his mouth for thirst; and cried

very reprehensible in either, to cause for bread, and I had none to give him;' any disturbance or unpleasantness in oh, how the boy does deeply sympa. Iany assembly of the saints. Again, in thise with that poor disappointed soul! | 1 fim. ii. 12. Paul writes— But I suffer follows him home with love and prayer;l not a woman to teach, nor to usurp aufeels as a father with not a morsel of thority over the man but to be

rse! of thority over the man, but to be in sibread to give his own dear child; this is lence. But, here, again, he says nothe greatest trial to James the less thing about preaching, neither can it be

Well, my dear James, pray for young proved that preaching is implied by any Raynsford, and pray against the old one term which the apostle makes use of. that he may be lock-jawed, and made Besides, in Titus, ii. 3, 4, the same silent in darkness; for, I tried for years apostle exhorteth women to teach, and to to make a king's son of him ; but, alas, be teachers of good things. How, then, he is the very image of satan : and when will 'Elihu' reconcile the apparent his father gets better, then he will. Il contradiction.? To Timothy, Paul says, do hope some day to feel the happy mo-'women are not to teach; and to Titi

he says they are to teach ; and in Acts she did ; for she published, proclaimed, xviii. 26, we read that Priscilla taught made known, and told others a great Appollos. In Luke (1st chap.) we have deal about Christ; and, it is beyond all recorded two beautiful prophecies of contradiction that her message was Elizabeth and the Virgin Mary respect-luwned and blessed of God, for many ing Christ, from which, I presume, believed on Christ for, the saying of the • Elihu,' (if he be a preacher), would not woman, which testified, He told me all object to select a text, though he objects that ever I did. (John iv. 39.) to women preaching. Many sermons, We read of several women in the Jew. however, it is well known, have been ish church, endowed with extraordinary preached from texts selected from Han-gifts of the Spirit; and particularly nah's blessed song recorded in 1 Sam ii with the gift of prophesying, who did It seems, to me, very strange that a wo- teach publicly, as Miriam, Deborah, man who is taught of God, and to whom Huldah, and Anna; and God, by the God, by his Spirit, hath imparted extra- mouth of Joel, speaking of the latter, or ordinary grace and talents, should not gospel days, says, “I will pour out my be allowed to preach ; and for no other Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and reason but because she is a woman; as your daughters shall prophesy, your old if there was any difference in Christ, men shall dream dreams, your young men between a male and a female; or, that shall see visione, and also upon the serthat which is not sinful in man, is, ne- vants, and upon the handmaids, in those vertheless, sinful in woman, because she days will I pour out my Spirit.' (Joel is not a man. Besides, what is preach- ii. 28, 29,) which scripture was quoted ing? It is, simply, a publishing, pro- by Peter on the day of Pentecost, claiming, making known, or telling to when it was fulfilled, both men and woothers the good news of the gospel ; men prophesying. Paul says, that woand, this may be done by a woman in men are not to pray nor prophesy with a private house ; but, ' Elihu,' and many their heads uncovered; (1 Cor. xi. 5,) others, think that she ought not to be but he does not say that they are neiallowed to do so in a chapel. If this is ther to pray nor prophesy at all; on the not superstition, I know not what is; contrary, in another epistle he writes, for what difference can there possibly help those women which laboured with be, in the sight of God, between preach me in the gospel.' (Philp. iv. 3.) Mark, ing or talking about Christ and him it is not said laboured for him, but that crucified in a house without a pulpit, they laboured with him, and that they and in a chapel with a pulpit; and if the were his fellow-labourers. latter is not allowable by a woman, why, To argue, as some do, that, because and wherefore, is the former ? The women are not expressly commanded to walls of a building, with pulpit and pews preach, but, that men are, and, therein the interior, do not constitute a fore, women ought not to preach, is very church. Wherever there are two or foolish ; because we might, with equal more of God's regenerated family, whe-propriety, argue that because Christ is ther in the open air, in a house, or any never said to have died, or shed his other building, it is a church; and, it blood for women, but, for men, that, is no matter to me whether a man or a therefore, women have no interest in woman preaches, so long as he or she Christ's death, or blood.shedding. The preaches Christ and him crucified, and fact is, Christ died both for man and thereby debases the creature and exalts woman, and both have an equal right to the Creator. Philip. i. 15, 16, &c. preach his death, so long as they are

Women, however, it is well known, called and qualified by the Spirit of God were appointed the first witnesses of so to do. And, from what I heard Christ's resurrection, and they were the from Mrs. Hardwick, I believe she is first that published the news to the one of the number; and, until I am apostles; and, therefore, in my opinion, convinced to the contrary, I shall not they were the first preachers of Jesus,' feel disposed to retract what I have and the resurrection. The woman of stated respecting her; Solomon having Samaria, we are told, left the well and told us, that a woman that feareth went into the city; and, though it is the Lord shall be praised.' (Proverbs not said, in so many words, that she xxxi. 30.) Your's in the Beloved, preached Christ, yet it is evident that! Hull, Sept. 10, 1847. NUMERIST.


is a place of love; no hatred there. But, Natural, and supernatural beligion. say you, I cannot do it; I tell you it is Natural, and Supernatural Religion. A Word

contrary to our nature !' Nature! Why, if Suited to the present circumstances of the church. Iyour's is only a natural religion, like a mere

moralist, your love and religion dies when

nature dies ; and we want a religion that Come, come, my friends, beloved of the lasts for ever. If it is contrary to our naLord-here is a scripture for your deep ture, it is not contrary to God's nature. meditation, serious consideration, timely And, as children in the flesh, are partakers exhortation, and, if entered into, and acted of their father's nature, that dies through upon, must ultimately be for your real con- sin-the children of God, born of the Spirit, solation ; a text that but few parsons preach are partakers of their Father's own nature, upon; and, that but very few, in these days, which never dies; the divine nature,' eteract upon : it may be alınost like the Gibeon-nal life, love, and his holiness. Thus, their's ites' bread, grown mouldy by laying by so is a supernatural religion ; and, these dear long, and but few feeding upon it; but, de- children having the nature of their Father, pend upon it, it is good bread, next to the and the spirit of their Father, in them, are to shew-bread, and ought to be brought out learn to imitate their Father, and act like again upon the golden table, if it be ever so their Father, viz. 'Love your enemies,' &c., old and mouldy in men's esteem, because it that ye may be the children of your Father; was prepared and recommended by our dear that ye may be experimentally, and mani. est Lord, more than eighteen hundred years festively so, with the witness of his Spirit in ago, and is good now; and the children and you ; and, actually be the children of your the church of God would be in a more Father which is in heaven. For, he maketh healthy condition were they to eat it his sun to rise on the evil and on the good; more freely, morning and evening, and at all, and sendeth rain on the just and on the untimes of need. It is not the bread of deceit, I just.' But, this creature love, is imperfect nor bread with the leaven of the Pharisees, love, hasty love, self love. I will love you, (which is hypocrisy) in it; nor the old lea- if you will love me; I will do you good, if ven of malice; no, it is 'the unleavened you will do me good ; I will come to your bread of sincerity ;' which, in the apostles' shop if you will come to my shop; if you time, was eaten at all love feasts. And if it will love my parson, I will love you; if you is not the most holy bread, it is the holy will come to my chapel I will love you; if bread of God.

you will be of my religion, I will love you ; Come, don't startle, nor turn away from if you will love Mr. Methodist, I will love it as unwholesome bread. Here it is; eat you ; if you will love Mr. Baptist I will love it-'Love your enemies, bless them that you ; if you love Mr. Triggs, I will love you ; curse you ; do good to them that hate you ; if you will love Mr. Warburton, I will love and pray for them which despitefully use you ; if you love Mr. Philpot, I will love you and persecute you.' (Matt. V. 44.) 'Ah,' you; if you will love Mr. Wells, I will love say you, these are hard crusts : who can eat you; if you will love Mr. Banks, I will love them? These are hard sayings; who can you; if you will love Mr. Tryon, I will love bear them? Who can do all this?' I can ; l you ; if you will love Mr. Chamberlain, I and have done it many years ago. 'I can will love you; but, if you do not love me, do all things ;' but, stop; it is through my parson, my chapel, and my religion, I Christ, which strengtheneth me.' 'But,' will hate you, and do you no good, openly, say you, it is contrary to our nature.' but, perhaps, some evil secretly. There, What nature ? Your old vile nature ? Cer- see now, there is a deal of love ; what is it? tainly it is. But, then, is your's only a na- Creature love ; self love; party love; imtural religion-a mere moral religion—which perfect love. But, children of God! chilthe world, and almost all sects of religion-dren of love ! your Father is perfect! his ists are boasting about; and the profane is perfect love. Be ye, therefore perfect, world do the same. The world loves its even as your Father which is in heaven, is own. If ye love them which love you, what perfect,' • Perfect love casteth out fear.' reward have ye?' Do not even the wicked, There is no fear in love; love cannot hurt the publicans, and pharisees do the same ?' you. God is love.' It is satan, self, and

Verily, I say unto you, they have their re- sin that have hurt you. ward, one of another. And, can you, on this Fish stink first at the head ; and, if I misground, expect more than they ? " Ah, say take not, much of the strife, confusion, and what you will, I cannot love my enemies.' evil of these days, originate with the preachThen, you cannot go to heaven. 'Narrowers. The disciples of our Lord once disis the way.' For, except your righteous puted to know who was to be the greatest.' ness exceed the righteousness of the Scribes So it is now. One wants to be Mr. Headand Pharisees, you shall in no case enter man, another Mr. Great man, another Mr. into the kingdom of heaven. For, heaven Fore man; another, Mr. Popular man, an

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