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other, Mr. Wise man; another, Mr. Clever God; and in God's time these enemies shall man; and each must be great in his way, be made our friends, and friends to the gosand mode of things; and each must be head pel of Christ; therefore, it is not enough to of a party ; even among those ministers and pray for your friends, and those that love people who profess the great and glorious you and your friends. “I say unto you, love truths of the gospel. But, is Christ divided ? your enemies, and pray for them that desNo. Then why should we, who profess to pitefully use you. I know the time when be in Christ; all one in Christ Jesus, and of God has so blessed me, melted me down, and one faith, and one l'ather, and one Spirit ? | filled me with his spirit, and love, and joy We should endeavour to keep the unity of unspeakable that I have walked alone, sothe Spirit in the bond of peace.' Then, that | litarily in the fields, and earnestly prayed spirit which endeavours to separate friends for certain individuals that hated me; and and divide saints, is not a good spirit, but an grieved and prayed for one in particular, when evil spirit; a spirit of pride, which is of the he was in great distress ; and under an opedevil. And, in these days, among profess-ration with doctors, next to death. But, you ing christians, it is something like the re- | may say some never will be saved ; of what viving of the old heptarchy, or feudal sys- use is it praying for them ? Do you know tem ; each man fighting for the head of his who are to be saved, and how many? And elan or chieftain ; and they must hear | do you know their names ? That is a secret whether their chieftain love such a preacher with God. The Lord knows them that are before they may love him; and, if he loves his. There is a sin unto death; I do not him, they will love him, but, if he hates say that he should pray for it.' Neither can him, they must hate him. 'O,' says the ye love your enemies' sins, wickednesses, chieftain, “he is a corruption man; I have folly, malice, &c. But, we must learn to nothing to do with him!' 'O,' says another, distinguish between things that differ. You

such an one is a dead letter man; a dead may hate your fellow creature's follies, or, Calvinist.' And then, Mr. Clean man, (in your brother's sins and foolishnesses, but, his own eyes,) will say, 'O, you must not not hate his person, nor his soul. But, love have anything to do with that dirty fellow ; your enemies, and pray for their souls, and

nnection with us: their conversion, and leave it with God, the you might have known that man; he is Judge of all. If you have a mind to kill a sinner ; that fellow is a sinner! and, I be- your enemies, nothing overcomes them, and lieve, an enemy to our section and connec-kills them like prayer and love ; and if they tion ; I don't like him !'

| are killed dead at your feet through their own O, beloved ! is this the religion of Jesus, sin and the law, and your love and prayer, the good master? Is this the doctrine that God is able to make them alive again, in he taught his disciples ? Ono; no. 0 Christ, the eternal life ; and, if they should holy brethren, pray for more of the spirit of be permitted to kill your body, then you will your Father. Shall not he give his Holy be at home with Christ the sooner; for they Spirit to them that ask him ?' 'Ask, and cannot kill the soul; that is in Christ: ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.'| Little children, love is of God; sin, . Love your enemies; do good unto them hatred, and malice are of the devil. You that hate you ; pray for them that despitefully should not hate your natural brother, your use you.' So shall ye know; so shall ye have own mother's son; nor your spiritual brothe witness in yourselves that ye are the ther, the son of your heavenly Father; neichildren of your Father, by feeling his Spi-ther should you hate your enemies; and, if rit in you dictating your prayers, the Spirit you have the light of life in you, the spirit of of your Father, which is love. For, he loved | life, truth, and love in you, to see yourself, his enemies; otherwise you would never you will hate your own life, more than alí have loved him ; for, you and I were his your other enemies without; yea, you will enemies by wicked works; and, he loved hate your own life, worse than a toad. He us, and gave his only begotten Son to re- that loves his life shall lose it; he that hateth deem us; and his Spirit to renew and sanc- his life in this world, shall keep it unto life tify us. 'For, when we were enemies we eternal. were reconciled to God by the death of his Now, ye dear saints of God, whom mine Son. And Jesus loved his enemies, and eyes have not seen in the flesh, watch these prayed for them with his dying breath ; and things; and watch what manner of spirit ye he prayed for you and me when we were are moved by: I have been a watchman enemies to him. If God had took vengeance some time, now; and have watched these on us when we were his enemies, where things; what I say unto you all, is ' Watch.' should we have been ? And, if God allowed

A WATCHMAN ON THE WALLS. us to take vengeance on all our enemies, and those that hate us we might destroy some of Leicester, Oct. 14, 1847. his people, who are still in ignorance, in nature's darkness, and, at present, enemies to

Mr.J.C. Philpot's “Acknowledgment.” “ It is most paiuful to me, after an union

of more than nine years with a most affec

tionate and excellent wife-a union never In the Gospel Standard, for October, broken by one real dispute, that I am comthere is a letter from Mr. J. C. Philpot, pelled, thus, publicly to acknowledge my entitled “ An Acknowledgment;" or pub- repentance for having married her. Here lic confession of some evils which have let me make a distinction. I cannot, I do been charged upon him by Mr. Tryon not repent of having for a partner a most of James Þeeping, in Lincolnshire. attached and excellent wife, the mother of

Deeply pained as we have felt at all my dear children, against whom, her enethe circumstances connected with the mies and mine cannot justly breathe a disbringing forth of this acknowledgment,

paraging word, to whom I am most warmly (and the Lord knoweth we have sorely

; attached with a love that increases every

year, and who does every thing to consult grieved in secret, at the unholy, the un

my comfort and happiness, to the sacrifice, christianlike spirit which Mr. Philpot's were it called for, of her own. I cannot assailant has manifested; still) we should say, therefore, I repent as a husband, at not have presumed to notice it, but for possessing a wife so suitable to me, and so the conviction that there is manifested deserving of, as she so fully has, my tenderin Mr. Philpot's letter such real godly est love, affection, and esteem. But I do sorrow, such unfeigned humility, chris- repent of it in a spiritual point of view; for tian meekness, and gospel uprightness, it was a breach of God's word, a sin for that we are persuaded the publication

which I have often felt wounded in my conof it will be attended with the most salu.

science. In my case, too, it was aggravated

by the circumstance that I was a minister, tary effects. It seems, to us, impossible for any right-minded individual to read | I frankly acknowledge. much worse in me.

and, therefore, the breach of the precept was, this laying open of conscience without “I should have been an example to the deriving very considerable benefit; there. flock; but, instead of that, I set a bad exfore, knowing that the Earthen Vessel | ample, and, perhaps encouraged others to falls into the hands of many who do not commit the same sin. This last considersee the Gospel Standard, we have felt ation has more particularly of late grieved constrained to lay a portion of this ac- my mind. At first, I felt more acutely the knowledgment before our readers. Al. sin itself; but, since the subject has been most universally do the churches of Christ

Perello do the churches of Christ brought more closely before my mind, I sympathise with Mr. Philpot in his pre

have felt grief lest I should have led aside sent most acute afflictions; thousands of

any of the Lord's people. This, I am sure,

is a grievous offence, especially displeasing fervent prayers are going up to the throne

to the Lord, and adding sin to sin. Whoon his behalf; and, should it please the

soever, therefore, shall break one of these Lord to raise him up, and bring him forth least commandments, and shall teach men again into the ministry, we are fully per- so, he shall be called least in the kingdom of suaded his usefulness and acceptableness, heaven : but, whosoever shall do and teach among the Lord's people will be very them, the same shall be called great in the great. The weapon that has been formed kingdom of heaven.' (Matt. v. 19.) against him will only prosper in the

“My most intimate friends well know working out of real good to his own soul,

that I have never justified my marriage, but and to the bringing of glory unto his for

| always confessed it was wrong when the

subject was named. I have never ' taught giving Lord.

men so,' publicly or privately, by preaching The only really important part of this

or conversation, but I have taught it by my acknowledgment is that which relates to

example, which is as bad as by word, and, Mr. Philpot's marriage : and, with refe- indeed, often more forcible. rence to that event, Mr. P. writes as “This consideration, I freely acknowfollows:

ledge, makes the offence worse in me than “The first, evil, then, and by far the most

in a private christian. I do not wish, thereprominent, which I wish to confess, is, my

fore, to evade or diminish the additional evil marriage in 1838 with a person of whom I

in my particular case. I deserve to be rewas not persuaded that she was, at that time,

time proved for my conduct; though, I cannot a partaker of grace. *

forbear adding, that had the reproof been

administered in the spirit of love and affec"* I cannot forbear adding, that I have a hope that the Lord has, since then, touched her heart it in the remotest degree with that view, yet, I shall with his grace. Should this be clearly manifested consider it the greatest blessing, next to my own salto be the case, thougb it does not, in the least degree, vation, which the Lord could give me, the vilest and justify me in my original offence, nor do I mention unworthiest of men."

tion, it would have more nearly resembled | ing men referred to have never yet known that excellent oil, which does not break the what gospel liberty is; they have dwelt in head, but touches and softens the heart. dark uncertainties; and are under the de(Ps. cxli. 5.)

| lusion that all expressions of liberty, as“I here, therefore, confess and acknow-surance, joy, and peace in the Holy Ghost, ledge, and I desire to do so with grief and are bold and wicked presumption. We pray shame, that, by marriage, I sinneå against that they may know what it is to have the God, grieved his people, opened the mouth yoke destroyed because of the anointing :' of his enemies, brought guilt upon my con- and, then, would they be better prepared to science, laid a stumbling block in the way of understand and to receive such a ministry as some, and encouraged others to do evil. My Mr. Osbourn's. The people at Sherbourn possessing thereby an excellent wife no are a quiet, humble, discerning, God-fearmore justifies me in breaking God's word, ing, truth-loving, and consistent little flock. than I should be in taking a sum of money The following extract from a correspondby stealth or fraud. I might have had, and ent, will show how they received and esteem deserved to have, a persecutor, a busy body, him. a scold, a canting hypocrite, à gossip, who “Mr. Osbourn's preaching was well remight have been my daily plague, and ceived by the friends; and we hope and bebrought upon me a continual reproach. lieve it will be long remembered by many,

“I would, therefore, affectionately warn He preached to us five times; and once at all God's unmarried people, to beware of Yeovil. His first sermon was very approthe snare, and to be assured that, though priate to our state from these words, in Acts, they may thereby gain the desire of their · I have seen, I have seen the affliction of natural heart, they will certainly suffer chas- my people, and am come down to deliver tisement as I have had to endure. We can- them.' His second was from Ps. cxlvii. 2, 3, not sin without suffering; and though the The Lord doth build up Jerusalem, &c. chastisement may be long delayed, it will and said, it implied, although not expressed, most surely come ; and, generally speaking, that none but the Lord could build her up. in a way most cutting and wounding to our On the Sunday he spoke twice from these flesh.

words, in Isaiah, 'I will satisfy thy soul in “I would, therefore, affectionately say to drought, and make fat thy bones,' &c. And any of my spiritual readers, who are en- his farewell discourse was from the followtangled in this snare, do not shelter your-ing words—For there is no other name selves under me. It will be but adding sin given among men, whereby we can be saved.' to sin. But plead with the Lord his own This was a precious sermon; I wish I could promise. “There hath no temptation taken give you the whole of it. He is a man very you but such as is common to man; but little for private conversation ; much taken God is faithful, who will not suffer you to up in writing; upon the whole, I think I be tempted above that ye are able ; but will may truly say, it was a profitable season to with the temptation also make a way to many; and I believe him to be one of the escape, that ye may be able to bear it.' | Lord's sent and highly honoured servants ; (1 Cor. x. 13.)”

and believe he will stand amidst all the

squibs which are thrown at him by men ; Mr. Osbourn's Visit to Sherbourn. they seem like snow balls which melt before

they hurt, and sometimes before they strike." How various, and how opposite are the views We do fully believe that Mr. Osbourn's and opinions of professing men in England spirit is more like that of Thomas Brooks, respecting Mr. Osbourn's ministry! We as expressed in the following words:-“Í know, for certain, that two of the leading bless God, I am, and I desire more and men, in one chapel where he preached, (not more to be, one with every one that is one-hundred miles out of London,) were so one with Christ. I would fain have as free, harrowed up; so alarmed; and so exaspe- as large, and as sweet a heart towards rated under his ministry, that they cannot saints, as Christ hath. For a wolf to worry even bear the mention of his name ; and a lamb, is usual; but, for a lamb to worry they are determined he shall never enter into a lamb, is unnatural: for, Christ's lilies that pulpit again, if they can have their will. to be among thorns, is ordinary ; but, But, from what cause doth this arise ? Is it for these lilies to become thorns, to because Mr. Osbourn does not preach the tear and fetch blood of one another, is gospel of Christ ? Certainly not. Is it monstrous and strange. Ah, christians, can because he does not walk out the gospel in Turks and Pagans agree? Can bears and a consistent practice ? We believe his walk, lions, can wolves and tigers agree? Yea, (like his ministry) is quiet, sober, straight- can a legion of devils agree in one body? forward, consistent, and scriptural. From And, shall not saints whom one heaven whence, then, arose this dislike to, and de- must hold at last, agree?This is not termination against him. We answer as in the spirit of many who profess to have the the sight of God, simply because these lead-'spirit of Christ. Alas! it is not.

The Sufferings of Christ, In the words may we be helped, Arst, to look

at the sufferer ; secondly, to look at his AND THE GLORY THAT MUST FOLLOW. sufferings; and, thirdly, may we contem

plate and participate in the glory that should To the Editor of the Earthen Vessel :

follow. First, the person who suffered was

not a common person. Many good men have DEAR BROTHER :-Having been requested; suffered ; this day I stood on the very spot by some friends to print a sermon preached

where good Latimer, Cranmer, and Ridley from 1 Pet. i. 11, .The sufferings of Christ,

suffered, in Oxford; but, they were only men ; and the glory that should follow;' and,

and, at most, their sufferings were only exknowing that printers cannot live unless they

emplary, not expiatory ; but, Christ was are paid, as well as other people, I deter- | infinitely superior. in the dignity of his mined not to do so until I could see my way person ; he was God's anointed ; above his clear ; being told in the word of God to fellows: (Ps. xlv. 7:) he was God's servant:

owe no man man any thing but love.' It (Isa. xlii. 1:) he was Jehovah's fellow : was then proposed to send it to the Vessel ; | i Zech. xiii. 17 ;) he was his beloved Son; if you deem it worthy of a berth, take it on (Matt. iii. 17 :) his person was complex : board ; and, may the great Captain of our

partaking of two natures ; equal with God, salvation deign to command his blessing to his father: equal with the

| his Father ; equal with those for whom he rest upon it.

suffered ; of him, and to him the Father says,

• Thy throne, oh, God, is for ever and ever; THE SUBSTANCE OF A DISCOURSE.

a sceptre of righteousness is the sceptre of

thy kingdom.' (Heb. i. 8.) Surely, he is a " The sufferings of Christ and the glory that dignified sufferer! and his sufferings must be should follow.” i Pet. i. 11.

of a dignified, and dignifying nature.

| Secondly, his sufferings were peculiar ; None teacheth like our God; indeed, none extending to his holy soul, as well as his sinbut the Holy Ghost ever taught to profit; less body. See xxii. and (xix. Psalms, comevery other teacher and teaching, my poor pared with Matt. xxvi. 58. Nor can I think soul well knows is only calculated to feed his sufferings were less because of his purity pride and harden the heart. Good Peter of natures; but, dreadful he felt them, for found this out by the mercy of the Lord ; dreadful they were. The ponderous wrath his fleshly confidence received an effectual of God Almighty poured out upon him, shock; he boasted; he fell ; awful were the taking full vengeance to the very uttermost consequences; he swore he never knew the of this dignified sufferer; for all, and every Man: and I have often thought of the one of the sins of his brethren; for all were goodness of God in preserving him from his by more than mere imputation ; (which swearing he never knew THE GOD; for I word in scripture always refers to his rightfind that each of the three evangelists de- eousness being imputed to his children. See clare he said, 'I know not the man. Does Ps. xxxii. 1, 2; and Rom. iv. 6-8.) for they not this prove, however a child of God may were his, by agreement, voluntary, virtually, fall after his call by grace, the Lord gra- to be made sin, and a curse ; so that I desire ciously keeps him from denying the God-ever to adore, where I shall never explore head of the everblessed Jesus ; everlastingly the wondrous wisdom, mercy and mystery of dreadful must be the state of all who live his being made sin, and a curse ; that his and die in such an error ; but, Peter was church should be redeemed, made righteous, chosen to the sanctification of the Spirit. The and everlastingly saved. And thus our God Lord looked on Peter ; that loving look broke I was not unrighteous; who took vengeance, his heart; he wept bitterly; the crowing of bruised and wounded, and put to grief the all the cocks in the world could never have soul of his dear Son. (See Ixiii. Isa. ; 2 done it, Now he weeps ! for Jesus gave him Cor. v. 21 ; Gal. iii. 13.) Consequently, I tears; his furrowed heart is affected; he believe them to be First, substitutional, viz. : felt sin had done him much harm; his stop for others, for he could not suffer for and step is mercifully produced by the in-himself; for guile was never in his mouth, carnate Friend of the unworthy backslider ; sin never was found in him, his qualifications calculated, he now is, by this conversion, to were more than equivalent, he was not unstrengthen his brethren, and to declare, all stable like Reuben (Gen, xlii. 37, 38). Blessed who are kept, are kept by the power of God, be his dear name, he is our Judah, fully through faith unto salvation ; works, of course, capable to perform, and willing to substitute he has none to plead; but delightfully traces himself for the whole family, even for the whole to the merits of the sufferings of little Benjamin too (Gen. xliii. 9.). I conChrist, and the glory that should follow. sider his sufferings were, Secondly, penal ;

I feel I know somewhat of the greatness of viz. : vindictive ; God spared not his own my text; I feel my inability ; I pray the Son, but delivered him up' (Rom. viii. 32.) eternal Spirit to help me; and bless you. Vindictive wrath laid hold on him in the garden, it pressed out a bloody sweat, it held feel more white than snow in Salmon. Lord, him fast to ignominy and spitting, until daily so favour my soul. The sufferings of reproach broke his heart. It stripped him, Christ are limited to all the elected family of nailed him, stabbed him, showed him no God. They were in his eye in his work, mercy, refused light, God himself appeared sufferings and death ; and I firmly believe to know him not, love him not, hear him will become the subjects of the everlasting not, his revenge was absolute, his vengeance benefits resulting from it, by the grace, was inflexible, his wrath was against sin, his power and work of the Spirit of God upon inexorable justice sinote the shepherds ; their hearts. Regenerating them, putting a

“How vile and black must sin appear, spirit of prayer and supplication within Most holy God to thee.”

them, giving them repentance unto life ; Thirdly, were not his sufferings plenary ; leading them from law, sin and self, to the viz.: full, complete ? Doubtless he bore the Lamb of God; who took, and now taketh whole; both as to quantity, as well as away sin, works faith to lay hold upon his quality. Every sin was known to him fallen full merit, relying alone on his atonement; Zion would be guilty of coinmitting, as well giving to hope in Christ's death, to know the as original sin. Every transgression in her power of his resurrection; to grasp the ever natural state, and also every fall, failure, suitable, saving scarlet line which he lets slip, miscarriage, wandering, backsliding, | down into the soul whereby they walk with ingratitude, unbelief, hardness of heart, re- God, believing his promises, until Jericho's bellion of mind, and her requiting him evil walls fall down flat, and a blessed entrance is for good; all he knew, for all he suffered, for made, and an inheritance enjoyed within the all he died. Fourthly, His sufferings were heavenly city. expiatory or atoning; for himself he could Lastly, The glory of the Lord.' I connot, personally ; yet, for his body mystically sider the glory of God is inseparably conhe atoned for every member. Justice and nected with the sufferings and death of the guilty appeared a great way off each other, Christ as the great ultimate end. Hence, nor could they ever come nigh; except it says David, His glory is great in thy salwere to judgment. So I really found it.vation ; honour and majesty hast thou laid Atonement is made by his blood; the law

by his blood; the law upon him' (Ps. xxi. 5). Here is a blessed receives a perfect obedience; expiation is

prop for a lost sinner like me, the glory of accomplished by his sufferings; which are

my Lord is great in my salvation through also (Fifthly,) satisfactory. God, in all his

the sufferings of my dear Christ. O! my perfection of nature, mind and will; is fully,

dear friends, give him his great glory; he and for ever well pleased with his Son; with

wont lose his glory; he will save his chil. his sufferings; with bis people in glory; with

dren. Our Saviour in suffering asked it; his children on earth ; for Mercy and truth

th the Father in answering, secured it : for have met together, righteousness and peace

Jesus said, “Father, glorify thy name. Then have kissed each other.' Sixthly, they were

| came there a voice from heaven ; saying, I efficacious; sure to produce pardon and

have both glorified it, and will glorify it peace for the guilty burdened sinner. Yes ;

again.' And Jesus himself asked our Emaus there was a sufficiency, and an efficiency of virtue in his sufferings to satisfy for the

brethren, Ought not Christ to have suffered vilest of wretches; as the word declares,

these things, and to enter into his glory?' • All manner of sins shall be forgiven.' 'The

which is his own niediatorial glory, by pro. blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth from all sin.'

mise and by right. • For we see Jesus, who Is our guilt mighty guilt? The efficacy of

was made a little lower than the angels, for, his death is almighty. Do we suffer, and feel

or by the suffering of death, crowned with no more satisfied ? He suffered once for Bory a

for glory and honour, that he by the grace of sin, but now he liveth by the power of God. God should taste death for every man.' Death hath no more dominion over him, he l' From God the Father he received honour died unto sin. He now and for ever liveth and glory. He possesses the entire glory to make intercession. Without the shedding of headship, of affluence and influence ; and of his blood there is no remission : but all grace and glory is treasured up for, through it, there is no possibility of any poor secured in, and will be given to, every one of sinner who pleads by faith the merits of his his mystical members, and if I am a foot the blood ever going to hell ; sin is put away in head will never say he hath no need of me. the death of Christ, and in God's good time The divine Spirit reveals this by special the Holy Ghost will take this of Christ, operation, in effectually possessing the souls apply it to the heart of the quickened, of his people. Too little, my dear friends, groaning soul, and put it away from the is. this known by us. Indeed, we do not conscience; declaring to the surprise of the know the mighty obligations we are under to sinner, “Thy sins which are many are all the Spirit ; or if we do, we show forth very forgiven thee ;' and in that day the fountain little of his praise ; our carnal views, words, will be opened, the soul will be washed, and and actions are proofs of what I say. May

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