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ciful speculator upon the oracles of God, that the revelation is as free and sovereign and sporting with your own deceivings? | as grace could make it; and then the mind Are you one who being wise in your own was so charmed and captivated, that soon it eyes, and prudent in your own sight, longed for another such time as much as the have a tongue as clever as a parrot's ; babe longs for the breast, or the thirsty hart a dress as ragged and filthy as a vagrants ; for the water brooks. hands as dirty as a swine; a mind as brutish This one thing rightly viewed and underas a dog's; and a heart as proud as Lucifer's? stood, saves from much puzzling perplexity, If so, stand back; for thou hast neither which, in the present day, is rather augpart nor lot in this matter; though thou mented, than otherwise, by some who pique mayest prate about experience, doctrine, themselves on their skill in clearing up the and prophecy with the tongue of angels, way, and making it more even and comfortand of men; and in zeal and kindness give able for the lame and feeble. But this perthy body to be burned, and thy goods to feed ception of spiritual things is not that system the poor. Stand back, I cry; for to you the of spiritualizing every thing in the word, door is closed ; nor, if thou shouldest give which some have adopted; but it is the being all the substance of thy house, would the ‘led by the Spirit,' unsought, and unthinkporter be bribed to turn the key ; for those ing, into the very essence and kernel of truth; only, as aforesaid, who are brought between so that with sweet surprise and ecstacy they the noble persons of Light and TRUTH, cry out, I have found it! I have found it!' with deep poverty of soul, and the meek- These, and these, alone, will understand me, ness of a new born babe, can possibly be when I say 'the things are all mystical ;' admitted here to behold the rich - the and that the scenes are made up of mystical heavenly—the soul-transporting scenes of men, women, beasts, birds, fish, trees, and solemn and eternal realities ! But these things, such as mountains, valleys, fields, may, and do behold the true light that gardens, fountains, heavens, sun, moon, shines in a dark place, till the day dawn, and stars, &c. &c. the day-star arise.

But, as my paper apprizeth me of having But, if the question be proposed, by one, written enough for one piece in the Earthen who, in very deed, walks not after the flesh, Vessel, I retain my remaining treasures for in fleshly views and interpretations, but, the next cargo; and beg to subscribe myafter the Spirit, who only can take of the self, both a servant of Jesus, and of this things of Jesus, and shew them unto us, then magazine.

W. C. P. I would stop and take thee by the hand, Brenchley. and saluting thee by Zion's own watch-word, [This beautiful introduction to a series of valuable pawould turn aside into some retired spot, and

pers, fires our souls with much ardent longing for

that which is to come. The Editor pleilges himself say, 'The things to be seen are all mystical.

to continue them in each successive month ; fully Mind now! all mystical; and shut up in believing they will prove interesting and profitable.) this double word mysterY-mystery of godliness! and mystery of iniquity! Hence

A few Words to those who have Questioned each thing is a mystery ; and, to you it is Mr. Meeres's Call to the Ministry. given to know the mysteries of the kingdom, but to others it is not given: To you To the Editor of the Earthen Vessel:it is given to understand; while the wicked DEAR SIR :-In the Vessels of August. shall do wickedly, and none of the wicked shall understand; but, mystery in their

Sept., and Oct., I see three individuals hand shall be only a parable in the mouth

have written very uncharitably against of fools, of the hidden meaning of which

a well known minister of the gospel, they can know no more than the Philistines and a sound minister of the distinguishknew of Samson's riddle when they asked ing doctrines of grace, therefore, I hope • What is sweeter than honey? What is you will allow me the privilege of writstronger than a lion ?' For, they knew no-ing a few lines to 'Old Sincerity,' to thing of the sweet honey of gospel truth, · Theophilus Celetus,' and to 'D. Lodge.' which tells us of the victory obtained over In the first place, I think if Old Sin. the lion torn and slain at Calvary. And, I cerity' was sincere in his principles, he here is a blessed simplicity which I would have the reader seriously to regard : it is the

would not have written and sent forth simplicity of the fact of being guided into

into the world an error of speech of a the hidden vein of essential truth, that runs

minister of Christ, (and a good man, along under the surface of the letter, to the

being made so by the sovereign electing ravishment of the spirit, the sweet baptism

love of God), without first taking the of the soul in the love of God, and the melt- scriptural rule, and telling, a,

scriptural rule, and telling a brother ing of heart in holy gratitude and adoration, his fault, (which he could by letter to and that too, at times, when his own good. Mr. Milner), and I am quite certain he ness is as distant as the poles, which proves would have given Old Sincerity’ a sa


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tisfactory answer; for there is not al I have known Mr. Milner about seperfect man in the world; and where is venteen years, and have heard him there a minister who has not uttered very preach the greater part of that time; wrong words, which have caused much and I can testify, that as a preacher of grief to his hearers, and to his own the truth, he is no way behind Gadsby, mind also ? and forsooth, for one error Warburton, Wells, Philpot, or Kerin speech, a minister is held up to ridi-shaw; and as it regards Mr M.'s call to cule and contempt; but, thank God, the ministry, it is scriptural, for he was the judgment of man does not, nor can- separated from his ungodly companions not, take the feet of Mr. Milner from off by the special and discriminating grace that solid foundation whose builder and of the Holy Spirit: and it is experimenmaker is God; therefore, I sincerely hope tal, for he was cut down by the sword that‘Old Sincerity,'when he sees or hears of justice, and was brought to the feet the faults of a minister of Christ, will of Jesus, as a poor penitent sinner: and not judge or speak so rashly in future. it is effectual, for God hath called many

| under his ministry, and is now estabTo • Theophilus CELETUS:'

lishing and building up many in their First, you say, you cannot see any most holy faith ; and if · Theophilus' clear call to the Ministry of Mr. Meeres: was to set under Mr. M.'s ministry, he well, that is no reason that he is not would hear that which would do his soul called to the ministry, because you can- good, and he would then think very not see it. Perhaps, if you were to give different to what he does at present of us an account of your call to the minis- Mr. M.'s ministry, and I have no doubt, try (if you are a minister) in as short a that he would blame himself for judging space of time as Mr. Meeres had to do so rashly. it in, we might say the same of you; and then, perhaps, you would be offend. |

To ‘D. Lodge,' THE Pilot. ed, and say we were not able to judge. There is an old saying abroad, give in this matter. You well know that all a dog a bad name, you had better hang ministers are not called alike; some are him at once.' Thus it is with a minister called to pass through very deep wa- of Christ. If he should be overtaken ters; while others are not so severely by the power of temptation, or should tried ; yet, both are effectually called by happen to speak a wrong sentence, his the power of the Holy Spirit; and it is brethren, instead of trying to help him not possible that they could tell much out of his trouble, he is branded from of the dealings of God with them in Dan to Beersheba, and his bright ornaone half-hour.

ments of grace are lost sight of, and any I have several times heard Gadsby, little dark spot of the flesh is trumpeted and Warburton, and they have mostly abroad, and the man is held up to stigma given us a little of their first call to the and reproach; and it matters not what work, even year after year; and yet the grace of God has done for the man. could not tell us all their experience ; If he should speak a wrong sentence, and, I have no doubt but Mr. Meeres that is enough; he is looked upon as a will be able to tell, from time to time, deceiver, or, in other words, as a pirate; the Lord's dealings with him, which but, thank God, although a minister will fully satisfy the church that he is may be called a pirate, that is no proof called of God to preach the gospel of that he is one; for a pirate goes to sea our Lord Jesus Christ.

for the express purpose, and with a de- , You next state some of the exercises termination to rob, plunder, and some. and trials of a watchman or minister; times murder; but I do not expect that and your statement is very good. You ‘D. Lodge' thinks this of Mr. Milner; next slightly advert to the good things therefore, I consider he has committed spoken by Mr. Milner; but a great stress an error of speech, as well as other peois laid upon a sentence (which, no doubt, ple; and as it regards you being a pilot, was inadvertently spoken), and you say there have been many vessels, and many you know not what to do with it: why, lives lost through the neglect, or overI would say do as you said in the com- sight of the pilot, although he may have mencement, put the good into vessels, his glasses, his compass, his maps, and and cast the bad away; throw it over- his charts, yet he may be deceived, and board, and let it be buried in oblivion. bring destruction upon himself and the

whole ship's crew; this I mean literally, mortal bodies of ours out of the graves, not spiritually, for that is impossible, and to give us new ones like unto His, for Christ says, “I give unto them eter- which is active, lively, holy, without spot nal life, and they shall never perish, or blemish, and when we get our new neither shall any man pluck them out bodies, we shall be done with sin, self, of my hand.' John x. 28.

and the world, and get out of the gun I conclude by saying, may grace, shot of the devil, for he is a troublesome mercy, and peace be with all those who old fellow; he will never let us be in love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity peace long, while we live in his dominiand truth,

THOMAS HALL, ons; he will be glad to get rid of us out Limehouse, London.

of his dominion, and we shall be more

glad thereof to get away from him. THERE NEVER WAS


Dunmow, Nov. 7th, 1841. Such a kind Neighbour as Christ!

The use of the Gospel. DEAR FRIEND GARRARD :-I received How are we to account for it, that so few yours, and am glad to hear you are of these glorious truths are proclaimed from well, and wish you well in your new man, the pulpit in this our day, but because so few that he may be active, lively, and strong comparatively know them: did our preachers and healthful, for he lives so nigh the know them as did Peter and John of old, old man, which is so filthy and bad, that their testimony would be in accordance with he often makes us cry out, ‘O, wretched

theirs, as recorded, Acts 4, 20, ‘For we canman that I am.' for he hath to carry not but speak the things we have seen and about with him this very old fellow,

heard ;' and when and while an herald of

salvation is proclaiming Jehovah's free grace which is such a burden to him, that he

gospel, often doth the Holy Ghost fall on longs for this tabernacle to be dissolved

them that heard the word in His most gracious and to be clothed upon with our house,

renewings. Unction and power, and the dear which is from heaven. My desire and

children of God set their seal that God is prayer to God is, that you may be kept true ; cry Abba Father; the Spirit itself from making any thing short of Christ beareth witness. The promises are applied, your resting place, and that God the their sweetness felt, covenant union enjoyed, Father may raise your mind out of these relationship realized, vital Godliness not dusty things, and show you His glory merely talked of but spiritually and experithe glory of Christ, how he undertook to

mentally known, and the blessed fruits and die for poor sinners, to redeem them

effects follow. The cause producing its effects unto God; and that He give you the

(not effects producing effects) and these are

some of the things that accompany the pubspirit of prayer and utterance to speak

lishing of the name of the Lord, the devil is of His glory, and to tell poor sinners it

outed, sinners plucked as brands from the is all finished; that Christ has won the burning, saints made glad in the Lord, built victory, and that He hath all power in up, edified, confirmed; Christ exalted, God earth, heaven, and hell, and rides forth is glorified. O ye heralds of my God, lift Him in His chariot of love, to unloose those up, lift Him high, tell of his wondrous works, that are bound by the devil, and to bring make mention that His name is exalted, back the captives that the enemy hath

tell of his electing mercy, redeeming love, led away. He comes to bring them life

and new creating power-how he hath exalted for death, and good for evil, and love

I our nature, removed our sin, atoned our guilt,

defeated hell, and vanquished Satan; how he for enmity, and strength for weakness,

hath brought in for his mystic bride, an ever. and wisdom for foolishness, and faith lastina

| lasting righteousness, in which he will finally for unbelief and light for darkness. present her before the presence of his glory There never was such a kind neighbour with exceeding joy, his immutable love and as Christ! He is the only One that I unchanging faithfulness. find will do unto his neighbour as him-1 “Lift him ye heralds sent of God, self. His heart strings were broken ; Proclaim the virtues of his blood;

Point sinners there, though vile as hell. He crys, He sighs, He groans, He

Whose rankling wounds with venom swell, faints, and sweateth great drops of

" Lift him in all his bloody hue, blood; and this was all done for his As Israel's hope and portion too; neighbours! Christ is the resurrection

And thither lead the weary saint,

The weak, the wounded, and the faint." and life, and hath power to raise those |

Bethesda Tracis, by W. Bipper.

Death of Mrs. Healy, of Wolverhampton. great mercies, bless his precious name,

they are all great-great mercies, that he MESSRS. EDITORS.—We, a few constant

should condescend to look upon such a readers of your monthly periodical, beg

worm as me! to submit the following particulars of a

“O to grace, how great a debtor, dying saint for insertion within your Daily I'm constrained to be.” pages, hoping that the blessing of God Oh, sound it cut, grace! grace! never be Almighty may rest upon it, to the com- ashamed of it! He has took all care fort of some of his dear children, and the from my mind ! I know no will but his, glory of his great name.

I can give up all! I said, you know Mrs. H. was confined to her bed up- what the Holy Ghost by Solomon means, wards of nine months, during which where he saith, “My son give me thy time she passed through many changes heart ?". She said, “ Yes, bless his preof soul experience; resting solely in a cious name, if I had ten thousand hearts covenant keeping God: free grace, and I could give him them all.” dying love, was all her boast. She had The next day I called to see her, she been brought by the Holy Ghost to be was still enjoying the presence of the willing to be saved in God's way and Lord. A friend brought her something manner, and renounce all hope of salva- in, to which she replied, “ How good the tion upon any other grounds than the Lord is to me, he knows what I stand in merits of a precious Jesus. She had need of, and he sends these people with passed through much darkness in the something for this poor body, and him. former part of her life, greatly fearing self comes and refreshes my soul with his death; she had been held in bondage blessed presence, and fills my soul so full, through fear of death all her life; but that I think I shall part in two. Oh, I when she came to lie upon a death-bed, could not wish for more heaven than she could say with Paul; “Forasmuch, what I now enjoy, only that he would then, as the children are partakers of come and say, ' loose her, and let her go. flesh and blood, he also himself likewise I often think of those words of Mr. took part of the same; that through death Gadsby's, 'Immortal lungs, and immortal he might destroy him that hath the power tongues, Grace-grace! Oh, that I of death, that is the devil; and deliver could sound it out! I think if all God's them who through fear of death were all children were here, I could make them their lifetime subject to bondage." Heb. hear me. I can see Christ has gone over ii. 14, 15: feeling the sweet enjoyment the whole law for me, and standing at of it in her own soul, by a precious Jesus the end of the law for righteousness for being revealed to her faith. Thanks be me. Oh, what a sea of love, to be made unto God for his unspeakable gift.' partakers of Christ, and this body to be

Hearing that she had taken to her bed, like his glorious body, and to sit at his I called to see her, and asked her how she blessed feet.” Here she seemed lost in felt in her mind? She said, “I am as full wonder ; then she exclaimed, “ Eternity! as I can hold. Grace, grace! Ah! you'll eternity! will be short, to tell half, or never know what I know, till you come one quarter of his condescending love to here on a death-bed, not to the same such an hell-deserving worm as me, for extent that I do. O, that word, grace, me too, and to know it for myself. I am grace! O, that I could sound it out! not deceived; no, I am not deceived, (), if these bed-posts could speak, they though I have no particular passage for would witness to the many prayers my it, but I have the substance of the whole soul has put up to God, that he would Bible in my soul; and its precious probless my soul ! but I thought that he had mises belong to me." I called to see her clean gone for ever, that he would never on the day following ; she told me that come and answer my prayers, he seemed the devil had been telling her that her not to regard me: but bless his precious mouth would be shut when her minister name, he has kept the best wine till the came to see her: she said, “ he told me last; he knew what was best for me; I that he would be sure to find me out, and would not have it otherwise ; it's all right; detect me in something or other, but as I can see it as straight as possible! 0, the soon as he came into the room, she said mercy of God! Talk about little mercies; my mouth seemed to be opened, and I there are no little mercies, they are all could not shut it. O, never believe the devil any more, for he's a liar ; it's trueness, that I cried Abba Father, my Lord that he is a mighty foe, but when the and my God.I have picked many a bone out arms of an Almighty, everlasting God of Osbourn's“Lawful Captive Delivered.” are underneath you, the devil appears but Mr. H.* said, “Do you have any one to a very little foe; and I thought that sit up with you ?” “Oh no," she said, I would not talk so much, but there “ I don't want any one to sit up with me. seemed as if sometbing said, if you do I have two or three hours sleep, and when not, the very boards of the floor will rise I wake, the Lord comes and blesses my up against you; I was compelled to speak; soul with his presence, so that if I do not and bless his precious name! this room sleep, he keeps pouring his blessings into has been so full of the glory of his pre- my soul, so that I do not sleep; my Lord's sence, that the room has shone again with my bed-fellow : so you see that I don't his glory.” She turned to an old lady and need any one to be with me. I see the said, “Oh! Mrs. C., · Bless the Lord, O Lord taking those very prayers that I my soul, and all that is within me, bless have put up to him when I thought he his holy name.'Here she seemed lost did not hear me, and I have got up off in wonder and paused a few moments: then my knees full of rebellion because he her soul gave vent, she cried out, “ I'm would not answer me then; but bless his lost! lost! lost! in wonder, love, and precious name, he takes them now and praise, to think that God should conde-answers them one by one. Oh, how scend to look upon such an hell-deserving precious is he to me! he deals so gently worm as me,

with me, I have nothing to do but to ask He melts my heart in thankfulness,

and have. One half, nor one quarter has And drowns my eyes in tears.

never been told of his wisdom, love, and

greatness, and of his grace Ah! one I never could have thought that it would

quarter of his love that I enjoy is enough have been like this; and when he comes

to convince any one that they are going again, he seems to come with double

to heaven to live and reign with him force, if possible, and my soul leaps in my

throughout all eternity. Ah! Mr. H., I body, and tries to fly away. Then she

prayed to the Lord one day on my knees, quoted those words from Toplady, “O

and it only seemed as if I was praying to Lord, dissolve me, and take me away, for the walls, and I was in great distress of it is not possible for me to live and enjoy | soul; I wrung my hands, and thought I what I enjoy.""

should have broke my heart; and the Here I had to leave her and go into

next day I went to chapel, and you came chapel. After service I called to see her

into the very same place, and you told again, and asked her how she felt in her mind ? she said, “ All's well! all's well!

my case as straight as if you had been in

the room and seen me; but I got no deI have had two free-willers here while liv

me liverance from it, it only satisfied me that you have been in chapel, and the Lord

I was in the footsteps of the flock." opened my mouth, and I told them the

The next day I visited her, after askawfulness of having a profession without

ing her how she did, she said, “I was a possession. I told them that God saved

this morning thinking I had not had a me as an act of his electing, predesti

visit from the Lord all night; my soul nating, discriminating, eternal, ever

went out after the Lord for another malasting love ; ‘For by grace are ye savednifestation of his love, and bless his through faith, and that not of yourselves,

precious name, he came with these words, it is the gift of God: not of works, lest

Fear thou not, I am with thee; be not any man should boast. Eph. ii. 8, 9. A

dismayed, for I am thy God; I will

disr person in the room said, “Why, what

strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee;

to strong meat you have been giving them.”

yea, I will uphold thee with the right She said, “ Ah! bless his precious name,

hand of my righteousness. And he I can seal that truth with my last breath.”

came with such softness, you know, like Then she related part of her experience

the dew upon the tender herb, bless his in the former part of the day, she said,

precious name.' I said, Solomon says, “I lost my sweet enjoyment (not my

his love is better than wine.' Ah!' confidence), but the sweetness of his love, whe

nis love, she said, ' wine is but a poor emblem of and the over-powering greatness of his his

his love; such love that I have felt this presence, and I cried to the Lord, and he broke in upon my soul with such sweet

* Mr. Hatton, (her pastor, by whose instrumentality she was both called and brought into liberty.)

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