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morning : but I want a fresh token now.' sister did not think me good enough I said. 'then you find you want power for them; but God had thoughts of yet.' “Yesshe said, I cannot do peace towards me then; it was all for without power; I can't rest on what the best, for my own good and his I had this morning : the power of it is glory, that I should pass through pogone; but I am safe; he told me so; I verty, in order to make me prize a better don't fear death; it is but like going to home when he was pleased to give me sleep, in the arms of a blessed Christ : one; and when he called me by his grace, death has no sting; I don't fear it: he and made known to me his love, even me, never said to the seeking seed of Jacob, and left others that I was acquainted seek ye my face in vain: no; he cannot with that were better than me, and sepaleave me; I cannot be lost! God would rated me from amongst my Sunday-school cease to be God, if I could be lost! companions and left them. I see such a Then she gave us some advice about at- beauty in his electing, predestinating tending the means of grace; she said, love; I see it all so clear, all belongs to

but do attend the means; I see such a me, all the Bible, and all the precious profit in them now; I see where God promises in it, all belongs to me, and he has blessed me, here a little, and there makes me to have no will but his; I lie a little; I see all the way the Lord has passive in his hands, and know no will brought me: and those very prayers that but his ; if he's pleased to bid me wait a I have put up to God when I thought little longer, or say come now, I am that there was no life in them, and I have content, my will is his will.' got up off my knees, and been ready to A few days after these singular maniknock my own brains out against the festations, she was brought into great wall or bed post, to think that I should darkness of soul, to use her own words be the subject of such darkness and un- she said, “it was an Egyptian's darkness, belief; and I thought God had shut out even darkness which might be felt :” and my prayer and would not answer me; the devil with all his power, harassing her but I see now that God took this way to poor soul, and telling her that she was humble my pride; for if God had an- going to die, and tauntingly said where swered me as I wanted, I should have is now thy God?“Oh!" she said, “ the been above you all; I should have agony of my poor soul; I was full of thought myself holier than you; and I unbelief, questioning the reality of what wanted to have great views of divinity; I had enjoyed. Oh, what a night I had! but the Lord's time was not come, he never did I experience such powerful did not see fit to answer me then ; but he temptations, and what was worst of all, has answered me now; and I see that the I could find no traces of God. I was Lord's time is best; but do attend the where Job was when he said, “Oh that I means; I see such a beauty in them, knew where I might find him! that I but God must give the power; oh, I have might come even to his seat! and, like cried for power when my soul has been him, I looked on the right hand and on in deep distress, and the devil has told the left, backward and forward, but I me I was deceived, and I was deceiving could not see him; nay, I never felt so God's children, and that those very destitute in all my life! There was a few prayers would rise up in judgment friends down stairs, and, she said, I was against me, and God's people would rise tempted to call them up, and tell them up against me for deceiving them: he that I had deceived them, till this passage said you never can hold out to the end, came to her mind : Yea, I have loved thee you are sure to fall into sin, and you with an everlasting love: therefore with might as well sin at first as last; oh, how loving kindness have I drawn thee. I my soul has been tried upon this sub- called to see her the morning of the day ject: but I have gone down upon my that she died; when I came in the room knees, and asked the Lord to strike me she lay with her eyes closed ; after some dead rather than let me be deceived, or time she opened her eyes, and I said, deceive his children: I have proved the “ Well, how are you now?” she said, devil a liar many a time; for God takes “ All's well! all's right! a short time, all my prayers and answers them now, and I shall be with him for ever; yes, he and he shows me all the way he has led is precious to my soul, my transport and me, from my cradle to now; for I was a my trust, jewels to him are gaudy toys." poor despised child ; my brother and Here she paused, and shortly after fell

asleep in Jesus. Blessed are the dead that TO A BELOVED SISTER AT CLIFTON, ON die in the Lord. W. HATTON,


BROTHER: Wolverhampton, August 4th.

Who died on the Ist. of November, in the 24th.

year of his age.

MY DEAR SISTÉR IN THE LORD :-ReCarmel revisited by the King of Terrors. \joice evermore ; the Lord liveth and loveth

everlastingly. How true it is that each day's DEPARTED this life, on Saturday evening, I minds us that

| information, observation, and experience reOctober 16th, Mr, Walter Strachan, of the

Every human tie may perish, King's Road, Chelsea, aged twenty-seven.

Friend to friend unfaithful prove, He was brought to a saving acquaintance

Mothers cease their own to cherish, with the mysteries of the everlasting gospel

Heaven and earth at last remove; under the ministry of Mr. John Stenson, at

But(blessed but !) no changes Carmel Chapel, Pimlico, by whom, and

Can attend Jehovah's love. where he was baptised, on Lord's Day, July Here, my dear sister, and here only, can we 25th. 1841. together with six others, five of rest amidst all the changing scenes of this whom are still walking worthy of their high mundane state, on the immutability of God's and holy vocation of God in Christ Jesus. counsel, the unalterableness of his will ; the

The deceased was present at the recent | infinity of his love ; and the faithfulness of interment of our brother Ashworth, and ex- his word, May your many fervent and af. pressed himself as being much impressed | fectionate petitions to the throne of heavenly with the solemnity of the service, and more grace, which you have presented on the particularly with the following sentence. de behalf of your afflicted, but now deceased livered by his pastor at the grave :-i We brother, be evidently accepted of God, by commit the body of our dear deceased and secret answers of peace being given to your beloved brother to the cold and silent tomb. own heart. Forget not, my dear sister, that as the rightful property of the dear Redeemer. the Judge of all the earth, and the Father of there to remain till called for.'

| all mercies, cannot but do right. And as The deceased during the short period of touching the death of the righteous, his christian pilgrimage enjoyed much spi Although their passage may be dark, ritual intercourse with the

Their portion it is light,

Who press towards the heav'nly mark,
Sovereign Ruler of the skies.

Through thickest shades of night. to whom in his addresses, in public prayer, The Lord grant you submission of spirit to he was wont invariably to begin with, Un- his sovereign determinations, resignation of changing God.' The church, of which he mind to his righteous dispensations, and was a much esteemed member, having in true thankfulness of heart for his merciful August last held special church prayer meet- manifestations ; so shall you find that though ings, he engaged on one of those occasions your tribulations abound, yet your consolawith an unusual degree of fervency and af- tions much more abound ; and though your fection; and it was generally observed by trials increase, yet shall your triumphs adall present, that his petitions were of the vance your peace.! May the Holy Ghost, the most appropriate and affecting character. comforter grant you living communion with, Though darkness gathered round his bed at and living comforts from the Lord of hosts ; death, and distress gat hold upon him, yet and amidst all the dying circumstances which was he enabled with the latest powers of surround you, enable you to lift up your speech to declare, 'Christ is precious, very heart with joy, knowing in whom you have precious unto me.' On his pastor enquiring believed, from whom you have received, and the state of his mind, on the Lord's Day by whom you never, never can be deceived. prior to his decease, he answered, 'I have Look up; therefore, my beloved in the Lord, been much in hell, but little in heaven;' to to him that he may strengthen, support, and which his pastor replying, then you have save you; and remembering and reviewing discovered that the former is most dreadful, I all the way the Lord your God has led you and the latter most delighful.' He answered, in the wilderness, give thanks unto his • Yes; and therefore desirable.'

ever-adorable, and all-precious name, and May his bereaved widow, being a partaker take courage for the future ; being confident of like precious faith with him, whose faith, I of this very thing, that he that hath begun though shaken, was settled on his eternal the good work in you, (as well as finished faithfulness, whose word can never be broken, the great work for you,) will perform and be preserved harmless and blameless in the perfect it unto the day of Jesus Christ. paths of righteousness and truth; experi- You say in your letter of the 4th instant, mentally proving that her Maker is her hus- you suppose our brother Strachan has ere band, whose name is the Lord of hosts. this, left this world for a better ; your sup, position is correct; our much loved brother | tell him that the poor author requests an was released from all his sins, sufferings, interest in his prayers, and that he hopes to sorrows, and sighs, and received into his return the favour the same way. I have also heavenly habitation-princely palace-mys- sent you the Earthen Vessel, as it contains tic mansion -and happy home, on Saturday, an account of the death of our brother AshOctober 16; and, although his passage was worth, as well as the fullest information, (yet dark, yet his portion was light ; inasmuch as published) touching the life, ministry, death his sure refuge was the Rock of ages ; his and burial, together with the funeral sermons soul's rejoicing, the Ransom found ; and his preached for the late Mr. John Stevens, of spiritual rest, the dear Redeemer's breast. Meard's Court, Soho. The first sermon he heard me preach, was

Chelsea, Nov. 6, 1847. on Lord's Day evening, July 4th, 1841, from the following words, . After this, I beheld, and lo, a great multitude, which no man

Looking unto Jesus. could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the

I look to Jesus as he was, throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with

E'er time began to be ; white robes, and palms in their hands.' Rev.

Seated on heaven's eternal throne, vii. 9; which the Holy Ghost applied with such an almightiness of power to his as

In vast infinity. tonished heart; (he having been trained up

Faith sees Him there in endless day; in the Church established by law, not by One in the Triune Lord ; the gospel,) that he was as it were instantly To be confessed by every tongue ; brought into the glorious liberty of the gos

And evermore adored. pel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I look to Him as he was made
His race was short, and swiftly run,

By the almighty plan ;
but his reward-a perfect one;

Faith views him in the human form ;
Christ was his song while here below,
No other song he'll ever know ;

And there he's one with man.
Vis years on earth were twenty-seven, As such his sympathies awake,
His conversation was in heaven;
Thither he looked and thither soar'd!,

When I in trouble cry ;
The earth forsook, and heaven ador'd, O'er mountain heights he swiftly comes,
May the Lord keep us watching, wrestling,

And fills my soul with joy.
waiting ; knowing that the time is short, the I look to him-Immanuel -
day is at hand; death approacheth; and My priest and sacrifice;
eternal bliss or woe awaiteth all of Adam's Who has a full atonement made ;
fallen race. Truly has the poet declared - On this my hope relies.
'Tis religion that can give

My God and Man, in mystic One,
Sweetest pleasures while we live;

High in the holy place ;
'Tis religion must supply
Solid comforts when we die.

Within the veil he pleads for me,
After death, its joys will be

And ministers his grace.
Lasting as eternity.
Be the living God my friend,

I look to Him, the conqueror
Then my bliss shall never end.

Of sin, and death, and hell;
Remember me in the kindest manner your

Beneath whose all-victorious arm, kindly-disposed heart can suggest, to our The prince of darkness fell. well-beloved brother Probert; may he as al And when thro' hosts of foes I'm come, faithful minister of our Lord Jesus Christ, I shall the victor see, be filled and feasted with the fruits of righte

With waving palms around his throne ; ousness which grow on the Tree of life,

And more than conqueror be. and hang unceasingly and undiminishingly thereon; notwithstanding the whole blood

I look to Him, when nature dies, redeemed family, renewed by grace, feast

And worlds before him fall ; unsparingly thereof from day to day, from

When bursting tonibs resign their charge, inonth to month, and from year to year.

And men on mountains call.
That the Lord of life and love may con In regal robes, as Judge, he comes
tinually lift up the light of his countenance Through the unbounded space;
upon you, and fill you with all joy and peace Elected millions rise to meet
in believing, is the prayer of

Their glorious Head of grace.
Your affectionate pastor, Lo! hosts of angels join the saints,
John Stenson.

The church triumphant sings ;
I have sent you two copies of the Sunday! And every tongue proclaims aloud,
Inquiries, one in calf, and the other in cloth; | This is "the King of kings.”--W W.
in presenting one to our brother Probert, Billesdon, Nov. 1847.

We must all appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ. THOUGHTS ON 2 COR. V. 10. IN ANSWER TO A TRIED CHILD OF GOD.

(Concluded from p. 235.) In my preceeding remarks I endeavoured to The trial therefore that I am now more shew the vast difference between the pro- particularly about treating upon, is that of a fessed righteous persons, who are righteous father with his rebellious children, though he in their own estimation, or in their supposed may often assume the character of an angry righteous doings, and the truly, eternally, and judge--as Joseph did to his brethren, when unalterably righteous ones, who are entirely he said—'yeare spies,'(Gen, xlii.14.) with the 80, in Christ Jesus their covenant head, and same view, to bring them to a feeling sense of who never can come into condemnation world their own personal transgression; and to learn without end, which is evidenced by the them in the end, as they did the riches of working of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of his free and full forgiveness.' (Gen. 1. 21.) all the eternally chosen, and perfectly re- In our last piece we endeavoured to trace deemed family of Jehovah, by bringing them the quickened heirs of glory-in some of personally to feel, more or less, that in the conflicts between flesh and spirit; the them, that is in their flesh, dwelleth no good struggling of depraved nature ; and the suthing. Rom. vii. 18.

peraboundings of grace in bringing them, in I now, by the help of God, proceed to the midst of all, to hate themselves and shew that notwithstanding such righteous their follies; and causing their souls to long ones, through the perfect obedience and for preserving grace to be saved from the blood-shedding of their glorious Redeeemer, future power of the enemy. But the oppoare not only washed from all their impurity, sing armies of sin in their members remain so that in him they stand before the pure longer in the field ; and are more powerful eye of God, as pure as the holiest angel, than they ever imagined, so that they learn but that there is not the least penal punish- by bitter experience, that they might as ment standing against them, justice having well try to stop the flowing tide, as to keep poured every drop of wrath due to their under by their own power or resolutions the sins upon the guiltless head of their divine iniquity of their dreadfully wicked hearts. and glorious substitute.

Under the workings of these things, they Nevertheless, it is one thing to believe this are often brought in their soul's feelings sentimentally, and another, and vastly differ before the judgement seat of Christ to ent, to know it experimentally : the former, receive the things done in the body. Their (that is sentimentally) may be obtained by sins are read aloud in the court of conhearing God-taught ministers preach, or by science ; darkness covers the mind; Jehovah reading books written upon the subject; but assumes the appearance of an angry judge ; the latter can only be learned by personal but, its still the seat of Christ. The experience. Such experience may differ in tried heirs of glory, while walking in darkthe peculiar acute pain or depth of terror and ness at times, think that not only the hand distress; all God's people not being left to of God is out against them, but that the feel to the same extent, the unfathomable Lord lets every one else lift up their heels depth of the iniquity of the heart; for God against them as they please-or curse or glorifies the riches of his sanctifying grace, falsely accuse them as Shemei did David. in mercifully and peculiarly preserving some Ah! even at a time when troubles rise of his family, and shewing the superabound- mountains high, and the soul seems already ings of his pardoning grace in others :-he to have more than they can bear. But this glorified his sanctifying grace in Samuel ; is the Lord's merciful way of bringing them his pardoning grace in David ; his sanctify- to say heartily with David - Let me fall ing grace in Paul; his pardoning grace in into the hands of the Lord, and not into the Peter, and thousands since their days. Those hands of man. Under these various trials therefore, who are by sanctifying grace pre- they are often brought in their feelings as served from falling into known sins, are pre- prisoners before Jehovah as their judge ; served from many bitter feelings of soul guilt presses them down; no light; no agony. Those in whom Jehovah glorifies pardon proclaimed; no peace enjoyed; the riches of his pardoning grace, these judgement saying sentimentally all is right; have to feel the weighty burden of their sins, experience groaning all is wrong. My and bitterness of sinning against God. Not wounds are deep, corrupt, and stink through that the preserved ones are without sin; nor my foolishness. Now it is by virtue of their a wit better in themselves; nor are those interest, that, they are thus arrested and who are left to fall, any the less the children brought before the judgment seat. It's to of God, nor less pure before the throne, as learn in their own soul's experience, that it's they stand in union with their blessed Christ, Christ's precious blood and merits that will their immaculate, pure, and adorable Repre- not only plead before the throne of God, sentative and Advocate.

'but in the very soul's blessedness of every

prisoner thus brought. What ? Why, that. They now mourn and pray-Turn thou ihey are by Christ, as justly, as they are me, and I shall be turned, &c.' (Jer xxxi. mercifully; and as eternally, as they are 18.) They are brought with their whole freely delivered from all condemnation. But soul to justify the Lord, as David did—they we shall notice a few things in reference to plead they are guilty, · Against thee, and the prisoner in connection of the trial pre thee only have I sinned.' (Ps. li. 4.) Jesus vious to his full discharge. The poor pri- looks; the poor sinner's heart melts like soner is held fast; cannot throw off convic- | Peter's ; the prisoner cries be merciful, be tions as it has done perhaps many times merciful to me; if thou wilt not hear a before. His sin has now found him out mortal's groan, yet hear a Saviour's blood. with a witness. Darkness covers the mind. “ Shine Lord, and my terror shall cease, The soul apprehends terrible things in right

The blood of atonement apply; eousness. One accusation follows another

And lead me to Jesus for peace,

The Rock that is higher than I.” in the soul of the poor sensibly bowed down

Faith is now brought into exercise ; the soul transgressor. Things long forgotten, are

lays hold of the promise of God, by which brought to view, and to fix with all their

if he has laid himself under an obligation to guilt, upon his already burdened conscience.

bless. Mercy draws aside the veil from her One affliction upon the heel of another ;

smiling countenance; removes the heavy trouble succeeding trouble ; like waves

burden of guilt from the conscience; the dashing angrily upon the shore, till the soulindo

judgment seat of Christ is the mercy seat ; cries out - Oh, Lord, rebuke me not in thy Jehovah sm

| Jehovah smiles as he proclaims pardon to wrath, neither chasten me in thy hot dis- therehe

the rebel, who weeps at the mercy he's pleasure ; for thy arrows stick fast in me,

found ;' Jesus appears as his law-fulfiller, and thy hand presseth me sore, &c.' (Psalm

as his substitute, his glorious advocate, xxxviii.) Great temptations are presented

pleads on the poor rebel's behalf, the merits by the enemy of souls at these times. No

of his vicarious sufferings; light breaks in case appears so bad as theirs; none appears

upon the prisoner's mind; interest in his to have gone so far, nor so determined to

atonement enjoyed ; the have their sins as they have. The sins they

prisoner leaps to

hey loose his chains, and shoutshave committed since called by grace, may appear to exceed in number and magnitude, :

'Twas Jesus, my friend, when he hung on the tree, those committed before called. They appear

Who open’d the channel of mercy for me. more bruitish than any man. They are The shackles are broken; the prison doors almost ready, if not quite, to question are opened ; liberty is proclaimed and enwhether they could be the partakers of joyed; sin, that caused Jesus to hide his divine grace; or, whether they had not com- | face, is increasingly hated; preservation mitted the un pardonable sin ? So at times. I from all future temptations, and easy besetthey are almost drove to despair; or, tempted ting sins, earnestly implored; the soul prays that, as they have gone so far to break off the and hopes that it may never more transgress, chains of conviction, and take their fill of but will find that as long as it is in the body, pleasure-or they may be tempted to harden it will have to groan, being burdened. But their neck against the Lord-by arguing in when the ransomed spirit leaves the clay the mind- I have prayed many times to be tenement, all trials, afflictions, and judgpreserved from these sins. He could have ments will be at an end, and given me wisdom to see the snare, and grace • Sin their worst enemy before, to resist the devil in all his temptations. Will vex their eyes and ears no more.' Ah! says the tempter, and the wickedness of some of the redeemed have to experience the heart-It was necessary for you to go more of this than others ; some to learn that the very way you have gone, and do the very •fools, because of transgression, are afthings you have done, to fulfil the purposes ficted;' (Ps. cvii. 17;) others to wean of God. And yet he thus afflicts you, and them from the love of self, and to bring vexes you as he did Jonah with his gourd, them experimentally to know that salvation and thus their feelings are worked till they is from first to last, all of grace ; some are say, I do well to be angry. Satan laughs at called to pass through this trial before they their misery, for they only wound them- come to their last stage; others when their selves the deeper by the rebellion. Thus hay, straw, and stubble is burnt up in their things proceed from trial to the cell of their death affliction. All have not Job's trials, prison, groaning in the bitterness of their nor Jeremiah's lamentations ; nor have all souls ; from prison to trial, and from trial to the rich developments of the glories of prison. Every day new straits seem to Christ, as Isaiah ; nor have all to weep from attend; sometimes a ray of light breaks in the same cause as Peter; nor to mourn for upon their mind; but guilt and darkness the same thing as David; but all will have overspread them - and they cry

to mourn their vileness, unworthiness, and • My soul hath gone too far astray,

unprofitableness before the throne of Christ, My feet too often slipt; Yet, since I've not forgot thy way,

before they leave the stage of mortal action, Restore thy wandering sheep.

"if they are the children of God; but not a

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