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tear, nor a sigh, after they leave the shores of saying, “The black cats annoy me so much, mortality.

that I cannot proceed in prayer to my heavenly It appears to me inconsistent with the Father; when the same annoyance pested her Word of God to suppose that ransomed the whole of the day, until about five o'clock spirits that have been happy in glory for the same evening, when she all at once exhundreds of years should have to appear at claimed in extacies of joy, and so loud, as to be the general judgment, before angels and the heard all over the house, Victory! victory! host of the wicked, to give an account of glory be to God, they have now all of them left their vile thoughts, feelings, desires, and me, never more to harrass or perplex me.' Afdeeds, when the Lord has said in his wordter a short pause she said to herself, 'Oh! that he has blotted out his people's sins, (Isa. will not do; it is not good enough.'When anoxliii. 25,) and will remember their sins nother was presented, which appeared instantly more.' (Heb. x. 17.) That they will ap- just the thing to suit her case, she again said, pear in the general judgment day, is true; 'Oh! 'tis the most brilliant robe my eyes ever but, it will be as the publicly exhibited, and beheld, 'tis the robe of Christ's righteousness justly, and mercifully, redeemed, and saved that will cover all my deformity,' (or words to family of God.

that effect. “Mother,' said she, 'fret not for me, Allow me, by way of conclusion, to say, I see my road clear; my prospect is bright bethat in my opinion, the language cannot fore me; I can now give all up for Jesus; then, refer to what was done in the body of Jesus calling her husband to her, said affectionately, Christ, and the saints receiving the benefits' Botheroyd, you know I love you, and have of what was done in his body, at the day of always loved you dearly ; but I have got a Judgment. This is a truth; but not the dearer love than ever yours! and now I can meaning of the words in this portion of Holy give you up; I have got the love of Jesus, Writ; for the words are these-' According sweet Jesus! which is far better than all beto that he hath done, whether it be good or sides ; he is near, and he is dear; his rod bad.' (2 Cor. v. 10.) Now, there was no- and his staff comfort me ; he told me to call thing bad in what Christ did in his body ; upon him in the day of trouble, I have done so, therefore, it cannot refer to him. I must and he has delivered me, and he will now apologise for being so prolix; and leave it glorify me.' She again paused for a little time, in the hands of God to bless it. In the view and then added, "Glory! glory! glory! my I have had, I hope, in writing, that by his Redeemer is here! my Jesus is present! bless holy anointing, his tried people may be com- thy holy name! thou hast told me to come forted; wishing for yourself, my dear bro- unto thee, though weary and heavy laden, and ther, as the editor, and the readers of the thou wouldest give me rest, and glory, glory Earthen Vessel, much of the peace of God, be to thee, I am happy, very happy! Oh! flowing in rivers of love, through the atoning Botheroyd, I have borne you that dear child to worth of Jesus Christ, our glorious Medi- comfort you, and I hope it will be a comfort to ator and King.

you, but I can freely give it up for my sweet London.

JAMES. Jesus! Oh, my dear, dear Redeemer! Mo

ther, I am indeed happy, happy, happy now!' Triumphant Death of Mrs. Botheroyd. &c., for a considerable time she continued

clearly and joyfully to bless and praise her Dear Sir,-If the following be worth notice in a corner

ner | dear Saviour for the beauty and glory of her of the “ Earthen Vessel,” we send it for insertion. I have known the young creature, the subject thereof, prospect, which alone through his rich mercy ever since she caine into the world ; she has attended was presented to her. At one time she said, my ministry, with but a few month's exception, up to I may yet get better; but should I do so, the day of her death ; her parents being members of Ohi how different I hone I shall be to what I Christ's Church under my ministerial superintendance for now thirty years. Truly Yours, S, LANE.

have been, every moment, I trust, shall be Hull, Nov. 12, 1817.

spent to his glory, &c. Memorandum of the happy death of Mrs. Sophia On Thursday 21 st. there appeared to be a Botheroyd, who departed this life for another and a better, on the 23rd ult. 1847, in the 26th year of her

very considerable change, when she in prayer age, Written by her own father, and which reads as said, 'What is this absorbs me quite, steals follows, viz.

my senses, shuts my sight ? can this be death? “Memorandum of the bright evidences ma- I never felt so before ; still Jesus's rod and nifested by my dear child, of her acceptance in staff comfort me. Oh, I am happy ! happy! Jesus Christ to the realms of endless and unin- &c. From thence to the very last she conterrupted happiness. It was on Wednesday, tinued in prayer, though very few words were 20th, about five o'clock in the morning, when distinguishable, yet she was heard to say, 'If she was in earnest prayer to her heavenly it be my heavenly Father's will, he having Father being continually employed in heart been pleased to afflict me, he, to all appeare and mind therein, especially when alone. Allance is about to receive me, as I am so happy!' on a sudden she called aloud to her dear mother These words declining on her lips, more or who was in the adjoining room, at the same less, she faintly uttered to the very last sentime requesting her to hurry out thereof, tence which took place some short time before



scarce caing spirit throne. the Lord.

she expired, when her pulse failed to do its / would give me his smile of approbation ; office. About a quarter before Four o'clock believe me, I feel that not all the men on Saturday morning, 23rd ult, when she upon earth, nor all the devils in hell, sweetly fell asleep in the arms of her beloved

would keep back my steps a single hour,

or for one moment muzzle my mouth. One gentle sigh their fetters break, We scarce can say they're gone;

“Oh, that I knew my dear Lord's will! Before the willing spirit takes

I tell you what it is brother B., I have Her mansion near the throne.

been these twelve years expecting the Hallelujah! praise ye the Lord.

R. H.

Lord, in some miraculous way and

manner, to appear, and call me out; and Is not Young Timothy tempting the Lord? I fear, very often, if I am not now doing

| wrong in opening my mind; but I think Such has been the effect produced by read- | necessity is laid upon me so to do. ing Young Timothy's former communica- Oh, if I heard his voice with power. tion, that old established and well-experienced Christians have expressed their

saying, “This is the way, walk ye in it; desire to find him out, and (if the Lord

or, go forward ; or, what doest thou here, will), to bring him forth; they being fully

Elijah ?' He has spoken to me, I know; persuaded that the Lord would make use of and Truny peneve ne has appointed me

| and I fully believe he has appointed me him. Again and again, we have been re- | to speak in his great and glorious name, quested to invite him to supply ; but he and declare upon the house tops what he still holds back his name and address. has spoken in the closet, and that I shall We have received some very precious lines tell to the generation following his and a rather lengthened epistle from him ; mighty works, and declare his doings and in justification of the question which I among the people, that the people which we place at the head of this article, we shall be created (anew in Christ Jesus). make an extract or two. In the course I shall bless and praise his holy name, and of a long letter, Young Timothy says :)

that he will be glorified in me, a worth« Should the Great Head of the Church, less worm, and by his power, his grace, in his own time, send me an unworthy, his Spirit's mighty influence, Christ, and weak, and helpless feeble worm, to speak Christ alone, shall be magnified by me as in his dear and precious name, I humbly the Alpha and Omega, the first and the hope that I shall ever be enabled to last, the sum and substance, the beginning stand fast, earnestly contending for the and the end, to whom be glory for ever. faith once delivered to the saints, and Amen.

Young TIMOTHY. enabled with one of old to say, “ As them

[Twelve years, Timothy, is a long time Lord my God liveth; even what my God

for the fire to be burning in your saith, even that will I speak; while in the things of this life I would ever render to

bones. We marvel that it has not yet

broken forth into a blaze. There is, every man that honour which his superiority in earthly things demands ; when

perhaps, something spiritually miracuI come to eternal realities, I call no man

lous in every minister's call to the on earth master, for one is my master,

work; but what kind of a miracle are even Christ, and though I may be called

you waiting for? There is a desire to to suffer the loss of a few things for his dear

hear you; and you say you “fully bename and cause, satisfied I am, that, if he

lieve he has appointed you to speak in

his great name." Is not all this enough enables me to honour him, he will take care of me, even though it be by the in.

to begin with ?] strumentality of ravens. “Oh, what an infinite mercy it is for

Sin and Salvation us, my brother, to have in possession a IN THE EXPERIENCE OF SARAH BELL. Christianity that stands not in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God! Oh, MY DEAR FRIEND GARRARD :- I take if I had but more of it! if I was SURE the up my pen to give you an account of the power of God would rest upon me in the Lord's dealings with my soul. One pulpit, and the Spirit of God open up the Monday evening I had a very strong word to my mind; a door of utterance impression on my mind to go to the would be given; that Jesus would be prayer meeting. I went. It was at the present; his love fill my heart; his pre-time John Bittem, from Walden, was at cious blood be sprinkled upon my con- Dunmow, building the Quaker's chapel. science, and that my heavenly Father And at the prayer meeting you asked

him to pray, and about the middle of his to do ” of his good pleasure, I can do prayer he said—“I hope and trust there nothing right. For if heaven depended are some here that know the ways of the upon one good thought of mine, I should Lord." And I thought I heard a voice lose heaven. For I feel as the apostle, behind me saying_* You do not." I when he said—“When I would do good, dropped down on my seat, and burst evil is present with me." But, should into tears, which very much distressed the Lord ever permit us to meet again, I me; but I dared not say anything to any could tell you better than I can write. I body about what I felt. I went again to have had many refreshing seasons under meeting on Wednesday night, but could your preaching at Dunmow, when I get no comfort. I thought I was too dared not tell you of it. great a sinner to obtain forgiveness, and Now, if you think I am not deceived, I was tempted to destroy myself; which may the Lord enable you to pray for me. I felt determined to do, for I thought I I am very cold at present, and sometimes was sure to go to hell, and I might as almost afraid to hope for salvation. Yet, well go first as last. I was tempted to I can truly say—“O that it were with take one of my mother's children with me, as in days that are past." Should me, so that the child might tell my you think it worth your notice, I should mother what became of my body. With like to hear from you again, as a word of this temptation, I went on Saturday advice from an old soldier is of great morning to drown myself in the river use sometimes. I should have written near the new meeting (the Baptist before, but my husband has been at Chapel) :-but the Lord stopped me. home ill, but is better now. I and my When I got about the middle of the children are quite well, hope this will pasture, going down to the river, these find all of you the same. words came to me with much

Your's truly, “ He that hungereth and thirsteth after

SARAH BELL. righteousness shall be filled.” My bur Great Dunmow, Essex, den was taken away, and instead of April 11th, 1847. destroying myself, I was obliged to bless the Lord for bestowing mercy on such an

What is his name? unworthy wretch. I went home blessings the Lord. And on Sunday morning I

DEAR MR. EDITOR :-Will you allow me,

through the medium of your valuable magawent to the chapel, and you took the

zine to contradict a report that is in circulasame words for your text, and the Lord

tion to the effect that John Bunyan M'Cure so blessed them to my soul, that I is not my name. I do most solemnly dethought if I had a thousand worlds, I clare that it is my name; it was my father's could have given all up for Christ. name before me ; and my parents being

But I soon found that the enemy of both God-fearing persons, they were desouls was not dead; he was soon per- sirous that their first born son should be mitted to harrass me again; and so I named John Bunyan ; consequently I was went on for a long time, until one Mr. | taken to Grove Chapel, Camberwell, and by Felton, preached on a Wednesday night,

Mr. J. Irons was christened and named John as he was passing through Dunmow,

Bunyan M'Cure, while in a state of nature. He took for his textą“ The Lord is

I never liked the name ; and whenever I was

called by it, I felt a secret hatred against it; there.” And he went on to shew where

and have tried hard to persuade those who Christ was. And the Lord so blessed

called me Bunyan that it was not my name. my soul again, that I was like David, But when the dear Lord called me by his when on the mount. I thought I should grace, and especially when he opened my never doubt any more, and I went on so mouth to preach his precious truth, many for a few days; but, was soon in the friends then used to say, We have got anvalley again, hoping and fearing; and so other John Bunyan;' and when I was pubI have gone on to the present time, and lished to preach at different places, it was sometimes the devil tells me it is all a oft

all often John Bunyan, and M'Čure left out; delusion. But I can truly say, I wish

v Trich and after preaching, strangers would ask, not to be deceived. My prayer to God

1/'What is your name?' The answer generally is— " Search me, O God, and try my

was, 'John Bunyan.' Now, when my ene

mies got hold of this they made use of it heart, and lead me in the way ever

against me. Many times after I have been lasting.” For I am sure if the Lord preaching, and some poor souls have been does not work in me both to “ will and blessed, and have spoken one to another 295

em roli pon then them free.

about John Bunyan, they would stop and i

Repentance. say, 'that is not his name; he has no business with it;' and would tell them they had SIGIS OF A PILGRIM, OR, POETICAL PRAYERS no doubt but I was a bad one; and had been

FOR THE WEAK. doing something wrong; and so changed

“ Except ye repent ye shall all likewise perish." my name. In many instances, perhaps, I

" Verily say unto you, he that entereth not by have done wrong in not telling those who the door into the sheep-fold, but climbeth up some called me Bunyan, that my name was other way, the same is a thief and a robber.” M'Cure as well. Three or four years ago, it

John X. 1.

Dearest Jesus, gracious teacher, used to be a great trial to me to hear of

Thou alone can'st freely give, these things; but now, bless the Lord, it is Godly sorrow, true repentance, no trial to me. When I hear of some of

Make the heart to feel and live. those jealous would-be parsons speaking

Many, Lord, are clear in knowledge, about it, and against me, I rejoice in the

And of doctrines well can talk ;

But I know without repentance, covenant grace and mercy of the Lord, by

All I have is nothing worth. which I have been kept. So that they can

This is the door through which I'd pass, not say anything worse of me. What, if

Though I long should have to wait; friends do call me Bunyan! Do they call Lest thou should'st in anger spurn me, me out of my name ? No. Sometimes I

And I meet a scoffer's fate. am called John; and is not that my naine ?

Many rest on empty notions; And then I am called M'Cure; and that is

Others cry, Repent! Repent!

But, alas! they seldom mention my name. I mind not what I am called,

Whence must come the grace and strength. so long as it is the truth. It is the truth if

Weep ye sinners, see the Saviour, I am called John; it is the truth if I am

Cry aloud to him for help ; called Bunyan; it is the truth if I am Lord, exclaims the conscious sinner, called M'Cure; and it is the truth if it is

Make this rocky heart to melt. put all together, John Bunyan M'Cure. I Lord, of old when cried thine Israel, suppose many have thought that I ain not

Thou did'st look and set them free;

Thou did'st look upon the Egyptians, worthy of so good a name. Well! I have often

O'er them roll'd the veangeful sea. thought so too ; but let me tell you I have got

Thou did'st look on him that sold thee, a better one than this,'a new name, an

And his soul was fill'd with wrath : everlasting name that shall not be cut off.'

Thou did'st look on sinning Peter, The devil would not mind much about my

And that love-look broke his heart, name Bunyan, was it not for that name

Many cry when thou do'st bind them, which is above every name; a name which

Howl and curse thee on their bed;

Hearts may weep with guilt and horror, he cannot touch, and a name, which saves and

Which for sin have never bled, preserves me from his infernal spite. Some

Lord ! may guilt, and wrath, and horror. times I have wished that it was not my

Fear, distract and wound the mind; name, for fear that I should be left to fall Where there is no true repentance, and disgrace that name which was never dis

Such as thou do'st give to thine? graced by that dear man of God, now in May I weep, yet weep upheeded, glory, John Bunyan. May I have that grace

Cry and groan unheard of thee;

Live and die yet unbefriended, to help me to walk in his steps, and boldly, All my tears offensive be? faithfully, and unflinchingly maintain the

() thou precious, loving Jesus ! whole truth of sovereign love, the whole

Thou, who art the life and light; truth of redeeming blood, and the whole Grant me grace that I may know thee, truth of invincible grace ; and Father, Son,

Weep and pray, and seek aright. and Holy Ghost shall have all the glory.

'Tis while faith beholds thee dying,
John Bunyan M’Cure:

We alone shall rightly weep;
Hate all sin and empty worship,

And thy righteous mandates keep.
A little faith is faith, as a spark of fire is

JUVENIS NERFLAB. fire, a drop of water is water, a little star is a star, a little pearl is a pearl. Verily, thy There are two ways by which your life will little faith is a jewel that God doth highly be maintained and nourished from Christ prize and value; and thy little faith will make through eternity; one in this world, and thee put a higher price upon Christ, and another in the world to come. So long as we grace, than upon all the world. Well, re- are in this world, we are like children in the member this, that the least measure of true mother's belly, entirely nourished and mainfaith will bring thee to salvation, and possess tained by faith (like the string by which we thee of salvation, as well as the greatest mea- are nourished in our mother's belly) which sure. A little faith accompanies salvation, as sucks in the life, righteousness, and fulness well as great faith ; a weak faith as well as a of Christ into the soul : but no sooner do we strong. Therefore do not say, O precious soul, pass out of this world into the life of glory, that thou hast not that faith that accompanies but the string of faith is cut, and then we come salvation, because thou hast not such a strong to be nourished another way; namely by imfaith, or such and such degrees of faith. o imediate vision of the Lord.

Brief Notice of

There shall I bathe my weary soul,

In seas of heavenly rest;
A Sermon by Mr. W. Chamberlain, And not a wave of trouble roll

Across my peaceful breast ? (Of Providence Chapel, Commercial Road,)

If you are thus living, my dear Fa

ther, you belong to Peter's strangers, MY VERY DEAR FATHER:-I once more which are scattered throughout the take my pen to address you, seeing it world; but no stranger to God, known hath pleased the great I AM to spare of Him 'ere time began, provided for by both you and me a little longer in this Him, both temporally and spiritually; vale of tears—for what? I often won- and He is leading you along the great der. Oh! solemn question! For what high-way (though an exceeding narrow am I spared ? I am obliged to answer, one) that shall land you safe on yonder

O my Lord, thou knowest.' Here I blissful state, where love reigns su• must take my stand for the following premely, and where nothing can enter to reasons :-I feel daily so much within hurt in all His holy mountain. me, which is opposed to the reign of the | On Sabbath day, the 15th of August, Lord Jesus ; so much of the spirit of the 1847, we were favoured with the minisworld, and so little of the Spirit of try of that faithful servant of Christ. Christ; so much of my own bad will, Mr. Chamberlain, who spoke to us (at and so little submission to the will of little Zoar), from the three last verses of God; so much pining, murmuring, and the 20th chap. of the Book of Exodus. fretfulness, and so little of that content- He spoke of the altar of earth as rement with godliness, which is great ferring to the person of Christ; that gain. But the worst remains to be told, this altar was to be erected upon the I am not alone; the whole professing children of Israel's entering the promised church of Christ, (with but very few land; but that, previous to the erection exceptions) are in the same lamentable of the altar in the land of Canaan, God's state-afar off from God; so that when people were to be led by the hand of I stumble upon any of these mountains, Moses, who set forth (and who, in fact, I seem to be falling against one or ano- was the minister of) the law of God, ther of those, who, instead of being able and that in this way Moses had an hand (instrumentally) to help me up, are in erecting the altar, although he could kicking and plunging about, and be- by no means lead the people to it. He spattering me with the dirt of worldly- alluded to the power which the law of mindedness; so that, instead of help, I God had in a poor sinner's conscience ; am daily receiving hindrances from one how it began to spoil the sinner for the quarter or another. This, you will say, is pleasurable vanities of the world, that, bad. Well, but do you not find it so that which he formerly delighted in, If you do not, then bless the Lord for he could no longer enjoy; that it plantit-it is good. Have you, in a measure, ed wounds, by showing the poor soul its lost sight of the world, by the sweet sinnership, its sickly state, and utter lost embrace of your loving husband the condition ; that although it had power Lord Jesus Christ? Have you lost to kill, it had no power to give life, or sight of your sins in the sea of His pre- create the least particle of hope in a cious blood ? Do you, indeed, lose sinner's soul. Mr. C. stated that a sin. sight of the charms of the enchanter, by ner, whilst under this law, would often a sweet discovery of your interest in and | be for erecting an altar of his own creasecret fellowship with Him who is the ting: when arising in the morning, he chief among ten thousand, and the only vainly hopes to pass through the day loving One? It is good, then, indeed, without one sinful thought, he would be my Father ; thy cup of bitters is nearly more frequently reading the word, more wrung out, and the cup of salvation earnest in prayer, and more constantly awaits you. This is a moth-eaten world; at the throne of grace, and that, by so but there shall be new heavens and a doing, vainly hopes to satisfy the rigornew earth, wherein shall dwell righteous demands of the holy law of God, ousness, where sorrowing and sighing but finds, by woeful experience, he gets shall be done away, and where sin shall worse and worse; then the sinner is not enter to disturb. Cannot you say brought to feel his need of being saved with Watts:

I by an all-sufficient Saviour, indepen

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