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believers wrest scriptures out of their mean- | preface of explanation, leaving the body of ing to comply with their views, and what the work as it now stands in the American they think is right. Nevertheless, where edition. And I am persuaded that Mr. Hasthe Lord doth unite two believers as man sell's letter will be perused with unusual and wife, it is his own sovereign act; and pleasure by thousands in Great Britain. they cannot too highly magnify and praise Now I would have you understand, that him for the mercy. The Lord hath blessed I first wrote to Mr. Hassell to inform him of me exceedingly in this respect; and given the safe arrival and welcome reception of our me one chosen in Christ before the founda-venerable brother Osbourn in England. Mr. tion of the world. For he gave me a con Hassell immediately printed and circulated tinual prayer for about three years asking my letter, with his own letter to me, for the for a wife after his own heart; but it is no information and satisfaction of Mr. Osbourn's thanks to me that I did not marry an unbe numerous and widely scattered friends on the liever. Therefore the Lord acts sovereignly, continent of America; as it appears he well and deals with his children according to his knew that such information relative to brother eternal purpose.

Osbourn, would be welcome news, and cheerMind I write all this in love to Mr. P., |ing to the church of Christ in that Hemifor I have in times past read his first works sphere, with profit and pleasure. But do not let us | “I was not aware that my letter would be swallow all down the ministers say, without printed and circulated in America, and much trying it by the word of God ; and if it will less suspicious that it would find its way back not bear that scrutiny, let it be put into the into England. But as our Lord saith “ That waste book. And as you have recommended which ye have spoken in the ear, in closets ; Mr. Philpot's acknowledginent to all right shall be proclaimed upon the house-tops. minded christians; I shall feel a pleasure Luke xii. 3. I spoke privately in the ear of that, if my mind is wrong in what I have brother Hassell with my pen, and as he made inserted, to be put right by you at your it public upon the housetops, it must now earliest convenience.

go out with his letter, as an explanation of May the Lord bless you abundantly, and his writing to me. And though conscious of may your Vessel continually carry good my infirmities, I see little or nothing in it tidings of salvation to vessels of mercy yet now, that I desire to retract, but if any to come within the fold of the manifestative | christian brother perceive any errors in it, let church. And remain, dear Editor, your | him not calumniate me on the housetops ; brother in the Lord Jesus,

but write to me and point them out; and I

S. SIDDERS. hope to answer him according to my abilities 66, Deverell Street, Southwark.

in Christian meekness. I trust that I wrote November 14th, 1847.

it in the integrity of my heart, and in truth

that which I believed concerning the AmeChristian Reviewer.

rican Ambassador to the churches in Eng

land, and concerning the state of the church Tidings from the United States of and professors here. Therefore I send it forth America; wherein Mr. James Osbourn's to tell its own tale, without any further comCharacter as a Citizen, a Christian, a ment or explanation ; believing that Mr. Minister and an Author, is amply set | Hassell's letter came timely to hand in a way forth.By C. B. Hassell, of North Caro

of special providence, to answer a special lina. Published (at the request of

| purpose at this juncture of time. Read it,

consider of it, take advice and speak your friends,) by Houlston and Stoneman.

minds.' Judges xix. 30. Wm. GARRARD." This is a striking work : Elder Hassell is “Leicester, October 26, 1847." evidently a man of considerable mind. Christian Converse whilst journeying He has written of Elder Osbourn in the to a Better Country.” By William Giles, highest terms. T'he circumstances which of Seacomb, Liverpool. London: W. have given rise to the publication of this Foster, Amen Corner. pamphlet may be gathered from the

From preface, which we here transcribe; it reads

this interesting volume, conas follows:

taining 188 pages of spiritual corres“ Christian Reader : A few days ago, to is from a letter written to Mr. W. Giles,

pondence, we make one short extract. It my surprise, I received from North America

by a brother in the faith who has gone a pamphlet entitled “Friendly Greetings

down into deep waters, and has also been Across the Water, or Love Letters between Elder Garrard, and Elder Hassell,' I was

favoured with much and continued interso struck with the seasonableness of the course and fellowship with his adorable coming to hand of this little work, that I Lord. We feel persuaded the following immediately concluded to send out a reprint (as well as many other letters in the of it with a new title page, and this short' volume) will be read by upright souls

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with great comfort. Our dear and es- the Holy Spirit did glorify Jesus afresh to my teemed brother Giles has been, and now soul, brought me into the liberty of the gosis, very seriously afflicted; but we trust | pel, and a glorious and continued communion the Lord will raise him up to usefulness with the ever adorable Trinity, whose I am. and peace. The writer of the following

and whom I serve, but desire to do it more

and better ; and I well and painfully know is known to us. He says:

what it is now at times to seek my beloved, " In 1807 our adorable Redeemer was but cannot find him as I wish, so as sensibly pleased to reveal some of his own glories and to feel myself lea ning on his bosom; yet so beauties to me, while reading Hervey's astonishing has been his everlasting love to

Theron and Aspacio,' I was singularly in- me, that for these five years past, I have never dulged for nearly three years with victory really doubted of my eternal salvation through over my vile corruptions, I had often sung him-no, not for one minute ; and if this is their funeral dirge, and fully expected and not a proof of free and sovereign grace, I shall believed I should see them again no more for for ever despair of finding one in this world. ever. I had the doctrine of Baptism clearly But the wonderful preservations and delirevealed by Christ from heaven-joined a verances I have experienced would fill a large Baptist church, became the pet of both volume. The prodigal, the man among minister and people, grew proud, got cold, thieves, &c., have been to me as my sorrowful fell into open and scandalous sins, and was meat. Oh, what praises are due to myput into the iron cage' for nearly twenty yes, my, ever-adorable Jesus. Do try to years. I have literally been through the praise him, tell poor sinners of his love ; whole of the 16th chapter of Ezekiel, Yes, boast of his power; I have proved it; and if every verse of it ; and if ever a funeral ser- you want a proof of the exceeding greatness mon were to be preached at my death, I of both, look to, or think of me, a living mishould desire it might be froin the last verse. racle of both : and methinks I should like to I have both suffered and enjoyed much from tell you a great deal more of what is in my the contents of that wonderful yet glorious

| heart; but I have no right to intrude, and chapter, and many sweet and wonderful my paper forbids.

S. C. A. things I could tell of it.

" A Treatise on a Divine Call to the " But to return. When I heard that you Ministry ; to which is added, the Diswere coining to - , felt truly thankful ; pensation of God's Providence in putting for I assure you I enjoyed so much while Samuel Cozens into that important work.reading and meditating upon the ‘ Crucible,' London: Houlston and Stoneman, 32 pp. that if I had had wherewith to pay my expenses, I should have thought nothing of the

| This is a sharp razor—but we dare not expence, or anything else, of a journey to

say say it is too sharp. Samuel Cozens Liverpool : and to the glory of his sovereign

ion has been called to pass through deep and and free grace be it known, the glorious Lord heavy trials; and they have given a tone did much bless and refresh my soul under

to his ministry and his writings, of a very your ministry. * *

* solemn character. The reader may form “ Be it known to the honour of eternally some idea of the style and nature of this free and sovereign grace, that grace that sent little work, by perusing the following the church to Babylon for her good. Just extract: before I was put into the iron cage' I heard « A certain minister came to see me once a sermon from these words :— And blessed since I have been found with the Lord's is he whosoever is not offended in me;' and people as a poor stammerer, and I was then the remarks in that sermon were so burnt into solemnly exercised about speaking. He my soul that they were at times – yea, gene- said, why what do you want? You have rally—my only hope; for although I was three open doors, a door of utterance, a door truly and justly offended with myself as a of opportunity, and a door of acceptance.' mass of filth, sin, and abomination, yet! never This had no more effect upon my mind, as to was offended at or in his claiming all divine relieving it, than a fable, and why? because honours; and many times have I said, and I I am satisfied thousands of satan's issue are say it still, that I would much rather stand in the possession of these three doors.' A before him as a holy God, and receive from man shall be found promulgating the grossest his sacred mouth my just sentence of ever- absurdities in the midst of throngs, and the lasting damnation, as a sinner, than to stand more extravagant his doctrines and predicbefore him in his burning wrath against me tions are, the greater his society will be. for denying his divinity, which all devils | But who are the congregationalists? old believe, and tremble while they confess it ; , women, who are empty of everything but but wonderful (and truly wonderful it is to flattery and fables; and religious maniacs, or me), about seven years ago the Lord took me rather pious fanatics, who are void of everyaside from men and ordinances, and laid me thing but self and sin. A man must have up for two years ; during which time I read three essential doors; not merely three exthe whole of Dr. Hawker's works; and truly' ternal ones! If he has the former, in some

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measure he will have the others. Now by I was to be there the Monday fortnight fol. these I mean- First, the door of regenera- lowing, but I neither said I would or would tion, Secondly, the door of solemn internal not. Nothing else opened ; the morning qualification, and Thirdly, the door of spi-came that I was to be there, but I was so ritual ministration."

opposed to going, that after our furniture was These three doors are described in a loaded, had it not been for my wife, who said, truly scriptural and spiritual sense ; and

we can but try it,' I verily think I should

sense ; and have had our chattles brought in the house are, perhaps, the choicest part of the again. The first Sunday I was there, I went work. We think the hand of God was to hear at Orpington, and after the service, I very clearly to be seen in taking our spoke to an old man I had seen before once brother to Farnborough, the first place or twice, we had a little opening, and spake where he was settled as a pastor; and freely to one another about 'the way ;' but which is related as follows:

before I left him, he said, “You come and “I was filling a situation as clerk to a sil- speak to the people at Farnborough this afversmith in Cheapside, and one afternoon as ternoon, I shall be there, God willing,' (he I was sitting alone in the show-room, the was in the habit of speaking to a few people Lord so blessedly shone into my poor soul, there, opce a fortnight, and Mr. Bowers once and immediately I felt my heart drawn out a fortnight,) but when he asked me to speak, about the ministry, and I begged the Lord O how I trembled, I told him as to speaking, if he had any poor hungry souls in some I could not.' 'O yes you can,' he said, ' you corner of the earth, to make use of me for can tell them what God has done for your his glory, for I told him nothing was too

soul, I know. I left him with, no, I could hard for him. He could make the dumb ass not speak: but if I could get there I would. speak, he could loose the stammering This was past one o'clock, I had about two tongue, he could teach fools wisdom, and out miles home to dinner, and nearly three miles of the mouth of babes aud sucklings he could from thence to Farnborough. I had not left ordain strength.' And truly I felt myself a him two minutes before these words came fool, a poor ignorant creature; many times flowing into my mind with such sweet power I felt and said, I cannot speak for I am a and light. This my son was dead, and is child. And these words have followed me alive again; he was lost, and is found.' And for days and days, “Say not I am a child.' immediately the words came, they divided And I have wept before God and told him not into four particulars. First, the dead in their to send such a fool as me, to send by whom death, demonstrated by deadly actions. Sehe would send, but don't, Lord, send me! condly, the living in their life, manifested by And sometimes I wished I was ten thousand living actions. Thirdly, the lost in a felt lost miles away from everybody. But now I felt condition. And, Fourthly, the found in a a sweet falling into the hands of God to do found gospel position. with me according to his pleasure. A few “I have been lost many times since then, days after I was requested to go up stairs to yea, and found too, bless the Lord. And see the master; I did so, and as I entered when this word was opened, something said, the room, he said, Mr. Cozens, I am very now you make haste to Farnborough. I sorry, but the state of my health (he had been went home, but could eat no dinner, and from ill for a long time,) compel me to make some home I went to the chapel, and spoke from alteration in the establishment, and conse the words as the Lord gave ability, and I bequently I wish you to leave in a month ;'lieve though there were but few in the house I merely replied very well sir,' and left the of God, the Lord was there, and blest the room. This appeared to me very myste- word.” rious; I did not seek this situation, neither had I anything to do with leaving it. At the

The Penny Pulpit. James Paul, the end of the month I left, was out of employs Chapter House Court. Mr. Paul has three weeks. But one day, as me and my ljust published the two funeral sermons wife were going to see her relations, I was preached for the late Mr. John Stevens. impressed to call and see one of my old em- * The Christian's Triumph," by Mr. Geo. ployers, whose house we had to pass, I did Murrell; and “Faith accounted Righso, and after a little conversation, he asked teousness,” by Mr. John Foreman. These me what I was doing,' I told him nothing :'|two discourses are well printed in 'why (says he) my brother wants some one and will no doubt be highly prized by

full, to manage a business in an obscure out of lih

the friends of the deceased. Following the way place; but he observed,) I don't think it will be place enough for you, but if

Jupon these, we have also received a copy you like I will write to him about you.' Ilo.

" of No. 1,322 Penny Pulpit, which conthanked him for his kindness, and the result tains an excellent discourse by the late was, I was to go and see him, and the place. John Stevens, entitled “ The Lord's acWhen I saw the place, the house, and the curate knowledge of his people, and pershop, I was filled with rebellion. If I came, 'petual care orer them.”


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