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grace and

racked with sharp temptations, and heavy, with an everlasting love, therefore, with lovtrials. But in Christ they have all one ing-kindness have I drawn thee.” Light measure. In him they are completely saved shone upon the path in which he had led -everlasting!y justified—and infinitely glo- me: he opened up to my mind that all the rious—“ALL GLORIOUS within : her clothing terrible things he had taught me in righteis of wrought gold.” Yes ; poor soul; ousness, was his way (though I understood it “ Whatever is lacking, the Lord will supply."

not,) of bringing me to himself with loving

kindness : and now the time had come to 5. These curtains were joined one to ano

open the secret to my mind; and that the ther, so as to make “one tabernacle." And

cause was his own free, sovereign, and everthe members of the true Gospel Church lasting love: “not for your sake, but for must be “perfectly joined together in the my own great name sake, that I might shew same mind, and in the same judgment.” | the exceeding riches of my grace.” Thus Where this is really the case, there is great the God of my salvation conquered me with peace within ; and the church becomes his mighty love, and brought the stoutest * terrible as an army with banners” against rebel to his feet, to taste the sweetness of sin, error, hypocrisy, the world and satan.

everlasting love. I saw no vision with my [The representation which we have of our natural eyes ; I heard no voice with my gospel Zion in the prophet Isaiah xxxiii. natural ears; but things were made known 20—22, and in Ephesians ii. 19-22, were to my heart. I tasted, handled, and felt the then noticed. Also, the good feeling which Word of Life thus opened to my enlightened should exist between the churches of Christ, understanding ; and it had a life-giving power and the essential blessings of “

to remove all my sin and sorrow, and make peace," as earnestly desired by the Apostle me happy in the love of God, through Christ in the text, were adverted to; but we forbear Jesus our Lord. to occupy our pages with any further report of the discourse.]

Do not think, gentle reader, that I have de

scribed what I felt. No; it is impossible; Mr. Wise was then asked to give some and, if thou hast tasted of the love of God account of his call by grace : his call to the in Christ, you know well that it is impossible ministry: and to declare his faith as regards to describe it; but it is something like what the Trinity, the Person of Christ, the stand- David describes—“ Thou hast brought me ing of the Church in Christ; and the work of up from the lowest hell.” It is God's bring. the Holy Ghost : which he did. Mr. WILLIAM ALLEN, of Cave Adullam, his apprehensions, to the lowest hell; it is

ing a sinner, a sinking sinner, sinking in Stepney, then spoke from 2 Timothy ii. 15. God's bringing him up, and setting him From these words, and from his own experi- down, as it were in the very centre of heaven; ence he gave MR. Wise some exceedingly setting him down in the love of God, for sound and wholesome advice. Right glad “God is love;" and I know of no other should we be to record the whole of it here, heaven but the love of God, through Christ but we cannot. If MR. ALLEN, (or any one Jesus my Lord. “And the Lord went his who might have taken notes of it,), would way, as soon as he had left communing with assist us, we should willingly give it in a Abraham ; and Abraham returned unto his future number—considering it highly calcu

own place.” And when the Lord left comlated to be useful to young men in the muning with his worm, my poor body was ministry. Most ardentiy do we pray, that the cause the first time in my life, experimentally, “I

overpowered with sleep, and I could say, for at Edward Street, may be owned and honour- will both lay me down in peace and sleep; ed of God, to the bringing in and building for thou, Lord, only makest me to dwell in up of many precious souls.

safety." I awaked, and my sleep was sweet Life and Experience of James Mason, the sweet savour of this visit of love resting

I awaked in the morning with Minister of the Gospel, Harleston, Norfolk. upon my soul; the dews of heaven resting

upon my branch ; and I was enabled to take Continued from p. 287, vol, ii.

up the following language as my own, as the I was solemnly brought to abhor myself language of my heart, in the experience of before God, and to feel an hatred to my own

my soul—" Bless the Lord, O, my soul, and sin, that I had never experienced before. I all that is within me, bless his holy name; had a solemn view of the foreknowledge of bless the Lord, O, my soul, and forget not God;

all his benefits; who forgiveth all thine “ He saw me ruined in the fall;"

iniquities, who healeth all thy diseases, who he saw all my sins, iniquities, and transgres- redeemeth thy life from destruction, who

crowneth thee with loving-kindness, and And lored me notwithstanding all :"

tender mercies, who satisfieth thy mouth with broke down, in my soul, every obstacle, to good things, so that thy youth is renewed the entering in of his love ; and answered all like the eagles.” And for a full hour after my objections with, “ Yea, I have loved thee I was up, my soul was full of blessing and

unto me.

sions ;

praise to the God of my salvation. But as upon me, and one day as I sat at work, these I was called to mix with worldlings in my words dropped into my mind,“ Go home to lawful avocations in life, these feelings began thy friends, and tell them what great things to subside, and I soon began to feel the the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had power and malice of the tempter, who came compassion on thee.” When I had finished with his old temptations that it was all de- my day's work, and went home, these words lusion, and the fancy of my own brain ; that were so upon my mind that I could not rest the Scripture I had so rejoiced in, did not without getting the Bible and finding them ; mean me at all, nor no one else, personally, which I did in Mark v. 19. I began telling but God's Israel of old : and I do believe in my wife about it; I read the chapter, and my soul, that satan doth not care how much expounded away as I real —" there,” said general, or universal religion a man has ; he I, “ that man amongst the tombs is just a picwill furnish men with plenty of such religion ture of me; and Jesus Christ hath cast the as that, and build them up in pride, pre- devils out of me, as he did out of that man ; sumption and hypocrisy. But I know, from and commanded me to tell my friends of experience, that he will fight with all malice it;" and I believed what I said. I bave against the personal work of God the Holy heard of some preaching to chairs and tables, Ghost in a poor sinner's soul ; and God hath and others to horses and carts, but I preached been pleased of his infinite mercy, so to lead first to my wife and children; and I believe and instruct me, in his dear truth, that all I preached till she was sick of hearing me. I the religion in the world would be of no use engaged in prayer, and when I got up from to me, without a personal interest in the love my knees, there was my poor wife on her of God, in Christ Jesus my Lord. “I do knees fast asleep. This was casting cold esteem all things but dung that I may win water upon my zeal and preaching. I seemed Christ and be found in him ; not having on after this to be brought into the experience mine own righteousness, which is of the law, of this poor sinner. I seemed like him to but that which is through the faith of Christ, long to continue sitting at the feet of Jesus, the righteousness which is of God by faith; clothed and in my right mind; he prayed that I may know him and the power of his him that he might be with him. Howbeit, resurrection, and the fellowship of his suffer- Jesus suffered him not; my enjoyments were ings, being made conformable to his death." withdrawn, and this Scripture followed me; It pleased the Lord, at this time, not to leave my mind became exercised as to what it me long under the power of this temptation; could mean, and what the import of the comhe delivered me, by again speaking his word mand was ; for it was to me a positive cominto my heart, that he would never leave me mand from Jesus Christ, to tell how great nor forsake me.

things he had done for me, and had comI now come to a subject, which next to passion on me : and the poor man to whom my own soul's salvation, I have been more it was originally spoken, obeyed the comtried and exercised about, than anything else, mand, and began to publish in Decapolis that is

how great things Jesus had done for him.

But I could not see how nor where to begin, MY CALL TO THE MINISTRY,

beside this, the work of the ministry seemed if so be God hath called me to that import- such a great work, and I had such a sense ant and honourable work; for it is the most of my unfitness for it, that I tried to put important work in which a mortal can be it away from me, aud banish the thought engaged--to stand as a mouth for God, be- from my mind; but the Scripture followed twixt the living and the dead; and to be so me by night and by day. One evening taking fitted by God himself, as to be able to take a walk all alone, after I had done work, and forth the precious from the vile, "rightly to pondering over it, I was all at once made as divide the word of truth, a workman that it were to stand still in the road, and cryneedeth not to be ashamed.” When God “ Lord, what doth it mean? What wouldest brought me to know and feel that I was a thou have me to do ?” When it was as though sinner, and as a sinner, what an awful situ- a voice answered mem" Go stand in the ation I was in, I soon began to see what an temple ; and speak to the people all the words awful situation my fellow sinners were in ; of this life.” This appeared to me a greater and when he brought me to taste his love, mystery than ever ; I went home and found amongst the feelings it produced in my soul, the words. (Acts v. 20.) The words were this was one—when men talked with me plain to the apostles, but to me they were a about religion, if I knew they were living in mystery : there was no temple for me to sin, from a feeling within, I was compelled stand in; no way opened for me to fulfil the to warn them of the danger they were in ; if message, if indeed it was a message from they talked of feeling they were sinners, I God. Satan now assaulted me with his old could not help telling them what a precious temptation, that this was all a delusion, and Saviour I had found, and pointed them to the fancies of my brain, and very soon I his redeeming blood, and cried, “Behold should go raving mad; and I really thought the way to God.” These feelings increased' it. My soul was bowed down within me ;

but God did not leave me here ; in this try- held with intense interest, every battle which ing hour he spoke a promise home to my has befel the sons of salvation.

As it was heart big with mercy—“ Fear thou not; for in the beginning, when his delight was with I am with thee ; be not dismayed, I am thy the sons of men, so is it now, and shall be, God : I will strengthen thee ; yea I will up- till the last enemy is destroyed, which is hold thee with the right hand of iny righte- DEATH. ousness." This precious promise strength- And having seen his goings in the sanctuened me, and encouraged me, and delivered ary, shall I be silent ; or learn a lesson from me from the temptation of the enemy. But Miriam's mirth ? Shall I listen to the little still the mystery of the Scriptures that fol- puerile persuasion — “Do not publish it lowed me, remained the same. Soon after abroad, for the affairs of private meetings are this, these words were spoken to me—“Go connected therewith ?" Oh! let the wings preach my Gospel ;” this appeared plain to of the wind declare the glory, honour, and me, and I cried “ Lord, I will, if thou wilt blessing due unto him that sitteth upon the teach me; and open a door for me to do thy throne; and may I have grace given to join bidding. A few nights after this, I dreamed with that grateful girl, who took a timbrel to I was in a pulpit, in a chapel that was teach her companions this chorus of victory : thronged with people, and I had to preach ; " Sing ye to the Lord, for he hath triumphed I thought in my dream I got up and took gloriously; the horse and his rider hath these words for a text_“ We have found the he thrown into the sea." Messias.” I could not tell the people in my Here will I record a few facts connected dream where they were; but I was truly with Israel's war, and Israel's victory :happy in preaching about Jesus Christ, and about twelve months since, Mr. PENROSE felt grieved when I waked ; and thought if began privily to sow the tares : while, in preaching was such sweet work, I did not order that they might take well-grounded care how soon the Lord set me to work; but root in the hearts of the members, his laI thought I will wait till he opens a door, bours were confined to that of a “ domestic and then I shall know it is his hand; the missionary,by which means many unstaexercises of my mind on this subject, pro- ble souls were beguiled; the erroneous duced an high fever of body, and great de- doctrines being decorated by such dresses bility of the system altogether, so that I was as should most easily delude the intended unable to attend to my work. My employer victim. Numerous converts were made, ere was kind to me, and permitted me to take the publication of them from the pulpit, by my work home that I might be more quiet, which means, Mr. P. had obtained many than I could be in working with men in the believers,” or rather“unbelievers;' indeed, shop, saying that I could do a little when I so successful was the scheme of privacy, felt able, and could rest between whiles; that I believe nearly one-half the members for I was so ill in body that I was not able were deceived thereby. When the doctrines to hold up my head long together ; and be- were publicly preached, many more greedily lieve it entirely arose from the exercises of devoured them, believing they were those my mind.

gifts of knowledge, by the Holy Ghost, which (To be Continued.)

are promised in the last days : considering

them peculiarly welcome, on account of their Unicorn Yard Chapel.—No. 2. tendency to shew the reasonableness of christi

anity and the plausibility of divine mysteries. That “the Government shall be upon HIS The errors propagated were the following: shoulders,” is a glorious assurance made to I. That wicked men, and the devil, and his the church of Christ. That Zion's trials, angels, will be annihilated, or all conscitroubles, woes, and wars, are all subject to ousness of pain be destroyed. the sovereign control of the Covenant head. II. Denial of the immortality of the soul. “Great is the Lord, and worthy is he to be III. No act of a creature can alter his napraised," is a song of thankfulness which ture ; and that consequently, Adam was well becometh, and is become the chorus of never a holy being. a company of wearers of white robes in IV. The fallen spirits were never angels of Unicorn Yard Chapel. “Shew thyself, 0, light. God of our salvation,” has been the prayer V. Death, which is affixed as the wages of of his people.” “I will be very attentive sin, implies literal destruction of body to the voice of thy cry,” has been the answer and soul-affirming, that the soul of of their God. What a priest! What a Christ died to pay the penalty that jusprophet! What a prince is HE!! A priest tice required. to whom we can approach, making known VI. The dignity of the glorious person of our desires and distresses. A prophet who the Son of God affected not his character vouchsafes to “reveal it" in the hearts of as a surety, for if eternal misery be the the redeemed. A prince who reigns to rule, penalty due to the breach of God's law: and dispense rich donations, as a monarch of Christ must have suffered eternal tormercy. From heaven's high tower has he be- ments in hell.

I may remark, that the foregoing doctrines | cumstances. This printed document was are based upon the first mentioned, viz :- highly approved of by ministers of Jesus the cessation of punishment of the wicked; Christ, being devoid of any bitter feeling, concerning which I need not now speak, re- while it was marked by a determined spirit. ferring my readers to a sermon shortly to be A plot was now laid to deprive thirteen inpublished in this magazine ; but I think it dividuals, by whom the protest was signed, would not be unprofitable to shew, that the of church membership, Mr. P. declaring reception of one error, is invariably a pre- such proeeedings were likely to turn the cursor to the embracement of others, as church upside down, and put the whole city exemplified by the doctrines in question : in an uproar, paraphrasing for the occasion, thus :

Acts xxi. 28. wherein it was shewn, that the I. “ That the cessation of the conscious- said individuals were the men that besought

ness of the wicked in the world to the people not to hearken to the doctrines come,'' necessarily involves an extinction taught in that place, and that we were worthy of life, consequently denial of the im- to be excommunicated from citizenship in mortality of the soul.

consequence. A motion was then made, II. " The denial of the immortality of the that we be ejected from their communion,

soul,” involves the admission " that and put out of the synagogue ; but during death, which is affixed as the wages of sin, this time, the Lord was looking down from

implies literal destruction of body & soul.” his pillar of glory, and observing the profane III. “That the devil and his angels will be attempt, confounded the speech of the pro

annihilated ” compels an admission of|jectors, and gave to whom he would the their non-immortality, hence, " that the tongue of the learned; the holy fire with fallen spirits were never angels of light,” which they were clothed, burning up the

all creatures in heaven being immortal. inflameable materials which composed the IV. “ That the fallen spirits were never fabric of the complaint; when, as a necessary

angels of light” supposes them to be consequence, not one word remained to be created impure, involving the error, uttered. “ The brief,” with which the comthat no act of a creature can alter his plainants were provided, was laid on the table, nature; and that Adam was not created while the ungodly scheme was buried in its a holy being.

own abortion. Hence, may be seen the texture of this The issue of the said circular was felt by piece of satanic net-work, by which the Mr. P. to be likely to cause such a wound, father of lies would entangle souls ; but, as could not be healed ; Mr. P. forseeing the blessed be his holy name "the government gathering tempest, determined to fortify himis upon his shoulders,” and he has given self, by the acquisition of three deacons who commandment concerning his people, that were favourable to the fables, considering by they shall know the truth though that know this means, to get the high place of God into ledge may for a time be eclipsed.

possession; but Jehovah, who was riding But to continue :--Affairs in the church upon the storm, overturned the piratical now assumed that position, when those who purpose. But I must be concise, as I am believed “the true faith” worth contending encroaching upon these columns. However, for, could no longer remain quiescent. A there is one righteous act of the Lord I few of the members associated themselves must record :-Mr. P. was frequently advised together, determining to resist all error, and to take the verdict of the members by shew fight spiritually for the doctrines of Christ. of hands, whether he should continue to be A committee was formed, from which holy their pastor, since he was preaching such league went forth the cry, " Who is on the doctrines. To this appeal, he obstinately Lord's side ?" in answer to which proclama- refused, conceiving he would have a minority, tion, eighty-five Israelites responded, “We although future facts have shewn it was the will go with you, for we perceive that God is contrary. with you.” Indeed, the Lord has been with Affairs in the church now assumed that us; his holy arm has been stretched over us appearance when a crisis must arrive. The to counsel, instruct, guide, and grant us a congregation considerably diminished, ocgreat victory. Many times he has so mani-casioned by the absence of the lovers of festly overruled the devices of the adversary, truth, and the doctrines failing to obtain inand turned the counsel of Ahithophel into creased support. The temple looked gloomy, foolishness, employing that very foolishness in which gloom the finances shared no small to overthrow the deceitful counsellors, and part. bring about the escape from the snare of the At this juncture the deacons were earnestly fowler. But to continue :—The committee solicited to request some efficient minister of I have referred to, issued a circular, explain the cross to meet with Mr. P. for the purpose ing the steps they had taken in declaring war of engaging in public controversy in the against doctrinal uncleanliness, and their chapel, in order that the members, after heardetermination to carry on the war, however ing the scriptural support which the newly the contest might be prolonged by cir- 'revived doctrines claimed, and the validity of that support questioned by a minister of bility, agree to the rules, he would, as he truth, might then be able to form their con- deeply sympathised with the church. Now clusions from a more apparent basis ; it it required no small measure of skill to probeing felt that very many were misled by duce another impediment, which, however, cunning craftiness, in their inability, through was accomplished, by Mr. P. refusing to bemental ignorance, to combat with the foe. come the first speaker. I then clearly perMr. BRADLEY was then a believer of the ceived that the controversy could tend to no anti-scriptural doctrines, and Mr. Beach was possible benefit; for by such an arrangement, undetermined ; therefore it must be said, to it would devolve upon Mr. W. to assure the their praise, that they addressed letters to congregation that Mr. P. truiy did believe Mr. Foreman and Wells, inviting them to such doctrines, whereby Mr. P. becoming chapel at a set time, there to digest the the latter speaker, would escape the possinature of the doctrines ; Mr. P. having bility of his arguments being tried by the offered to meet the most able of ministers fire of the Word of God. I therefore adthat could be procured. The benefit hoped dressed to Mr. Wells the following note :to be derived from this controversy was that My Dear Sir,

Nov. 20, 1846. the members would possess greater abilities

I have seen Mr. PENROSE's represenfor forming a correct judgment of their tative this morning, and another stumblingtruth or error, by the elucidation which block has been placed in the way, which I would attend the proceedings ; after which, think cannot be removed without disgracing it was intended by the deacons, that the sense ourselves. I shall take an opportunity of of the church should be taken regarding seeing you, meanwhile do not entertain any Mr. PENROSE. Mr. FOREMAN declined hopes of a discussion taking place. I am, meeting Mr. P. considering his doctrines your's in christian unity, bordering on Atheism, and so manifestly To Mr. J. WELLS. WILLIAM JEFFERY. anti-scriptural that no controversy could be Mr. Wells fully concurred in the imneeded. Mr. Wells accepted the challenge ; possibility of agreeing with this second imwhich, when it became known, struck terrific pediment, from whom I received this note : terror throughout the camp of the alien's.

Dear SIR: I think there would be a great The crest of presumption was blighted, and degree of absurdity in the discussion being a shew of imperial pomposity dwindled to conducted in the manner proposed by Mr. P: doleful despair. Mr. W. desiring to proceed I should have to grapple with shadows as one in this holy war, with christian calmness, that beateth the air. The people would know and due solemnity, addressed the following nothing of his reasons for his present posiletter to Mr. P.

tion; and therefore, for me to attempt to DEAR SIR,

shew he is wrong, before he has given his Nov, 16, 1846. I am willing, in the fear of God, to like a barrister going into court without a

reasons why he thinks he is right, would be meet you, to discuss the mighty matter of brief. I therefore do not think it would be the future punishment of the wicked, pro-wise to enter upon the discussion under such vided the same shall be conducted by such rules as I can approve.

an arrangement. Your's very truly, in the Mr. JEFFERY is deputed by me to arrange

Gospel of God.


To Mr W. JEFFERY. for your approval, the rules by which I am willing to act, Your's very truly,

Mr. P. being determined to adhere to this To Mr. PENROSE. JAMES WELLS.

obstacle, the affair thus concluded. To Mr.

Wells the members feel greatly indebted ; Mr. P. appointed his representative, who for while

many might have refused any concame to me provided with certain rules, one nection with a church in such a disorderly of which was that Mr. P. was to have the state, Mr. W. manifested a more noble first hour granted him, in order that he spirit in endeavouring to rescue some, as might endeavour to shew the scripturality of it were pulling them out of the fire. I say the Athenian doctrines, after which, Mr. w. how much more generous than, like the was to have one hour for the purpose of shew- priest and the Levite who passed by the ing the old fashioned faith to be scriptural,

unfortunate,” who had fell among thieves and the modern notions anti-scriptural. To wishing his wounds better, and afflictions

WILLIAM JEFFERY. this we agreed ; fixing the morrow for final appeased. determination as to whether Mr. P. would [We deeply regret our inability to give agree to them ; when I should shew them that part of Mr. Jeffery's letter which to Mr. W. for his approval. The morrow announces Messrs. Beech and Bradley's came, and an objection was raised by Mr. P's satisfactory renunciation of the doctrines ; representative, which verified the prediction we can only add, a resolution was passed at of many: viz., that a stumbling-block would a recent church-meeting expressive of the be cast in the way, during some stage of the entire satisfaction which the church felt proceedings. I advised Mr. W. to relinquish respecting the explanation they were enabled the matter, but he determined to accede to to give. This, with other particulars, in our them, saying, that if he could by any possi- next.]

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